[email protected] Shiny Festa Is Getting An HD Remake For PS3 And An IMAS Channel

By Spencer . September 17, 2013 . 7:32pm

imageNamco Bandai will roll out an Idolmaster Channel for PlayStation 3 in 2013. The channel is a free download, but content in the channel will cost real world money.


One of the items is [email protected] Shiny TV, a HD remake of the PSP/ iOS game [email protected] Shiny Festa. Content packs for Shiny TV include six songs and cost 1,500 yen a piece. All thirteen idols will be in this version.


Namco Bandai will also sell the [email protected] Gravure For You photography games through the Idolmaster Channel. These were released on Blu-ray in Japan, but will be downloadable later this year. Volume 1 costs 300 yen and Volumes 2-9 are 1,500 yen each.


The channel will launch with a simulateous release of both [email protected] Shiny TV and [email protected] Gravure For You. Namco Bandai will release two additional titles in spring 2014 and plan to continue updating the Idolmaster Channel with a regular content schedule all the way to 2014.

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  • Kyle McDaniel

    So this is what they meant when they said there would me PS3 news in the near future. I was hoping for something “more” but I shouldn’t be surprised considering it’s Namco Bandai and they announced they’d bring the series to PS4.

  • Leon_Tekashi

    You know, since NB tried getting us into the series with that overpriced iOS version, maybe they might give it another go with the PS3 version…I hope?

    • Nexus

      Does anyone know how the iOS version fared? Considering the price and platform, I doubt it did well, but I sure hope Namco decides to give [email protected] another shot.

  • Kayseur

    Still waiting for my [email protected] Vita. I’m really not interested in a HD version of those Shiny Festa games, they were good, but there was no real need for a graphic update. It just needed a new title with system improvement, non-prerendered video so that we could customize our idol à la Project Diva and other stuff like that. Maybe customizable units like the original games and all. Well, pretty much everything they could do with the Vita’s power actually.

    Bah, I guess it’s still cool for those who like to play games on their TV, unfortunately I’m not one of them. Maybe if they sold a single-packaged game as a retail title I would’ve considered it, but I don’t want another game in kit.

    • Kali T

      I have a feeling that one of the other titles (which will obviously be announced this weekend at TGS) will be PS3/Vita and the other being [email protected] 3 for the PS4. I’m thinking it might be a Cinderella Girls game, since Million Live is technically part of 765 so some of those idols might be in 3 (and the movie). I was hoping an SP like game for the Vita based off of [email protected] 2 but I don’t think that will happen.

  • Jesse

    Shouldn’t that be “all the way to 2015”?

  • Roberto

    I knew

  • Brandonmkii

    That’s actually a good price for the G4U games.

    • SupaPhly

      curious as I was, I googled the prices
      holy damn, you are right

      • Brandonmkii

        I know right? I got the first one bundled with the LE for the [email protected] 2, and rest were bundled with DVDs of the anime and whatnot. Not sure if they were sold separately or not, but they were still way more than what they’re asking for with this.

  • o_O SOLD

  • Micrll

    While I want to see a HD remake I am sad because this is going to be a entirely digital download. Makes importing even more of a pain since the prices for Japanese PSN cards is insane with most importers. Will have to see about just buying a bunch of PSN cards the next time I travel.

    • Cazar

      Normally I would agree but Idolmaster retail releases have a history of being absurdly overpriced. And buying PSN cards from importers isn’t so bad if you buy the higher sum cards. Play-asia has the ¥5,000 cards priced at $60 USD atm. The prices for these releases actually look pretty decent for anything Idolmaster. Previously it’d cost about $100 a pop to import the Gravure For You! volumes.

      • Shizumasa

        Well, the ridiculous high price is because the DVD/Blu-Ray of the Idolmaster anime were included. You know Blu-Rays have a ridiculous price for just 2-3 episodes on a disc.

  • Shizumasa

    I like HD but having to pay for the songs that are already on the PSP version, I’ll stick with the PSP version as it doesn’t add anything new in the remake. But good move BandaiNamco. I’ll take a look at the Idolmaster Channel.

  • Milla

    yay gonna grab a yen card for digital gravure4u for some easy 100%

  • Tincho D

    >Shiny Festa HD remake
    >not SP

  • Ooh Bee

    [email protected] fans, which ones are rhythm games and which ones aren’t? I’m looking for some new music games but I heard something about a game just being you managing idols or something?

    • Tincho D

      The Shiny Festa (PSP/iOS/Soon PS3) ones are rhythm games, the rest are Idol Managers with some rhythm minigames.

      The more challenging [email protected] games are the SP ones (PSP), which btw have been fan translated, google it up.
      The SP games also have the advantage of being more character focused than the other games of the franchise, as you’re assigned to produce/manage the career of a single idol at a time, thus the interaction and character development is greater. They can be emulated, google etc.

      The Shiny Festa games have been officially released in English for iOS.

      • Ooh Bee

        Damn I need a PSP. Thanks for the help.

        • JohnNiles

          The SP games are very rough, graphically speaking. If you don’t mind playing as a trio (you still have a lead character), you can get Idolmaster 2 fpr PS3. I don’t believe that game’s been translated, so you’d be on your own.

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