Atelier Escha & Logy Will Alchemise In Europe In Early 2014

By Ishaan . September 19, 2013 . 10:20am

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is headed to Europe, Tecmo Koei have announced. The PlayStation 3 game will be available in early 2014.


Atelier Escha & Logy features two playable protagonists, each with their own story. Escha’s adventure is the kind of lighthearted alchemist story that the Atelier series is known for, while Logy’s story is darker, and focuses on world exploration and other traditional RPG elements.

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  • TsunTsunAndi

    Tecmo Koei Europe also already confirmed that it will have dual audio.
    Seems like they learned from Atelier Ayesha’s mistakes.

    • Shizumasa

      This makes papa happy.

    • Erikdayo

      Now an instant buy. No dub would have been no buy. Hopefully they eventually release a dual audio Vita version. :)

    • Fantastic!

    • xXDGFXx

      Finally, I can play their newer series…

    • Kai2591

      dealmaker! :)

      Thank you Tecmo Koei, you have redeemed yourself. I love you guys now <3

  • Suriel Cruz

    “Awesome!” One more step for the North America release. ^ ^

  • Really hoping this means an NA announcement soon enough.

    While I don’t mind either way on the audio, I pretty much figured the reason we didn’t hear anything yet was due to Japanese voice actor contract discussions. Nice to see they’ve definitely put in the extra effort onto it.

    Now the question is: Will they be giving Mana Khemia 2 with it like in Japan?

  • Hawk666

    IMO the finest alchemy system in the series. Great game…but, I dunno, still missing something that I prefer Atelier Meruru yet.

  • Malon



  • Milla

    Uh not be rude but both stories are exactly the same. and logy side isn’t even dark. anyway enjoy the game next year and yes i have played the game bot escha and logy side and they are both in scenes 95% of the time.

  • ivanchu77

    I´m so glad they listened to the fans and included Dual audio, Koei has gained my respect

    • CycloneFox

      All Atelier games have dual audio. Even on the Vita.^^

    • Slayven19

      Totori and Meruru plus had dual audio on vita >_>.

      • xXDGFXx

        No physical release, doesn’t count. It would have also been absurd if it didn’t have it since the original release did.

  • AxionAzure

    Rejoice, my fellow alchemists! Our prayers have reached Tecmo Koei.

  • Nice!

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I said this elsewhere but the whole thing about Logy’s story being Dark and Escha’s being light isn’t true. They’re together like 90% of the time and have the same story and ending. You just get a couple of exclusive scenes here and there but hardly any to make a diff. They even do alchemy together and share the same level.

    Great that its getting localized. Although I already beat it, I can’t wait to see who they get for the english cast. I’ll gladly re-buy and replay it if they get Cassandra Morris in there.

    • Ladius

      Yeah, it sounds more like Tales of Xillia than Mana Khemia 2 in regard to the dual scenarios. Still, it’s a nice feature that will make further playthroughs more interesting, just as in ToX.

    • Kai2591

      I see…thanks for clearing that up! :)

  • Ladius

    I’m so happy, I really feared this game would be left in Japan after part of the fanbase boycotted Ayesha.

    This also means Tecmo Koei is serious in pursuing the series’ western success, since the Vita Atelier ports had an extremely minor amount of new contents to localize while E&L is a major effort compared to most TK games, not to mention the inclusion of dual audio to appease the fanbase.

    • Solomon_Kano

      This is off topic, but our dearly departed Luna says she misses you.

      • Ladius

        What happened to her? I have been posting less in the past months, so I’m not really aware of changes. Regardless, give her my greetings if you have a chance :)

        • Solomon_Kano

          Alas, she was met with a ban a few months ago. Your greetings have been passed along though.

  • runesong

    This is a huge victory for those of us that boycotted Ayesha over the lack of dual audio. We took a stand and TK took notice. I am exceptionally pleased with this result.

    Once the innevitible US release is announced I will promptly get my pre-order action on! Day 1 for me!

    For my fellow Ayesha boycotters, be sure to pick this up! We must encourage TK to continue to make the right choices!

    • Ferrick

      and thus the cycle continues on

      people boycott the game because it doesn’t have something they want it to have, and then the game company decided not to release out of japan, and then these people rabble on even more on how xenophobic japan is

      and on and on

      • Solomon_Kano

        B-b-b-but how will they know that they aren’t doing what I want unless I DON’T BUY THE GAME :V

        They’ll obviously take the loss in sales as an impetus to spend even more money during the localization process rather than consider not bringing them at all!

        • I have a headache, I’m also arguing with another person in gematsu. They hardly understand the concept of a business. Apparently he thinks that if NIS America can afford the license for Bleach then Maybe Techmo-Koei can afford the same for Ayesha. Please, I haven’t been so angry at a stranger in my entire life. Just..please end this.

        • runesong

          And what’s the alternative? Do I show them that I want a feature by purchasing a game that doesn’t have it?
          So if I buy halo, does that tell Microsoft that I like JRPGs?

          Please help me understand how that makes any sense at all.

          • Solomon_Kano

            The saying is “vote with your wallet,” so not buying a product at all sounds like it’d be the way to get your point across, but in situations such as this, companies are more interested in what their paying consumers have to say than the people who aren’t buying their products.

            If someone who watches my TV show says “I felt this could be better” and someone who doesn’t watch the show says “I felt that could be better” wouldn’t it make more sense to listen to the customer who actually is supporting the work? They’ve made it clear that they’re a fan, but they’re still voicing what they feel needs to be improved.

            Not buying the game doesn’t say “I’m a fan who wants this to change” to companies, it says “I didn’t buy your game, like all of those other people who didn’t buy your game.” Boycotts are not effective means to generate change in all scenarios. Not buying the game and not saying why tells the company NOTHING, and you said above that you’ve never visited TK’s forums, so you apparently haven’t tried to make your case to them either.

            So if you’re a non-paying customer, then you’d better be part of a legion of non-paying customers — ALL voicing the WHY of their “boycott” — otherwise you aren’t sending any message. You aren’t giving them any inclination to work towards fixing what you’re asking for, you’re just showing them that there are less people who want the game in question or, perhaps, the series as a whole.

            The Tales series’ recent fortunes in the west being a very clear indicator of companies listening to the people who are paying. Fans have been asking Baba at cons, on forums, wherever for quicker localizations and dual audio. Graces performed adequately and we had Xillia announced within 4 months of its release; Xillia did so well leading up to its release that they announced Xillia 2 before it even came out; and, to appease the fans fervent requests, Baba even got dual audio for Symphonia Chronicles.

            > So if I buy halo, does that tell Microsoft that I like JRPGs?

            Because that’s exactly the same, right? Okay.

          • runesong

            Why do I have to be part of a legion of crazed fans spending time on KT’s forums? Like most adults, I have a job and a social life and what free time I do have is better spent actually playing games, as opposed to going to forums and evangelizing them. Maybe you have that kind of free time, but most people don’t. Thus my only option is to provide sales to companies who produce a product with the features I enjoy.

            And lo and behold, now we are getting a release with the features I want. Dual audio. Everyone wins! Shouldn’t everyone be happy about that?

            Companies use business intelligence tools (IE: Qlik, Microstrategy, etc) to study sales data and make relevant decisions. (I’m happy to expand on this as I work for one of these companies, and thus work with game companies regularly) I certainly admire the forum approach, but that’s a brute force tactic, and it only works with people who have the time to devote to it.

            That is what most businesses call the vocal minority.

            Also, the tales example would be great if the same applied to Persona, mainline Final Fantasy, and other games of that ilk. But it doesn’t- and people have communicated the same desires to these companies for years. So while it is nice to see it there with Tales, don’t assume we have some dual audio revolution on our hands here. That is a single exception to the rule. Although a nice one, for sure!

            I appreciate the point you’re trying to make, but I skipped a game that lacked a feature I want.. and now I’m getting a follow-up with the feature restored. In my post I only meant to encourage the people who skipped Ayesha to pick this up. That’s good, right?

          • Solomon_Kano

            > Why do I have to be part of a legion of crazed fans spending time on KT’s forums? Like most adults, I have a job and a social life

            It really doesn’t take all that and, honestly, it’s unfortunate that that’s the view you hold of the fans who are willing to speak directly to the company. You’re not going to do harm to your social life by popping into a single topic on their forums and saying “Hey, I bought Ayesha, but I’m really disappointed by the lack of dual audio blah blah blah” or “I didn’t buy Ayesha because it didn’t have dual audio blah blah blah.” You don’t need to repeat it for months on end, not even more than once. But your voice being added does help, it really does.

            > don’t assume we have some dual audio revolution on our hands here

            Certainly not. What I’m saying is that the fans interaction with a Namdai over a topic they cared about is what got it changed. Unlike Persona and FF’s producers, Baba has very much been about trying to listen to what fans are saying on both sides of the ocean. Using them as counter-examples doesn’t really work, especially given that FF has never had dual audio and — in the grand scheme — it’s not something their fanbase is asking for, just a select few, and that the franchise has multiple producers attached to it at any given moment.

            I could list many examples to counter my example of Tales as well, but the point of it was that these companies are willing to listen if you get up and tell them what you want. If only 3 people out of 300 ask, then no, it’s not happening. But the Tales fanbase showed in significant force that it was something they wanted and it happened. That couldn’t have been achieved without dialogue between the players and the company.

            I respect your decision skip out on Ayesha, but I just don’t believe these silent boycotts are the best way for fans in your position to get what they want. We can agree to disagree though.

          • runesong

            Just to be clear, I *admire* the fans who take the fight to the developers. I’m on the side of the good guys here, Solomon. In fact, I am pretty sure we both are! :)

            We’ll have to agree to disagree as far where my time goes. There’s an awful lot of games I could write about on forums, and time is a luxury we do not always have. The older you get, the truer this becomes.

            But if you really think a polite note would make a difference, I will totally consider it should this situation occur again. Your passion to fight for the fans is inspiring.

          • Solomon_Kano

            That you’re even willing to consider it is enough for me. I really do believe in the merit of direct communication. It doesn’t always work, sometimes it even backfires, but it has been and continues to be the difference between a company saying “We’ll consider it” and “We’ll do it.”

            So thank you for keeping your mind open to that.

          • shadowind

            I met Baba-san when he was in London a few months ago and I thought he was a pretty cool guy in my opinion who definitely cared about what people in the West thought of the Tales games.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I hope I’m able to meet him myself one day. I haven’t heard a single bad word about the man from anyone who’s met him, and you’ve just reinforced that.

      • shadowind

        Sad to say this sort of thing will always happen when it comes to these types of games… :(

    • You know what? I’m going to be blunt here because this whole seiyuu rubbish is getting way too out of hand. You and the rest of those boycotters are or probably one of the many reason why we don’t get as much Japanese games as we should. While these publishers are working hard to even get the game translated let alone RELEASING it, you go badger them to spend more money to license voice acting most of us don’t even understand. Heck this makes it harder for them to even localize future games as well as releasing it in appropriate times.

      God you people give me a headache. You know what makes me angry along with that? you not playing Atelier Ayesha. It’s one of the most loveliest and fun game I ever played.

      • Anime10121

        You my friend, speak words that ring EXTREMELY TRUE!

      • Leon_Tekashi

        True, very true. It is getting annoying just watching people boycott and bitch about these kind of stuff.

      • ivanchu77

        But it´s no wonder people were angry with the situation of atelier ayesha, think about it:

        NISA managed to get the japanese voices for all the ateliers games they localized, that´s 9 (!!!) games, and out of nowhere Koei appears and they didn´t bother to give dual audio to the game, it´s no wonder people were pissed off, how it´s possible that a ultra niche company like NISA can afford dual audio yet Koei, one of the stronger companys from japan, can´t?

        Some people prefer to play with japanese voices, and if a particular franchise had them for several years, but if for greedy reasons they don´t have it anymore they have all the right to complain, buying the game would have mean that people were ok with this, so the obvious answer was not buying.

        • Sorry nop, that still doesn’t change the fact that you guys are unappreciated bastards. If they can’t afford at that time or use the original audio then so be it. People should still be happy that they can finally understand the game.

          As a person who loves to play Japanese games, I can’t accept that. Never in my entire life will I ever accept an answer like that.

          • ivanchu77

            And for what reason do you think they removed dual audio?

            It´s obviously not money, considering that NISA is like an ant compared to Koei. It´s also not about sales, considering that Meruru was very succesful.
            I´m sick of companys fucking the consumers this generation in multiple ways (DLC, DRM…), it was very clear that Ayesha lack of dual audio was because some suit with 0 knowlege of the fanbase wanted to be a cheap ass about it, it´s obvious they can include dual audio if they want

            People were furious that another company appareared out of nowhere and took out a option that was here since the very first game that got localized from this franchise many years ago, can you blame hem? you speak like this because you don´t care about dual audio, but some people do and you should respect them. People shouldn´t be happy when they are removing things that were always there, they have all the right to complain.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            It goes back to a simple adage, think before posting.

            Rather than trying to learn why the Japanese voices were left out, the first move for many was to throw out hate and spew venom. At both hard working folks in the industry and folks here on our threads who had the unmitigated gall to still spend their own money on the product.

            Apparently, even though it is now known Ayesha was not some grand conspiracy to silence the voices of seiyuu everywhere, the playbook for some still calls for getting upset for no reason at all.

          • Istillduno

            Completely unlike the people spewing venom about the folks here on these threads who had the unmitigated gall to not spend their own money on the product I am sure.

            Whatever the reasons behind issues with a release are, no-one is duty bound to buy it or show any support for it if those issues are a deal breaker for them, no matter how niche a series is or how butthurt the fanboys get when you say you don’t want to support that particular practice.

            Especially annoying are the “The sky is falling” nuts who always start weaving appocaliptic tales of the death of the JRPG in the enitre west the moment someone says they aren’t going to support a release.

          • runesong

            The sky is falling thing has been a repeated cry since time immortal. It’s not exactly a new argument, and somehow we keep getting jrpgs. So it’s cute, but lacking in substance.

            People talk about how we don’t get them like we used to… but uhm.. when was that again? Virtually every JRPG I’ve wanted to play has gotten a US release.

            Heck, we’re evening getting JRPGs on STEAM now!

            The market sure looks healthy to me.

          • dark-kyon

            if tecmo koei can not put the dual audio,the minimun what can do is give the game a full dub in english,but not they continue with the partial dub,i understand the half assed dub for what the games have the option full japanese track.but within the option this is unforgiven.

        • Lynx

          But here’s the thing:

          What if the ‘boycott’ basically said not interested in the franchise and TK didn’t release any more games because of it? Rather than deliver FEEDBACK, you’re sending the completely wrong message.

        • pekikuubik

          There are other ways to voice your disapproval. In fact, I remember TK Europe being like “WE GET IT GUYS, WE’LL TRY TO GET DUAL AUDIO NEXT TIME. Please stop spamming now. ;_;”. And before that they were surprised by the lack of dual audio as well.

          TK Europe clearly knows what their Atelier audience wants, so that boycott was completely unnecessary.

          edit: Also, as XSEED’s Tom has said several times now, it’s not always down to money. There could’ve been contractual issues at work (very possible, since Gust changed hands between Meruru and Ayesha), could’ve been an oversight or just a silly decision on TK Japan’s/America’s part.

      • Sentsuizan_93

        If I could upvote this more than once, I would.

      • Ashelia Poundland Dalmasca

        agreed and i’m probably going to get bombarded with downvotes here but i could not stand the japanese vas on totori, the mc’s voice especially gave me a massive headache.

      • runesong

        It would seem that by using the word “boycott” I’ve gotten lumped into the wrong crowd. Not to self: choose different wording next time. :)

        Allow me to clarify something:

        I did not go onto KT’s forums and slam or badger them for anything. In fact, I’ve never even used their forums. By boycott, I simply meant I chose not to buy a game that a was a missing a feature that I really appreciated in the earlier games in the series. I have all three of the Arland games, and I find them quite lovely. But going from a sub to a dub is jarring, and I watched videos and did not find the dub to be to my liking. Yes, I actually looked into it as any open mined game should. But I didn’t care for the dub. Why does that make me a bad person? Because I don’t share your tastes? Really?

        I find that voting with my wallet is sufficient when it comes to videogames. If you choose to not buy a game that lacks a dub, you are making the same choice. (as many people did with Warriors Orochi 3) I would not harass you for that decision, because it’s up to you to decide what you do and do not enjoy. Let’s not wax philosophy about how that hurts the game industry. I’m pretty sure things aren’t so dire that my one lost sale will sink KT.

        Let me ask you this: Why do publishers release games with dual audio in the first place? The answer is simple: to try and appeal to a wider variety of gamers. If you take that choice away, you are naturally going to appeal to a smaller audience. That is not the audience’s fault, that fault lies with the publisher who made their choice.

        Secondly, I actually own and play several dubbed games. As long as I can stand the dub, I’ll play it. Let’s not pretend that all dubs are all good OR bad. But if I play a specific series subbed, then that’s how I want to continue enjoying them. Suddenly moving to a dub is jarring, just as moving to a sub can be equally jarring.

        IIf you want to be mad at someone, be mad at NIS for ever offering a dual audio option to begin with, since it looks to me that many of you resent the people who actually use it.

        Lastly, if it’s that emotional to you to see a lost sale, buy another copy of Ayesha and make up the difference. And if you really feel I’ve made some terrible mistake and that I would come to enjoy the dub, then feel free to ship me a copy and I’ll spend the time to play it to meet you halfway.

        But don’t be rude and expect me to spend my money to solve your problem. That’s not fair at all. If you enjoyed the dub, that’s awesome. I’m glad there are people who did. I’m not here to rag on anyone, but I certainly am happy to see that KT is serving gamers like me with the next release.

        Shouldn’t you be happy that more of us are going to buy the game? Slamming people and giving them a bad taste for it risks a lost sale just the same. I don’t see how that helps anyone.

      • shadowind

        I agree with you there too and I’m worried that people like you and I are in a minority when it comes to our views about voices in English-language releases of Japanese games. As I said in a previous reply here, I’m one of those people who couldn’t care less whether a game comes with Japanese voices or not, just as long as it comes out in English, but us decent fans are getting a bad rep because of a entitled bunch of weeaboos who can’t see that they’re spoiling things for us who want more games to come out from Japan in English.

        • runesong

          You’re not a decent fan when you’re attacking people and using words like “weeabo” to describe people with tastes different from yours.

          By being mean to your fellow gamers you run the risk of souring them to the very games you’e angry they are not buying.

          Congratulations- you are now your own worst enemy.

          Please stop dirtying the gaming community by behaving in this way. A little civility will not hurt you.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Oh give it a rest. You didn’t do shit but risk it not being localized at all. Go learn Japanese if you care so much about VAs you can’t even understand.


        • Demeanor

          It seems to me like you are unable to express your opinion without flat-out attacking others and their personal preferences. Though I understand your point to an extent, this weakens your argument imho.
          Other gamers make informed choices based on what happens around them and what they believe in, they are not here to move the industry along the lines you think are right.
          I was against boycotting Ayesha, for the simple – selfish – reason that I wanted to play the damn game because I am a fan of the series, and I think the hard work of devs and other ppl involved deserved my money, so I consider “not buying” preposterous. I’m a gamer, I WILL game the titles I love.
          However, I also think that the lack of VA in this episode was a step back and an attempt to get away with it giving less to loyal customers, and I bet many of the niche Atelier fans have a passion for the original VA just like I do. I voiced my displeasure to TK, urging them to reconsider for future installments, and they did just that, I love them for that.
          In the end it all comes down to how much each of us is willing to trade off with his/her choices, but there is no need, EVER, to insult each other while comparing views. I sure hope this recent tendency of companies listening to fans and trying to change things for the better, within acceptable boundaries, continues so that we may get an always better gaming landscape.

          • Slayven19

            See the problem was you think and don’t know especially when they said the reason before and after the game is out. Boycotting solves nothing for niche games because they already said they would add it in the next game regardless not even a week or 2 after release.

    • Chris Yuen

      If the Tales fanbase had boycotted the Tales Of titles because of a lack of dual audio, we wouldn’t have gotten most of the mothership titles that we have gotten so far. Hideo Baba wouldn’t even go out of his way for a same-day announcement/confirmation of Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack/Chronicles for both Japan AND the West.

      He probably wouldn’t even had put in extra effort for the inclusion of dual audio for ToS Chronicles as a gesture of appreciation for the support from the Western fanbase.

      If I had boycotted Persona 3 and 4 because I can’t hear some of my favourite Japanese voice actors such as Horie Yui’s Chie Satonaka, I wouldn’t have experienced such a amazing series.

      In short, let’s just be glad that developers still haven’t forgotten about the English-speaking audience, and are still trying their best to localize their titles for us.

      Instead of “oh, I’ll boycott this thing because they didn’t give us dual audio”, it could have very easily become a case of a series being killed in Western markets.

      You have to get that “entitled” mindset out of your head.

      • Forget it. No way in getting through to someone as delusional as this person.

      • dark-kyon

        do not compare tales to atelier,the tales games have good dubs,atelier for his part have a haf assed dub what have less what 50% of voices what the japanese track,play atelier totori or meruru in english and then the characteres simply do not talk,is how you mute the game.sorry but if you can play with that then good for you, but to me what ever i played with japanese track these is to much.

    • Kelohmello

      It’s funny that you think you and a handful of other people made some sort of large impact.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      So you’re telling me that boycotting a title due to lack of dual audio is sending the right message? Yeah. Keep thinking that and see how far it gets you. It’s already hard work getting JRPGs overseas translated for its audience, but if you think boycotts are the way forward for localization efforts, then you are horribly mistaken. If anything, it’s sending the message saying “Screw you TK for not letting me hear my seiyuu(s)”. If this attitude was shown to other niche games, we would never experience certain games outside Japan.

      And this retarded attitude of “No dual audio=No buy” with games has to stop not just with the Atelier series, but with JRPGs in general. It wont do any good in the long term and boycotts wont do anything beneficial. If anything, it will only put the chances of future localization of JRPGs in jeopardy. Please, just stop this nonsense.

      • Manny Being Manny

        Some people just prefer Japanese audio. I personally can’t stand playing a game with bottom of the barrel dubbers as a huge anime sub fan.. it just distracts me too much that I can no longer enjoy the game. If boycotting meant no more JRPGs being localized, that would be fine if the alternative was nothing but bad dubs.

        • Slayven19

          Except the dubs aren’t always bad so you don’t have a point. Its just you wanting jp only voices that make any other voice work to you seem bad by default.

        • Chris Yuen

          so what’s your definition of games with “bad dubs”? Tales of Xillia? Persona 4 Golden? I like having Japanese seiyuus and all, but at the very least, even if there’s only English dub available, we have a localized version of the game.

          What will you do if JRPGs are no longer localized? Import it and refer to online guides?

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          You can prefer whatever you want. Just don’t try and shove your low and ignorant standards of good or bad voice acting in other people’s faces. Can you name a single anime or game with a bad japanese voice track?

          I bet you can’t, cause you think its perfect every time. Or maybe you can’t understand it so you automatically think its good. Most of the “bottom of the barrel” dubbers, work on all sorts of media, east and west – so its probably your preferences thats bottom of the barrel.

          • shadowind

            Hear Hear! I’m glad to see that there are people like you who agree with me about people like Manny who make us decent fans who just want to play games from Japan or watch anime regardless of whether it’s subbed or dubbed just as long as it’s legally available.
            I’ve met a lot of anime dub actors and actresses over the years such as Vic Mignogna, Stephanie Sheh, Troy Baker and Laura Bailey and they’re pretty cool people in my book (as well as really nice people in person) and they’re just as talented as regular voice actors.
            Look at it this way, what’s the odds that if Bryan Cranston hadn’t done anime shows and Power Rangers before going onto stuff like Malcolm in the Middle, Total Recall and Breaking Bad, he wouldn’t be famous now?

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            You met Troy Baker and Laura Bailey? I’m so jealous ;_;

          • shadowind

            When I met Laura Bailey, she actually asked about my cosplay accessories which were a pair of GekiTonfa’s from GekiRanger aka Power Rangers Jungle Fury! ^_^ I’ve also met the likes of Shinichi “Cowboy Bebop” Watanabe, Johnny Yong Bosch, Matsuyama-san from CyberConnect 2 (who really liked my cosplay of Rude from FF VII when I met him last year) as well as Liam “Caius” O’Brien and Ali “Lightning” Hillis!

        • shadowind

          So the likes of Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Troy Baker and Steve Blum are bottom of the barrel dubbers (as you oh-so-eloquently put it) even though they star these days in other stuff like Marvel’s new Avengers animated series and various top-notch games like the new Batman: Arkham Origins one. Oh, and before I forget, Steve Blum actually holds a Guinness World Record for the most voice roles ever for video games!

          So please before you go spouting crazy talk about these people being talentless when it comes to acting (In fact, Bryan “Breaking Bad” Cranston actually started out doing voices for anime and Power Rangers before becoming famous! ^_^), kindly actually watch some of these shows or play some of these games fully before you have the right to express your opinion on the subject.

    • Ladius

      The Ayesha boycott was unnecessary as soon as NISA and Tecmo Koei said the dual audio wasn’t removed because of some firm decision but simply lost due to a misunderstanding in the localization process due to the change of publishing duties during Ayesha’s localization.

      Tecmo Koei Europe was as surprised as the fans by the lack of dual audio, and they said the fanbase’s message was clear and that they would reconsider dual audio for the next Atelier games weeks before the game’s western release.

      So, the only things the boycotters really accomplished was missing out on a great game and risking the series’ western future, even more so considering Atelier has weak sales in the western markets even compared to other niche franchises like Neptunia, and that making it tank just as it was changing publisher could have killed it for good.

      Happily things went otherwise, either because the boycott didn’t really affect sales (even if I feared otherwise) or because TK is wise enough to understand the series can survive despite that blunder.

      • runesong

        I noted this below, but to be clear boycott was the wrong word.
        I never in any way discouraged people who enjoys dubs from picking up Ayesha, or took part in some hate mob on the forums. I simply skipped it because I prefer dual audio for my anime rpgs, and after watching videos of the dub I was not interested in the game.

        But I most certainly do think it’s a victory for gamers everywhere to have the option to play it both ways. I’m sure we can agree on that, right? :)

    • You have caused something I never want to tap into ever again. Thanks for that.

    • shadowind

      You didn’t win anything! In fact, it’s people like you who almost ruined any chance of us getting any future games in the Atelier series in the first place with your self-righteous and entitled attitude, especially as it turned out that your so-called boycott was all for nothing!

      • runesong

        Dear hater,

        Incorrect. I passed on a game lacking a feature I want, and now I get the game with the feature I want. There’s nothing self righteous about that. I just didn’t spend my money on something I didn’t want. The only self righteous person here is you, as you seem to think I’m obligated to spend MY money to push YOUR agenda.

        Let me explain what entitlement means so you can try and use it correctly next time:

        “the fact of having a right to something.”

        I don’t feel I have the right to have a game with JP audio. That’s not a right. Its a choice by the publisher. Just like it’s a choice if I do or do not buy the game. Entitlement never enters into that equation.

        I’ve stated several times (if you bothered to keep reading the comments) boycott was the wrong word, as I simply acted alone to not buy a product that didn’t appeal to me. That’s a perfectly normal decision, and there’s no reason to be an ass over it.

        And lastly, no one almost lost anything. KT didn’t buy Gust to give up on them after making a mistake on one release. They clearly want to do what’s right by their fans, thus what is happening now. That is indeed a win for everyone.

        Instead of being a hater, why not be happy that we have a win-win situation for everyone. This should be a reason for us all to celebrate together as gamers.

  • Zak Ledward

    When this eventually comes over; Wilbell DLC all day long.
    dat long hair

  • pimpalicious

    Nice to see dual audio included this time but I would’ve been fine without it, same as I bought Ayesha. Nice to see a US release practically guaranteed(and if it isn’t, hey PS3 is region free).

    • shadowind

      I’m with you in that I’m one of those who buys Japanese games in English regardless of whether they come with or without Japanese voices and I’ve never understood why some of these people prefer their JRPGs with Japanese voices only act all batshit crazy if their precious game comes without Japanese voices or are dual audio?

  • DanteJones

    New Atelier and dual audio, win-win for everyone!

  • Terr


  • Demeanor

    Oh! Does this game use the Xillia/Star Ocean 2 formula? I thought it was like Atelier Iris 2, with the two chars contributing equally in different areas of a single story. Oh, well.
    Awesome news for the dual VA! (^o^)/ I’m glad some companies are actually listening to consumers and acting accordingly.

  • LM009

    Got all excited and then saw europe….hmm at least ps3 is region free

    • Ladius

      Don’t worry, they will surely release it in the US, too.

      • LM009

        I suppose it is a step forward, it’d be weird of them to do the localization work and not release it in US(not that it’d be the first to ever happen)

  • Theob Vious Choice

    Dunno why anyone would downvote a comment expressing displeasure of the lack of a feature (dual audio), thankfully they did fix it this time; and thankfully with Ayesha it was just a licensing issue and not a “Meh, we can leave this out from now on, lets pull a Namco/Bandai!”
    Let me just sum it up, we get our dual audio; you lose nothing, if you do lose something, it’s probably minor dialogue anyway (the NISA effect or whatever you call it. You probably think everything is voiced in the Japanese versions anyway, which is not true.)
    On the other hand, if we don’t get our dual audio; you know what we get? An undesirable product, anime dubs are fine; I have NO idea why any anime fan would complain about English dubbing except for the sake of being a douche, sure; it undeniably ruins the product sometimes, but…. you have the Japanese dub and a HUGE backing of fansubbers to compensate for it. If you don’t have the Japanese dub in a game? Well, wait a good number of years and find someone who created an UNDUB iso of the game and hope the new megaupload or fileshare site they were sharing it on hasn’t been raided, and hope that an emulator can actually play it at anything more than 5 FPS. Or spend a long time learning Japanese, like I subject myself to so I will be out of this problem sooner rather than later. 助けてください。。。。
    You aren’t losing anything more than what the developers feel like leaving out, The “Takumi, I baked a pie the other day.” kind of shit. Unless we’re talking like 10 years ago, with the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox which were just about there as far as disc space goes on a regular basis, there are zero hardware limitations, absolutely zero. However, the reason Ayesha was not dual-audio is another reason why dual-audio can be absent, from the shift in hands; the original company forgot to transfer the Japanese voice rights over, this is simply a fumble; and is ultimately forgivable as far as I’m concerned. (Of course, I can’t stand dubs; if I wanted to play something in English I’d play Call of Duty, Bioshock, GTA or something created here for the sake of an American audience, which I do; and I also enjoy, so I’m not a weeb like one might call me out to be.)
    The time where it is ultimately unforgivable, would be like what Bandai/Namco are doing with the Tales series, admittedly I’m fucking ecstatic about Tales of Symphonia, but their entire marketing for the series being void of dual-audio for absolutely zero reason short of the exclusion of it, is unforgivable in general. Companies and policies like that are what is unforgivable, a slip up like with Atelier Ayesha is not unforgivable, considering they weren’t even intending to exclude dual audio to begin with, they just had a rough start with the transfer of hands. One game (Ayesha) versus one of the most popular series in JRPG history (Tales), tell me, what’s more messed up to you?

    In a nutshell, it doesn’t effect you if we get dual audio; the only thing you’re doing by arguing back is hassling people for no reason. Even if you’re complaining about the boycott, which I don’t really condone; the lack of such a feature is ridiculous. It’d be nice if we could get along without any opposition from fellow gamers and just get straight to the source, and have them just put the second audio track in the abundance of space on the blu-ray disc everyone was bragging about a few years ago.

  • Arcana Wiz

    I click in it happily cause it was given a western release date, read that will be dual audio, perfect news…. then see the hateful comments, well if you want to baycott beautiful niche games that depends of the sales of the niche audience… ok but please dont spur a flame wars here…. atelier series is too good for that.

  • Istillduno

    Ah Koei are doing it right this time.

    I won’t take back anything I’ve said about how they handled Ayasha, but they have my money on day 1 for this release for sure, glad they managed to take the feedback on board and stump up for the licences this time round.

  • MefoSensei

    Tecmo? Awwww i want CE….

  • Notquitesure?

    Can’t wait, does anyone know if theres some form of romance in this game with escha and logy?

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