When Totori And Meruru Meet Rorona… In Her First Game

By Spencer . September 13, 2013 . 5:09pm

Here’s a look at a new scene in New Atelier Rorona. Totori and Meruru from two other games in the Arland trilogy "meet" Rorona. Fanservice of course, but it’s a neat bonus to see since we know how all three games play out.

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  • Freud_Hater

    Totroi? Must be a new character! :O

    • leingod

      Yep, new russian alchemist.

  • Andrew Arndt

    love these game and im really looking forwerd to playing this one ;D

  • Pdugna

    ok so rorona was the first game?….iam confused now…once all these games are finally localized on the Vita i will pick it up…because right now the ps3 versions are hard to find…and still like 30+ in most stores…

    • LM009

      Rorona is the first game(getting a complete remake-gameplay wise, new character models, etc)
      Totori is the 2nd(Totori+ is the update port, ps3 version and vita are quite similar tbh)
      Meruru is the final(Meruru+ is the update port, actually is quite different they added costume changing, new bosses, new traits, etc)

  • Pdugna

    ok so rorona was the first game?….iam confused now…once all these games are finally localized on the Vita i will pick it up…because right now the ps3 versions are hard to find…and still like 30+ in most stores…

  • jujubee88

    I’ve never played a single game. Which one would yall say it a good start for a newb?

    • Ladius

      I would say Atelier Ayesha, since it isn’t only a great game, but also a stand alone experience that doesn’t require any previous game. The Arland trilogy, on the other hand, should be played in order (Rorona, Totori, Meruru), but you may want to wait to see if TK decides to localize Rorona’s remake.

      • jujubee88

        Okay, since I only have a VITA (and PS3 streaming isn’t coming for awhile) I’ll go with Totori.

        • CycloneFox

          Even if Totori is the second one in the series and it would be great to know the characters from the first one, wou won’t get totally lost and it’s always mentioned when characters know each other and what happened to them. The most important thing is, that you know, that Rorona is the main character from the first one which played in Arland, where alot of original characters are located in Totori, too. And Pamela is a character who is in about every Atelier game, I think. She now runs a store in Alanya, the home town of Totori. But I don’t want to spoil, what is special about her. It is just worth to mention, that she is a cross-series character in the Atelier games.

      • LM009

        ayesha’s alchemy system is so boring -_- meruru’s is the best, easily worth playing rorona and totori to see it evolve to meruru’s level

      • Bobby Jennings


    • Bobby Jennings

      I’d say Atelier Ayesha as well. The alchemy system is easy and fun to get into, and the battle syste, is great if you want to play it mainly for that.

    • Thirding for Ayesha. It’s extremely nice, it has some of the improvements that Meruru had (being able to equip time-saving/convenience items along with your normal equips), has excellent music (seriously, most of the disk is apparently all uncompressed music and it is a treat), is a good place to start given how Rorona really needs this upgrade, and may be closer to the type of scope you’d expect of a regular JRPG. (The Arland series was very non-major conflict outside of long-existing monsters popping up after events go, while Ayesha gives a very evident goal right off the bat.)

      The only thing about Ayesha that’s weird is weapons. In Arland you alchemize ingots and bring them to be forged into weapons. In Ayesha you find weapons and use whetstones to add the traits you want to them. It’s extremely strange.

    • notentirelythere

      You should probably start with Ayesha, but I think it’s fine to start the Arland trilogy with Totori! Meruru is very dependant on the previous two but Totori more uses the first game as a jumping off point once things pick up, and the New Rorona will have a more modern game system in like with Meruru. Totori’s battle system is great, but it probably won’t be as stimulating after Meruru’s.
      Ayesha if you want the “Dusk” feel, but if you have a cute itch, go with Totori!

  • DanteJones

    It’d be interesting if instead of just a remake, New Rorona is actually a direct sequel to Meruru. Totori and Meruru get sent back in time on “accident” by Astrid and decide to help out young Rorona. If that were the case it makes me wonder if what they’re wearing in the video are supposed to be disguises. :p

    • I’m pretty certain those are just the customizable costumes that are available in Totori Plus and Meruru Plus. Probably you’ll be able to change the outfits of all three alchemists this time around.

      • Radiosity

        Yep. All three have costumes from the previous games in this one.

        • I’ll be honest, I sorta like that. God knows how I would’ve preferred being able to costumize… every other character along with Totori/Meruru in their games.

          • Radiosity

            Mmm, I haven’t played it yet but I ‘think’ Meruru+ actually had costumes for characters other than Meruru herself.

            And after checking google it seems I’m right, Totori definitely has her Maid outfit on in one of the scenes I saw and Rorona also had costumes.

  • Raharu95

    I’m loving New Rorona plus the more I hear about it~

  • ShootThatWay

    I missed Rorona’s theme. I didn’t like Meruru’s version of it too much.
    I never played Atelier Rorona, so if this gets localized I’m going to grab it.
    No more feeling like Totori when she’s around Rorona and her friends.

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