Watch Fairy Fencer F’s Opening Movie

By Spencer . September 5, 2013 . 1:53am

Fairy Fencer F was supposed to come out later this month, but Compile Heart held the game until October 10. At least we can watch the opening movie ahead of schedule! Check out what the Neptunia team is working on.


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  • Genjo

    NOW that another catchy/awesome intro! that’s MUST buy day one! xD!

  • Digging the opening theme something chronic!

    Probably not the best choice of words, but yeah. Do like!

  • DyLaN

    Awesome OP both song and contents. Now I can say tht I can’t wait for the full version.
    EDIT: Oh hey, just noticed Effole weapon is a scythe instead of a bow and Tiara stab herself to transform.
    The character and system page is also updated.

    Btw some translated FFF character profile courtesy of zazza345:

    Gald (CV: Takatsugu Awazu)

    “Uohhh ~~! I can fight at last~!! I was impatiently waiting for my turn! [My expectation] was raising extremely ~~!”

    A Fencer who was hired by the “Dolfa” company. A hot-blooded idiot who speaks Kansai-ben [Kansai region dialect]. A master of a scythe [type] Fury, he fights Fang.

    Marisa (CV: Kayano Ide)

    “I’m sorry ~. My Gald-chan is causing you trouble ~”

    Gald’s Fairy partner. An adult woman type Fairy who takes care of the carefree Gald. Just like his mother.

    Paiga (CV: Yoji Ueda)

    “I am Paiga of the Dolfa Holding. “The sun in the spirit of everyone!”, that’s the company soul.”

    One of the Four Heavenly Kings of Dolfa.
    He’s a Fencer, but rarely fights.
    He acts as scout for the other Four Heavenly Kings by checking the frontlines [of battle].
    A coordinator for Hanagata, Bernard and the other Four Heavenly Kings, he’s certainly middle management.
    He works really hard to protect the company, his wife and the lives of his children [I slightly edited the sentence compared to the one in the magazine since without context I’m not sure if he has one child or more].
    He’s a man that carries his own middle age woes.

    Vivia (CV: Nanako Yasuda)

    “Oops, I said too much. Aren’t you supposed to know the difference between a real opinion and an official statement? What a wonderful person [sarcastic, offensive tone]”

    Paiga’s Fairy partner.
    She sports peculiar mouse-like ears and she’s the type of woman with sex appeal.
    It looks like she’s always somewhat listless, she acts seriously towards Paiga, who is torn between his peers and his superiors.
    By the way, since Paiga is a man with wife and kids, one should be curious about how the presence of this woman can be explained to his wife.

    Moar new characters:
    -Hanagata (literally “Actor”), head of Dolfa
    -Bernard (fencer) and Bloody (fairy).

    >Am I the only one who thinks FFF have the most varieties of dudes and ladies (questionable due to HDN series though) of any CH games?

    • Landale

      The alternate weapon style for Effole in the video isn’t too surprising. The weapons do change forms, and showing off a scythe works better for a fight scene than a bow for the most part.
      The part that’s kinda surprising to me? She’s got an eye patch now.

  • AxionAzure

    In NISA we turst!

  • Arcana Wiz

    kinda liked the OP. and liking the info about the game, this one surely is under my radar.

    • Steven Higgins

      “Under the radar” means you don’t notice or don’t care. “On the radar” means you’re keeping an eye on it.

      • Arcana Wiz

        :P ,ops, thanks for the advice.

        • Steven Higgins


  • Sentsuizan_93

    I like it! Now we pray for a localization…

  • brian


  • Thrasher429

    This looks awesome hope it gets localized.

  • pimpalicious

    Wow an actual animated opening and not 90-95% static images? Compile Heart is going all out on this one. I do hope it gets localized.

  • bigboss09

    NISA you know what to do or I will use my Zetta beam !!!!

  • XypherCode

    Cool OP :)

  • O_O! My God that was an awesome intro, really liked the style of it. And that song! AzureNova will be buying this day 1. That’s for sure lol =^_^=

    Quick! Someone light the NISA signal. :3

    • Aye, aye Cap’n. *turns on the NISA signal*

  • Milla

    im liking what compile heart games are so far with the exception of agarest 2/cross edge horrid complicated battle system that aside there good games

  • catchy song but didnt like the intro too much
    visuals are nice though

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Folks. Discuss the game, even share what you like/don’t like about the opening here.

    But this is not the place for rants against the general design aesthetic. If it ain’t your style of game, smile, shake your head at us and move on,

  • disgaea36

    This game is starting to look really good I just hope CP doesn’t do what they did with neptunia (which led me to stop playing the neptunia series) Make half a game just finish in the next installment and have you buy dlc if you want to play with extra characters. Because I know that if CP worked on a game for like a couple of years it would be awesome.

  • Well, that… looks like a Compile Heart game, alright.

  • Kevin Schwarz

    It’s boring and lazy, this probably only took them a few hours to make. The only good thing is the theme song…

    • DyLaN

      Certainly more effort than most VN/JRPG OP with still pics and some random effect thrown in.

      • Lynx

        I dunno.

        With a lot of VN openings, they tend to have very good choreography.

        Like Dengeki Stryker, which is really some still pictures, occasional bit of animation (which is reused at certain points) and some text.

        Then you’ve got the Baldr series which is a pretty bad offender of that but because of the choreography and how well it syncs with the music. Take Zero’s opening for instance.

  • I’m loving that opening – that song. I hope to hear a localisation for it soon.

  • Ignacio Tapia

    another generic kawaii RPG….. BULSHIT, just exactly like the generic shooters.

  • HerosLight

    I like the song.

    Intro was..OK I guess. They should have went with an Anime opening like the Tales series does.

    I bet if this gets as popular as the Neptunia series, it’ll have a chance to get an anime.

  • Ladius

    I sure hope NISA is going to announce this in the next months, maybe they will wait to release their latest batch of announcements though.

  • ARMs7777

    I want to like this game. CP please make this game more balance than the Neptunia series.

  • Demeanor

    TOTALLY diggin’ this, way better than I expected!!! ^ ^ Animations, the bane of Neptunia games, look a bit better here I think, though I really came for the flashy moves :P The concept of sentient weapons like in Tales of Destiny paired up with the introduction of male characters will result in an interesting combination, I hope to God the story is good!

  • Vash bane


    not everyday you see a anime styled in-game opening. this has my applauds

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