JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Devs “Upset” By Fan Reaction To Micro-Transactions

By Kris . October 10, 2013 . 12:02pm

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle team is “upset” by the response to the game’s controversial micro-transaction system, and will make adjustments, the game’s developers shared with Siliconera.


While JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle sold very well during its first week in Japan, the game received a lot of flak for including a system in its Campaign mode that imitated the pay-for-time/cooldown systems that many free-to-play mobile games use.


Here’s how it works: The player has a “Battery” with 10 segments, and each fight in Campaign mode requires the use of at least one. These segments recover over time. Alternatively, items to restore Battery can be purchased off of PSN. Naturally, this irritated a lot of players, and was a contributing factor to a sudden dip in the game’s price, shortly after launch.


Although the recharge rate for Batteries has been sped up from 20 minutes per-bar to 5 minutes per-bar in a recent patch in Japan, the inclusion of the system is still a point of contention for a number of players, who feel it shouldn’t exist in the first place.


Siliconera asked CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama and Namco Bandai’s Noriaki Niino if this system would still be in the game when the English version releases.


Niino replied that the system was implemented so “people could enjoy the game longer,” and while the international version will have “lots of adjustments and improvements,” it will largely be the same as the Japanese version. He added that the team was “upset” that fans misinterpreted their intentions to make the game have more replay value, but that they are looking for a way to make amends, perhaps by offering something that might have been a paid item for free.


The development team is currently making adjustments to that system in the Japanese version, and those adjustments will be reflected in the game’s international release.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle is set for a 2014 release in the US and Europe.

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  • dahuuuundge

    If you make your game fun, maybe you wouldn’t need a battery system to forcibley extend the game time.

  • Shady Shariest

    We should always remember that micro-transactions are still pretty fresh. So don’t put these people on the cross for testing the waters? Please?

    • JustThisOne

      I suppose, but backlash like this is the only way companies really take notice. Minor complaints are something that’s easy to overlook.

      Think of this as a “strong reaction”, as opposed to “putting people on a cross”.

      • Shady Shariest

        A lot of honest and well mannered complaints would be a lot better than the usual “OMG! MICROS! KILL THEM!” mass hysteria that seems to come out of every single thing developers do.

        That would show them the direction that people would like to take on these things… Instead of long tedious posts that in the end can be summed up to “Eww…Micros. BURN THEM”.

        They have all ready decided to do micros, why not actually give them FEEDBACK instead of a war cry of Victory or Valhalla that usually ends up to be the result…

        • JustThisOne

          Admittedly, this is just one site, but I’d have to say… This thread’s already remarkable civil. Maybe there are long tedious posts, but they didn’t end up as “Burn them!” Most of them say, “It’s not the greatest idea.”

          Companies are tough. They can handle this kind of stuff. And look! They’re doing something about it now.

          • Shady Shariest

            I may not have gone trough with being pre-cautious on this… All this has been me hoping that this won’t go the way anything regarding micro-transactions on the internet usually goes :)

          • JustThisOne

            Ehh. I think I might have to eat my own words in a couple minutes.

          • Shady Shariest

            This site is a safe haven, i think, in terms of discussion…Any site using disqus tends to end up being more civil…

          • rurifan

            Burn them! It’s the only way to be sure :)

    • Audie Bakerson

      No! That’s exactly why they should have an example made of them!

    • rurifan

      They deserve to be strung up in public as an example to others. Do not support exploitive developers or publishers.

    • mirumu

      I see where you’re coming from, and yes, their intentions might not be so bad.

      I don’t think giving them false hope that micro-transactions are okay helps anyone though. Better to just politely speak up and be heard.

      • Shady Shariest

        That, i am all in for. Polite responses not only make the discussion between devs and players more bearable and humane. But they could make way to more direct means for players to interact with developers.

        And micro’s in this form do not fit in fighting games. Noep.

        • rurifan

          Pretty sure that polite or raging, the only thing that matters is the number of people who vote with their wallets. Don’t support this developer or any others making scumbag moves.

          • Shady Shariest

            I will more likely never support people that plainly downstrike anyone for trying anything going outside their comfort zone…

  • Lifesong

    A battery system like this is all the reason I need to boycott a game, I don’t really care if mobile developers are doing it or not.

    • Steven Hunt

      Never boycott a game. It’s the dumbest thing ever. Just choose not to buy it, not out of some misguided attempt at protest.

      • Lifesong

        If I think that software developers or publishers are doing something ridiculous enough to stop me from buying their software I’ll be more than willing to add a bit of protest in the process. That’s stupid you say? What can I say, feeling compelled to keep my disgust to myself is much higher on the stupid scale in my book. “Just choose not to buy it”? That is exactly what I am doing…

    • Kuroi

      lol, i enjoy the game and THANKS to the campaign system i get alternate costumes, colours, taunts and victory poses FOR FREE in a matter of 3-4 days, would you prefer having to PAY for them like capcom etc do? lol.

  • Smooosher than ever

    Sounds like a bs-excuse to me to be honest…
    Stuff like that is already annoying as hell in mobile games, I can’t imagine supporting a full fledged retail release with this kind of system.

    • Ninastars

      The thing is this doesn’t work like those mobile games.

      If the option to purchase some of the support items was removed completely it basically wouldn’t affect the way you play the mode at all. People getting outraged over the whole deal and calling out on boycotting CC2 have doubtfully even played the game at all.

      • ChiffonCake

        So why is this an option in the first place?

        • Ninastars

          Probably because it fits the nature of the game mode. My point is that people seem to be assuming the mode is built around microtransactions when in reality it’s more akin to when developers offer content you can unlock by playing the game as DLC. Take Unlimited characters in BlazBlue for example.

      • Smooosher than ever

        Yes I haven’t played the game yet, hence the “I can’t imagine supporting a full fledged retail release with this kind of system”.

        Maybe I am in the wrong since I base my opinion solely on feedback from others, but the whole concept of artificially lengthening the campaign by implementing such a stupid “facebook-game-ish” mechanic into a 50€ retail game is just wrong in my opinion. The micro transactions aren’t even the biggest problem here, but they show that there is no reason for this battery system to be here if you can just pay for the recharging without any problems.

      • D H

        I have limited time to play games. With this game, after buying it, I would then have even more limited time to play, since I can’t play as much as I want to without spending more money on it. I may not have played it, but as long as it has a system like this, in a game I have to purchase to play, I’m not going to. I considered it a mild annoyance in Gundam Battle Operation, but there at least, I’m not asked to pay anything into the game if I choose not to. I didn’t have to spend whatever amount for the privilege of playing a game and then have to spend even more money to be able to play it when I have the time to do so. That’s very counter-productive, and goes right down the same path as always-on drm restricting me from playing my games without an internet connection, which, in my area, finding a decent stable one is nigh-impossible considering there is a somehow-legal monopoly on ISPs in said area.

        I fail to see how this is any different than the mobile games you are saying it is not like; I am allowed to play oh-so-much, and then either wait or pay money for more. It’s exactly the same thing as Colormania, no difference. How, pray tell, is it any different? Giving me colors or DLC or anything else doesn’t make up for the fact that it is a JoJo skinned fighting game version of Farmville, no matter how much pretty words is given to it. Only that I can still, again, go online and actually play all of Farmville for free with that waiting period, but am required to pay for the privilege of waiting for this game to allow me to play…

      • PreyMantis

        Why not just make it like Smash Bros. Brawl? In Brawl, there’s so much free content that it would take you days to complete everything. Heck, I bet Melee has more FREE content than this game, and that was on a mini disk.

    • Zeonsilt

      This may “ok” for F2P titles,but for full-price-retail release it’s unforgivable.

  • NLucafs

    Wait, this was a paid retail game, right? And the devs still decided to try and throw in microtransactions that limit your ability to play the game?

    That’s… really scummy. If this isn’t outright removed from the NA release I definitely won’t purchase it.

    • Steel Baller

      No, it’s a game that you can have the special costumes, taunts, etc (things that don’t affect the gameplay) by free, but with an energy gauge….or should I go play some other game that I have to pay for special costumes and new characters and every other extra?

  • Pyrotek85

    Well at least they took notice, that’s good I guess.

  • urbanscholar

    Of course people are upset. A podcast episode of Redsungamer says how the decision wasn’t really from the devs but the publisher; namcobandai

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Technically, the decision was wise… publishers are a business and they want money. JoJo is huge in Japan. People who don’t play lots of games probably bought it and paid for the microtransactions too.
      However… the developer seems to be willing to take the blame, which I suppose is respectable. JoJo isn’t popular here in the US. Not sure about Europe, but Italy has all of it officially published >_>
      Hopefully they work something out for release here.

      • mirumu

        These things are always a trade off. Does the extra money they make from the micro-transactions compensate for the money they lose in sales? Given the drop in sales was extremely noticeable, I’d be surprised if the micro-transactions helped their profit in the long run. Those second week sales numbers were very bad considering the great first week.

        I can’t say I’m especially happy with their response either. They’re not really admitting what they did was a bad idea. They’re just suggesting fans misinterpreted it. I’m totally going to buy this game, more as a show of support for the Jojo in the west than anything, but I hope they do remove this from the game.

      • urbanscholar

        I just don’t like I can’t go hours into campaign and have to stop when I play my import copy. I have and will pay for the DLC characters but the microtransactions still aren’t my cup of tea

      • ronin4life

        It is only as wise as far as their nose: The bad publicity from actions like this will come back.
        Do what you want now for immediate gain, or work hard for long-term stability and success. They chose the former, and it didn’t take long at all for repercussions to be felt.

      • Threule

        Manga was not released in Spain, so we need to get it subbed from people. Who read it, loves it in here. Not too much people, but the ones we did really love it.

        Also hope we dont get censorshit here.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          Hopefully not… in Italy is was released without any censorship from what I’ve been told.
          It’s just the US that’s really insane with copyright stuff as far as name similarities…

    • Digital-Devil

      I’m really not suprised by this move by namco bandai. I know they were “successful” with the F2P Gundam Battle Operation that uses a battery/energy system and they’ve been trying to push this crap with Tekken Revolution and the upcoming Ace Combat Infinity. The more we embrace the free to play model the more these companies will try to push them and see how much it can get away with. It’s up to us to stop this by not supporting this practice.

      • D H

        To be fair, here, Battle Op at least (I haven’t played Tekken Rev) doesn’t require you to make a single purchase, it is completely a F2P game. Meanwhile, the distinct mention of sales dropping off after the first week makes me assume this is a game you have to pay for, and therefore makes this that much more worse.

  • EggmaniMN

    How about you just offer me the complete single player, playable whenever I want and for however much time I want instead of making it into a garbage phone game/facebook game. Enough with this crap. There needs to be a louder outcry of people telling developers to knock it off with trying to force garbage features and DLC into games like this.

  • JustThisOne

    Not that it makes it that much better, but it should be also noted there’s a Story Mode that doesn’t cost any battery or anything like that. Campaign Mode is just for bonuses or something.

    It’s still pretty bad that this system’s in place at all, but it should be known that the whole thing isn’t just micro-transactions.

    • Tre W

      True, but here’s the deal that’s probably the main reason people got so pissed with Bamco and CC2.

      See, this is a game that has character DLC that you have to pay for, as WELL as this mode of play that pretty much gives you time-limit sanctions on how much you can play the main mode that unlocks the stuff that most Jojo fans would care about (character colors, poses, etc.).

      When you put it all together, it comes off as a rather shady cash grab. It got better after they rolled back the time limit to 5 minutes, but it still comes off as something that was largely unnecessary, and should have just been “normal” unlockables in the first place (re: like Smash Bros.). And DIO help you if your internet connection was out for a week, so you couldn’t even connect to the Campaign Mode, like I was.

      I mean, imagine if this type of thing was put in place for the next Smash game, and you had to go through this kind of gobbly-gook to unlock the extra content. There would have been no end to people calling for Sakurai’s head, and rightfully so, in my opinion.

      • DaiRaiOh

        To note, the character DLC is dirt cheap and they are giving you about 100+ free costumes and colors by the time they stop making content for the game. It’s not worth complaining about

        • Tre W

          I’d argue that it is, considering that there are plenty of other ways that they could be going about it that doesn’t effectively equate to a DRM solution that requires an internet connection to even access this content.

          Again, I point to Smash Bros. You make a game that’s fun, content-rich and gives plenty of incentive to keep playing from the jump? You have no need for practices such as this.

          And apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks this way, as the sheer drop off in JJBA:ASB’s sales is proof-positive of such.

          • DaiRaiOh

            Considering that most of Super Smash’s content is unlocking things that are entirely trivial and have no effect on gameplay, I wouldn’t call it content rich. Honestly, soon as I unlock every character and stage in a Super Smash game (Which is filled with annoyances as some character unlock requirements just feel forced), I have 0 reason to play the game outside of multiplayer. So all in all, not the best example. And the sales drops are mainly a result of the massive week one sales combined with the fact that most people are happy just complaining about the game despite probably not knowing all the details or even playing it themselves. So you can think what you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are doing things pretty well. I’ll take this system with all the free content and dirt cheap characters over 99% of how other fighting games do things.

          • Tre W

            So…unlocking more BGMs, assist trophies, match type rules, among other things…that’s all “trivial” and “has no effect on gameplay at all” in Brawl?

            Well…if you say so~!

          • DaiRaiOh

            Talking about the entirety of Super Smash. Not to mention most of it really is trivial in Brawl, more so considering Project M created a better game than Brawl ever was and thus invalidated 99% of the reason for that game to exist. Doesn’t help that most of Brawl’s unlocks are trophies that are just there to collect, and stickers. Such compelling unlocks there

          • Project M created a better game than Brawl ever was and thus invalidated 99% of the reason for that game to exist.

            Yes, let’s all forget the fact that Project M is a mod of Brawl. The modders totally made everything themselves. From scratch. Nope. Brawl doesn’t need to exist at all. No siree.

          • Doesn’t help that most of Brawl’s unlocks are trophies that are just there to collect, and stickers.

            Brawls unlocks include a vast collection of music, too, as someone pointed out above.

          • Aisha Lee

            Forced? You know you could have just played brawl’s story mode if you wanted to unlock stuff the easy way instead of playing 300 offline matches to unlock a charatcer.

      • JustThisOne

        I can see what you mean about how it comes off as a shady cash grab. That’s why I’m kind of against it being there in the first place.

        At the same time, though, I can see what they’re trying to do. I don’t think they were really trying to force people to buy more battery energy, but they were trying to keep people from burning through the game quickly. They’re still unlockable in a normal sense, but you just have to wait.

        Once again, it’s not very well implemented… But I’m pretty sure they got the message, now.

        • ChiffonCake

          >they were trying to keep people from burning through the game quickly
          This is the impression I got as well, but it’s still stupid, as it’s only fixing the symptoms rather than the problem. There are better ways to increase a game’s length than forcing players to wait between play sessions.

          Though as Pyrotek said above, it wouldn’t sound nearly as bad if it were only the battery system without microtransactions.

          • JustThisOne

            I think the reasoning behind that was to give the player options in case, for some reason, they couldn’t wait and would rather pay.

            But like you said, there were tons of other ways to do this better. (Or at least tons of ways to do it without making the player feel jipped.) They were probably just experimenting.

  • DaiRaiOh

    I wonder how many people commenting have actually played the game and seen how fair it is in practice. It really does let the game have some sort of momentum as you don’t get to rush the game and unlock the many many many free costumes that they give you within a day. And it only applies to that mode, not like you can’t play the rest of the game. It also helps that with the 5 minute charge, it’s actually rare to run out of charge unless you blow it all in one chunk on a boss or take every support you can

    • Pyrotek85

      I haven’t played it, but why is the game trying to slow down how quickly you can progress? If they wanted to lengthen the game I think they should add content, not artificially increase the time it takes to complete something with a timer, which you can conveniently bypass by paying them more money.

      I know your description of it doesn’t sound game breaking or anything and might only be an annoyance in practice, but I think gamers don’t like the direction they’re going in. They can see what it might lead to.

      Edit: I think I should elaborate a little further. If they had added only a timer, and no option to pay and reset it sooner, then I don’t think it would bother people as much. Having the option to pay makes it look like a cash grab, which bothers a lot of people.

      • DaiRaiOh

        It’s to balance out the supports that provide great fan service, along with keeping a sense of momentum because honestly, it’s annoying to play a game, unlock everything within the first 2 days, and then have no real reason to play it until new content is out. With them, they’re releasing new content on a steady schedule, with new characters for dirt cheaps, and a huge amount new costumes/colors for free. So all in all, I hope they keep this direction. I’d rather have this then to have to pay a metric s***ton for every costume and character. THe problem is that the people who always dislike it, are the ones who don’t have the game in the first place and have only read about it, or will complain about anything (And the JP Amazon reviews of the game show how many of those people there are). The system works fine when playing it however without feeling restrictive. The only way it would is if you want to play campaign mode for 4 hours in a row and if you’re at that point, a person should just jump online or something

    • rurifan

      They implemented an artificial restriction and then sold the ability to bypass it. There are no valid excuses for such scum behavior. Do not support this developer, they deserve the starve on the streets.

      • DaiRaiOh

        Congrats on not reading a word that was written. Also congrats on forgetting that a business is a business. They have a way of making money that doesn’t harm anybody to balance out all the cheap/free content. How terrible for them to do such a thing

        • rurifan

          Yes, how terrible of them to spend extra time building in handcuffs into a full-price game, so they can sell keys for profit!

          I suppose every evil has its apologists, why not scumbag game developers.

          • DaiRaiOh

            Again, proof you didn’t read a word. It’s not a handcuff. If you want to play the game, it’s there. All it does is barely restrict your unlock rate to the point that it’s only visible if you make it visible by blowing off charge on everything. But yes, they are scumbags for putting out 100+ costumes and colors as free content. They are scumbags for actively supporting the game post-release with dirt cheap characters. They are also scum for listening to the community and balancing out the game with patches for them. How dare they do such things. All of that support, it’s just such an outrage.

          • rurifan

            “All it does is […] restrict”. And they sell the unrestriction. Nothing more to say. Scumbag.

          • DaiRaiOh

            Things like that are why people who don’t know anything about business should never talk about business practices because an intelligent person would realize that a practice that gets a company money without harming anybody in any way and doesn’t interfere with ones enjoyment of the game itself is a fantastic practice that benefits the community as it’s that money that gives higher odds for more JoJo games. But you wouldn’t realize that at any point. If you’re incapable of reading anything I’ve written, then there’s no way you can think that logically.

      • Pinwheel

        Really? Starve on the streets for adding microtransactions? Do you realize how fucked up a jump in reason that is?

      • Ok ok we get what you’re saying but that doesn’t give you an excuse to scorn the developers who is only working there to support themselves.

  • ChiffonCake

    >enjoy the game longer
    How… is this supposed to make sense, exactly?

    • basically they are afraid that people will not enjoy it because they will finish the campaign within a single day like every other fighting game.

      • ronin4life

        And they still are, except over several days. But the amount of active gameplay enjoyment is exactly the same, but kept from you… so they can charge for it.
        It really doesn’t matter how long the “recharge” rate is; it shouldn’t be there.

        • DaiRaiOh

          You act as if you can’t play the game when you run out of charge. If one enjoys the game, Story mode is there. Versus mode is there. Online is there. Nothing is stopping people from playing the game. It’s just stopping people from playing the game throughout the entirety of one day and unlocking everything in a campaign

          • ronin4life

            Why? And then, why charge for it?
            There is no reason to keep someone from playing a game they own, especially from a server side timer you can pay to reset, when that facet of the game is inherently single player-offline… isn’t this why we were mad at MS and EA? It doesn’t matter if it isn’t as bad: EVERYTHING starts from somewhere. It is the principle,

          • DaiRaiOh

            You’re missing the point in that they aren’t keeping you from playing the game in any way. I’ve been playing the game since release day and the timer has yet to stop me. The timer is on a short basis and getting a support that increases charge is very common. It’s why the people who complain about it tend to be the people who don’t even have the game. Because we actually have seen how it works and have seen how it doesn’t stop us from doing a damn thing of any significance.

          • Sorry if I misunderstood you but I think you’re missing the point too. It’s not the fact micro-transaction is stopping one from playing a section of the game, but it’s the fact that it’s there for a game you paid 8000 yen (approximately how much it cost at launch) for it.

            If this game was free-to-play then yeah I would totally understand as they need to make money somehow. However there’s absolutely no reason for them to implement such a system to cash in additional money. Yes yes I know it’s optional and you could wait it out but it makes me cringe that it’s there.

      • rurifan

        Obviously not very afraid, considering they are perfectly willing to take cash to negate the artifical “enoyment” they built in.

        They don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt here. There is no correct response other than derision and boycott.

        • If it’s true—-I believe it wasn’t the developer choice to implement the micro-transaction but rather than the publisher. Let see how it pans out when the western version is released then you’ll decide if you want to continue your boycotting or what.

  • Ninastars

    If you want the opinion of someone who actually owns the game and has played it I don’t have a single problem with the Campaign system. I don’t even see it as a microtransaction system since paying for some of the support items doesn’t give you any real advantage in acquiring the customization items.

    That said I’ve owned the game for less than a week and already have pretty much all the items I want without paying a dime extra.

    • NLucafs

      If this system is so invisible that it isn’t even noticeable, why even bother having it? It just screams of greedy money-grubbing.

      They can say that they implemented it to try and increase replay value, but as another poster said, that’s treating the symptom, not the problem. Instead of adding more content, they limited the rate at which you can get content and are charging you to bypass that limit. I think, regardless of whether or not it’s possible to unlock everything without paying (as I’m sure it’s possible), but the fact they even ATTEMPTED to charge us retail price for a game as well as limiting how much I can play that game (even if it’s only one mode) should be shunned.

      It just seems really weird to me that, for a game that boasts as much extra content as I’ve heard it does (100s of extra colors and costumes?), that they would try to hide that behind some kind of restriction for any reason other than greed.

      • DaiRaiOh

        I don’t think you realize there’s a business side to the whole gaming business thing. They’re supposed to try and make money. That’s how it works. If one can get extra money from something that harms nobody else and takes away nothing from everybody, they should do it. It’s better for the company, and better for the consumers as those who spend that money get what they want, and those who don’t can take solace in decreased odds of a company going out of buisness and increased odds of the game being supported or followed up.

        • NLucafs

          I already gave the company my money for their product. I paid $60+ for the game, why are they limiting the amount of time I can play it? If you think this doesn’t harm anything, then it seems like you don’t understand the consumer trust aspect of business. Moves like this that are motivated EXCLUSIVELY by greed paint the company in a negative light and make people more hesitant to purchase products from them in the future.

          Pure and simple, they are charging people for a game, and then on top of that trying to charge people to play the game as much as they want. That is extremely scummy, and a horrible business practice.

          • DaiRaiOh

            So where’s the part where they’re limiting the amount of time you can play? Because last I checked, you can still play the game. They’re just not letting you unlock costumes in a single boss fight or using every support that comes up, which are actions that are ironically shortening the amount of time you can play out of your own conscious decision.

          • NLucafs

            The part where you can’t play Campaign battles if you don’t have enough charges? That’s a pretty blatant example of limiting play time.

        • mirumu

          I always find it funny when people talk about running a business and how they need to make money when the company has clearly lost money because of a bad decision.

          Rule number one of running a business is do not drive away your customers.

  • James Darkly

    system was implemented so “people could enjoy the game longer,”

  • MasterScrub

    Coming from someone who actually has the game, Campaign mode’s scumbagness is HIGHLY exaggerated. It takes forever to unlock things, sure, but it seems like they wanted it to so people would keep playing it. If you’re really, really impatient you can buy battery recharges but I’ve unlocked the majority of the costumes and whatnot without spending a dime. It’s not -that- bad.

    • Threule

      A plan for this would be if you are the guy with the PS3 in a student flat. You play the game with your mates, then when all of them are tired you unlock stuff

  • Devinja

    Campaign mode only unlocks cosmetic customization options guys. You dont pay money for the parts either, justfor battery refills. The 5 minute respawn makes no reason to ever do so though.

  • jugss

    So it’s like candy crash? You have to pay to keep playing?

    • Kuroi

      no, you just wait 5 mins for a battery charge to recover, there are 10 battery charges and they even recover while you play. so many time i got a battery charge recovered just after the match lol.

    • JustThisOne

      What Kuroi said, but also – Campaign mode is only for bonus stuff. There’s also a Versus mode, an Online mode and a Story mode. Only Campaign mode uses this .. er… unique battery system.

  • Demeanor

    Huh??? Total BS!!! How does an energy system designed to push f2p players to purchase coins benefit in ANY way a fully paid title? Enjoy the game longer???

  • Adrián Alucard

    All Micro-Transactions, DLCS, P2W and F2P stuff sucks

    I miss 8-16 bits era. With full games, tons of extras, and only with minor bugs

    • Ferrick

      “8-16bits … only with minor bugs”

      no offense, but you haven’t played that many 8-16 bit games, have you

  • TheBlackKnight3

    I have no problem with the battery system. Play a good 20 fights in campaign, practice with a new character in training mode for a bit, and then do another 20, and that’s a good sitting of Jojo. How long would you play campaign mode anyways, where this would be a problem?

  • Jesse

    Still getting it next year. I’l just wait out the cooldown period. Next year’s going to a pain in the wallet enough as it is.

    • rurifan

      At least buy it used, to deny them profit from this move.

  • Brion Valkerion

    Stand alone titles that are fully priced definitely should not have systems like that. Free download, sure, let it rock, something I shelled out ($90+ in this case) for should let me play as much/as little as I want. Especially the effing campaign.

  • Jirin

    You have to pay more to play the game as much as you’d like to, like a built in time limit to the amount you’re allowed to play the game per day if you don’t pay extra?


  • Yvonne Tsang

    That’s pretty disgusting. This is a full game, right? Having that kind of battery gauge is just artificially extending game time. This is the worst kind of game design possible. What the hell were they thinking? Were they not taught how to design a game properly? Or are they just greedy asshats?

    Jesus. I’m glad the backlash was huge. We don’t need retail games with this shit. Damn right Japan ain’t taking that shit. The West isn’t going to tolerate it either.

    • Lynx

      -Damn right Japan ain’t taking that shit.

      Gundam Battle Operation.

      That is all.

      • Ferrick

        GBO is a free game, just sayin

        • Lynx

          Not once you get into the higher levels it ain’t.

          • Ferrick

            no, i meant GBO is a free game, as in it’s a f2p game that you can dl for free from psn

          • Mr_SP

            That is to say, the DLC and extra sessions/day are literally the only thing that is making Bandai money. As such, it’s a lot harder to disapprove about DLC, because the DLC is the only thing that’s been paid for.

            In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, you’ve already paid for a whole game, and having to pay even more to play for more than an hour a day isn’t so defensible.

            Same thing for arcade games. You don’t get upset about paying a dollar for a play, because you’ve not paid anything else. In a home game, you’ve paid $60 for a game, so *at the very least* you should have sixty plays before anything else comes into it – and not even merely sixty battles.

            Now, if the game had a reward system that encouraged breaks, that would be okay, but it’s clearly not what’s happening.

  • Andrew Boyce

    This isn’t about microtransactions. It is about having to pay to play the actual game after you already bought the damn thing.

  • hazelnut1112

    No one like microtransactions NO ONE.
    Especially if you put it in a game that you already paid full price for. They have every right to get angry since they paid around $90 for a game and later have to pay extra to fully enjoy the game like if it was Mafia Wars or some crap.

  • KyoyaHibari

    I still feel that to this day a lot of the flak is unwarranted. CC2 tried to do things differently with the Campaign system which had some problems but was an interesting experiment. They tried to do a system that was unseen in other fighters which I give credit to for that originality, but again, it had its problems. Still, I liked that it WAS daring and that they didn’t take the same cookie cutter modes seen in every other fighter to date only with Jojo plastered onto it. CC2 keeps relentlessly getting shat on despite them being novices at more grounded fighters and trying to improve the mistakes they had; yeah they weren’t perfect guys, but who is? The game has taken enough crap as it is, just wait it out because they are still mending things to this day.

    P.S. On the note of transactions, they are hardly an issue in this game, it’s there as an option, but no one’s forcing you to take it, and is it so hard to wait 5 minutes to an hour to try and unlock more stuff? Listen to a 5 minute song, watch TV, etc.

  • Punny Fuzz

    Although I do find artificially lengthening gameplay though a micro-transaction mini game system (that you DON’T have to pay for) to be pretty bad in terms of a full retail price game, I do think that’s a much lesser evil than actually having to pay a large, unreasonable sum of dough to unlock skins (looking at you Capcom)

    • KyoyaHibari


      Capcom deserves all the crap and more; THEY are robbing you blind, CC2 is just misunderstood.

      • Mike Pureka

        I don’t get it. Why is it evil to make people pay for completely optional art stuff?

        I find this artificial “no no, slow down, you are enjoying our game too fast” crap to be infinitely worse than paid DLC costumes.

        • KyoyaHibari

          But with Jojo you are GETTING that art stuff for free with these expansions that would otherwise probably cost money, but with the catch of not running yourself ragged trying to plow through everything. I personally have this problem where I will marathon the game and get everything in the first few days and just hardly bother playing anymore because I played too much within short time spans. The breaks give me time to take a breather which I’m okay with. Yeah there is a wait no matter how small, but it is a small price to pay (pun intended) compared to buying more variety in the game. The microtransactions are purely optional, and if you aren’t going to use them given that they don’t hold much value in themselves, why complain about them so much. Again, it’s 5 minutes per charge and an hour for a full charge, it’s not like you are waiting a day to start up again, let alone a week. The game even has random supports that GIVE YOU immediate charges.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Remember the days when this stuff was just in game and not outside achievements and DLC?Yeah?


          • KyoyaHibari

            DLC allows devs to add content onto an already released game to expand it so in theory it is a good thing. It is when devs take the concept too liberally that it gets to be a bad thing. Another thing worth noting is that the companies have to get their game out at a certain time so they can you know, make their money back with the product and not just go into poverty with constant work, a budget being exhausted and no revenue in the mean time? CC2 made most of their DLC during and after the release of the game, so they were able to get their product out on time to get the money back and be able to swiftly release DLC after. Capcom used locks to get money out of stuff that is already ON THE DISC, and unfortunately Tecmo Koei with DOA and SNK with KoF did this as well to my chagrin, but Capcom set the trend it seems and becomes more and more demanding with each of their releases (SFxT). DLC done right would be Dark Souls by all accounts; the game was released in full with no bonus content needed or on the side, then fans actually REQUESTED an expansion which wasn’t planned, and so they created additional worlds with more equipment, enemies, lore, spells, a proper PvP arena and more. That is the gold standard for DLC and more companies should follow it although not as many do.

          • Mike Pureka

            I’m sorry, but I refuse to see artificial wait times included in a game as anything but a negative; I’m sorry you can’t pace yourself, but the answer is not to make the rest of us wait 5 minutes every time we want to do something.

            If you bought a copy of Street Fighter and you could only play 12 matches before you had to wait 5 minutes between each match, people would be howling, and rightly so.

          • KyoyaHibari

            But it’s for ONE mode though. That’s why you can play story mode, versus or online matches with no wait time and at no expense. The waiting time is only for Campaign where you unlock costumes, colours, taunts and such. With that said, you can play matches OUTSIDE campaign to wait for the recharge.

          • Mike Pureka

            So it’s LESS bad; That’s nice. It still doesn’t make it good.

          • KyoyaHibari

            Never said it was great. I said I liked how they tried something different with Campaign. It is an interesting concept, but they put a lot of the content in there that you have to farm for. If it was more minor things like just the quotes or effects that would be fine, but they put whole costumes, taunts and end poses in which you have to go online to get and follow the guidelines for. Better yet, if they put a select few special costumes in Campaign while having others unlockable offline and/or Campaign as an easier alternative to unlocking some costumes, that would be a decent compromise. CC2 experimented and it didn’t turn out perfectly, but it wasn’t a total waste either, if you have an online connection, you’re fine really, and the little fanservice characters thrown in with special effects to change up the flow of Campaign make it more worthwhile.

  • Sergio Briceño

    “Niino replied that the system was implemented so “people could enjoy the game longer””

    Really now…

  • Brandonmkii

    ITT it’s okay to do something like this when you’re a company people like, but it’s absolutely unfair when it’s anyone else.

  • Keko

    “so people could enjoy the game longer”
    They aren’t enjoying it for more time, they’re just “playing” it for a longer time (if waiting counts as playing). I don’t see any kind of justification to implement this system to a game that already costs $60 and has a lot of DLC.

    • Zeonsilt

      It’s just a poor excuse for money “milking”.
      I’m glad that japanesse gamers voted against it,so in future no one will try a stupid things,like CC2.
      p.s. looks like 400+k copies sold was not enough for them.

      • ArmoredBoar

        I didn’t have to spend a single yen to unlock everything out so far (outside of DLC characters) because I’m not impatient. You don’t HAVE to spend money to get the most out of Campaign.

      • Lynx

        -Money milking

        I don’t see you needing to pay to play the Campaign mode.
        If you did, I would agree.

        But you’re exaggerating it.

        Buying more is OPTIONAL. Keyword here, Optional.
        You don’t NEED to buy more.

    • Ninastars

      I’m genuinely finding the Campaign mode fun though and giving the game more replayability…

      • Keko

        How so?

  • Steel Baller

    You only unlock special costumes, taunts and victory poses. You guys act like it was unlocking characters…take an example by many other fighting games, only TTT2 is DLC Free…….

  • BlueTree

    Regardless of whether I think their reasoning is sincere, I’ll lend a sympathetic ear to that, you can’t police players like that because making assumptions of your audience is the worst way to approach any kind of media.

  • Ferrick

    implement an energy system limited to few fights + microtransaction = “people could enjoy the game longer,” ?

    in a parallel world, sure, that equation works, but in reality, it’s seriously a retarded move, especially for a “full game”. What’s next ? pay $5 to continue storymode for NUNS4 ? pay $10 to advance the story in .hack ? Please don’t be delusional CC2

    • In a way it kind of says a lot about the developer. Incapable of making enough content to make the game potentially have replay value.

      • British_Otaku

        If they were clever or had the design mentality of the 90s, they would have came up with character unlocks after doing certain modes with certain characters and having tons of challenges to occupy people. >_>

        That’s enough.

    • Chee Yang

      The last time I checked, this is a console game and not an arcade cabinet. Why do we need to keep inserting coins into the machine to keep on playing?

    • Threule

      Pay 10€ to get starters in pokemon (if you dont, you play with a rattatta). About 60€ for each legendary.

      • Ferrick

        100 Euros for legendaries with fitting nature

  • Pinwheel

    I love JoJo’s. I love this game. And yes, screw microtransactions. I can’t stand the very idea of having the option to pay my way out.

    It’s really not as bad as many people claimed it to be though. It wouldn’t seem nearly as bad if charges just required time and removed the option of microtransactions. I still hate them and want them out of the game, but the mode itself really isn’t all too bad, you just need some patience.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      that’s sending the wrong message to the devs. If you really can’t stand this practice, vote with your wallet. Prove to them that we shall not stand for this, otherwise they will just push the envelope further and screw us harder next time.

  • vileBrenman

    I actually thought the same thing about making the game last longer when i heard about campaign mode

  • Blebleman

    I, for one, completely got their intentions, and I love the Campaign system. I tend to play fighting games with friends after bolting through the 10 minute story modes. This one, however, I can’t. If I want all the cool goodies Campaign has to offer, I have to play MORE than once. That’s great. That’s definitely replay value in my book.

    If I were a lazy ass, I’d consider paying. But I _NEVER_ pay for microtransactions.

  • Triplicity

    Wait wait wait, so you’re telling me that not only is the gameplay slow, but playing the game is slow?

  • kthanxyousuck

    If they don’t want people to unlock things so quickly, they should have made the game longer so it would take longer than a day. It seems pretty useless to include if it’s optional! It’s not like it’s equipment or something that might enhance your game.

    It reminds me of a FB game I play. You can pay to unlock the next area immediately or wait 4 days to open it for free. And I always wait because it’s just a free game I play occasionally. But for a $60 I should be able to play it as quickly or as slowly as I like. If I want to speed through it, that’s my business. They already got the money, do they care how long I actually play?

  • Rafael Martines

    The Campaign itself to unlock costumes, taunts and poses is very replayable, but the battery thing make you wait to be full again to continue unlocking things :| I guess they need to remove it ; (

  • Marcus

    I don’t see how they can make this any better. Hopefully this option gets removed from the western version.


    These guys implement a F2P MMO system that is designed to make you pay more to be able to keep playing the campaing in a full price console game and yet feel upset? this is just wrong. gamers were right and CC2 deserved the backslash.
    You want to know how to implement replay value in a fighting game? mini games and/or side scrolling beat ’em up modes like Tekken, MK and SF do. Or funny mission especific achievements in the story mission like BB.
    Thanks god .Hack ended. after this i dont want to know what these guys would do with The World + DLC and micro transaction age

  • Brandonmkii

    I will choose not to be angry.

  • TiAn

    Weak excuses are… weak. The only way I could justify the battery microtransactions was with a lower price (that could be removed by unlocking at full price or, buyng battery charges).

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Boo hoo hoo, cry me a river, devs.

    If this “feature” isn’t patched out entirely, Bamco isn’t getting my sale.

  • Khoko

    They need to stop complaining. This isn’t a F2P title. There is no excuse for this. Release everything at once or deal with people being annoyed. There is no reason they need to be doing micro-transactions. Period. Other than to feed their already greedy pockets.

  • Jon McGuire

    Sounds like a total BS excuse. How are we even supposed to play while waiting for our battery to recharge so we can actually play the game?

    • Hunts Rattata

      With Online or Local Versus?

  • Onizuka Gio Hikari

    I have the game and it’s not that bad considering what you get. The wait is annoying but not nearly as ad as ppl make it

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Cue the useless crying about nothing

  • Istillduno

    Increasing longevity by not letting you play the game…

    Does this mean that if I start a game of Sonic 2 and leave it paused for a year before running through, it becomes a year long epic? (Not ragging on Sonic 2, just needed a game that can be completed quickly)

    Personally I think the worst part is that I can’t remember hearing anything about it until after the pre-orders had shipped, that ****’s grimy man.

  • ~Adam~

    Wait a minute. You mean devs don’t know why fans would be upset about paying full price for a game and then being nickeled and dimed with micro-transactions? I’m shocked!

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