Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Screenshots Show Goku As Naruto, Super Vegito In The Game

By Spencer . September 19, 2013 . 12:54am


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is slated for release in early 2014 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita. Just like Japan, Namco Bandai will include a code with launch copies that gives Goku a Sage Mode Naruto Uzumaki costume.


Super Vegito and Super Saiyan Bardock will be pre-order bonus characters at select retailers. During the TGS press event, Namco Bandai also said the Vita version will be a digital download only.


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Opening Animation

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  • Lloyd Christmas

    Super Vegito a pre-order character? WTF.

    • I’m not too happy about that either.

    • Koibito888

      It worries me too but perhaps it’s like SSJ3 Broly was in Raging Blast. You could still unlock him but he was also a preorder bonus?

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      I just spat my drink out after seeing this. I thought that it would be a given that he would just naturally be in so just skimmed over the screenshots and now I find out he’s a pre-order character!? Understandable for SSJ Bardock since he’s not actually canon. But Super Vegito? Ugh…

      • Sardorim

        Eh, Akira never said it wasn’t canon though, and he did help write Bardock: Father of Goku movie adaption, and the 12 universe thing means it could be canon to one of the other universes.

        The games also don’t follow canon strictly anyway.

    • Sardorim

      I could understand if it was a What If character like Super Saiyan 3 Vegito! But just Super Vegito? He’s essential to the Buu Saga!

      • British_Otaku

        Essential as in one fight.

        Given that we have had games without Ultimate Gohan (fights Buu in multiple forms), Namco Bandai have more or less picked the perfect character as “preorder incentive/DLC later down the line” character between him being iconic and rememberable but the story mode doesn’t suffer much even if they were to remove the fight from the story.

        They could even be really sneaky and add the fight WITH the Super Vegito download to make it more valuable. >_>

  • John Diamond

    dammit i was wanting to not see what super saiyan god looked like until i watched the movie!!

    • evilmajikman

      Well at least you won’t be disappointed when you watch the movie? I mean it really looks like kaioken…

      • I like the simplistic look.

      • Koibito888

        It actually looks nothing like Kaioken. I don’t remember Kaioken making Goku thin, changing his hair style slightly, giving him red SSJ3 eyes, a fire aura and red hair both of which being different shades of red than Kaioken and giving him such a huge power boost. It’s all in the details.

    • Namuro

      Welcome to the internet, my friend… I got spoiled on what SSJ God looks like ages ago…orz

      • John Diamond

        in all fairness. when i saw dbz when i was younger, they showed ssj1 goku in the opening… in the first episode

        • Namuro

          Man… I hate openings that use footages from the show, especially when they show spoilers like that! They could have put in some effort and made an English version of Head-Chala (I’ve heard that some regions did this, but I’m not sure which) to go with the original opening.

          • British_Otaku

            You, my friend should never watch Fairy Tail. >_>

            Not simply because I think there are dozens of better anime or manga (FT is alright as a popcorn sort of series) you could spend you time on, but also because the arcs are surprisingly short and clear cut but the intro seems to change halfway through every arc and spoil the villains, final boss and final fight of the next arc before the match ups may be done in the current one.

          • Namuro

            Wow, that sounds horrible, but I’ve been reading the manga only. So I guess I’m safe from the spoilers then LOL.

        • Must be the Localized version, because if it was the Japanese version, the Saiyan Saga opening would be with Goku and his Power Pole at the end.

    • Kaihedgie

      I assure you, SSJG is nothing to look forward to. At all.

      • Koibito888

        Actually it’s alot to look forward to. Anything else would have been generic and this actually follows the rules of Toriyama’s canon unlike the stupidity that was SSJ4. Plus that power boost alone makes it impressive, it doesn’t have to be all in your face.

        • Kaihedgie

          Goku doesn’t even so much as wound Bills in this form, let alone actually win.

          • Koibito888

            So? The fact that Bills was so strong he took SSJ3 Goku’s full power punch (which is massively planet busting might I add) without so much as splash damage, then Goku cleared that gap to fight on par with Bills who was at about 70% while Goku was only using 80% of his power is just a phenomenal showing of ability. I mean with as strong as Bills is, the showing of nearing him in power just shows an incredible scale of power from both of these characters. Plus the fact that he doesn’t beat Bills is very unique to DBZ movies and shouldn’t be considered a bad and or unimpressive thing. Plus the act of opening to more DBZ (because lets be real, with the end of this movie there is no way we are not getting more, it was damn near a cliffhanger) just shows the potential Goku and others actually have. It’s a lot to look forward to, really.

          • Kaihedgie

            Goku didn’t clear the gap at all. Their power difference was still far too great for Goku to do anything about it.

            There really is nothing to look forward to from a re-purposed Kaioken ripoff that doesn’t even have any feats to it.

          • Koibito888

            But he nearly did, that was the point. Granted he didn’t become equal with Bills but he was able to fight on equal grounds with Bills who was using 70 percent of his power vs Goku who was using 80 percent of his. A much, much, much smaller gap than Bills in the most casual of fashions catching a massively multiplanet busting punch. The increase in power is undoubtable and you are highly mistaken by saying it’s a ripoff of Kaioken.

            What, because it’s red? I think you just might not be looking at the detail of how different SSJG is from Kaioken. Besides, what’s most impressive is SSJG raising the power of Goku as a whole making it so SSJ1 is not far off from where SSJG was. So now while we may not know by how much, SSJ1 is stronger than SSJ3 at the beginning of the movie. All of this accomplished by this form that at the same time isn’t generic (like what the guy working with Toriyama first wanted for the form… Yuck), and follows what Toriyama set for his canon, and at the same time not making previous SSJ forms obsolete. It’s incredibly impressive as a form both in power and as a feat of writing ability.

          • Kaihedgie

            Goku’s hair style doesn’t even change. In fact, he actually lost some muscle in that form. Let’s face, it pretty much is a re-purposed Kaioken, especially if you know what Kaioken is and who taught it.

            SSJG sounds more like just a name than an actual state of being considering what we’ve seen in the movie and how it was obtained. It’s not impressive at all. He doesn’t actually do anything impressive with this power at all and he spent more time getting pummeled than actually landing any hits. You keep talking about power that clearly wasn’t displayed. If anything, I was rooting more for Bills. He’s really the only original thing to come out of the franchise in decades.

          • Axle

            The dumb is strong in this one… Just the fact that Goku was able to fight Bills at all and make him try is proof of the massive increase in power. Which, if you were watching the movie, was perfectly clear.. That alone is impressive.

          • Koibito888

            What are you talking about? His hair has much more spikes and his bangs might as well have been the same as he has in SSJ1. It was a style directly between base form and SSJ1. And if you wanna say that adding spikes isn’t a difference then you might as well just say that SSJ1 isn’t a hairstyle change. His hair changes color to a bright red (a red that’s a different shade than Kaioken) and his eyes are that of an SSJ3 but red (as in having an actual pupil). He has a red flame aura (both different shade and consistency than Kaioken) and yes he loses the appearance of muscle (it’s compact obviously) and that’s a good thing. I mean did you even watch the Cell and Buu Saga? Did Elder Kai’s rant about how big, out there transformation was a bad thing not register? What about Cell constantly telling Trunks he was an idiot for bulking up? If big, bulky, out there transformation is a bad thing, why wouldn’t the greatest Saiyan power NOT be leaner? It’s a form filled with many differences all of which subtle to make one bigger change. It looks nothing like Kaioken, Kaioken never made Goku get a fire aura, turn his eyes and hair red, and compact his muscle mass. Not to mention again the reds in the form are different shades. You can’t just say “oh red, must be Kaioken” when literally everything about the form is different.

            He does do impressive things. Sure he doesn’t destroy anything specifically but the fact that we know somewhat how freaking powerful Bills was and Goku made him try. It’s power in comparison to other uber powerful beings that made the form impressive. Plus the fact that it allows him to absorb Ki is pretty cool. The form is powerful, I mean the movie stressed that, there is literally no sense in this movie where this power was not a huge boost. This form is incredibly original and it’s just as different from base form as every SSJ form without taking importance over the other forms and while fitting naturally into the canon. It really is the perfect idea.

            Bills was incredibly awesome and him and Whis were original, I’m not saying that at all. Just every new point of this movie was fantastic and unique and the power in it was incredible. It doesn’t take Goku destroying shit to be able to tell. It showed power based on who he could actually fight on par with after achieving it. I mean it doesn’t take that much knowhow to figure out that it is incredibly strong unless the form is, the feats of fighting on par with Bills were right there on screen.

          • Kaihedgie

            “What are you talking about? His hair has much more spikes and his bangs might as well have been the same as he has in SSJ1.”

            Let’s draw a comparison, shall we?

            Here’s Base Goku in the film: http://images.wikia.com/dragonball/images/8/8c/GokuArt2013.png

            Now here’s SSJG Goku: http://images.wikia.com/dragonball/images/0/05/Super_Saiyan_God_Goku_clear.png

            No difference whatsoever. You’d only get that impression is because you can now actually see the individual lines of his otherwise completely black hair.

            When the film’s character designer made SSJG, he imagined the form having the same muscle mass increase as any other SS form, gave him a cape and a hairstyle mix of SSJ3 and SSJ4. It probably would have looked silly on paper, but hey, at least i looked like a drastic change and not…a simple hair dye.

          • Koibito888

            And the added spikes in front of the main back spikes (which despite the darker color are actually not there in the base hair) and it is more defined spikes, you know, that same effect that makes SSJ spikes look more three dimensional? And the bangs are completely different, plus the color change. That is just as much hair difference as there is in SSJ1. Plus the muscle compaction.

            Yes, I’m aware of what the guy working with Toriyama on this form came up with and that was a horrible idea. In fact, the interview stated he wanted Goku bulky, not just “the same muscle increase” as each SSJ form. Also the hair being between SSJ3 and 4 would be incredibly generic. And a cape, yes, he wanted the form to give Goku a cape. What is this, Naruto? No thank you.

            Why would you even want a drastic change? It’s not supposed to be drastic. That’s what was wrong with SSJ4 (that and SSJ4 made no sense in how it looked). This form fits with everything Toriyama wrote into his manga while being plenty different (as I said, the eyes, body shape, and aura are all different just like the hair) and fitting so naturally into the series. This form is really the only way it should have been. It’s literally perfect for the DBZ canon.

          • yomachaser

            I was seriously shocked at how much fun that movie was and how many obvious future stories they were setting up.

            DBZ is really coming back w/Toriyama (or at least his ideas) clearly in charge!

          • Koibito888

            Exactly, and just watching this movie you can really tell. No new ideas were awkwardly forced in, the new form wasn’t in your face and it actually made sense (much unlike SSJ4) and it all fit oh so naturally into the canon. Much unlike… Well all of GT really.

    • Sephiroth420

      you know the movie is up and subtitled on dblegends.com,
      looks like an amazing game! defo gonna pre order this xD

  • Dinoegg96

    The Vita version is the same as PS3/360???

    • British_Otaku

      Almost definitely.
      How often is a game announced for the PS3 and Vita and not basically the same on both. The 3DS has shared games with the PS3 and Wii U, even if that is because E.X Troopers was a 3DS game scaled up and Monster Hunter 3 (in general MH isn’t much of a looker) isn’t that resource intensive being a Wii game at heart with some big additions and touch ups.

  • Fox

    Huh, well I guess they either plan on localizing the Vita version overseas, or don’t want to sell it to ANYONE outside of Japan.

    • TheExile285

      “During the TGS press event, Namco Bandai also said the Vita version will be a digital download only.”

      DD only but at least it didn’t end up like the Pirate Warriors 2 Vita. I just hope they don’t scew us over with the pre-order bonuses.

  • Shady Shariest

    “Red Like My Rage”

  • I always thought if Broly met Frieza or any other villains in Dbz he’d try and kill them.

    • TheExile285

      hmmmm, i would like to see an OVA of that

    • British_Otaku

      We are talking about opening cinematics which are mostly hype machines and even TOEI’s anime, filler, GT and movies never cared for giving characters independent motives…

      Chances are Cell wouldn’t have much patience for Frieza or vice versa (contrary to them being rivals or best friends for ever in game trailers, video game what ifs and GT).

  • ” digital download only.” It takes forever for Vita games to download.

    • TheExile285

      better than nothing

      • Right! I’m not the biggest fan of digital downloads when it comes to games. With the Vita I think it might be best for all my games to be digital.

  • D. Collins

    so Super Vegito and Super Saiyan Bardock are PRE ORDER bonus characters. i wasn’t even planning on getting this game but that sounds so freaking stupid

  • NBXX

    EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! hahahaha

  • Sephiroth420

    vegeta woulda looked better as a SSJGod

  • TheExile285

    Super Sayian Bardock? Whelp, this is day one for me now!

    I hope they give the Vita version the pre-order and launch bonuses for the first week on PSN. If they don’t say anything as release gets closer i may have to pre-order on PS3 to be safe :/

    • British_Otaku

      Super Saiyan Bardock is a lot of games (Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Z for Kinect and this) relative to how long he has existed, it shouldn’t be day one till Spike prove they got their groove again… >_>

      Still shocked that King Kai is only playable in one game on the DS which was great but never localised.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    That was the hypest trailer I’ve ever seen. Dude was literally screaming into the mic, lmao

  • Koibito888

    For one I hope that Vegito is only a pre-order bonus like SSJ3 Broly was, where you could still unlock him in game. Maybe it’s a customized version or something. I also hope it’s all at Gamestop. I’ll just have to miss the bonuses if it’s not.

    • British_Otaku

      I doubt it, Namco Bandai have become more daring recently and aim to cut off content to use as an incentive for early buyers or a means to get more money out of late buyers. Even Sonic Generations if you made the mistake of getting it on a console (you can download the content for a price on Steam) will always be missing a level if you didn’t buy it at launch. >_>

      Chances are it will be at GameStop, since that’s basically the only big game store in the States, I’m doubtful that he will be unlockable even if story mode will be awkward without him or with him but you can’t use him outside of story mode. >_>

      I didn’t know SSJ3 Broly was also a preorder bonus to unlock him earlier in the states, but that’s a good way of handling things I think. Storm 2 had a limited edition which on top of some cool stuff also had a code to unlock Minato (who genuinely takes ages to unlock otherwise) off the get go, that is fairly respectable for people that want to play on launch day with their favourite…

      I wish we still had cheat codes though it would take away their point in giving us the code.

      • Koibito888

        Yeah it does worry me. Though thinking on it I could totally see them doing it since the story mode for this game is awkward anyway. I’m also worried that there wont be any transforming in this game. It may be demo screens only but in gameplay it showed the forms being separate on the roster. This could very well be Tenkaichi 1 all over again.

        Yeah, it’s pretty cool when it’s a character that you can unlock but don’t have to. I personally go unlock them but it still is a cool idea. I just hope this is the case. If not then meh, I guess it’s whatever and the game will still be fun, just hoping it goes the Tenkaichi route and gets phenomenally better with each installment.

  • leingod

    I didn’t like the movie at all, but I’m actually glad Cat Dude and Fairy-mode Goku are in. Why? Not sure…

    Anyway! I’m still concerned about the battle system… the previous game was a borefest in that dept.

  • Sergio BriceƱo

    It’s official. This game has a god tier now with just one member. And it isn’t SSJ God Goku.

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