Capcom Hiring Game Designer For New Fighting Game

By Ishaan . October 24, 2013 . 4:23am

Capcom are looking for a game designer and programmer for a new fighting game, producer Yoshinori Ono revealed over Twitter today.


“I want…. no, Capcom wants Game Designer and programer for New Fighting Game,” Ono tweeted. “Its location at Tokyo or Osaka Studio.”


Ono elaborated in a follow-up tweet, “It need skill that speaking Japanese, experienced worker for Game Develop, and love Fighting Game! Contact to Capcom HQ recruit section. :D”


When asked about the game’s target platform or whether it would be for next-gen systems, Ono said he couldn’t comment.

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  • Rayshawn Davis

    A new fighting in the works? Nice! Although I suspect its another SF game.

  • Rafael Martines

    Please Rivals Schools :3 Rival Schools

    • Azure Flame

      If it is Rival Schools I may give Capcom some respect.

    • RazeXI

      this actually somewhat likely as the director talked about interest in it again. My only doubt is that Rival Schools is pretty niche

      • Tre W

        That was actually Itsuno (DMC and Dragon’s Dogma director) who said that!

        Anyway, RS most definitely is niche. But on the other hand, I’d like to think that Capcom sees that there’s money to be had with how the addition of the “waifu/husbando” aspect to gameplay has been doing pretty well for the likes of Atlus’ Persona and Nintendo’s FE series.

        Imagine a full-featured Rival Schools game that had a good fighting engine, create-a-char, party games and a Persona-esque story mode where you can also try to romance the various girls or guys and go to “school”, while going along with a plotline.

        It’s just the kind of thing that I could see doing well with both FGC and the casual crowd, if done right. And I would trust that Itsuno and Neo_G (battle system designer for the likes of DMC4 and CvS2) could make a damn good game.

        …Now, I weep because Capcom will likely never do such a thing.

        • Hound

          Fighting games do seem to lack features that aren’t arcade-compatible (unlike all other genres of video games.) Great thoughts!

    • Musashi234

      Holyshit if it was a New Rival Schools Game id Lose my freaking MIND!!!!!

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      I’d agree but I’m afraid that capcom would SFIV it up…

  • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

    It’s a Megaman fighting game

    • J_Joestar

      so it’s cancelled already?

      • Göran Isacson

        ha ha oh god I laughed as I cried. Well played, sad as it is to admit that.

  • Brandonmkii

    I’d be totally okay with another STXT that was more improved.

    • British_Otaku

      I hope we see footage of TxSF before the likely Ultimate STxT comes out. >_> Namco are making me wait too long.

    • Crevox


  • anthony apduhan

    Darkstalkers 4 please!

    • Marcus

      Didn’t capcom say no to DS4 due to the poor sells of DS HD?

    • Vesperion

      Keep dreaming. I wouldn’t mind being wrong though lol

  • Ninastars

    I hope it’s something completely new. I feel like the fighting game scene needs some fresh ideas.

  • Guest

    Please Marvel vs Capcom 4…

    • Eder García

      Capcom don’t have the money to get the Marvel rights back sadly.

      • Enough with this ridiculous nonsense, guys. No one is in any position whatsoever to comment on Capcom’s finances and what they are or aren’t capable of. Let’s stop spreading misinformation.

        • J_Joestar

          didn’t Ono recently tweet that they didn’t have the resources for a next-gen fighter?

          • British_Otaku

            He also said this:

            I wouldn’t take a statement regarding game content or when they can afford to develop one seriously. It’s unfortunate but not just Capcom or consistently acting in a way that contradicts prior statement from their own mouths.

          • J_Joestar

            when is the date on that statement though compared to when they first started to sell DLC characters?

            Of course things like design philosophy and financial positions can change fairly easily, but it was little over a week ago that he made that statement so it is hard to believe things change that fast unless they are dipping into their new Monster Hunter Money, partnering up with another company, or a less ambitious title (like something for current gen/handhelds/etc…)

          • British_Otaku

            It’s older than I thought it was… 29th October 2008 is when GameTraillers uploaded it and given that Ono references TGS often in the interview, it was probably recorded the month before.

            The fact that design philosophy, financial positions and such change is still my point. Nintendo denied the DS Lite was coming before confirming it the next day, who is to say that Ono isn’t just a mouthpiece saying what Capcom wants him to say so you continue to buy the current games till they want to you move to the next one.

          • MrJechgo

            I thought it was Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken’s producer, who said something along those lines, when talking about how he will never have paid DLC characters.

          • British_Otaku

            I was crosschecking my sources on this earlier and just found out that Harada said a very similar thing which is thousands of times easier to find.

            Here is the source thread for the discussion where the image and quote seem to have originated:

            The fan video where it seemed to have been noted in connection to SFxT which is why I thought it was (watch from 4:10 to get to the point):

            I found the main source with a bit of luck just now so there is proof that the voiceover was official, in case you or I were worried (03:00):

            It’s a lot older than I thought it was… >_>

          • Ono said they don’t have the resources for a next-gen version of Ultra IV. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the money to make a next-gen fighter.

            That simply means that those “resources” (which usually refers to development staff) are busy working on other things, and Capcom would rather not waste their time having them port USFIV to next-gen consoles.

        • Göran Isacson

          Is it confirmed that the stuff about them having only 152 million dollars was misinformation, or has it just gone uncommented upon? Haven’t really heard or seen anyone follow up on that story.

          • I’m afraid I haven’t really checked. I’m kind of at the point that I just scoff when I see one of these conspiracy theories or gloom-and-doom scenarios being floated about on forums. People are often very ignorant. :/

          • Göran Isacson

            Ah, so it didn’t come from a credible source or anything, it was just… some rumour floating around on forums? No official numbers or official-looking documents offered as a source, just some random anon posting on the internet that Capcom only had that much money left?

    • Azure Flame

      That won’t be happening no time soon seeing that capcom hasn’t done anything to fix UMVC 3 so MVC 4 isn’t worth thinking about.

      • Tonton Ramos

        Then I guess MVC4 is the next KH3 then… considering buying a PS3 but then a long wait occured just to announce KH3 to become in PS4. So MVC4 is on PS5 then.

    • hazelnut1112

      It will never happen. If they can’t update UMvC 3 because of contract issues, then this won’t happen. Only time those selfish assholes updated the game was when that DLC costume glitch was exploited.

      • Guest

        Well so much for giving respect for Megaman in SSB4 and Mighty No 9. the inspiration and revolution will be gone shortly in a few years.

        • hazelnut1112

          Inspiration for Mighty No. 9?
          The game was made by the same guy behind the Megaman titles, there was no inspiration there. It was just him making MEgaman with a new coat of paint, it does look good though.
          Plus I’m scared on how that game will turn out because Inafune was being sneaky by trying to sell the rights for M No. 9 to Capcom a little bit after the Kickstarter was funded.

  • komiko12

    That mild Engrish… that means that Japanese knowledge is a must!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Darkstalkers VS Rivals Schools?

    • RazeXI

      Get out of my head…

  • John Diamond

    Tweenie warriors 4: Revenge of max

  • ragingmerifes


  • Azure Flame

    Hopefully it won’t be a complete failure like SFxT

    • Slayven19

      Which wouldn’t have been a failure had capcom played their cards right by not killing the hype with gems and the on disc DLC.

  • RazeXI

    I’m gonna go out on a whim here…Capcom fighting all-stars?

    • BalmungX

      Man,that would be very good

  • Erwin MadJelly

    A Redesigned DarkStalkers?

  • Go2hell66


    • Erwin MadJelly

      ooooh That game has to come back!!!!

  • ZetaSiren

    Super Mega Ultimate Ultra Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition!!?

    • Arcana Wiz

      well, then i will await the Super Mega Ultimate Ultra Super Street Fighter 4 Final Arcade Edition.

      • Hound

        And I’ll wait for Final Super Mega Ultimate Ultra Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition TURBO EX Alpha+ (console edition)!

  • Chaos_Knight

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2!

    Well if Tatsunoko could agree…

  • Astrotrain

    Hope is a new IP.

  • EinMugenTenshin

    Looks like it potentially is Rival Schools

    Just hope they don’t do another remake. The 2D fighters are nice and all, but you can only live on nostalgia for so long. Show us some brand new mechanisms!

    • leingod

      I’ll be jumping in joy if it’s a new Rival Schools game.

  • Göran Isacson

    I am carefully excite, if only due to loving darn near every single capcom fighting game franchise. Guess one will have to wait and see how this develops…

  • Arcana Wiz

    I know of what people say of capcom fighters….. but i like them. But yeah the dlc sometimes are infurating.

  • Lynx

    Dream ideas, most of which won’t be happening:

    Rival Schools/ Project Justice sequel.
    RS/PJ versus SF.
    An actual Bandai Namco vs Capcom crossover game (not just one IP)

    And the one that has NO chance of happening.

    Tech Romancer 2.
    But Capcom ain’t that nice.

  • RichyGaming

    Capcom vs Arc System Works would make my DECADE


    New Cyber Bots
    New Rival School/Project Justice
    tema up with arika to do SF EX4
    And since they lost the license to use Marvel stuff…
    …TATSUNOKO VERSUS CAPCOM 2 (multiplataform this time)

    • J_Joestar

      Another CyberBots would be epic.

      Although i would love another Tech Romancer.


        sucks that i was never able to play this :/

        • J_Joestar

          it was great, they even had Jin/Blodia in as a secret Mecha.

  • J_Joestar
  • xxx128

    Please please please, whatever this will be let it be 2D. I am sick and tired of the shitty polygons everywhere :O

    • RichyGaming


    • Arcana Wiz

      or at least like GGxrd 3D, *sigh* even without releasing the game Arcsys already spoiled me.

      • JustThisOne

        :’) Oh man! It’s so true. I feel like a horrible fan by saying this, but I really do want other game companies to get in on that! With their own style, of course. *__*

    • Slayven19

      Capcom said long ago that they weren’t making anymore 2D fighters and they’ve been living up to that for a long time now.

  • leingod

    Capcom vs SNK 3, a new Rival Schools, a new Darkstalkers…. I’d be happy with either of those :D

    (Tech Romancer 2 would be kinda cool too)

    • JustThisOne

      Oh man, I want a CvsSNK3 to happen so hard. My friends are all SF fans, but I’m the sole SNK fan of the group. If this were to happen, it’d really bridge the gap. I guess there’s still always the first two games though, haha.

      • leingod

        I love both companies’ fighting games, but my favorite series is KOF, by far. KOF games haven’t been that good for some time now, though… I guess that’s what’s stopping CvS3 from happening.

        I read somewhere that SNK is looking to take a leap into 2.5D though, hope they do!

  • Hamjam

    I’d be fine with Super Street Fighter 3, honestly.

  • Ethan_Twain

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Street Fighter V, or at least a massive Street Fighter IV update to transition to new hardware. Street Fighter needs to either get a new product out on the new consoles or get their old product updated to the new consoles – either way as of a month from now those old consoles are in decline and the smart company is looking to move on.

  • hazelnut1112

    I’m just sad knowing it’s not gonna be a new Power Stone.

    • Kaihedgie

      Power Stone isn’t that great to be honest. I actually did buy the Collection and well, I just don’t see the hype

      • leingod

        Not trying to be a dick, but yeah… Power Stone isn’t that great in my opinion either.

        • Slayven19

          I don’t think anyone is saying that its supposed to be a game that sets the world on fire but to say the game isn’t good is selling it short especially when no one is saying why it isn’t good.

          What if I just said rival school isn’t that good or tech romancer isn’t that good and didn’t explain why? Sure i’d be my opinion but opinions should be explained even if its an opinion. No one can learn anything by people just saying hur dur game isn’t that great especially when I can’t find anyone here that said it was great, just good.

          • Kaihedgie

            Well you people aren’t exactly saying why it’s great either, so the same applies to you.

          • Slayven19

            I didn’t say it was great as I stated before, but to say why people like it its like smash and it has destruction and a 3d field to fight in. The stages are interactive and you can jump in guns and other things to fight in.

          • leingod

            Dude, we get it… you like it. Some of us don’t like it that much.

            Why? Well, It’s fun for a while when playing with three other friends, but when you’re done with that (pretty quickly usually)… you’re left with a really shallow, simplistic game with uninteresting world and characters.

            Also, I’m not that into Smash-bros style games beyond Smash bros itself. Just a matter of tastes.

          • Slayven19

            My post is more so not about you disliking the game but disliking something without a reason and that goes for any game. Besides I don’t know why you’d want to play smash alone or almost any capcom fighter alone anyway outside of practice and its odd that’s what the 2 of you are basing your dislike on.

            There’s nothing to do in the majority of capcom fighters outside of vs and practice. I know for a fact cvs2 didn’t have anything extra to do. Yes I get it taste but when taste don’t make sense sometimes is when you dislike one game that you like another for.

          • Kaihedgie

            But he did give you a reason: He didn’t like the setting, the characters or the gameplay itself. It’s just not that interesting. Maybe back then in the glory heydays of the Dreamcast, but not now. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the only reason people are so crazy about the Power Stone games was because they were on the Dreamcast.

      • Judgephoenix

        Power Stone was great during that Gen, but its too simple for what is it. I would be annoyed to be charged $60 bucks for that game like that this Gen. Maybe if they improved that combat system, add a story, new modes, and characters it would be worth it. But yea this is Capcom so do not expect too much :)…..

        • Kaihedgie

          Even if I played it during its time, I still wouldn’t enjoy it.

          • Slayven19

            You have no way of knowing that especially since you can’t even say why you didn’t enjoy it. You seem like one of those people that just tries to dislike a game based on the hype, kinda what people do when call of duty comes up or something.

          • Kaihedgie

            If I was one of those people, I wouldn’t have even bothered to buy it.

      • Slayven19

        That’s your problem, you bought the collection. If you like smash bros type games then powerstone was a blast to play on dreamcast with 4 players.

        • Kaihedgie

          Just one problem: I can actually enjoy playin’ solo in any Super Smash Bros. game. Cannot say the same for Power Stone.

          • Slayven19

            Neither game is made to play solo so that is a big problem. I don’t know why you’d want to even play smash solo at all but this seems like a personal problem on your part if you can’t play powerstone solo but can play smash solo.

          • Kaihedgie

            Despite the fact that both games have single player content. More pressing matters is the fact that the sequel actually has a full-fledged story mode as well.

            The gameplay alone should get people hooked, not just one mode of play. If the gameplay isn’t up to snuff, then the other modes aren’t going to do it any justice either. Many of the games I bought feature multiplayer, but it was their core gameplay that kept me hooked on playing them because they were actually fun to play.

            But the Power Stone games? Certainly doesn’t float my boat.

  • hazelnut1112

    Anyone else scared thinking that this might end up being free to play?


    It may be an unpopular opinion, but I’d really like to see Capcom vs Nintendo. The hope hasn’t left me yet.

    • leingod

      You will kind of get a taste of that with the new Smash Bros game, though.

      • SDDMN

        True, Megaman’s a great addition to the Smash roster. I just think Capcom X Nintendo would be a great game for the fighting game fans of both fanbases, that’s all.

  • SMT

    Rival school please

  • seiya19

    While we’re sharing our hopeless dream projects, here’s mine…

    (And I would also take a new Star Gladiator, in the style of the 2nd one…)

  • Min10do

    I wish they would do like a serious and dark version of Dark Stalkers where the characters would be actually scary instead of the cartoony versions they’ve done in the past. Something like the asthetics from the Killer Instinct series.

    • Slayven19

      Naw I wouldn’t want that, making them scary wouldn’t make them likeable but maybe some designs could be changed.

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