Hakuoki Is Spreading The Love To PlayStation 3

By Spencer . October 22, 2013 . 5:22pm


Aksys brought over Hakuoki for PSP first and then released the Nintendo 3DS port, Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi, a few weeks ago. Chizuru’s next stop is consoles with the Hakuoki: Stories Of Shinsengumi for PlayStation 3.


This version has additional events and the a short story that takes place if Hakuoki’s characters were in a modern day high school. Hakuoki: Stories Of Shinsengumi also has downloadable side stories, a DLC art gallery, and extra costumes. Aksys says the game is "coming soon," but haven’t announced a specific release date.


HakuokiPS3_ss_cr_22 HakuokiPS3_ss_cr_08 HakuokiPS3_ss_cr_11 HakuokiPS3_ss_cr_05 HakuokiPS3_ss_cr_10 HakuokiPS3_ss_cr_04

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  • 07thCrow

    …Dangnabbit, I’m gonna go broke again. (TT^TT)

  • surakian

    I feel like I bought the 3DS version for no reason now. Hopefully this means Aksys localizes Hakuoki: Sweet School Life when it comes out. I am a bit peeved I bought the 3DS game now, though xD

    • Guest

      The 3DS version has a lot of bugs that cause the game to crash and make the 3DS restart

      It makes me wonder if Aksys even tested the game before releasing it

      • surakian

        I haven’t experienced the bugs (thank goodness), but sometimes testers just don’t run into them.

  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    Really Aksys? How much more are you gona milk Hakuoki anyway? If you really want to bring Otome games to the West can’t you increase the VARIETY of the games instead of publishing the same game over and over and over and over and over again?

    Really? Its not like its a remake or something. Its the same game on the PSP Vita 3DS and now the PS3.

    Graphics/CG in better quality is a definite plus. As long as enough people buy each iteration of essentially the same game then what right do I have to say anything else but to express my dismay – that I and perhaps many others are looking for new Otome games to be brought over instead of playing and paying the same game with the same price tag on different systems.

    What a moneyprintingscriptofatranslation you guys got there.

    • Actually, Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi (Hakuoki Junsouroku) includes the main story and the fandisc, Hakuoki Zuisouroku. So, while we did get first game on the PSP, 3DS and Vita, the fandisc was never released over here. So, basically this release is two games in one.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        The extra what if stuff makes me feel a bit better though seeing those screen shots makes me feel hungry for the game they are developing off the school setting and then I’ll just feel like I’m being cock teased

    • Brion Valkerion

      You guys wanted Japanese otome games, you get the same marketing and re-releases just like Japan gets along with it.

    • They’ve already done the work with the localization. Why would they not want to release it on as many platforms as possible? Do you not want them to make their money on it so they can bring over more?

      If you like Japanese games, it seems to me you’d be happy to see this one doing well. You don’t have to buy all three versions.

    • Lynx

      It might as well be.

      We’ve never gotten the fandisc material, the “What If’ stuff, the side stories and all the other stuff. The main game is the same but the additional content makes it insignificant in the end.

      Hell, you’ve got actual animation for the characters now!

      That’s some AGE/ rUGP insane madness right there.

    • Aunna Terrell

      Like @MidnightRain:disqus said, we’re getting two games on a single disc with DLC and minor animated movements for the PS3. So half of the game is already translated, while the other half is TOTALLY new stuff that was never released in English.

      Plus, there’s tons of people who don’t have PSPs or 3DSs who didn’t get the other 3 games. I know tons in my area who didn’t get the games because they lacked the handhelds and didn’t want to buy it just for a single game.

    • Guest

      I refuse to buy any Otome unless they’re Hakuoki!

  • Learii

    this one coming to usa? =O

    • surakian

      Yeah. Same game, third time with a tiny splash of new stuff.

      • 07thCrow

        And by tiny, it’s a whole-new-additional-game-making-it-really-two-games-in-one tiny. :)

        • surakian

          Tiny splash. I need my Sweet School Life on Vita ;A;

          • 07thCrow

            lol I understand your pain; no crying emotes! SSL will come eventually, but Japan gets first dibs. For now, enjoy the SSL preview! :)

        • Aunna Terrell

          lol “tiny” as in roughly an extra 20 hours of extra stuff?

          • 07thCrow

            lol I’ve no idea how long it is, but I do know it’s a lot longer than what we got on the 3DS version! xD

  • schwarzmasa

    I expected Aksys to go for the Vita version instead, hmm. Personally not buying Hakuoki AGAIN after PSP and 3DS versions. But if it makes them money to potentially localize more otome games, I say go for it.

  • AFatHouseCat

    I never thought the US market would have enough otome games that I could find myself complaining about them, but 3 times for the same game when there are SO MANY other games out there just waiting to be translated makes so so sad. It’s great that they found success with Hakuouki, but it seems so myopic to just keep trying to milk the same franchise when I don’t think it’s the franchise that is selling it, it’s the fact that girl gamers are just happy we’re getting recognized for a change.
    Sadly ‘ll probably pick this up too, even if I don’t intend to ever play it, just to support otome games in English.

    • They’ve already done the localization work, so it seems like they’re smart to release it on as many platforms as possible. I’m kind of confused by how upset everyone is getting.

      • Micrll

        I was thinking the same thing, the cost in both $ and time to get this translated is minimal compared to a new game. Considering that there are at least some fans that I can see wanting this they might as well.

    • 07thCrow

      Well, this is actually two games in one: the main Hakuoki game and the fandisk Zuisoroku. In Japan, the Hakuoki games came out every few years on new systems with new content, and right now there isn’t a Hakuoki game that has all the games/side-stories included on it. The West didn’t have that, so now we’re getting a bunch of them at once. I do see how it looks like Aksys is milking the series, but I think they’re just trying to provide the full Hakuoki experience to it’s fans. Aksys did recently release a different otome game called Sweet Fuse: At Your Side (If you haven’t played it yet, it is utterly amazing; go buy it! Super fun and hilarious, I highly recommend it!), so they are looking at other titles. I personally hope they bring out Black Wolf Saga or games by QuinRose, and although the sales have been good so far, it’s still pretty small. Hakuoki has a good following right now, and its more a risk for the company to bring over unaffiliated titles than with games associated with a loyal fanbase. Don’t worry though; more non-Hakuoki otome games will come! :)

      • schwarzmasa

        Agreed on BWS, such a fantastic game. It would appeal even to non-otome fans! Too bad the PSP version is pretty much out of the question at this point. I hold out hope for a release of the PC version on Steam perhaps, but Aksys doesn’t seem to have shown much interest in localizing PC titles. : (

        • Aunna Terrell

          Unfortunately, not many are really looking to the whole PC otome market. Like the only one that got everyone’s attention was JAST looking into Starry Sky, but that fell into licensing hell (with no/rarely any updates) because of the issue with the seiyuu union. ;_; It would be nice to see more PC otomes getting releases outside fan-patches! I know I’m interested in all titles~ XD I love finding little charms in each title.

        • 07thCrow

          That’s what I was thinking; BWS could totally be Aksys’ next goldmine! But yeah, there’s definitely the system issue… Maybe it would be a downloadable game off the PSN? Like what Xseed did with the Corpse Party games. Of course, then they can’t retail it and provide pre-order bonuses… it would be a lot harder to advertise, but then otome/niche games pretty much travel by word of mouth (forums?) anyways. Aksys has quite the challenge!

      • AFatHouseCat

        Ah it’s not that I think they’re milking Hakuouki per say, I just feel like maybe they think it’s selling well because of the IP not because it’s an otome game in English? Like with how popular the no Kuni no Alice manga has been selling in the States I just feel like branching out to something like that may prove there’s an audience for other otome IPs as well as Hakuouki.

        It’s like Squeenix re-releasing FFIV with little updates here and there, it’s nice, but it’s really just an enhanced port (over and over and over lol).
        Like I dream of day the English speaking gamers who want otome (or eroge, or BL or any visual novels) won’t have to

        be dealt the beggers can’t be choosers card. I’m still totally supporting this release, but I wish my money was going towards branching out is all.

    • Guest

      People are willing to buy the same game over and over, myself included, I’m addicted to the Hakuoki series to the point I refuse to buy anything from Aksys that doesn’t have Hakuoki on it

  • KazukiNanbu

    i wonder when they are going to release the hiiro no kakera serie..

  • doubleO7

    First, does this have all the content from the 3DS version? Is there any reason to bother picking that one up at this point? And are there any other ports that Aksys could release that include even more content?

    • Enma_Kozato

      There’s a version completely set in a high school setting as far as I know called Hakuouki: Sweet School Life. Not going to be surprised if we get that one although I’m all Hakuouki’d out.

  • KyoyaHibari

    It’d be nice to have Reimeiroku Nagorigusa and Urakata I hope. Yeah I’m a heterosexual male who wants to try an otome game centered around Shinsengumi, sue me. ;P

    • 07thCrow

      You, Sir, are awesome! There are actually quite a few guys (yes, hetero) that I’ve heard like Hakuoki as well, and why not? It’s a well written historical fiction with great characters and art. Though, I don’t get why so many people hate Chizuru; that’s how a girl in that era would typically behave. I’d really like to see Reimeiroku and Urakata too, I’m really interested in hearing about the Choshu (I think that was Urakata?) side and Serizawa’s assassination. :)

      • The Chizuru haters that I encountered were those who only watched the anime (I don’t know how Chizuru was portrayed in the anime, since I haven’t watched it), and when seeing art from the game where Chizuru is being romanced by the guys, they get upset at her “getting all the guys”.

        Chizuru in the game is an avatar of the player. At least she doesn’t whine and can defend herself.


    because damn the others VNs that aren’t otome centric or called hokuoki.

  • I think the third pic with Saito talking to Okita is definitely from the Zuisouroku fandisk. So yeah, you’re getting a new game in addition to the first one that you played twice.

    If you want more romance and fluff with the guys, then this one is a must-have.

  • Estellise

    What we need is a supporting fanbase, not a demanding one. Seriously, some people just need to stop bashing Aksys for localizing “the same game”. Like shit, we’re lucky enough to be even getting these games here in the west; and its all because of Aksys’ hard work. I’d love to import any of these games if it wasn’t so much money to do so. (PS3 games in particular) So to have Aksys take time and dedication to translate these games for us is really something. Its nice to see otome games getting more popular in the west. And Hakuoki is a pretty popular franchise. I don’t mind getting more of it.

    Not to mention the newest game they localized isn’t just a port. It’s essentially two games in one. IT INCLUDES A FANDISC. IT HAS EXTRA STORIES/CGs, ITS IN HD. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THIS. Trust me, the visuals look very nice in this game, I assure you. And the extra stories are well worth it if you love Hakuouki. This is the type of Hakuoki game that is well worth your money if you haven’t bought the PSP or 3DS version. In a sense its actually better than both of them.

    Trust me, I want new otome games as much as anyone else does, but with the PSP practically dead it’ll take some time. I mean, the otome fanbase in the west is still growing after all. And from what I can tell, otome games are starting to migrate onto the Vita now. There’s still the Hakuouki and Amnesia Vita port. (and SSL) It’s always possible we’ll get that too. Just keep supporting Aksys and their games and I’m sure we’ll get more games guys. Don’t get all fussy just cause its Hakuouki again.

    • 07thCrow

      THANK YOU!!! XD

    • Suki

      Totally agree. I get it. We are getting the original game again. I understand where some of you are coming from. However, we are getting a whole new game! I for one think that’s wonderful.

      • Guest

        I can’t wait to add this to my collection though, I wonder if NA will get the full Hakuoki Sweet School Life for VITA

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    That’s cool! However I don’t see the point of the high school gaiden setting.

    “OK, we’ve got Shinsengumi figures from history, designed as studly effeminate young men. They’re also crazy vampires. Now we’ve put in some bishounen demons. What can we do to make this any more exciting?

    …! Let’s have them all studying for a final exam!”

    • Aunna Terrell

      But that HS gaiden spurred the creation of the current Hakuoki Vita game SSL that releases next year~ Besides, y’know fans would’ve done a HS setting with the characters anyways, lol.

      • SerendipityX

        Cant wait to be terrorized by hot guys in High School again, its just like my childhood only without the hot guys.

        • Aunna Terrell

          lol which is also the setting for most other otome games out on the market in Japan. XDD

  • Lighting Tyro

    Huh, guess I got lucky then. Picked up Sweet Fuse a few weeks ago and was going to get Hakuoki too but couldn’t decide on the PSP or 3DS version.

    So this is the original game with extra stuff, right? Cause if so I’ll pick it up.

  • ChiffonCake

    Hmm… I don’t really care about otome games, but it’s still nice to see that Hakuoki is doing well enough that Aksys is doing this. They’re still a niche publisher, after all.

  • Mordina

    Yay! Instant purchase <3

  • Rinne111

    It is great that more and more Otome games are getting localized but I was hoping for Amnesia,Death Connection or possibly Hiro no Kakera.I hope Aksys will localize Fate Extra CCC as well:)

  • rurin

    I really want the new side story but I don’t know about buying it again TvT
    Although if this game really is combined with Zuisoroku I guess I should….

    I’m not a fan of otome games on consoles, though :/

  • Guest

    WOOHOO! Aksys, you are awesome!

  • Maria Francisca Mena

    I’m so gonna get this! also it’s make me happy, because this make me think that Hakuouki is selling well, that could mean more otomes in the future

  • XxDestinyXx

    I’m SO glad I didn’t get the 3DS version. I just knew deep down this would happen. I support Akysys and everyone that wants to buy every version of this game, but I’m a fan that’s tight on money. Bought the PSP version awhile ago, skipped 3DS, but I’ll get this.

  • brian

    So does this have the stuff that the 3DS version had?

  • Sacchan

    Just… don’t come too soon. My wallet is dying because of 3DS games. /sobs/

  • Roses4Aria

    I am crying tears of joy, but this makes me want Sweet School Life more than ever. :)

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