The Final Fantasy XIII Project Was Originally Called “Colors World”

By Sato . November 4, 2013 . 6:24pm

This weekend, Square Enix held a creator’s event at the Yamada Denki LABI1, where Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase and lead planner Yui Sawada had a few things to share about the third installment of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.


The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII talks began with a look at one of the four continents, “The Wildlands,” which Sawada reiterates will be a vast continent that focuses on nature.


He also shares that in addition to having multiple towns scattered across the continent, the other motif behind its creation is to have it be based on orthodox RPGs, involving Chocobos as the main feature. Additionally, there will also be a quest that revolves around a “legendary Chocobo”.


(You can also take a look at The Wildlands and the other three continents in our earlier report.)


Next, Sawada talked a little about the action-based battle system that will revolve around Lightning’s change of style. While you will be playing as Lightning alone during combat, you’ll be rotating three different battles styles (and appearances), which will all have their own ATB bars, making it feel as if you’re controlling three different characters, according to Sawada.


The Fabula Nova Crystallis trilogy started with Final Fantasy XIII, then Final Fantasy XIII-2, and now Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Some of you may wonder why they went with such a title, instead of going with something like Final Fantasy XIII-3.


According to producer Yoshinori Kitase, the reason they changed the pattern was to make it easier to pick up for players who’ve yet to play the previous two installments, as he’s confident that the game would have enough appeal as a standalone title, rather than it simply being a third part of a trilogy.


However, one of the parts they’ve had most difficulty in accomplishing, was creating what they felt would be the best logo for the game. The above is a look at some of the other logo samples they’ve had during their many trial-and-error moments before the logo we have today.


The project of Final Fantasy XIII began in February 2004, as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series; however, Kitase reveals that it originally had the code name of “COLORS WORLD,” which was meant to symbolize the colors of the crystals.


After showcasing Final Fantasy XIII’s first trailer at E3 in 2006, skip ahead seven years and we’re about to see the conclusion of Lightning’s final chapter. According to Kitase, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been made to feature plenty of appeal for those who’ve played Final Fantasy XIII, as he expects fans of the first game to have much to look forward to.


“Please don’t hesitate to play the game in Easy Mode,” says Kitase with a laugh. “While our intention is to have you play it in Normal Mode, those of you who simply want to enjoy the story might have a difficult time by starting the game in Normal.”


“In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the world has a life expectancy, so we’ve introduced a system where your play time will have its limits,” he continues. “When we first announced that feature, there were many who were perplexed by such a feature, as I also feel that having a deadline in an RPG, is taboo in some ways.”


“However, that’s where we challenged ourselves, to bring a brand new way to enjoy an RPG that our staff members are proud to have accomplished. It would bring me great pleasure to have you all enjoy this fresh new take, for yourselves,” Kitase concludes.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available in North America on February 11th, 2014, and in Europe on February 14th, 2014.

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  • Dark Zerato

    According to producer Yoshinori Kitase, the reason they changed the pattern was to make it easier to pick up for players who’ve yet to play the previous two installments.

    Bet 100 buck those who never play the previous games couldn’t understand what the hell is going on here.

    • I bet 200 they’d still buy it. Look at the KH series. Almost 8 games in, and not even those that played all the games and read all the supplementary material even know or grasp what the **** is going on! Almost 12 years into the series, and everyone still does “Tin Foil Hat” theories to cope from that fact.

      • Thats why I stopped playing KH after part II

        Story was decent, had a good beginning middle and an end for part I

        Part II improved upon the original, expanded the story, and gave us epic boss fights; it became the kind of game you made multiple save files for just to go back and kick some organization 13 ass. Controls were tweaked to make the game (and camera angles) better than the original. One would think a simple triangle button for every special move in the game would kill the game play but it made ‘cutscene-like-attacks’ that much more enjoyable seeing you pull them out at perfect times to turn the battles in your favor.

        But along came the handhelds, the spin-offs, the unecessary prequels/’sequels’/inter-quels , etc. The controls lost ‘something’ when transitioning to handhelds and the games gave us more backstory than we wanted. Sure some questions were answered but many more surfaced that we didn’t really care for.

        Here’s hoping KH3 incorporates a ‘summary’ of every past game (doesnt need to include parts I and II but if they do then its cool) kinda like Xenosaga episode 3 did in regards to part II’s story. Would be a nice addition to finally finish up the series and know wtf is actually going on when we see that final cutscene once and for all…

        (and hoping we dont get yet ANOTHER secret ending hinting at another game which will turn into 3-5 more unecessary spin-offs/ before we get an as of now, unecessary part 4 O_o)

        • Göran Isacson

          Sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but yeah: Nomura has already confirmed that after KH3, which will wrap up the whole story revolving around Xehanort, there WILL apparently be more adventures, although he hinted that there will be a timeskip and that the new games will be about a whole new adventure that you don’t NEED to have played the previous games to understand. Now, whether he KEEPS that promise remains to be seen…

          • He also did say that Sora and frends will still be playable after KHIII with whatever new threat that comes their way.

          • Yeah i saw that part mentioning the “End of the Xehanort saga” which usually implies more KH-like games down the pipeline… For me personally part 3 (and now DDD thx to DOuble Cross’s post about an actuall in-game summary avail. in that game) will be the end for me, (if it even ends the Xeha-saga as he promised us…) and I will officially be done with the series.

            Nothing wrong with milking the cow repeatedly as long as it gives the same quality milk each time but clearly we didn’t get that through the entirety of the Xeha-saga, or at least that’s how I feel about it.

            In other news: FFXI just in its Nov. 7th update got a new Wildskeeper Rieve (Endgame Serverwide boss fights) starring “Ice Mufasa” and his Pumbaa army. Good stuff ^ ^

          • Göran Isacson

            As someone who played DDD (I have played ALL of the KH games, kinda obsessive like that), I have to admit that the summary is a pretty barebones one. It does it’s job, but it’s not a very comprehensive one that will explain all. Also, while I enjoyed the game and the system where you raise monsters as your party members, the final plot twist of that game…

            Let’s just put it this way: did you think Kingdom hearts 2 could be a little vague sometimes, what with all the talk about Nobodies and Heartless and people who don’t have hearts, except then they kinda do, or maybe they don’t etc etc? DDD blows that game out of the water when it comes to headspinningly, overly complex plot twists. I stared slackjawed at the screen in amazement at how they actually went THERE. If you can borrow it i do recommend it, it’s a pretty game and the Pinocchio world and Fantasia world are almost worth the time to play them alone. But the final plot twist, man. Your heart will not be prepared.

        • Well, like the guy before me said, there will still be more sequels after Xehanort’s ambitions do reach a final end.

        • Double Cross

          Dream Drop Distance, as the 10th anniversary game, already included the previous game summary texts. It also included a glossary of terms for everything that was brought up in-story.

          • Ok then this one i need to borrow then, play a little catch up for part 3, thx for the info.

          • Double Cross

            Fair warning though, DDD is kinda confusing plot-wise anyway and I’m rather sure it uses the game’s particular setting as an excuse for that. It still has some of the best lines and moments of the series though.

            Couple of tips: never use 3D while fighting enemies, check in with your Dream Eaters once in a while, and stock up on Drop-Me-Nots. It’ll take a while to get used to the Drop system but it’s entirely controllable once you’ve made a few mistakes first.

            Also, there are a few The World Ends With You spoilers, though they’re kind of oddly done.

      • Hisham Arif

        Haha. “Tin Foil Hat” hit the nail on the head. Kudos!

    • NRool

      My sister has watched me play XIII and XIII-2 a whole lot but never played it herself, but when she tried out the demo set up in London recently she seemed to have a basic grasp of how to play,, kinda.

      But as you said, she had NO clue what the hell was going on with the story, since she never listened to anything story related from XIII-2, but she was happy Hope was back which was nice for her!

      • Dark Zerato

        So your sister has the same taste with Lightning.

  • Chaos_Knight

    *thinks of Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World after reading title*

    • YA BEAT ME TO IT! I even had a few paragraphs and stuff. Aw…

    • Nice Boat Quatro

      Noel: Why can’t I beat you?
      Lightning: YOU’RE TOO SLOW!

  • Neophoton

    I just imagined Lightning dancing/singing to Colors of the Wind…

    • Ferrick

      but does she paint the colors of the wind too ?

      • Neophoton

        She paints the colors of the sequels instead, my dear.

  • revenent hell

    ” you’ll be rotating three different battles styles (and appearances), which will all have their own ATB bars, making it feel as if you’re controlling three different characters, according to Sawada.”
    Sorry but no. Watching different meters and being able to alternate fighting styles doesn’t make people feel like they are using different characters. Way to many people have played games where systems like this or similar to this have been used , and while I may enjoy it, it doesn’t make me feel like I have a “party” when I don’t.
    Also the battle system for these games have not been fun to me and where more or les “auto battle” threw out them.
    Personally I think if a “New” battle system was in place here instead of what was previously given in XIII and XIII-2 these gauges and battle dress changes would work but with the way the battle system has been it doesn’t give me any hope for it being improved upon here

    • Virevolte

      Well, I tried it and found it really fun.You’ll see for yourself in february.

      • revenent hell

        I will at that! Im just…..cautious, I guess at this point I remember when XIII came out I was actually amongst the rare few who where optimistic about it and blah blah blah…. So its probably an expect the worst and maybe you wont be disappointed scenario im working with

  • Monterossa

    This game is going to be awesome. Japanese gamers also want it more than FFXV according to Famitsu poll.

    • saxophone15

      Not surprising. Generally, people want the game that is closest to release the most.

  • Kilim

    colors badgame

  • Göran Isacson

    Can’t exactly say I felt like it was like controlling three characters… it was kinda fun figuring out how to create smoothly flowing combos and figure out which attacks worked best in what combination, but the attack animations and different sorts of attacks weren’t THAT different when I played. It’s more like having one character with a large set of attacks on cooldown, kinda like The World Ends With You, rather than having three separate characters.

  • Kelohmello

    “Please don’t hesitate to play the game in Easy Mode” huh… That makes it sound like normal might be a challenge. I hope so. I would really love it if this game was difficult.

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