Danganronpa Food And Drinks Now Available At Japan’s Guttetsu Cafe

By Sunjun . August 24, 2013 . 9:30am

In honor of the Danganronpa anime airing now in Japan, Akihabara’s Good Smile x Karaoke no Tetsujin Cafe is now serving Danganronpa-themed dishes until September 29. Here’s a look at the menu:


Monobear Curry (980 yen)

Squid ink curry modeled after Monobear’s face.



Naegi’s Ronparfait (780 yen)

A parfait with melon sherbet, a pie shaped like Naegi’s cowlick, and the “ronpa” (confutation) sign.



The following food and drink items will be swapped with a new menu after September 9.


Hagakure Rice Ball Plate (880 yen)

A rice ball with konbu and miso soup.



Maizono’s Cupcake (680 yen)

A cupcake accompanied by Maizono’s mysterious message written in syrup.



Kirigiri’s Cake Plate (780 yen)

A blueberry tart with yogurt ice cream.



Junko Enoshima Parfait with Spears of Gungnir (780 yen)

Ice cream topped with pastries shaped like Enoshima’s twintails and the Spears of Gungnir.



Monobear (480 yen)

Black sesame seeds and milk.



Makoto Naegi (480 yen)

Green apple, 7 Up, and black tea.



Yasuhiro Hagakure (480 yen)

Blue curaçao and cola.



Kyouko Kirigiri (480 yen)

Violet syrup and 7 Up.



Kiyotaka Ishimaru (480 yen)

Strawberry jelly and yogurt.



Junko Enoshima (480 yen)

Cherry blossom syrup and ginger ale.



Leon Kuwata (480 yen)

Orangeade, Kyoho grape, and tonic.



Sayaka Maizono (480 yen)

Strawberry and milk.



Celestia Ludenberg (480 yen)

Warm milk tea and sugar.



Each item comes with a free can patch. In addition, each food dish comes with a luncheon mat, whereas each character drink comes with a coaster based on its respective character.

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  • Surgeon of Death

    It’s all so evil. I want it!

  • Nightmesh

    Oh I want try some of Celes drink.

  • SwiftWind

    God I wish we had cafes here in America that had their menu modeled after video games :( That curry modeled after Monobear looks amazing, kudos to the Chef who whipped that up.

    • Spirit Macardi

      That’s because most foods based off US games would need to be brown and grey.

      • Anesia Hunter

        and red and some sort of camo theme

    • Kitestwinblades

      Delicious food can break over quite a few barriers.
      I doubt anything in the world could stop anyone from wanting to eat a really tasty looking dish. Unfamiliar characters be damned!

      -“Kyouko Kirigiri’s Cake Plate with her drink please!

      A Tales menu? (°¬°) *drool* Why you shouldn’t have!”

  • Pdugna

    wow this series is actually becoming decently popular now…awesome.

  • ZekeFreek

    Okay yeah, it’s gimmicky but damn do I want some. It is worth celebrating, seeing Danganronpa is easily the best show in the Summer 2013 season.

  • アティ

    [EDIT] Upupupupu~ Im sorry I let my tongue slip~ Oh well its pretty common xD
    “The World’s Most Despair-Delicious Incident”

    1) Strong people have ate Kirigiri cake and Junko parfait (drinks too) which made all store sold out
    2) Weaker people hugged Maizono’s cupcake where none is left everyday
    3) Even weaker people formed factions and used reservations…
    4) Soon terrorist tries to peek into the recipes but failed all the time

    This is giving me despair….. surely because I won’t be able to taste these delicious stuff… T_T

    • SwiftWind

      I would edit that spoiler out of your first sentence brah.

      • Sentsuizan_93

        >That spoiler
        ……Well s**t. -_-

        • DyLaN

          Quick, forget it!

          Sometimes I’m at a loss abt spoilers warning. On one hand, spoilers. On the other hand, we have ppl saying tht if not for those spoiler yelling folks they wouldn’t thought of it as a spoiler.

          On a unrelated note, I will be sticking to this avatar for a while. The perpetually annoyed face seems fit.

  • ekibyougami

    I’ll take one with Mondo Butter please.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    lol I love the Naegi and Endoshima parfaits

  • Addy

    Where is the Asahina and Sakura love?

  • Damarius Wingfield

    So delicious that you’ll drop dead!

  • Junko Enoshima

    aw man this looks beast

    seriously, i want to eat this despair

    • Kamakuma

      I thought you were dea- *executed*

  • 栗場 江理久

    Upupupupupu was the first thing that came to my mind seeing the Monobear curry XD But everything looks delicious, but it’s times like these I wish I could try just one thing and i’d be eternally happy ;-;

  • ReidHershel

    I am learning how to make that Maeko drink, even if it kills me.

  • Daniel Banks

    Needs more Mondo butter.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Those drinks look so awesome! ^_^

  • Antixono

    Why doesn’t the west have these kind of things!?

  • Brandonmkii

    Food-based spoilers!

  • jujubee88

    Imma have to find out the hype behind this game when that localized VITA game comes out. BTW, did the US version ever get a release date? (I’m pretty sure I read it was just sometime in 2014)

  • Mirai

    I wonder if I ordered celes’ drink, Yamada would come out the cafe kitchen and serve me royal milk tea.

  • Unsigned Artist Suicide Help

    I hate how the blood is purple/pink in the anime kinda lame.

    • ninjabart122

      It’s pink in the game too, and it kinda fits the game’s surreal style.

    • DyLaN

      There a photoshopped pic of the 1st murder with red blood in the SA Forum LP thread. Pink looks better.


      the blood is pink even in the game. they did this to avoid getting a Cero Z (+18). since Cero Z games don’t sell in japan

  • Why can’t we have awesome stuff like this? ;_;

  • Presea

    I want to eat Naegi’s Ronparfait. I wanna eat his ahoge yum

    And I want a Naegi coaster too

  • Bec66

    Damn it can the game just come out already!

  • I went from “really, people?” with the Spears of Gungnir on that Junko-themed dessert to feeling damn THIRSTY with that drink selection. :(

    …now my Mountain Dew tastes like despair.

  • Raltrios

    I’d like a tall glass of Kyouko Kirigiri to go with my Ronparfait, please.

  • Pinkemon

    There’s no way I could realistically go to this cafe to eat this stuff. So this is what food-based despair feels like…

  • natchu96

    They should get people to listen in near the tables to see if anybody wants to order the Maizono ones, then just go and bring it in before they order.

    If they ask how they knew? “I’m an esper”.

  • I love Japanese anime themed cafes

  • vileBrenman

    These dishes are well EXECUTED!

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