Atlus Hired Awesome Velvet Room Cosplayers For The Persona Music Festival

By Spencer . August 13, 2013 . 11:13pm

Persona music concerts are a yearly event in Japan now and Persona Music Fest 2013 in Nippon Budokan took place yesterday. Attendees were greeted by two Velvet Room attendants, Elizabeth and Theodore.


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Dengeki took photos of the two cosplayers that handed bags with goodies like a t-shirt and a PlayButton music player. The tiny music player for premium guests has eleven songs including "Mass Destruction," "Your Affection," and "Brand New Days."




Here are the songs from the concert:

True Story

Mass Destruction

Brand New Days

Aria of the Soul

P3 Fes

Burn My Dread – Last Battle –

Beauty of Destiny

Key Plus Words



More Than One Heart

Now I Know


Your Affection

Pursuing My True Self

Deep Breath Deep Breath

Memories of You

Persona 4 Arena Medley

Best Friends

Burn My Dread

Time to Make History



Shadow World

Never More

Reach Out To The Truth

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  • DanteJones

    Twist: that isn’t a cosplayer, it really is Elizabeth. Also I hope I can make it to these concerts someday. :(

    • Abysswalker90

      Elizabeth is Japanese?

      • Steven Higgins

        Yes she is, they all are. I guess Igor has a thing for Japanese people with platinum blond hair and yellow eyes since Margaret said he decides how they look. “The shape of this room and it’s inhabitants are decided by my master.”

        • Abysswalker90

          Igor is Japanese?

          • Steven Higgins


  • $61526767

    Would love to attend this concert.. but that Elizabeth.. dear lord..~ such perfection!

    • Barrylocke89

      The Theodore’s looking sharp too. That jawline yo.

  • Rudy Soto

    The encore had an awesome selection.

  • Isaac Newton

    Elizabeth cosplayer 10/10!

  • Xerain

    More Live Band Recordings please. Those are the best. I actually buy those. (Or rather that one, their being many of them is just wishful thinking.)

    • Kalis Konig

      i think there has been 3 others so far. the two i have are amazing.

      • Xerain

        This is the only live band recording of persona music I know of:

        The others you speak of are mot likely either the concert recording, or the remix albums, which to my knowledge are studio recordings. A live concert recording is just what it sounds like: you record the concert as it is performed and put it on CD. Warts and all. The sing accidentally sang a line from a later verse in an earlier verse? it’s in there.

        In a standard studio recording, the performers usually perform alone in sound proof boxes. This way there is one track for each instrument and/or vocalist. Then they do all kinds of fancy mixing on it. There’s so much control they pretty much do whatever they can imagine… even if the result would be impossible to replicate in a concert.

        A Live Band Recording is when you take the above two and mix them together. instead of isolating the performers, you put the entire band in the studio. They all play and sing at once as if they were having a little private concert. The benefit is they can retake tracks if someone flubs a line, and the audio quality is just as good as a studio album…. it’s like the idealized perfect version of a concert as you’d imagine it in your head… except real.

        As you can imagine it can also be a lot of work cos they might have to redo the entire song because of that one guy, instead of just redoing that one guy’s part as they could in a standard studio recording.

        • ryougazell

          There are 3 concerts. I own them

          • Xerain

            Not talking about the concerts. Talking about the Live Band recording. It’s different.

          • Kalis Konig

            Ahhh. Sorry I misread your initial comment. I agree 100%. I listened to the band recordings damn near everyday when walking around campus my freshman year. The only other Persona OST that puts me in mind of it is the P4A arranged one. We are definitely long overdue for a second Live Band OST.

  • AnimeGirlOfYourDreams

    I want that Playbutton it looks awesome! and my fav songs are in it! ^.^

  • chibidw

    The player doesn’t have I’ll Face Myself on it. How does that even happen?!

  • leingod

    Ooh yeah… Dah dah dah, dah… dah dah dah, dah… baby baby ♫

    I love everything Atlus. Hope to check out the concert later on youtube or something.

  • The Velvet Room siblings in RL looks amazing.

    Now I have to wonder if Igor’s going to be a muppet….

    • He’ll probably be in the top balcony of the Teather, along with Stantler and Waldorf.

      • To heckle with them or to heckle them? :p

  • Tom_Phoenix

    In other news, the local economy in Tokyo has been stimulated due to an inexplicable amount of wishing fountain donations.

  • ryougazell

    Brand New Days finally made it into the concert! Awesome!

  • SerendipityX

    KYAAAAAAAA Theo~ <3

  • Demeanor

    Beyond awesome!!!!! Please tell me that those two had the Poem for Everyone’s Souls as background music! XD I’d KILL to have those two in my cosplay hunting collection. XD

  • Guest

    That is pretty awesome


    *sees the list of songs*
    because fuck the other 3 first persona games…

    • Croix Zapp

      first 2 you mean? =x

    • 하세요

      Let’s face it; Persona 3 and Persona 4 changed the Persona series as a whole. I won’t say for better or worse, but I seldom hear anyone talk about Persona 1 and 2 (either of 2).

      • Villainous Inc.

        I keep trying. The first three games were something special, and I don’t think 3 or 4 were quite as unique and interesting really. Adding a below average dating sim aspect to an average RPG doesn’t really do much for it, and I’ve seen porn games that implement the fusion better.

        That said, the soundtracks for the first three games were . . . not very special. They were good, but they lacked the defining character of 3 and 4’s soundtracks – which are probably the best thing about those two games.

        • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

          You obviously didnt paid attention to the Maya theme song wich kicks any other Persona game soundtrack out of the water.

  • Darkrise

    That Elizabeth *_*

  • sonicgamer07

    You know, wouldn’t “Persona 4 Arena Medley” in Japan technically be “Persona 4 Ultimate Medley” instead?

  • Kalis Konig

    Pretty cool concert. Kind of sad that they didn’t play the Ultimate or Wandering Wolf in the P4A medley

  • Rothion

    Morelike Persona 4 Music Festival, lol

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