Bullet Time Will “Help Out” In Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ Open World

By Eugene . September 9, 2013 . 3:35pm


In a demo playthrough of the next-gen Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Zeroes, 4Gamer was caught while sneaking through a garage by a surprised guard. One new addition to the MGSV world will be bullet time–which slows the world down while leaving players unaffected, which, said producer Korekado Yuji, will make it potentially possible to neutralize such threats.


In the playthrough, Snake utilized Bullet Time to silently headshot a guard that had already spotted him despite the classic Metal Gear “!” exclamation mark popping up, eliminating the cause of what would otherwise have blown his stealthy advance through the base.


Series creator Hideo Kojima later noted that while the demo had toned-down AI, the use of bullet time would “help out” in the game’s open world sections as well, but did not elaborate further.


More information on Ghost Zeroes will be released at Tokyo Game Show later this month.



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  • Robert Hendrie

    Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Zeroes ?
    what is that? Mistype?

    • Not a mistype. Ghost from Call of Dut is in this game. Thus, the new “features”.

  • Altin

    I’m going to break the ice and call this feature lame.

    • AndyLC

      No no you’re not thinking it through, think about the use of bullet time here, think, what would Kojima do…


      • Altin

        I could get behind that.
        And you would have the perfect name for this:
        Metal Gear Sunrise: Beach Walker

    • kansasborn2314

      The game is going to be pretty hard, considering that the stealth is more realistic and it’s an open world. Guards could be anywhere. If this feature wasn’t here, many people would rage at the game. Besides, if multiple guards catch you, this feature won’t be able to stop the alert.

  • British_Otaku

    I’m not particularly fond of bullet time mechanics or Bat-Visi… Detective Mode popping up in games without proper justification and being made so they don’t hurt the game.

    I don’t really see how the bullet time mechanic can enhance stealth games at all too… Action games? Yes, I can see it making some moments more bombastic. Established stealth series? No, now you can eliminate an alert without genuine quick thinking, a distraction or disabling the guy in question.

  • hazelnut1112

    I’m seriously scared for this game. Is Kojima seriously going to pander to the Call of Duty audience?
    First regen health and now this?

    • InfectedAI

      Regenerating health, seriously? In a Metal Gear game!? That plus bullet time is making this game sound really bad. That is not what a Metal Gear game is supposed to be like.

      • ShadowJetX

        You realize that MGS3 and 4 both had regenerating health right? Of course, you had be well fed though.

        • AndyLC

          The majority of time I spent on MGS3 was watching Snake eat. Then waiting for him to get hungry to eat more. Bossagatchi

      • AndyLC

        Regenerating health was even a plot point in earlier MGS games. If everyone has it, then unique characters like Vamp don’t stand out anymore

    • MrRobbyM

      I get the health regen. Open world, don’t wanna waste time finding health supplies, I get it. BUT, it would have been cool to find critters to eat and stuff like in MGS3.

      Bullet time on the other hand…no. Hopefully they add difficulty levels, butting bullet time and regen health as the easiest or just totally optional.

      • Cloud_ST

        Health regen ain’t that bad, but I like it more when they show you a health bar. And with that they could do stuff like..If you they injure you heavily with flames or broken bones then the bar will only regen up to a certain point till you get properly healed, something like that would be cool.

  • SirRichard

    All the recent revelations about the gameplay are throwing up the biggest warning sirens imaginable, and this is not helping. It very simply isn’t Metal Gear any more, it’s something trying desperately to be like the boring, dull action shooters everyone else is making. And it was looking so promising, too.

    • British_Otaku

      I haven’t heard much about the game aside from open world (could be hit or miss, chances are stealth inside strongholds will still be good and it will benefit from night and day), Kojima on Quiet’s dress sense causing a ruckus (given that Raiden has been absolutely naked, MGS hasn’t shied from sillyness or fanservice eitherway and we haven’t seen why Quiet is how she is, not a problem) and this (not too promising to say the least)…

      What revelations have I missed?

      • SirRichard

        No health bar, screen goes red/monochrome when you take too much damage, slow-motion takedowns, a much greater focus on aggression and seemingly combat in general. Absolutely none of it is promising.

        • British_Otaku

          So it went for the full Call of Duty course on how to treat health? It only makes sense that with regenerating health, no health bar and usual bloody/monochrome screen stuff, the health should increase quickly which decreases the value of items. :/

          I would hope we aren’t in the same spot as Splinter Cell with a series that lost it’s routes, changed voice actor (I love Hayter, but I trust Kojima to keep in touch and use this as an opportunity to distinguish Big Boss and Solid Snake’s English voices and characters like Japan have done from the start) and doesn’t reward stealth nearly as much as the prior peak or it should do in general.

          • Solomon_Kano

            To be fair to Splinter Cell, Blacklist is the best the series has been since its peak in Chaos Theory — and that’s in spite of the loss of Ironside (really, really not feeling that new guy).

            MGS already kinda dodges the comparison by way of SC having undergone two pseudo-reboots in search of its identity. It may not be classic MGS fare, but I think we should wait a bit before we cry foul on Kojima. The man does love his twists, after all.

    • epy

      Seriously. Open world + bullet time + regenerating health? I REALLY hope Kojima knows what he’s doing.

  • MrRobbyM

    Metal Gear…please stop.

    • SuperSailorV

      Metal Gear StopIt?

      • British_Otaku

        On topic, Metal Gear Alert.

        Off topic, but did you get Ace Attorney 5 in a timely manner and did you try it out?

      • MrRobbyM

        *roaring applause*

  • Cloud_ST

    Bullet Time ain’t good news at all IMO. You already have so many gadgets as an advantage over the enemies in these games and I even heard that the tranquilizer gun has infinite ammo in MGS4?, I mean come on, challenging circumstances bring a great deal of fun to stealth.

  • Karabuki

    it’s obviously made to compensate the handicap of not having soliton radar, solid eye, camo or any kind of advantage we had in the past entries, besides mgs4 was already more action than stealth, i don’t get why you’re all so surprised, also i’m not sure but if full-alert in this game is actually the whole base against you, not just 2 soldiers like in Snake Eater, you’ll be glad to have this.

    • British_Otaku

      In the games we always have some sort of advantage from how we have a third person camera to see around our environment, the abillity to disable the radio contact of enemies and distract them using tools or the environment.

      MGS4 still invited players to and rewarded players for finishing the game without killing or alerting the enemy. The Big Boss emblem is a reward for beating the game on the highest difficulty with no deaths, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandanna items, in under 5 hours.

      MGS4 rewarded players with music, skins, weapons, emblems, easter eggs and trophies for playing the game in different ways.

  • gayblackjewishislamocommunist

    Hopefully you can turn it off in the menu or it’s at least assigned to a button so you don’t have to use it.

  • cameron forsyth

    the hardest difficulty setting will probably take away some of these features

  • Ferrick

    that’s…. rather disappointing, why are stealth games riding on the bullet time train, bullet time is lame

  • epy

    Metal Gear, you’re freaking Metal Gear! You don’t need to be like everyone else, if anything, they should be more like you! This is just like S-E saying “We’re going to beat Skyrim!” during that Lightning Returns interview. Seriously guys? You’re making a frakking Final Fantasy! Do your own damn thing!

    Japanese developers have serious self-esteem issues this gen. Of course, it doesn’t help the western industry and media taking a dump on them every chance they got, but still, it’s Metal Gear and Final Fantasy! Geez!

    • Dagobert

      Agreed. Getting annoying seeing these great developers wanting to make games that are like Skyrim, CoD, Battlefield etc. Shit damn, these games have a different fanbase, stop trying to be greedy and grab a much bigger audience where you lose the fanbase you already have.

  • Richard N

    Since when was bullet time such a hated mechanic? It sounds okay, I mean we barely have any information on it aside from what it is. Lets calm down a bit, homies.

  • konsama

    Know what i think of this game?

    He’s trolling his fanbase, he’s pulling another troll just like back with MGS2, except he’s doing it in reverse this time, by trolling the reveal and excess of information, he’s actually doing what Campbell was talking about at the end of MGS2.

    By bothering the people adding stuff every game tries to pander to and sell now, over sexuality, now guns, stuff that no MGS has ever needed or had used as the advertising method, this is too purposeful to be a mere coincidence.

    Or at least i hope so… I’m starting to think this could even be related to the meaning of the “key word” for this game.

    • British_Otaku

      I found it a lot easier to roll with the changing of Big Boss’s voice and such, not so much this. Still settling down a little, it could be a bizarre troll, does Kojima’s wallet benefit from this and MGS2’s promotion though?

      He has been strangely upfront, first with that Phantom Pain and Moby Dick Studio which were so clearly his work but he spoke as if it wasn’t as widely believed as Obito. Second with all of the promotion…

      I hope we get a huge turnaround which of course still has an open world (well done and featuring wildlife to kill and skin like it’s Monster Hunter) and a Night and Day system so all of the promotion isn’t a total farce.

      • konsama

        Oh right, i forgot to bring using a popular (?) actor as a VA in there, tho i didn’t mind much about it, in fact found it somewhat interesting.

        • British_Otaku

          It may be strange, but I wouldn’t mind Big Boss’s VA being Kiefer Sutherland even if he is mostly famous for his lead role in 24. He looks trustyworthy enough.


  • bushin

    How is this a bad thing especially in open world? It’s definitely needed to balance it out more. There will be times when it’s necessary I also think it’s like a homage to the boss. All those cut scenes in snake eater where snake tries to ready his gun but the boss was always one step ahead with the slow motion run. I can see this becoming a very useful tool. Don’t take it the wrong way. It’s still metal gear. I’d feel more like a legendary solider being able to react in this way and it shows just how skilled he is.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    Wow, well my anticipation for this game just dropped a bit :/

  • Solomon_Kano

    Guess they didn’t want to take the time to populate the whole world with animals for us to snack on like in Snake Eater? Real pity, that. Regenerating health kinda kills a bigger mainstay in the franchise though: rations.

    In prior games, you could regenerate your health up to a point by staying still, but you still needed rations if you wanted to heal fully or if you didn’t have time to spare.

    The elimination of rations also eliminates something else: no item runs.

    Or at least, it would eliminate the challenge. To what end do I need recovery items anyway, if my health regenerates?

    I like the thought of axing the health bar, I’m all for less elements in the UI, but axing the health system entirely? Not quite. I’m hoping it turns out that the feature was simply implemented for demo purposes, but I guess we’ll see.

    On topic of bullet time, it’s funny. Splinter Cell adopted the concept with Conviction, but I recently got my hands on Hitman: Absolution thanks to PS+. Lo and behold, Absolution also has its take on the concept. Is it the new in thing for stealth action games? I mean, it doesn’t bother me, since it’s not like you’ll be forced to use it — this being Metal Gear, you’ll likely even be rewarded for avoiding it — but I’m not sure why everyone decided that’s what the genre was missing.

    Still, I think it’s worth keeping in mind that Kojima specified that these elements are for Ground Zeroes (which has been reiterated as “part of the MGSV experience,” though still not confirmed as the same game). With the release situation of that title in relation to The Phantom Pain still dubious, I wonder if Kojima won’t pull a bit of a “For the Sequel” deal here and see how people receive these new elements in GZ before deciding whether or not they stay for TPP? Perhaps we’ll get a bit of clarity come TGS.

  • AndyLC

    >>Bullet time

    “Fight like a man!”

  • Kyle Fedora

    Title calls the game “Ground Zeroes” while the post calls it “Ghost Zeroes” multiple times. It’s actually Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

  • Nitraion

    :/ that is so Un-MGS
    kinda dissapointed

  • 60hz

    ugh please stop chasing western game design – instead chase western marketing!

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