Need More Catgirls In Your Life? Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Has You Covered

By Ishaan . September 27, 2013 . 10:30am

Have you not had enough of Lightning’s Miqo’te costume in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? Worry not, Square Enix are more than happy to oblige with another trailer highlighting the outfit, and you can watch it below.



The Miqo’te outfit is based on one of the playable races in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. While Lightning Returns gets a costume based on the MMO, in turn Final Fantasy XIV will get a FATE encounter starring Lightning.


Other costumes in Lightning Returns include outfits from Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X. Say what? Bunny girls? Yep, they’ve got that, too…

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  • Albert Calderon

    So when are these costume announcements going to stop? lol

    • Lordshade

      They won’t. The games been officially renamed “Final Fantasy XIII:Lightning’s Cosplay Adventure.”

      • Norbert Gespenst

        FF XIII-3 Lightning’s Fetish

        • NewestType

          So are you posting to add to your preference of the game? Or posting to deter others from buying the game? Cause I dont really see any opinion or compelling argument that has not already been addressed.

          • Norbert Gespenst

            Neither…Just for fun. It’s as you said besides people will buy what they want.

          • NewestType

            Oh right. Fun with the potential of upsetting someone. The internet’s calling card.

      • Norbert Gespenst

        Alternate title

        FF XIII-3 Cloth of the Goddess

      • Wake

        LikeMe Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

    • Lordshade

      They won’t. The games been officially renamed “Final Fantasy XIII:Lightning’s Cosplay Adventure.”

  • DanteJones

    Dat version of Blinded By Light. <3

    • JuhRo

      ….so GOOOOOOOOD.

  • Lmao the ending. As much as I love my customizations I’m wondering if all these costumes are just for dress up or will they offer a skill advantage others don’t

    • Both.

      • That’s a lot of work for the devs, didn’t think they’d go through all that

    • Raze

      It’s like Erza from Fairy Tail….

    • Ehren Rivers

      The costumes provide passive skills, I believe also augment base stats, and some of them come with special abilities locked onto them. The default outfit has “Attack” locked onto it, for example, while one of the fancy dresses apparently has Blizzara. It has been rumored that certain garb (like the Miqo’te costume above) provide boosts at traversing the terrain, or change your walk/run/strike animations.

  • TheRealMalek

    More and more like the 3rd birthday… and this is not a good news…

    • Dark Zerato

      Lightning has Aya’s outfit in Dissidia 012. Maybe they should add it to LR:FF too.

  • RovCal

    like i said in one of many lightening returns fashion show articles. that this is pathetic!

    final fantasy always was and always will be my favorite game/franchise of all time. the characters there personalities the settings the cities the music everything was just perfect. the characters clothing has always been a representation of there personalities showing there nature, thinking and attitude. This right here having cross overs from every ff is just a big big joke and disappointment like to make my view easy to understand: most people who play ffs remember the cast names whether it be zell selphie from ff8 or amarant from ff9 they have such a deep impact on u that u fall in love with them and remember them and on the other hand there will be many great rpgs that u love but u wont remember no names from it e.g i love dragon quest 8 to death but for the life of me i cant recall a single main characters names or wild arms to quote a few examples. anyway in my view square is throwing away the fundamentals of ffs series. thank God they have tetsuya nomura sensei handling ff15. and that name is enough to guarantee ff15 greatness and success

    • Pockystix

      look at this wide selection of cloths you can play dress up in!

      . . . what? You want to give Lightning back her dignity?

      We can’t do that, Toriyama needs his wank material!

      Kidding, but seriously, it feels like this is where the franchise is going. Less fantasy, and more. . . personal fantasy. . .

      • supervamp

        I didn’t know that full samurai outfit was considered wank material.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      yeah I feel the same 100%. I stopped caring after FF10, FF15

      has aroused my interest

    • LightningFarron19

      I don’t see a problem with these costumes at all really.

      1. They are all optional
      2. They don’t effect Lighting’s character
      3. There are much more well mannered outfits for Lightning than sexy
      4. It does give those who think Lightning is sexy (Both male fans and female fans) a chance to dress her up the way they want.
      5. This is a spin off game that does not effect any numbered title game except FF13.

      • Time Sage

        Execpt they do effect her. They all have diffent effects on her battle skills.

        • LightningFarron19

          I said they don’t effect Lightning’s CHARACTER. Not stats, CHARACTER.

        • Kaitsu

          That’s gameplay wise. We’re talking about the character herself. Who she is.

    • Chiupon

      > implying that tetsuya nomura is a good writer and isn’t a king of fetishization whos writing mimics that of 15 year old shonen jump fanfic writers

      • komiko12

        Just add in homoerotic subtext :D

  • Ooh Bee

    For real though, do you guys have to report literally every single bit of costume news every day?

  • Will Lightning get a…Lightning costume too?

    • Savage Sui ♥

      Both Lightning’s XIII and XIII-2 costumes will be available in this game if that’s what you mean .w.

      • That’s hilarious and awesome ;)

  • Raze


    That’s what I said the first time after seeing Lightning out of the train wearing that costume….

  • vileBrenman

    My answer will aways be yes when catgirls are involved.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    So…….this is Lightning big Dress up Adventure*with a little action and story*…….what happen to final fantasy?

    I hope you guys enjoy your fanservice

    • iLoveLightning

      We will, ty.

  • Sapitntapit

    One can never have too many catgirls.

  • Sapitntapit

    Woah, I just noticed something about this trailer.
    As the people walk off the train, that girl that’s waiting watches each person walk by, yet when lightning walks by she doesn’t even glance at her. You would think if a girl with pink hair and a sword walked off a train she would stand out quite a bit.
    Maybe no one can see Lightning ohohohohoh

  • Wake

    I’m not a big Lightning fan, but I understood what the FFXIII team was trying to do with her character. Despite her likability being subjective, they made a strong and independent female character who exuded cool. I respect that.

    But honestly, Lightning Returns just comes off as silly. I like fanservice, but this is really getting out of hand. A bigger bust, numerous costumes that target your nostalgia…these things just seem desperate. They’re designed to make you like her more, but it feels forced.

    Change is good, but these changes and pandering isn’t very Lightning-like. It’s at the cost of what the character was originally. It’s just not faithful to Lightning’s character.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Yes it’s all very trashy what they’ve done to her.

    • Judge Magister

      So much this.
      Poor Lightning, they ruined a character. Same thing happened with Yuna’s personality in X-2.

      Damn you Toriyama, really, sequels are not for you.

      I’m already disappointed with FFXV-2….when it’ll come out in 2030…

      • Lightning’s personality hasn’t changed, at all!

        Concerning Yuna, she grew up in a world with a constant threat and has practically grown up in seclusion. Then, the sequel comes, she is able to live a “normal” life which allows her to be more expressive, as a person and find something to do in her life. At her core she is still Yuna from the original.

        People need to stop seeing optional costumes as some form as demeaning a character. As Kaishou said, Milla is similar to Lightning but customising the character in no way demeans their personalities; the costumes are for you to use, or not. They aren’t forced upon on you.

        • Judge Magister

          The pose she makes with Miqo’te, Yuna and Areith costume are highly cringeworthy. They are totally out of character. I like personalization and fanservice but you have to know how to do it. As others have said this kind of behavior may suit someone like Vanille for example. And it’s not only that. Even the script in the trailers seems a little off but the game is not out yet, I know.

          A thing that Toriyama does in his sequels and I hate is that he always change drastically the personality of the characters and even the lore: XIII-2 and LR, FFX-2, The 3rd Birthday, FFXIIRW…

          • Those poses she does are meant to reflect the character(s)/race she becomes. The stills of some didn’t look good but were OK once seen in motion so I see no real problems with them.

            “I like personalization and fanservice but you have to know how to do it.”

            So far the game has done nothing wrong concerning their garments (some I don’t like, subjectively) as they only come into play during the battle segments and have no bearing on how Lightning acts/perceived in the story and exploration aspects of the game. The fanservice on hand with the Miqo’te, Yuna, Aerith and Cloud costumes will bridge the gap between the new fans and nostalgia for older fans to the series.

            “As others have said this kind of behavior may suit someone like Vanille for example.”

            No-one in the game is going to go, “Oh, Lightning, isn’t that a bit revealing?” or “I could help but notice your… sexy catgirl costume. That I didn’t understand your question.”

            Most recently I’ve played Tales of Xillia which had many funny attachments: smoke pipe, rabbit ears, topknots, dog tails, horns, hero masks, bunny girls costumes, swimwear costumes, idol costumes, etc. But do they take away from a character’s personality? No. They are simply there for the player’s amusement and to enhance their enjoyment of the game.

            I haven’t played some of those titles so I can’t speak for some of them. However, no-ones personality had really changed in FFX-2. Concerning the lore of Spira, as I said before, they have moved away from a constant threat and now people can live normal lives and begin to explore different things that Spira has to offer. With X|X-2 coming out soon, I’m trying to avoid spoilers. After the events of X, Yuna needed a new purpose in life which lead to hear being apart of the trio we’ve come to know of in X-2. Yuna is becoming a person who can now forge her own future to how she wants and be more expressive as a person that could’ve been in X, considering the fate that she others had to face in the original series.

            Concerning XIII, I’ve yet to finish XIII-2, I haven’t see Lightning changing at all – other than opening herself up to her companions as the story progressed. Otherwise, she’s been a strong, independent characters she has always been.

    • Kaitsu

      You make it sound as if being a catgirl is canon to the story. That’s like saying Tales characters actually wore Code Geass outfits into battle, because it’s a thing. Ditching the extra costumes aside, she’s still the person SE is trying to make her. A strong independent female character. I’m not sure how costumes can affect a character’s overall appeal.

      • All these costumes are just really cosmetic! it really doesn’t affect how we see her as a character. Look at Tales of Xllia for example, Milla is a strong and independent character like Lightning but we never would imagine her to wear an [email protected] costume along with cat ears.

        Not being serious here but I’m pretty sure it make sense that people should be changing their clothes or at least grow larger bust size. *shrug*

    • Chiupon

      are you stupid?

      • Solomon_Kano

        If you disagree, you’re welcome to state your disagreement, but, last I’d heard, dissenting opinions weren’t equated to stupidity.

        • Chiupon

          he’s describing something as “not very lightning like” without taking into consideration the fact that she’s a fictional character. She’s someone elses design, and she can have as many facets of her personality as her creator wants. And if one of them happens to be changing outfits every 3 seconds that’s fine. But i don’t see how a miniskirt is altering her character. He’s basically claiming that whatever Lightning wears is reflective of her personality as a character when it isn’t omfg

          like you can be a strong independent female character and kick ass in a cat girl outfit

          i didn’t feel like making a full statement regarding that because his comment seemed devoid of intelligence

          • Solomon_Kano

            But you just made this full statement to me.

            You could have just as well made this your original response and perhaps you’d have spawned some discussion.

          • Chiupon

            it honestly depends on if i feel like discussing it or just posting some snarky one liner that encompasses all of my emotion
            i didn’t feel like discussing the matter since it had been said many times, but since a mod (you) got on me i figured i might as well explain my comment so it didn’t just seem like i was being rude
            although i am

          • Wake

            I really should let this go, and I usually ignore people like you, but you just don’t get it. The issue here is your attitude.

            I’ve defended FFXIII numerous of times in the past, so I know what it feels to be on the other side of this discussion. The thing is, there’s always people like you. It doesn’t matter if I criticize or defend FFXIII, there’s always going to be people like you. People who think they’re so above a person they just dismiss their opinion because it doesn’t match their own.

            What gets me is you have this decent response to what I said. I don’t agree with it, because even fictional characters can’t always be faithful to their own character. Ask a Star Wars fan if Han Solo shot first or a Superman fan if TDKR is a proper depiction of the hero. You’ll get discussions and different takes on those topics.

            If you read below, you’d see people discussing it. The insight they’ve contributed on the topic is enlightening, and I really do appreciate it.

            I really hope you’re a better person in real life than you are here.

          • Chiupon

            spoiler alert: i’m not

    • ShadowDivz

      her bust is bigger?

  • $61526767

    As much I continue to love that cat outfit.. the better I wanna roam around and do a quick panty shot of Lighting. (LOL) Anyway..>_> can’t wait to play this!

  • supervamp

    Some how i feel like people only look at the fanservice outfits and not her moutains of nun lady outfits

  • alexis cortes

    Seems like every five minutes there’s an update about this game. If only it was the same with FFXV.

    • Demeanor

      They’re too busy creating costumes for lightning to work on FF XV. Oh, and mobile games. XD

      • alexis cortes

        Yeah, and making her available in FF XIV ARR too. LOL

  • Rocket D

    No mater what article of LR you see people whining about costumes, desperateness of SE, their disdain for the release of this game, FF going downhill, the dislike for Lightning, ect. but these people still find time to comment on these articles. These costumes aren’t mandatory or even necessary to progress in the game. An overabundance of LR costume trailers? Can easily be cured by not clicking on the articles featuring them. Not that less than enthusiastic opinions are taboo but there are better ways to spend time than continuously complaining about that same game in the same way on every article.

    With that said can’t wait for this to release. Fanservice or not it’s nice to see the game referencing other FFs for one reason or another. It’s obvious all the costumes have a marketing purpose for other titles.

    • DivinePhoenix69


    • Misty Dawson

      i cant upvote this enough times. thank you. youre one of the smartest people i have encountered here.

  • Raltrios

    That intro was hilarious.

  • leingod

    I’m totally OK with this.

    • NewestType

      Be careful. With hope like that someone’s sure to try and banish you from the Internet.

  • fenix7

    Does all these different costume give u diff abilities or stats? Or ar they just for looks??

    • NewestType

      I dont want to sound cynical, but information on the costumes effects have been posted many times by square just not so much by siliconera. Not only effects but moves are granted as well e.g. cloud’s braver.

      • fenix7

        ah thx for the info. I haven’t been following this that closely as i haven’t gotten around to playing FF13 yet.

        • NewestType

          Tbh, you can read the novels and be fairly caught up.

  • Chiupon

    lol @ people complaining about the outfit

    she wore a miniskirt in the first game

    it was like 4 inches long

    with hooker boots

    • Symbol de Au

      She was wearing modesty shorts you fool.

      • saxophone15

        If you examine the video (will probably need to pause at the right time), you will see that she’s still wearing “modesty shorts” with this outfit. It’s more modest than in FFXIV…which just shows the character’s underwear on the same outfit.

        • OathkeeperSoraXIII

          Oh wow I didn’t even notice that. You can notice it best at about 1:00 when she does the backflip. You can see the shorts clearly

        • Symbol de Au

          Oh really? Then why are people complaining? The shorts fix everything. =/

      • Chiupon

        whoah whoah buddy calm down

        i wasn’t citing her hooker skirt as a negative and modesty shorts or not she still wore it

        lightning likes to show off her sweet gams

        • Symbol de Au

          If you look at your post I gave it an upvote. I was just joking with the “you fool” part of that.

          • Chiupon

            thank <3

  • Rake

    Called it.

  • fairysun

    Even the victory pose is unique. Now we need the capability to rotate and zoom the camera angle.

  • yellowmage

    I’d like it if Snow had a Roegadyn outfit. I’d like that very much.

    Perhaps he could be playable in a DLC episode where we see him protecting Yusnaan and eventually being made the Patron.

  • NekoDraga

    I’m conflicted. On one hand, we have a strong, independant female character being used for blatant fanservice. On the other, yay sexy catgirl Lightning.

    • Go with what your heart wants lol

    • Haha, weird, isn’t? I guess as long as we realize how problematic it is. . . but it still sucks it had to go this way. I don’t mind sexy Lightning (I love it), but some of the pandering is just eye-roll worthy.

    • ShadowDivz

      either way the femnists will complain so they might as well do it.

  • Can’t wait to use this outfit, and that customization is wonderful =^_^=

  • Demeanor

    I find it funny how they give all those awesome fanservice female costumes to LIGHTNING, possibly the less feminine character in the history of videogames XD seriously, I see her like a man XD now, SERAH would be another story… :D

    • saxophone15

      Some of these outfits would look fantastic on Serah. Her XIII-2 outfit was pretty eye-popping as well.

      • Demeanor

        The free DLC outfit, that black one, looked really really good too, fashionable and with a “special ops” touch. :D
        Seen the video, wow I must say I was impressed with the color palette options, it’ll be cool to customize everything. Also great ending, yet still SO out of character, “chosen of Etro”… XD

  • RavenholtEX

    I’ve got a fever … and the only perscription is more catgirl!

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    You can never have too many catgirls in your life!

  • Dagobert

    Please let this be the last FFXIII game. The creator should just stick to Lightning fan fictions if he likes her that much.

  • Kornelious

    You can customize the costumes color?! That’s pretty cool, square is going overboard with this now, but in a good way. Cat girls for Life <3
    Also, I hope the costume actually comes with the sweet victory theme.

  • AkiraScare

    Nyaaa~ (^.__.^)s

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    Is that Caius is weak against cats? Will he say “A cat is fine, too”?

  • Adam Zaorski

    “How to make a fashion show, and a otaku dream from your favourite video game series” – by Square Enix.

  • Pouncebounce

    I love the color customizations cause I’ll be able to make my Lightning unique and better than all of yours xoxoxo

  • greavah

    HNNNNNNNGG i need this game!

  • iLoveLightning

    Lol at how the sheep ran up to her!

  • Ronldbx6

    I thought they said her chest would move, I didn’t see it.

  • Somber

    LOL …. most Lightning haters are stupid :P

  • ShadowDivz

    *Looks at comments

    Everybody knows optional costumes are completly canon to the story.

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