How To Unleash The Big Bang Attack In Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers

By Sunjun . August 7, 2013 . 12:30pm

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Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is a PlayStation 3 fighting game from Namco Bandai that features over 50 characters from the Saint Seiya (aka Knights of the Zodiac) franchise.


Just like in the original series, each character uses a mystical energy known as Cosmo to fight. In this game, you build up Cosmo by attacking your opponent, holding down the L2 button, or waiting over time. By building up Cosmo, you will be able to execute other techniques.


When you press the R2 button the moment your opponent strikes, you dodge their attack at the speed of light. If you’re standing at a close range, you will circle around them, getting a clear shot at their back.

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By pressing the circle button, you can unleash a special attack, such as Seiya’s Pegasus Meteor Fist. By holding L2 while you press the circle button, you will unleash an even more powerful attack. When two equally matched special attacks collide, they will nullify each other.

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By pressing L2 and the X button, you can dash straight towards your enemy. You can also use this technique in mid-air.

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By holding L2 and pressing the square or triangle button, you can also execute a burst attack. When you press the square button, you will deliver a blow that knocks the enemy back. The triangle button will execute an uppercut that knocks the enemy into the air.

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In battle, there is also a Seven Senses gauge, which lets you unleash your Seven Senses with the R3 button, drastically increasing your attack power and defense.

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Lastly, each character has an ultimate Big Bang Attack activated with the R2 button, which is a throwback to the original series.

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Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers will be released on October 17 in Japan and in November in Latin America. North America will receive a digital-only release this fall.

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  • GaiunxWolfenX

    i can´t wait for this game!!, i guess there won’t be cinematic scenes for all special techniques of the saints like in the previous game kind sad, still i can´t wait here is hoping for a nice online structure to let our cosmos BURN

    • Koibito888

      There will be, the specials are pretty much exactly like Sanctuary battle, just the background doesn’t change all star like for most of them but they will be cinematic, some are exactly like the last game actually.

      Skip to 2:42 for Seiya’s ultimate.

      • Vash bane

        my goodness i’m so hyped right now

        • Koibito888

          Me too, isn’t that gameplay just sexy? And mmmm dem graphics.

  • Minos

    Pfff… 7th sense is so Mainstream.

    I am now on Arayashiki, I got it on the Hades. Don’t worry if you don’t know it, is quite underground.

    • leingod

      Mystical energy hipster.

    • AndyLC

      BLITZ attack!

  • Tre W

    Sounds quite interesting. I’m hoping Dimps latest fighting game ends up to be a success for them, and that it plays well.

    • Koibito888

      And hopefully if it sells well enough in america we’ll get more Saint Seiya games here. I mean the entire point of the digital copy we are getting here is to test our fandom, if it’s strong enough here we’ll prove that we actually want Saint Seiya games. Who knows, one day we could even get a dubbed game!

  • leingod

    Sounds like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja series… which is a good thing for a game based on anime with tons of cinematic / dramatic attacks.

    I wonder if the latin american version has an english language option? I got the previous game and it only had spanish and portuguese :/

    • Koibito888

      Exactly, it’s so perfect of a system to use for Saint Seiya. Plus over 50 characters, that’s almost every single important character in the series right there.

      Are you talking about Sanctuary battle? Because I got the European version and it had english subtitles. This game will be like that in america, japanese voices with English subs. If you mean english voices then no, this game wont have that.

      • leingod

        Oh, I meant the latin american version of Sanctuary Battle doesn’t have english text… so I wanted to know if it’ll be the same with Brave Soldiers. About the voices, I actually prefer japanese voicework for these kinda games!

        • Koibito888

          Ah well probably. I mean there’s less reason for english text in the latin american version.

          I like the Japanese voices but I like English dub too, considering the last dub we got was cheesy 80’s dub for Saint Seiya, I’d love to hear a new cast dubbing in modern skill leagues just to hear what everyone would sound like.

  • サレム

    I just want Asgard characters to get some love ;__;

    • leingod

      Me too, but since they’re not part of the manga…

      Oh well, maybe as DLC.

      • Koibito888

        As I heard it: The movie was so popular and Kuromada liked it so much that while he couldn’t write it into the manga he did or helped write it into the anime. Unless I read wrong and it was the animating company who made the anime filler from popularity of the movie. Either way we’ll probably have Odin Seiya but yeah, more DLC love would be cool.

    • Koibito888

      It would be pretty sweet but at least we most likely have Odin Seiya.

  • Learii

    a lot of L2 huh

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