Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Goes On Overdrive With New Screenshots

By Spencer . August 11, 2013 . 11:01pm

Square Enix released a bunch of new screenshots from Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster and it’s looking sharp. Actually, the graphics look better than what I saw when I played the opening of Final Fantasy X HD Remaster back at E3. The menu has been totally overhauled compared to the version I saw which had transparent buttons for the battle menu. Character portraits aren’t grainy either.




Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster also has enhanced audio with 60 tracks, roughly 2/3rds of Final Fantasy X’s score, rearranged and remastered for the PlayStation 3 game. Final Fantasy X-2 uses the recording from the Final Fantasy X-2 original soundtrack, which was released in 2003.



The game also has trophies to collect. Some of these are easy to get like you earn a trophy when Yuna, Paine or Rikku changes Dresspheres in the middle of battle. Other trophies like "Megastrike" in Final Fantasy X HD require players to deal 99,999 damage. So, you’ll need a weapon with Break Damage Limit to earn this trophy.


Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster is slated for release in 2013 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


Tidus using the Energy Rain overdrive

ffxhd-rem26 ffxhd-rem27 ffxhd-rem28ffxhd-rem29 ffxhd-rem30


Yuna summoning Ifrit and Shiva

ffxhd-rem31 ffxhd-rem32 ffxhd-rem33 ffxhd-rem34ffxhd-rem35


ffxhd-rem36 ffxhd-rem37 ffxhd-rem38ffxhd-rem39 ffxhd-rem40


ffxhd-rem25 ffxhd-rem24 ffxhd-rem23 ffxhd-rem22 ffxhd-rem21 ffxhd-rem20 ffxhd-rem19 ffxhd-rem18 ffxhd-rem17 ffxhd-rem16 ffxhd-rem15 ffxhd-rem14 ffxhd-rem13 ffxhd-rem12 ffxhd-rem11 ffxhd-rem10 ffxhd-rem08 ffxhd-rem07  ffxhd-rem05 ffxhd-rem04 ffxhd-rem03 ffxhd-rem06

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  • Can I have a release date already S-E.

    • Thrasher429

      I know right SE are just teasing us horribly at this point. SE: guess what there is going to be a 30 minute drama and the international edition content for FFX will be included too. Whats that you want a release date here have some screenshots.

  • Carocaro4

    AH, I really can’t wait to play this game again! yup yup

  • Suriel Cruz


    ps. They look STUNNING! That one with the trophy notice, kill me.

  • harmonyworld

    FF10 was one of my favorite games for the PS2 but sadly my disk was faulty when I got it and froze when I got to a certain point and became unplayable.
    I just want a release date at this point so I can finally complete this game!

  • Nanaki

    I keep getting more and more excited when I see news for this.
    Siliconera is certainly doing their job well.


    • Go2hell66

      wth get dragon’s crown

      • Duc PC-QB

        doragon curosuuuuuu

  • Detrimont

    i know it’s not going to happen, but i really want them to put a new Aeon in, a new temple hidden on Bikanel Island, or in the Thunder Plains

    • Demeanor

      And possibly less ridiculous than… ehm… THOSE three! XD

  • sherimae1324

    enough of these teases already, SE!, just give us a CONCRETE release date and we will be grateful……atleast..:p

    those smartphone games and social games is hard to forget you know..

    • leingod

      Indeed, it’s starting to get annoying.

  • Notquitesure?

    i want some [email protected] Hellfire, blow everyone ifrit.

  • Randy Marsh

    I just a realized something terrible once I read about Megastrike, we all have to do those sadistic chocobo races again.Tip for everyone, get this trophy with Nirvana.

    • Notquitesure?

      Not if you did the whole monster catching thing to get the dark matter to make a weapon that can break limit(aka excalibur) easier for me than doing the chocobo races i ended up throwing the controller at the wall.

      • Jonah Paley

        The only part of FFX and X-2 that I am extremely emphatic that they change are the controls to FFX Chocobo racing. But they probably won’t.
        I can stand dodging lightning 300 times. I enjoy Blitzball (Wakka’s Celestial Weapon was the first one I got). I’m willing to let them not translate “Suteki da Ne”, and I’ll begrudingly allow them to play “real Emotion”, as horrible as it is. But Chocobo Racing in FFX? That is where I draw the line.

        I guess I’m not gonna get Caladbolg in this version of FFX either…*sigh*

    • Wappuli

      I wouldn’t really worry about which weapon to use for that trophy.
      I have a feeling that there will be trophies for end game stuff, like dark aeons and Penance, and if you going for them, you are likely doing max dmg with most of the cast all the time anyway.

  • Notquitesure?

    Menu’s look great can’t wait

  • Guest

    screenshot look beautiful, i guess that’s because the pictures are so small and have been edited to look nicer, happens with most games.

    • Nanaki

      I doubt they’ve been edited. The resolution is appropriate for games in HD format.

      • Pinwheel

        They probably are, sadly. Square does this alot for HD remasters of games. It’s why I’m worried for this one. Just compare the advertised look for KH 1.5 HD’s screenshot and the results in game.

        Yes, it is from a lower resolution video than the screenshot is, but it’s still VERY apparent in the actual difference between the two. That’s why I’m so cautious about this game.

        • Scrooge_McDuck

          Wait, I’m not getting what’s so VERY apparent about the actual difference between the two, other than the fact that it’s from a lower resolution video than the screenshot is.

          Why use a low resolution video for a comparison anyway, instead of a direct screen capture.

          • Pinwheel

            Ignore the low resolution and it’s still obvious. I’m just taking this picture from somebody else.

            His face looks completely flat like the original games in the second, and in the first it looks far smoother. His lips are also more detailed and smooth.

            His eyes are far more detailed in the first. That’s indisputable. His hair also has far more detail. If you’d like more examples, people can take direct screenshots from Dissidia+Duodecim and compare them to the ones Square released. They’re highly doctored.

  • komiko12

    Shiva! Yuna’s summoning sequences has been my one of my favorite aspects of the game.

  • Bojan Njegomir

    One thing i always hated in FFX were the weak overdrives! When i remeber first time i saw ‘Omnislash’ & ‘Lionheart’ from FF VII and VIII, compared to that every Overdrive in FF X was funny. But nevertless, a masterpiece game! Though here’s wishing they update that segment of the game, but i guess it wont happen!

    • Nanaki

      For most of the optional bosses in FFX’s International release you are forced to Break Damage limit and hit up to 99,999.
      Now include the Overdrives and you have multiple characters that can do just as much damage as Omnislash or Lionheart.

      • Bojan Njegomir

        I meant from the estetic side! U know, there was no wow effect! :)

        • Nanaki

          Hmmm, I dunno. :) Watching Lulu spam magic for max damage or Wakka tossing reels is pretty entertaining. All those 9’s flying around,

          • Wappuli

            IIRC it was pretty rare to see Lulu hitting max dmg with spells, at least with multi-cast.
            And to your previous post: even though you can deal 10 times more dmg per hit in this game, it’s still relatively small when you compare the amount of HP for like FF8 Omega Weapon and FF10 Penance.

          • Bojan Njegomir
          • Nanaki


            I agree. Comparing the the two doesn’t do much good. Lion Heart’s animation is definitely one of my favorites, and when it comes to FFX I really enjoyed watching just how much the damage counter could rise with characters like Yuna and Rikku.

          • Bojan Njegomir

            Can’t say i enjoy watching random numbers pop up, i rather enjoy a nice move! There is a bunch of RPG’s that broke the limit in numbers, it’s a nice addition but the animation of move is much more important and Blitz Ace was really boring and weak!

  • I’m excited to play FFX for the first time, but I’m wary of the price dropping like a rock six months after release like every other HD collection.

  • D. Collins

    Praise be to yeven

  • DSanchez

    I personally look forward to X-2. I never had the chance to finish it. Thanks for the update.

  • Ban The Jackass

    Yay! Summons in HD! Kiss underwater in HD! Aeons in HD! HD GALORE. Now to wait patiently for youtubers to upload videos…

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    Here it is the preview of the English drama

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    When playing the game I avoid using summonings because they tend to break the game since they can be too OP. Instead I make Yuna learn Lulu’s black magic with a certain sphere since her magic powers are strong.

    • Demeanor

      I seem to remember aeons taking lots of hits by themselves tho, plus their stats are dependent on Yuna’s growth and the skills require farming, so… still better op than ffxiii crappiness imho. XD

  • Eric Harris

    getting it on vita as long as it doesn’t score badly like jak. Would be estatic if they also released FFXII eventually on Vita.

    • Mimi

      interesting, most people don’t tend to like that one, however i am playing it currently and i am really liking it though it does start off kinda slow

      • I loved the snot out of XII, that game seriously is my game just to play for fun. Does start off slow, but damn, I love being a noob. Hahaha always love playing the beginning. I like the possibility of a FFXII port to VITA.

  • DrakeClawfang

    They remaster the entire game but leave the freakish fully rendered scenes alone?

  • Demeanor

    2nd Overdrive for ALL AEONS and you’ve got my money, Square.

  • Pinwheel

    I hope these end looking like this actually. SE has a reputation for doctoring their screenshots, and I’ll be very pissed off if that’s the case with this game.

  • NightzeroAX

    I hope Wandering Flame, Fleeting Dream and People of the North Pole get remastered.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    I really did not expect the game to look that impressive in high definition! Wow!

    • Ric Vazquez

      I’m equally impressed.

  • Kelohmello

    Dayyyyum. It looks preeee-teeeeee.

  • Kitestwinblades

    I cant wait for this! Dem Aeon summonings and cinematic cutscenes!
    The environments are looks pretty good too.

  • Ric Vazquez

    My hype has shot through the roof! I’m literaly getting desperate for this! My days feel so long thinking about this games, such sweet nostalgia!

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