Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Has Europe’s Dawn Of The New World Extras

By Spencer . August 9, 2013 . 1:39am

The Tales team continued to add features to Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World when they released it in the West. Europe actually got the best version of the Wii game, which had an unlockable Gallery Mode and extra head accessories for Emil. Gallery Mode has a library of skits and illustrations from the game.



Namco Bandai confirmed that all of these Europe-only extras will be in the HD remastered release, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles.


Tales of Symphonia Chronicles comes out for PS3 on October 10 in Japan. Europe and North America will have to wait until 2014 to play the game.

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  • Xillia

    I don’t think I will be playing dawn of the new world again, maybe if I really really don’t have anything else to play ! ><

    btw, when are we gonna get all costumes in Tales of Xillia, it's annoying that there is only so few as dlc in ps store, why do we have to wait months, I want to have everything at the start of the game, customize as I like ! and I really do hope we will be getting all those costumes the Japanese version has .

    • $36598391

      I never played either of them
      Tales of Xillia is my first Tales series game

      • Xillia

        lucky you, Im still waiting for my Xillia CE :(

        You should try Vesperia and Symphonia when it comes out, the best 2 tales games in my opinion .

        • $36598391

          Did the PS3 version ever come out in NA, I was looking at it earlier on wikipedia and saw that it has some content not in the 360 version

          I got the CE, the Milla figurine is amazing

          • Thrasher429

            No it never came out in NA and I believe Namco have pretty much flat out stated it never will.

          • $36598391

            that’s disappointing, I bet Microsoft had something to do with it, they probaly paid Namco for console exlusive BS

      • Thrasher429

        Have you enjoyed it so far? You’ll love Symphonia if you like Xillia, In my opinion Symphonia is probably the best tales game. I’m actually kind of jealous of the people that will play it for the first time, there just isn’t anything much better then the first playthrough of a good game.

        • Xillia

          Yeah Symphonia is that good, I actually never cared much about trying it before, until some months ago I decided to give it a go, and my reason for that ?
          well :) I saw some pics of dawn of the new world and loved the graphics ! but I found out that I need to play Symphonia in order to understand what’s going on, since dawn of the new world is a sequel, and eventually I fell in love with Symphonia and didn’t like dawn of the new world much !

          I was so surprised at how amazing this game is, every aspect, I just love it and glad to get to play it again with extra stuff.

        • Laith Rem

          That’s Nostalgia talking. Symphonia is really hard to handle once you have had a taste of free running. The story is good yeah, and the characters are good too but it hasn’t aged very well on the gameplay.

          Also best tales is Abyss hands down =V (Last part is subjective)

          • My first Tales game was Symphonia. Immediately hooked to it. Love it to bits… but Tales of the Abyss surpasses it. However, both are in my top 10.

          • Thrasher429

            The battle system is definitely dated but it was my first tales game and I loved it. Not to mention to my ever existing shame I havent played Abyss yet T_T it came out before I had a 3DS, by the time I did get one no stores had it and I just havent gotten around to importing a copy yet

          • Anime10121

            The PS2 version’s cheap on Amazon…

            You wont regret it, TotA is dope :D

          • Anime10121

            “Best tales of is Abyss” High five bro (*・∀・)/\(・∀・*)

            You gots good taste!

            Oh and DEFINITELY agree on ToS’ battle system.

          • Ian Clue

            I played Symphonia AFTER playing Vesperia and Xillia and I think it is the superior game by a leap.

        • $36598391

          It’s very good so far, the voice acting is very good
          Namco put some great effort into the detail of the game

          I’m going to hunt down a copy of Tales of Graces F soon as well as get the HD Tales of Symphonia collection when it comes to NA next year, I would go after the older games but they are quite pricy for new copies

    • abysswalker

      Same here. I love Symphonia but just finished DotNW a month ago and I was very dissapointed. Played mostly because It follows the story but it’s unlike anything I expected. I hated the soundtrack -why not just let the original tracks if you are going to revisit old places? and don’t get me started on the monster recruitment… seriously that’s also one of the things that keep me from getting into Ni No Kuni

      • Xillia

        haha, omg I feel the same ! I can’t stand monster recruitment !! I don’t feel it’s a real rpg anymore, so the lack of characters should be filled with monsters instead >< or are they equal to real characters, I just don't like it.
        and it is exactly why I was never excited to play Ni No Kuni, although I was watching some vid of the game and it seems so much fun, and that world map wow soo beautiful !! hope Tales will bring back the nice world maps .

        • abysswalker

          That was also one of the problems I had with FFXIII2. And yeah Ni No Kuni looks awesome maybe in the near future I’ll overlook that and give it a shot.

          Maps, that’s another thing I didn’t like about DotNW why replace open world map with a limited point and click interface? but whatever. Pretty sure I’m gonna get this for Symphonia anyway.

          • Xillia

            unfortunately it’s not only DotNW, even main titles now don’t have the world map, Tales of Grace f and Tales of Xillia, it would be sad if they continue this for the future titles, open world map is essential in a good rpg .

    • Nightmare637

      eh that’s just how DLC works.

      I’m not sure about what company’s have to do to register it in the store, they may be required to release it that way.

      But yeah I want the DLC.

    • FFmax

      Yeah, I want that Dhaos costume so bad, but the Cless and Stahn outfits are awesome too.

      • Xillia

        a Rutee costume for Milla would be perfect !

        • Masengan


    • Masengan

      I’m with you, DoftNW is how you butcher a sequel…

  • Free extras are always cool with me =)

  • LightGenx

    Cool? I never played any of the Symphonia games, but the HD collection will change that.

  • $36598391

    What was everyone here’s first Tales series game and what was everyone’s first Namco game

    My first Namco game was an old Gameboy release called Great Greed
    I wish Namco would put it on the 3DS virtual console or remake it

    • speedstersonic

      No clue what first namco game was, but my first tales game was destiny and destiny 2(eternia) got them at the same time, tried 1 didn’t like it at first, played the crap out of eternia/destiny 2. loved it. went back to 1, loved it. then symphonia i believe.

      I’ve loved every tales game but one, even legendia.
      Only one I couldn’t stand was tempest. but then everyone hated it. Wish we would get localized versions of innocence and hearts though cause they are fantastic.

      • $36598391

        Lucky, wish I had gotten them back then

    • Anime10121

      Tales of Legendia, I liked it well enough to go back and play EVERY MAINLINE LOCALIZED TALES RELEASE up to that point (and thereafter)!

    • Draparde

      My first tales game was Destiny, played it and got hooked on the series to this day. :D

  • $36598391

    I hope NA gets the rest of the games in some shape or form
    The true Tales of Destiny 2 was skipped in NA
    not sure if it was because Tales of Eternia was renamed Destiny 2
    Tales of Phantasy GBA should be added to the Wii U and 3DS virtual consoles
    Tales of Eternia should be ported to the 3DS
    Tales of Destiny and the real Tales of Destiny 2 could be lumped together and released on VITA
    I dunno why neither Tales of Destiny or Eternia(Destiny 2)
    haven’t been released on PSN in NA

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