Monster Hunter Frontier G Headed To PlayStation Vita In 2014

By Sato . September 18, 2013 . 9:34pm


Capcom have announced Monster Hunter Frontier G for the PlayStation Vita at Tokyo Game Show. The game will be released in 2014, alongside Wii U and PlayStation 3 versions, and the PS3 version of the game will be able to cross-play with Vita.


In case you need to get caught up, Monster Hunter Frontier is a subscription-based online game that was released in 2007 for Windows PCs. In 2010, Capcom ported the game to Xbox 360 and stated their desire to bring the game to other platforms in the near future. Then, earlier this year, the company announced that the most recent version of the game, Monster Hunter Frontier G, was headed to the Wii U and PS3.


While PlayStation Vita players won’t be able to play in every world of Monster Hunter Frontier G, several PlayStation 3 worlds will be open for Vita players. Additionally, there will also be a data-transfer feature between the two consoles.


Monster Hunter Frontier G will begin service on PlayStation Vita in 2014. Similar to the PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, a subscription will be required to play the game. You can watch a trailer for it above.

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  • konsama

    Oh shi, IT’S HAPPENING.

    Still more hyped for MH4 tho.

  • Xien12

    Well, uh. Thanks, Capcom. I always wanted to play subscription-based games on the go.

  • Monster Hunter finally on the Vi-

    …Th-thanks Capcom.

    • SlickRoach

      I’m on the fence about it as well. If they made an exclusive MH for Vita it’d really help boost Vita sales and promote it but it seems Capcom has abandoned PSP/Vita for the more popular 3DS.

      • Altin

        You know what they say: “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

    • KyoyaHibari

      My thoughts exactly. If Capcom put a FTP MH on the Vita, Sony could rake in the acres of money and finally get the Vita some recognition.

    • chibiwall

      I wish it’s just the beginning

  • Nate

    Great news for the vita. Seeing those vita gameplay really affirms how bad the 3ds’s screen looks. 3ds gameplay of monster hunter is so grainy and dated looking. But looking at this it looks more like this generation of graphics.

    • Heath Bunch

      Lol, wut? This game is from 2007, its gen 2 monhun with grinding amped to the max. It looks and plays like PS2 Monster Hunter, is online only, and ip locked to Japan.

    • Lynx

      Its not. I played Frontier at my friend’s house when I was overseas, going to see the second Nanoha movie.

      It was a horrible experience. Bad game. Really bad game.

    • grayson gee

      Dude, your judging that based off of youtube videos. And we all know the Vita EASILY surpasses the 3DS in terms of power. But the 3DS is already incredibly far in the market with a main series Monster Hunter, and upcoming Zelda and a freaking Pokemon game. Vita has power, 3DS has games. Now if only we could say that about the Wii U right now.

    • Enzo

      Yes, little circle shadows for your characters’ feet are “current gen graphics” while the 3DS full shadows are “dated.” The only real graphical improvement is the resolution.

    • konsama

      Not sure if serious or just trolling.

    • eilegz

      its not that the 3ds screen its bad but its MH itself that its a dated experience that capcom keep recycling the same thing over and over again…. but people like it.

    • Shuga Suenaga

      someone is hurt cause he is not getting MH4 :D

    • OlimacFTW

      Not sure if trolling, but this is a comment i would expect for the worst kind of gamer… If graphics really matter, then why did MH4 sell almost 2 million in one week?

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Gotta love Capcom the trolls. Vita owners ask for Dragon’s Dogma, and Monster Hunter so Capcom gives them a port of an iOS trading card game, and a pay to play 6 year old MMO on PC, 360, PS3, and Wii U.

    • SlickRoach

      It wouldn’t really be Capcom without some sort of catch. Like the gem system in SF X TK and the DLC.

    • Solomon_Kano

      The irony of this is that the Vita version of Dragon’s Dogma Quest was announced first, but the iOS version was done sooner.

  • Go2hell66

    Ok capcom time to bring monster hunter frontier to the west.
    subscriptions and all. i don’t care. i need to play this game.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      You dont want to.

  • grayson gee

    Honestly I can’t see why Capcom bothered to do this. The game is an old, subscription based game that is already on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Wii U.

    • Honestly I can’t see why Capcom bothered to do this.

      Because Sony have made it very easy to port PSP and PS3 games to Vita, and hey, if it makes them a few extra bucks, why not port it to Vita and see how it does?

      To be honest, when they announced the Wii U and PS3 versions of Frontier G, I wondered why a Vita version wasn’t announced alongside. In retrospect, it’s probably because they didn’t want it to cause any misconceptions about MH4’s upcoming release in any way.

      • grayson gee

        True, you’re right on that part. Late in Texas right now, thinking cap isn’t properly screwed on right now.

      • Heath Bunch

        Well….Resident Evil: Revelations ring any bells?

        • The thing is, Resident Evil Revelations sold what it would have on the portable side on 3DS. MHFG is a game that can’t be done on 3DS, making Vita the defacto portable to port it to, especially in light of the fact that PS3-Vita ports are easy enough to do, and that 3DS is the home of the main MH series for now.

          Plus, Revelations was ported to four different platforms at once. That requires a fair amount of work. MHFG has been in the works for a while, with each version/platform release being spaced out. It’s also subscription-based, so it has a better chance of giving Capcom a return on their investment.

      • JonathanisPrimus

        Yet the PS2 looking Sengoku Basara 4 is only on PS3, and of course Vita is lacking a real Dragon’s Dogma game.

        • and of course Vita is lacking a real Dragon’s Dogma game.

          What on earth makes you think, even for a second, that Vita could handle a full-fledged Dragon’s Dogma game? Have you seen the scope of that game? That isn’t something you do on a portable, and it certainly isn’t something you risk attempting on a portable that’s not selling.

          I wish you guys would be reasonable.

          • JonathanisPrimus

            I’d wish you’d be reasonable. Vita can do a lot better than Dragon’s Dogma Quest, or Monster Hunter Frontier G, even with its poor sales.

          • Mugen555

            Yeah no, Vita is strong enough, not full console quality but portable stuff, Hell they can port 3DS version of RE:Rev to vita and will still better look on vita,
            It just Capcom is too lazy and too poor right now.
            They throwing small bone on extremely hungry dog right now

    • Judgephoenix

      Remember Capcom has “NOTHING IN THE BANK” :) that is why they are doing it. They keep bringing back old games and weak sauce DLC. I hope they know they can not do this on next Gen everyone expects new games.

  • Link

    From the press release: “While PlayStation Vita players won’t be able to play in every world of Monster Hunter Frontier G, several PlayStation 3 worlds will be open for Vita players.”
    Vita doesn’t even get the full game. And to those looking to import this game is IP blocked so even region free Vita can’t access this outside of Japan.

    • Mr_SP

      Uh, Vita does get the full game. “Worlds” would be “Servers”. Like Phantasy Star Online 2, there are servers set aside for PS3/PC players, and some for Vita players and PS3/PC players. Which is odd, but that’s how it is.

      • Link

        My bad, still doesn’t stop this game from effectively being one of the worst entries in MH. I scoffed at the PS3 and WiiU ports, I cant imagine why people are excited about this coming to Vita.

        • randominternetperson

          Hardly anyone is excited.

          • Link

            Go to IGN. The Vita fans are going ape sh** over there for this game. Its mind numbing.

          • randominternetperson
          • Link

            It’s calmed down since real MH fans are starting to clear things up, but if you were there when the article was posted there were a bunch of “VITA IS SAVED! SUCK IT NINTENDO! WE GOT OUR MH GAME” comments going around.

          • J_Joestar

            just took a look and there is still a bit of that going around, quite amusing.

  • Heisst

    Of all the MH to port to the system they chose this?

  • fyi1191

    They better don’t use this game as a reason that MH and Vita don’t go well together.

  • Namuro

    I kept hearing people complaining about how bad MHF is… Shouldn’t they be more concerned about the IP Block?

  • Talearc

    Well, at least we can play without worried about IP Block LOL

  • Katboy

    ok I guess…not my cup tho

  • CirnoLakes

    It would have been nicer if this were Monster Hunter 4.

    Now that would have saved the Vita entirely.

  • Erwin MadJelly

    Well at least this is a good (or bad) step in restoring faith for VITA and PSP users.. We shall see how it does, Capcom you are still not hearing us.

  • Croix Zapp

    My prayers have been answered!!

    EDIT: saw the subscription, nevermind =/

  • artemisthemp

    Guess I give Monster Hunter a go to see, how it hold up agains Soul Sacrifice

    • J_Joestar

      you’ll have to try the PSP one on the PSN, this one is probably going to be IP blocked just like every other version of Frontier, that is unless you live in Japan.


    dat IP block and dat subscrition fee

  • d19xx

    If this becomes a success it will become another Nintendo exclusive.

  • Fango

    lol frontier….. what an outdated piece of….

  • Mugen555

    At there point Vita user of MH fans will prefer GE2 than this

  • Ric Vazquez


  • mike dickson

    yes another game to add to my import list

  • 3m0SceneStabr

    “Suuuubscription” once I read that word I just watched all my hopes and dreams drop. I personally play a LOT of video games. I own 94 Ps3 among other games for other devices but how many Subscription based games have I owned up to this date? ZERO i’ll do a one time ticket thing but i’m not paying every month to play a game.

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