Drakengard 3’s Zero Cosplaying As The First Drakengard Protagonist, Caim

By Sato . October 21, 2013 . 10:45pm

This weekend, Square Enix showed off some new footage of Drakengard 3 during a NicoNico Live presentation featuring producer Takasama Shiba, along with some of the game’s voice actresses. During the event, they revealed a DLC costume of Drakengard protagonist Caim, which can be worn by Zero.



The above video is a clip from the event, where they revealed that Zero will have a “slim-fit” version of Drakengard protagonist Caim’s attire. In addition to the costume, Zero will also be able to wield his sword, which is said to be quite powerful, but will require some leveling up.


In an earlier post, we got a look at a couple of Drakengard 3’s weapons and their stories, which will be told upon leveling them up,  such as the Spear’s sad story, and the Sword’s rather psychotic tale. According to Drakengard 3’s developers, Caim’s weapon will also have its own story; however, they say that those who wish to acquire the weapon can do so by purchasing the guide book of the game.


Producer Takasama Shiba also mentioned that enough fans voice their opinions on wanting to acquire Caim’s sword without purchasing the guidebook, they will add it in the form of a DLC, or something else.


Finally, the footage concludes with a brief look at one of Drakengard 3’s new weapons, which appears to be a hand-to-hand weapon attached to Zero’s right arm and leg.


Drakengard 3 is slated for release on December 19 for PlayStation 3.

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  • Sardorim

    Cosplaying badass, eh?

    Careful now. If Lightning sees this she may fall for Zero.

    • That. . . might make for a pretty cool ship actually.

  • Beat Caim and loot his sword, please…

    Kinda wish for his Drakengard 2’s costume, though.

    • Ferrick

      lol but isn’t caim pretty much a little boy at this point ?


        nah. this Caim in Drag On 3.
        he’s a teenager

        • Ferrick

          ah, i should probably continue reading the manga

          • Ni ~UNREAL BLACK THINGS~

            this is in chapter 5

        • Rayhan PromisedGallery

          that manga takes place after Drakengard 3, how big the time gap between the manga and the game is stilll unknown

          • Ninastars

            Where has it stated it takes place afterwards? It’d be kind of a spoiler for the game since One is alive.

  • brian

    I want that sword.

  • Luis Ibal

    Luckly for me this game is a precueal. Never played the past games, so I’m really looking foward to this one :3

  • Warboss Aohd

    a costume that actually makes sense.


  • Guest

    i dont like to play with a girl like main character i dont know why…i hope those guys are playable.

    • Neophoton

      You’re in for some disappointment.

    • ShinobiBrown

      “I don’t know why”

      Well maybe you should do some soul searching and find out why, lol.

  • new_tradition

    Combat looks pretty kewl. I’d been only halfheartedly paying attention before the game was announced for an English release, but since it *is* coming now, I’ll try to pay attention. I like how the attacks in the vid show that they have a lot of reach.

    I like the costume, but they weren’t lying about it being a slim fit, lol.

    • I can understand the complaints that people had about the graphics, they definitely do not look as good as current games tyoically do, but getting to see a little bit of action, I’m sure it is to keep the game running smoothly.

      The game honestly looks to have a touch of Heavenly Sword going on, really excited to get hands on with this game.

  • Lemon

    I know many people will argue that good graphics are not as important as an interesting story and fun gameplay, but this is pretty terrible (even for a stream-quality video). It looks like it was made for the PS2.

    Edit: I should say that I’m still getting this game, but you can’t say I’m wrong for pointing out that the graphics are indeed subpar. I played Nier and loved it to death (I completed ending D knowing full well what would happen to all my hard work and progress) and the graphics weren’t great, either. But seriously? A few years after Nier and the graphics are still around the same? I don’t think it’s absurd to be disappointed by the fact they don’t seem to have tried to improve the graphics at least a little bit more, given the PS3’s capabilities and this far into its life.

    Sure, it’s my own fault their graphics don’t meet my expectation or whatever, but the fact that my expectation wasn’t exactly that high in the first place and yet it *still* managed to bum me out is what I find most shocking, probably. Since the trailer was done and rendered so beautifully and all.

    But meh, I’m sure zealous fans will argue. I’m not saying it will be a bad game because the graphics leave much to be desired, but I personally think the graphics are what will turn away a lot of ‘hardcore’ gamers SE had claimed they wanted to entice in another article.

    • Wappuli

      it’s definitely not anywhere near what PS3 is capable of, but saying it looks like a PS2-game is overstating already.

      • Jordan Coleman

        Is it though? I don’t think so. It’s pretty pathetic that at the end of a console a new game looks like this. And don’t say it all about the gameplay because it will be average at best.

        • Wappuli

          I never was going to defend this game with gameplay or story, I don’t care at all if you are a graphics whore or whatever and think this game looks ugly.
          All I was saying was that this doesn’t look like a PS2-game because it really doesn’t, if you’re seriously saying that this looks like PS2, then I would suggest for to you go actually play a PS2-game.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Can we make the playing field equal and upscale the PS2 games to HD then?

            Because if I were to do that, then Christ many PS2 games look fantastic. FFXII, The Bouncer, ZoE 2, MGS3/2, Xenosaga, Yakuza 2, Onimusha 3, Nocturne, DDS….the list goes on.

            Hell stuff like FFXII looks great even without the extra boost.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Yes downvote me. All those games must look terrible.

            It may be an exaggeration to say D3 looks like a PS2 game. No, it is. But D3 looks so bad, that exaggeration enters your mind.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Stop this nonsense. You already stated what you wanted to say.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I didn’t even start this nonsense.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Don’t be like that. That’s childish. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t start it.
            You were part of it. Let’s just end this now…

          • Jordan Coleman

            Childish? We have people calling others graphics whores because they think an obviously bad looking game looks bad. They aren’t saying the games going to be bad or that they refuse to play it. Just that an obviously bad looking game, looks bad.

            Where where you Mods for that?

          • Wappuli

            If you are talking about something like what emulators do, then no, that would not put them on equal fields.
            But yea, those games looked pretty good for PS2.

          • Mr_SP

            Huh? Uh… I’ve played the MGS2/3 HD versions. The PS3 versions are very blatantly worse than this. There are obvious graphical limits that are exposed when looking at them in HD. Kingdom Hearts looks better than MGS, and it still shows vastly inferior facial animation for anything without a muzzle. Animating lips was deemed too difficult if it wasn’t the size of their hands.

          • Jordan Coleman

            WHAT? Well I was more talking about emulating these titles, but WHAT? MGS2/3 do not look bad with the HD Editions. They look pretty damn amazing and run great.

            In the PS3 version there’s a few instances of slowdown in the cutscenes when there’s effects going on like Volgin’s “lightning” during the cutscene where he beats up Snake. Those are surprisingly not in the 360 version. Though I’m pretty sure all have that thing where articles of clothing look weired when they are supposed to be blowing in the wind. But these don’t take away from the overall quality of MGS3 HD. I don’t actually remember any problems of MGS2 HD. Either they look damn good. I’ve never read anyone else thinking they look bad either, so either I’m crazy or you’re just one of the few in the minority. Because MGS2/3 HD are beautiful games, just like the originals.

            You’re right though, when things are cleaned up and put in better detail more flaws will became apparent. Sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that many of these games still look great and I love emulating them.

          • Mr_SP

            I don’t think it looks *bad*, but even some of the best made games on the PS2 showed polygon limits and limited complexity of facial expressions – MGS2 and MGS3 among them. The level of detail was significantly lower than what we’re seeing in Drakengard 3. Now, Drakengard 3 is nowhere near as good as Metal Gear Solid 4, or MGS 5, or GTA V, but sheer difference in budget makes that an unreasonable comparison. There is a clear improvement in Drakengard 3 over what the PS2 could ever do, even if this isn’t the absolute limit of the PS3.


      if you’re saying that this looks like a ps2 game you really don’t know what a PS2 game looks like.
      and besides Nico Nico Douga only stream 240-360p videos if you don’t have a premium subscription. we need to get a YT gameplay video to see how it might look on our TV

      • Jordan Coleman

        Upscale some PS2 games in PCSXE2 they will no doubt look as good or better.

        The texture work and geometry here does not look above a PS2 game. All it has is the HDness.

        • Lemon

          Many people downvote us (which I expected anyway), but I personally don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to have expected the developers to put in more effort into making this game more beautiful and visually striking, right?

          • Arcana Wiz

            well graphics are very pricey, and sometimes the devs dont have the money, like with drakengard case, and makings things little prettier can makes games who sell millions dont sell the expected for big companies.

          • Ferrick

            I’d love to see you try make a game without sacrificing music, gameplay, story, and marketing, and maximize/upgrade graphics with the budget level that Cavia get to make this

          • Lemon


            “One key point that was stressed is how Square Enix has traditionally served two distinct audiences: casual gamers and hardcore gamers, the later of which were simply referred to as core players. Shiba explained how the former has been the primary focus in recent years and that Drakengard 3 is an attempt at impressing the latter party. In that sense, Drakengard 3 was described as being a risk on the publisher’s part.”

            It’s funded by SE, they want to “impress” the “hardcore gamers”, and yet it is still given a small budget that can’t accomodate better graphics? Hmmm. Anyway, I’m no developer. You asking me if I’m able to improve Drakengard 3’s graphics (because I can’t) to justify their own inability to improve the graphics while balancing their budget or whatever is an ad hominem.

          • Hardcore gamer = people who want MAXIMUM GRAPHIC? oh ok sure whatever

          • Lemon

            Learn to read. Not once did I equate ‘Hardcore gamers’ to poeple who want maximum graphics. My statement was meant to imply that more often than not, visuals are the first thing about a game these ‘Hardcore gamers’ notice and good first impressions are extremely important for people who have never heard of the game before (usually for new IPs) or never played its prequels.

            And better graphics =/= maximum graphics. Stop being so butt-hurt. Fanboy-ism is bad and you should learn to be able to look at things objectively. I’m just stating what I see, and what has been shown is that the gameplay graphics could definitely have been improved. It’s almost close to the launch date so I’m certain this will be the final product, but it doesn’t change the fact that my ‘opinion’ is true. I didn’t say the game will suck because it’s graphics aren’t great. I said the graphics aren’t looking good, period.

          • “t’s funded by SE, they want to “impress” the “hardcore gamers”, and yet it is still given a small budget that can’t accomodate better graphics?”

            Supposedly catering to hardcore gamer means that they should pump most their resource to graphics. I’m not going to say much because ferrick already said most of what I needed to say regarding game budget

            Also I was being sarcastic with the whole maximum graphics rubbish. The fact that you associate graphics with hardcore gamer makes me laugh.

          • Lemon

            Again, learn to read. You even quoted me again but failed to understand what I’m saying. Are you honestly trying to refute that hardcore gamers aren’t usually impressed by good graphics? I didn’t even say they should pump most of their resource into it. I don’t know how they allocated their resources, but clearly the graphics clearly didn’t get a lot of love and it’s a shame.

            The word “Impress” means what the means. I don’t know where the hell you got the word “catering” from cause I didn’t say that at all. People can be impressed by the story. the gameplay etc, sure. But one of the most common traits of a game people are quick to praise are the graphics.

            The fact that you don’t think ‘hardcore gamers’ place a lot of value in graphics makes me laugh. Look at the Wii U. A lot of ‘hardcore gamers’ don’t view it as a next gen console because it’s not as powerful as the new PS4 or Xbone be it in processing power or graphics etc. How about the Wii? It has some great games but people also always have a lot to say about the graphics, more so if they weren’t even first party titles by Nintendo.

            “Also I was being sarcastic with the whole maximum graphics rubbish”

            All I hear is “Oh no, I spouted crap that showed how ignorant I am, better cover it up as sarcasm or a joke haha”.

          • http://tinyurl.com/qjx94yt

            My reply, because we’re not allowed gif I just used tinyurl. Don’t get me wrong, I rather not go through the cycle again.

          • Lemon

            Next time, don’t even bother replying when you don’t have anything else to say that is worth either of our time, or when you can’t back your own points. A simple “Agree to disagree” would be better than some gif you think is ‘funny’.

          • Ferrick

            That’s what we call a PR talk, it’s used to bring peak the interest of new players in search of things “hardcore”, players who consider themselves hardcore, and DrakengardxNier fans who’s on the edge on deciding whether to buy it or not. It, however, does not reflect the budget they give Cavia, the game speaks for itself

            not exactly my point, i’m not asking you to improve the graphics. But what i meant is that you should take these into consideration. hiring marketing, voice actors, Singers, orchestral bands to do the bgms(even if they’re part of SE), programmers (there are many subsection, such as battle programmers, UI programmers, and etc), graphic designers, and concept artists cost money, and not to mention that creating and publishing advertisements costs money too.

            and then there’s also the risk of underselling, if you blow all of your budget and then the game undersells, then it will be a loss

          • Jordan Coleman

            Stop saying Cavia. Cavia doesn’t exsist anymore.

            The grunt work, the people responsible for the programming are Acsess Games. A cheap studio to begin with.

          • Cheap studio? oh boy

          • Jordan Coleman

            It isn’t unreasonable at all especially since where how many years into this gen? It’s not a matter of sheer power either, they could have found a visual style like IDK cell shading or something to help. I was playing Blood+ One Last Kiss yesterday, an old PS2 game from Grasshopper. Made on the cheap no doubt and yet it looked pretty great because of it’s visual style. There’s no exsuse for the graphics and how poor they are.

            But the excuses and damning people here are giving you are even more pathetic.

            “Make your own game”. Always a lame argument. I’m not a game developer, it’s not my job to do better. If someone puts out a product they are trying to persuade me to buy it anyway. The relationship is in fact them going after me, they want to appeal to me. Which is kind of even more funny, since this is supposed to be the game aimed at the hardcore gamer according to Square.

            And you know what? If you’re so low budget. Don’t make a HD console game then. Put it on the 3DS or the Vita if you can’t make the game up to standards.

            “Oh graphics don’t matter”. Which is a fallacy people tell themselves. I doubt anyone here has never been turned off by a game by the way it looks. Graphics are an element of a game, visuals are important no matter what anyone says, because if they disagree they are wrong.

            Now, I didn’t say you couldn’t play a game with bad graphics are sub-par visual style. Of course you can and should if the gameplay is great. But it does take away from the experience no matter how anyone cries that it doesn’t. FFinal Fantasy VI wouldn’t feel nearly as epic as it does without say mode 7 or whatnot. Moments like approaching Vector or getting Setzers airship while you see the backstory in the background are epic because of their graphics. The world of Skyrim feels real because of the graphical detail. Yeah the game could be fine if it looked like crap, but it wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

            which is even more ironic with the praise of story. The train of logic here is “who cares as long as the gameplay is good”. Sure gameplay is king, yet people are now adding story. I love stories in games, it’s an important element as well, but it is also easily superfluous. I can enjoy many games while ignoring whatever their story is. But you mean to tell me that the graphics are even less important then story? It’s wrong. One of my favorite games this gen is Vanquish. Crappy story. Great graphics and if it did’nt have it’s graphics are visual flair the game would’nt work nearly as well. If the barrage of missiles and gigantic robots you fight wasn’t well realized thanks to the graphics, the game wouldn’t be nearly as good.

            So don’t tell me graphics are unimportant, especially while proclaiming that story is so much more.

          • Lemon

            I agree with a lot your points. Anyway, after reading through most of the comments, it’s pretty obvious that whatever we say, no matter how reasonable, falls on deaf ears since it’s easier for them to label us as ‘graphic whores’ and for them to not ever consider asking more from developers, encouraging them to push their limits to make Drakengard 3 as good as it can be. To me, graphics aren’t *everything*. I wasn’t even expecting Drakengard 3 to have Skyrim or Crisis level of graphics. I’m just saying they could have done a far better job and it’s a shame.

      • Lemon

        No, I know full well what a PS2 game looks like. I didn’t say it looks like a PS2 game. I said it looks like it was *made for a PS2*. There’s a difference between both statements. The PS2 may be an old hardware, but honestly, the graphics in Drakengard 3 look like something the PS2 could *maybe* pull off. Obviously, they developed it for the PS3, but the point is the graphics look dated and don’t seem to take advantage of even half the PS3’s full capabilities.

        If Indie games developed for the PS3 nowadays can look so impressive, I just don’t understand why Drakengard 3 should lose out. Small budget? SE didn’t give a damn? Or the developers just being plain lazy?

        Shadow of the Colossus was on the PS2 and yet honestly, the graphics in Drakengard 3 seem to only be better than it by a medium (but still relatively small) margin.

        • Arcana Wiz

          i really think that you’re confusing the framerate cap of youtube with the actual graphics


          this really looks much better than most this gen jrpgs… (see in 1080p)
          And even FFXV trailers arent pretty with 240p…..

          And one game is first party of sony, another it’s a niche game, with a niche budget, with a niche audience, with a spectacular story.

          • Lemon

            The trailer was great. The music was hauntingly beautiful. I enjoyed watching it when it first came out.

            With that said, these “actual graphics’ you speak of? Sorry. The trailer only showed cutscenes. You can make cutscenes in the game look great, but you shouldn’t ignore the graphics during actual gameplay. And that was shown in the video in this article Sato posted.

            Yes, Drakengard can probably be considered a niche game, but again, I want to stress that this has SE’s backing and they wanted it to appeal to hardcore gamers. I don’t even consider myself a ‘hardcore gamer’ and I already think the graphics have major areas for improvement. This only concerns me because should this game not prove to be a hit with the target market, this will just all the more convince SE they should keep giving it a small budget, if it manages to get any more sequels even.

  • ChiffonCake

    It looks pretty good on her.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Looks pretty good, better than her default anyway. Now just give me a way to turn off that damn flower.

  • Neophoton

    She looks better in it than in Kaine’s costume. I still prefer her default outfit, but it’s because I love her design that much. Can’t wait for the game!

  • fairysun

    Did anyone say cosplaying as hero from previous game?


      and both ladies look good wearing the male protagonist costume

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Not with those ugly costumes


          oh opinions

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            I know right everyone has them

  • Tom

    I didn’t play Drakengard 1 much, but I played through Nier and loved it. I’m looking forward to Drakengard 3 and as I was listening to Drakengard 1 OST – Growing Wings, I could see Zero killing soldiers and her sisters in slow-motion. The song fits perfectly to the scene I see in my mind :)

  • surakian

    Zero looks great in Caim’s outfit. I think it looks better than her white outfit and the Kaine outfit (mainly because the black bow is odd on it)

    • deadMastershiro

      I actually thought zero had no pants when i saw her.

  • Ryan Chiu

    Please let this costume come over in the NA release, damnit!

  • firstarioch

    I seen video yesterday as well from the Dragon combat ..it’s excellent .
    I love this type of games.
    I don’t know why we don’t have morelike this .
    My fav game from ps2 gen were Drakengard and Drakan 2. Finished first one on PC as well.

    Great idea having a massive world and a Dragon companion and being able to fly anywhere even if it’s an illusion of open world .
    Lair was poor and after thst nothing .
    Only game that is worth something on Xbone is that Dragon game made my ex Team Andromeda members .
    Still I think it’s downloadable game so not point ….as you will never truly own it …

  • nororu

    is this a barbie game with alot of costumes like ff xiii lighting return ?

  • Scipio

    Where are the crocs? It’s just not the same outfit without the crocs footwear.

  • Aoshi00

    Nice, that’s the costume I voted for lol. I was going to order the
    guide anyway, w/ DLC it’s even better, hope the book has some nice
    artwork. all these nitpicks w/ graphics, if it looks as stylish and
    plays as smooth as Nier w/ epic story, chars, and soundtrack, I would be
    totally blown away..

    Yes, Lightning in Cloud costume and Zero in Caim’s nice :)

    Just finished GTA5’s campaign, could devote time to Drakengard 3, Lightning Returns, & AC4 BF, so many big games *.*;;

  • Michael Bishop

    It’s “Takamasa”, not “Takasama”.

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