How Dead Rising 3 Works Without A Timer And More Story Details

By Spencer . August 2, 2013 . 3:45am


The biggest change in Dead Rising 3 is you can play the game with or without the timer. Previous Dead Rising titles were a race against the clock. A timer was always counting down whether you were killing zombies, trying on costumes or rescuing people. Instead of the clock being a threat, zombies are the threat in Dead Rising 3.


In regular mode, Dead Rising 3 doesn’t have a timer, so you’re free to explore the world which Capcom Vancouver says is several times bigger than Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising 2 combined. The story still has branch points and players will be able to choose which path they want to go on. These choices stick, so depending on your decisions you may or may not unlock Overtime, a game and story extending episode. Fans of the series can play Dead Rising 3 in Nightmare Mode which has the timer and manual saves. You can also play at your own pace in regular mode and after leveling Nick up move him to Nightmare Mode. This starts your story progress all over again, but it will make Nightmare Mode easier and Capcom Vancouver says Dead Rising 3 is more difficult than the other games. There are rewards for completing Nightmare Mode, but Capcom wouldn’t say what those are.


Speaking of the story, Dead Rising 3 has different factions. The town of Los Perdidos is locked down and people infected have to register with the government. One group called "The Illegals" lives off the grid instead. "The Illegals are infected with the virus. Legally, they are supposed to have a chip installed in them that has GPS tracking and it administers them a dose of medicine where they are not going to turn into a zombie. And if they do, it alerts the government so they can control zombie outbreaks," producer Mike Jones explained to Siliconera. "Illegals are people that reject that and don’t want to sign up for some crazy government stuff. They have to live outside of society and find their own Zombrex and stay alive in their own way. You’ll see as the story plays out, there are different factions in the game."


There is a key character Rick will run into who is connected to the Illegals. Rick’s initial goal is to escape Los Perdidos by repairing a plane. He’s a mechanic and I asked why Capcom Vancouver chose that background for Rick. "It gives a bit of fictional background to why he’s so handy. Why he can combo stuff anywhere. Unlike Chuck, he can combo weapons anywhere in the world at anytime. There are also interesting angles with vehicles that we haven’t gotten into yet. We’ll leave that for later on, but you know he worked as a car mechanic," Jones answered.


016_acting out fantasies


Capcom Vancouver developed Dead Rising 2 with Keiji Inafune, the original creator of the series. Inafune has since left Capcom to form Comcept and a number of former Dead Rising team members are working on Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. We asked Jones if developing Dead Rising 3 was different since Inafune is no longer with the company.


"Inafune originally wanted to partner with Blue Castle Games for their perspective. For their vision and for their spin of what Dead Rising was. That became Dead Rising 2. From the early days of Dead Rising 2, they entrusted the guys at Blue Castle in Vancouver with a lot of the vision and creative direction of the product. Those guys created the franchise and that jewel of the Capcom crown – we’re standing on the shoulder of giants, so to speak. But, what Dead Rising is and the game that it is is still intact," said Jones.


Of course the wacky stuff Dead Rising is known for is still intact. Combo weapons like the grenade taped to a football (called a Hail Mary in Dead Rising 2), an axe launcher, and a fireworks shooting crossbow are in Dead Rising 3.

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  • Martian Wong

    Why no PS4?

    • Keiji Johnson

      Why no PS4?

    • Rogerrmark

      The Ultimate Edition with most(not all…) DLCs will be multiplatform,probably. You know Capcom,lol.

  • Jesse

    Wait, there’s no timer this time? If it weren’t Xbox One exclusive, I’d be more interested now.

    • GibbRS

      There’s probably a hidden timer…. an exclusivity one.

  • PS360HD2

    The more i hear about this game the more i want it :D


    no timer? sounds casual

  • Chaos_Knight

    From looking at the thumbnail…..I have a feeling there’s going to a reference to MML3.

    • Anime10121

      Not really a reference to Legends 3 per se, as Dead Rising (along with Capcom in general) always have Servbot/Servobot references. Capcom loves to utilize Tron and the Servbots in any game except for the one in which they came from.

      On topic, why are Capcom going so far out the way to make this Dead Rising “look/seem” serious, when as far as I can tell, it has most of the same silliness that the previous games had.

      Psychopaths ✔
      Special Creative weapons ✔
      Megaman/Servbot references ✔

      So why advertise the game as a more realistic Dead Rising, when it seems its still the same Dead Rising only with more realistic graphics.

      • Chaos_Knight

        I already knew about the Servbots in DR1 and 2. The thumbnail made me think there’s going to be a reference to 3 other than the Servbots.

  • Göran Isacson

    Have to admit, that whole “people don’t want to live at the governments beck and call” stuff sounds kinda interesting and topical to real life events… but would they really be so eager to be independent if they could TURN INTO ZOMBIES if they didn’t? Like, how many can be THAT hard up for their independence so that they can form a whole faction? Not sure if buy it.

    Or perhaps it’s just a silly justification for why there are people in a zone of zombies giving you missions and it’s not really important at all, to which I say “alright carry on!”

  • leingod

    Honestly, the timer turned me off from the previous games… but it’s cool this time around it’s optional for fans of that (nasty) feature.

    • Marko Kraljevic

      It’s not true.. Just playing the PC port/version and the timer is there; started the *regular* single-player game and it’s running out -fast- after just a few hours of play. Total cr4p. :-/

      • leingod

        Yep, it’s still there. It’s not as unforgiving, but it’s still there. Hopefully they’ll remove it one day… I don’t see the appeal of such a crappy feature.

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    Dead Rising 3 West on PS4 Can’t wait. It’s inevitible.

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