Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Alters Lightning’s Silly Sorceress Pose

By Spencer . November 7, 2013 . 5:58pm

Square Enix poured on the "fanservice" for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Siliconera and other attendees at Square Enix’s pre-E3 showcase first noticed this when we played the game. Lightning has an out of character victory pose when she wears her Sorceress garb.



Considering Lightning’s stoic personality and the fact that she’s a goddess or something of the sort ferrying souls to stop the end of the world this just doesn’t fit into who Lightning was in Final Fantasy XIII and the sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2.


During a fan presentation in Japan, the developers also talked about how Lightning’s boobs jiggle and confirmed they boosted Lightning’s bust. Why did Square Enix feel the need to do this since other Final Fantasy games steered clear of this kind of stuff? That’s the question Siliconera asked Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase.


"The particular pose seen in the E3 playable demo has since been revised," Kitase explained to Siliconera. "Lightning’s 3D model is not repurposed from the prior two installments, but it was recreated from scratch. During that process, we reevaluated her overall proportions in order to accommodate for the schemata changes with the 80 + outfits we have in store, and reached her current design as the result."


"Through the previous two installments, we aimed to achieve the highest level of freedom for the players with this last installment. At the same time, we chose to release part of Lightning’s characteristics to the fans. Many of the garb are intended to broaden the perception of Lightning’s image, and the choice is all entrusted in the hands of the players. A big feature of this game is that the garb that you choose will be reflected in the field, in battle, and in cutscenes. Depending on what garb Lightning is wearing, the impression that the player receives on certain cutscenes would drastically be different. But that is the player’s choice," Kitase continued.


Garb is more than cosmetic. The Sorceress garb (now called Mist Wizard) gives Lightning black magic spells while other outfits focus on dealing physical damage.


Lightning 13 Lightning 13-2


"If you prefer to play Lightning as her original self, we recommend you to equip her with the Equilibrium, or the garb from Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy XIII-2 which you can actually get if you have save data from the previous two installments!. If you’re more adventurous, you may want to try out a more comical or a more radical garb. Of course, we have sleek and cool outfits as well as beautiful and elegant garb. We would love for you to coordinate your very own Lightning, and share your screenshots via social media! We hope to see a hundred different Lightning created from a hundred different points of views," Kitase said.

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  • Altin

    Dem armpits

  • Enma_Kozato

    Soooo SE spent two games giving Lightning a serious overbearing personality, but then in the third they scrap it to what the player wants depending on what she’s wearing?

    • Sakurazaki

      inb4 alternate universe theory

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Well that would be true if her personality changed outside of the winposes

      • Enma_Kozato

        “A big feature of this game is that the garb that you choose will be reflected in the field, in battle, and in cutscenes. Depending on what garb Lightning is wearing, the impression that the player receives on certain cutscenes would drastically be different. But that is the player’s choice,” Kitase continued.”

        but… I don’t even know anymore. Having the ability to show different outfits you have equipped in cutscenes shouldn’t be a big thing.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          But where’d your noiz comment go T+T
          Anyways he says that the impression of the scene changes that could mean ethier she changes during cutscenes or it’s like having a funeral with bright colors and the impression get from it change because of the bright colors even though there’s a dead guy right in front of them

          • Enma_Kozato

            I’m sorry, I can edit it back in (; 0 ;)
            /Noiz bias

            Yeah, I started thinking that after posting, haha. I thought the idea would be she’d do little things in the cutscenes that would change on what she was wearing and not necessarily the feeling of the scene.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            So many people are going to be confused over this and then when it comes out thee are going to be just as many people who are angry that he wasn’t forward with what he meant.But I’ve learned not to expect much from square enix they did good with the relaunch of 14 and this looks like they are trying to redeem the series with the same seriousness and 15 looks good too but if i get my hopes up they might be crushed. So i can’t get excited for a cute lightning outside of battle or at least a lightning with expressions other then ice.

          • X14

            I’m hoping this clothing system carries over to XV, I want to deck out my pretty boys in sick threads as we style the monsters.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Shirtless bunny speedos with a giant cotton tail

    • WyattEpp

      I’d like it better if she was the same character the whole time and it was clear that she’s just using the outfits for their buffs and abilities. Lampooning their design even as she lays waste to everything that moves. “Uncomfortable, but the spells are practical.” “This is hard to move in; I hope it’ll hold up.” “Some pants would be nice.” “I need a new tailor.”

      • ShadowDivz

        It is essentially what the game is.

        i mean, the clothes are up to the player no? It’s still the same personality.

        • WyattEpp

          What I’m saying is I want it to have more self-awareness.

    • FlyingPony

      It do add the replaybility value..

  • Hinataharem

    Oh cool, original the outfits

  • BillyMK

    So they just won’t admit that the game is pure “fan-servicing” the caracter because they’re desperate for money? You guys are really screwed up if you can’t see why Lightning’s character is not fit as DOA wannabe.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      No it’s more like fan servicing the character because A) they can and B) because it’s the last game
      If it was just that they would have rehashed 13/2 and called it a day like -cough- cod-cough-

    • Guest

      True that, we have higher standards.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Yep it’s really sad and obvious. But costume dlc probably sold a bunch in XIII-2 and they might as well milk it.

  • JustThisOne

    Weeeell, I’m glad they noticed some of the poses were out of character. But will they do that for all poses though? Or what are they changing them to?

    • KanjiLikesBoys

      I doubt it. The Catgirl outfit from FFXIV: ARR still looks completely wrong/

  • I’d like boob jiggle physics more if….y’know, they jiggled like real boobs. Game boob “jiggle” is more of a forced bounce where even turning slightly causes them to move.

    Whatever. Let them squeeze the last few drops from this and see if they can make something good out of it.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      They do jiggle like real boobs that’s why they are so unexciting it’s like DOA all over again

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      As long as it isn’t this bad then we’re fine (I think…):

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        If only they did go anime ridiculous instead of realistic

      • Bobby Jennings

        That is…interesting to say the least.

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          I would say horrifying. I wanted to watch a zombie anime and instead I got really bad softcore porn.

          • Bobby Jennings


          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            It’s shocking but I’d say it’s as fan-servicy as Queen’s Blade.

          • Bobby Jennings

            And Queen’s Blade is pretty crazy.

          • ShadowDivz

            To be fair. The artist of HOTD did draw(still does?) hentai before.

          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            Now that’s news to me. I’m not particularly shocked since many artists worked on heintai before switching to mainstream anime.

            I remember hearing about a Gundam artist that started working as an animator on Urotsukidoji, the artist of Growlanser doing 1 or 2 hentais and ARMS, the team that made Elfen Lied, working on stuff like Kite or hard stuff like Night Shift Nurses. It sounds insane but then you realize that they need to pay their bills.

          • Or maybe, they weren’t just trying to pay the bills and actually enjoyed doing work like that? X3

            I must say though, I think the exaggeration in the anime that you’re talking about is easily eclipsed by the exaggeration in your previous two comments here, lol. If that’s how you see them that’s fine, but coming from someone who’s seen both shows (and other shows with fanservice) thoroughly, I have to really disagree.

            While HotD had a lot of jiggle moments and other fanservicy things, there was hardly any nudity. The fanservice quotient only really spiked in episode 6 and the OVA. QB, on the other hand, had someone topless at least once in every episode. I’d say that’s a huge difference in fanservice. Also, QB has often been called “borderline porn”, but aside from a few moments of yuri-ness, there’s hardly anything to make me agree. There’s more “porn” in many R rated films, in that case. Something like Kanokon, on the other hand… X3 now that’s borderline.

          • ShadowDivz

            And like all celebrities and 18year old girls in college,
            They turn to pornography to pay their dues.

            Hehehe. Life.

            Seriously though, The artist of growlanser i can believe because i have “stumbled” upon a hentai that has VERY similar art.

            Kite and Elfen Lied, i find believable. Their both pretty dark.

            As for Night Shift Nurses…. I don’t even wanna–
            *walks away*

          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            I wasn’t joking about the Grownlanser artist (Satoshi Urushihara) working on hentai. Just a quick look in his Wiki article and turns out he worked on Another Lady: Innocent. Which was also made by ARMS (The studio that made Elfen Lied, Kite, Queen’s Blade and even Ikki Tousen and the aforementioned hentais which I’d mention again but just reading the wiki pages made me ill). Now that I think about it they have the most appropiate name for a company like that.

            Back to the topic though, I’d be offended but it seems to be pretty minor addition. It’s like the Sixaxis Ninja Gaiden Sigma II additions which are barely noticeable because there are 10 soldiers shooting missiles at you at the same time. Is it sexist? Maybe(?) Does it make the game sleazy and unpleasant beyond belief? No.

            Lets face it: stuff like “fan-service” exists on every media (Commercials, movies, music videos, etc.) but somehow we’ve ignored it everywhere else except anime and gaming. It’s probably because it’s more extreme(?) and more “in-your-face”.

          • ShadowDivz

            Probably. Or it’s just because being a gamer is the “in thing” right now and moralfags white knights, angry housewives with nothing to do (and whatever other extremist/bored person with wifi) jump on whatever the “in thing” is hoping to find fault.

      • Luis Ibal


    • So true. They really don’t move like real boobs. All the time and effort that’s spent, you’d think they’d want to get it realistic. Wouldn’t realistic be sexier if that’s what they’re going for?

      Anyway, Kitase side-stepped the entire question.

      • Kumiko Akimoto


      • ShadowDivz

        realism sexy? Realism in a fictional world?
        Is it opposite day already? xD

        • Arrei

          …Fiction is not a get-out-of-jail-free card. A fictional world employing physics similar to reality’s means the same laws would be obeyed – you can’t set up a world with the same gravity and forces as the real world and then hand-wave chestburster breasts as “lolfiction”.

          That’s like establishing that fire burns people and then having a normal guy take in dip in lava and come out unscathed because “it’s fiction”. If there aren’t any fictitious effects like fire resistance acting upon something, then you can’t use fiction as an excuse, and I’m pretty sure characters aren’t wearing Magic Breastplates of +5 Jiggling.

          It’s clear to everyone breasts physics are the way they are because of fanservice, but you can’t claim it’s justified by being fictitious. I’m one to indulge in such things myself, but you’d have to admit, sometimes it just looks rather ridiculous. (*cough* DoAX2)

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            I’m sorry to say this but no. It’s a fictional world even if it does employ some kinds of real world physics if your gonna complain about unrealistic boob jiggles complain about over sized weapons, impractical weapons, monsters, teleportation, magic.. ect ect

          • Arrei

            Did you miss the whole point of the comment?

            Many things in a fictional world can be explained by “it’s magic, I ain’t gotta explain shit.”

            Contrary to popular belief, breasts ain’t magic, and so do not get to be under that explanation.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            No no I’m sorry that won’t work, equal treatment you say that fictional things need to be justified then everything needs to be justified. If i wanted to say that those breast move that way because of the way the power flows through her clothes then by golly i can say that if “It’s magic, i ain’t gotta explain shit” applies other wise it’s everything or nothing. You can’t nitpick you way out of that dude.

          • Arrei

            If you wanted to create a world in which that existed, you damn sure could. I never said you couldn’t.

            The point is, no one else has made that world. Fireballs don’t burn the hands that cast them because spellcasting doesn’t even exist in reality and so doesn’t operate on real world laws, a tiny bikini armor is more effective than a full suit of iron plate because it’s a magic bikini, and so forth, yet breast physics in games just jiggle that way as if that’s the natural way for breasts to jiggle with no enhancement whatsoever. Being fictional is thus not an excuse because no fictional quality was ever applied to them.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            It’s so easy for the developers to make up a “it’s magic, i ain’t gotta explain shit” explanation. That and the fact that don’t jiggle like real tits is the fictitious element that’s being applied to them.

          • Arrei

            They always COULD make up an explanation. But they don’t. Because adding that caveat in the middle of an otherwise serious game is completely out of place, because the game might not even feature a fictional world but still have breast jiggle, or whatever else.

            And no, that doesn’t work, because we once again return to there being nothing magical about breasts in these fictional worlds. If everything else in the world that isn’t magic obeys normal physics, and there is nothing out of the ordinary about the breasts, then there is no reason that breasts would obey their own unique set of physics.

            That is where realism and fiction intersect to create the full fantasy world – realism fills in the spots that aren’t explicitly changed by the fiction. A horse in a work of fiction still acts like a horse, unless it’s not a horse. Remember that that’s what I was replying to in the first place – the notion that realism doesn’t have any place in a work of fiction just because it’s a fantasy, which is utterly false.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Well again if your still using that sort of logic the fact that the breast aren’t realistic is the fantasy like change done to them magic or not. Though would it make a difference if they made up something just to make you happy? If i’m forced to have realistic breast jiggles then I’d rather the game be completely realistic i don’t want realistic breast jiggles but for her to carry a weapon that is too heavy to hold or made out of material from the real world that doesn’t function like that.
            A horse in a work of fiction can talk, that’s not a normal function of horse, sometimes they can walk, have houses, live in full fields communities ride other horses other animals.
            You can have realism in a fantasy but thinking that just because something appears in the real world and doesn’t act that way in the fictional place is bad is pretty wrong as well.

          • Arrei

            Now we’re going in circles. Again, the problem is when the world ALREADY established similarity to reality, then has something that’s randomly out of touch with it. Game worlds usually feature the same physics that act on everything – unless explicitly stated otherwise, gravity works the same, the laws of motion work the same, and so forth, until some fictional force creates a difference – magic generates matter out of nothing and super advanced fictional technology lets you fly and teleport, but if an ordinary person falls off a building or runs face-first into a wall, they still get hurt.

            Repeating for clarity’s sake, the game worlds already establish realistic physics. We can see everything else in the world operates on physics comparable to those found in reality. But then there’s just the sweater puppies jiggling about like nobody’s business.

            You cannot play the fiction card here because the problem isn’t the physics being unrealistic, it’s the physics being at odds with the work of fiction’s own established situation.

            Seeing as we’ve come full circle back to my original comment’s content, I cannot make it any clearer than that. I will leave it at this.

          • Steven Higgins

            Well, Light DID have that anti gravity device in the first game… maybe still does, maybe she keeps in hidden in her cleavage until she needs it and maybe it causes some lingering effects when not in use.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            I didn’t know that weapons being able to ignore the law of gravity counted as realistic physics.
            I’m sorry but you can always play the fiction card no matter what you talking about unless you mean to look at everything else in the world.
            Magic can generate matter out of nothing but how can you explain that with science.
            Most things with advanced science never get down to he nitty gritty of things and never explain with real world standards how things come about.
            The fact that you can fall from a huge building at times or a height that would obviously leave you incapacitated is never fully explained.
            Why can you take more bullets then a cut scene would suggest?
            Why can you take more hits then a cut scene would suggest?
            Fiction is fiction no matter what it is if one part can be stretched to fit the fictional world then it shouldn’t come as surprised something else doesn’t function that way. The same goes for the law of physics is can be similar to the real world but it doesn’t have to function the same way.
            I don’t know how else to tell you that fiction is fiction

          • Hmm, maybe I should take a crack at this, if you don’t mind. Eyes are so big in these fantasy worlds because… magic? A lot of little things in fiction are
            unrealistic but never explained. Well, I guess using fantasy and fiction as an explanation is the wrong direction to take here, it’s more of an artistic or aesthetic choice to me, like other exaggerated or defined features. If I have to assume any kind of explanation for physical features like that, I don’t think of magic, I just think “that’s just how people are in this world”. The artist doesn’t need to explain, I can see that “eyes look like this” and “breasts look and move like this” in the world that the artist created, so I accept it. I mean, maybe elasticity can reach higher levels in this world? But besides that, I look at the largest eyes in anime to be no different from large eyes in real life in my mind, because my mind interprets it the same way “these eyes are big so this person looks more cute/youthful to me”.

            Allow me to talk factually for a moment… some people say “breasts don’t move like that” but that is actually an inaccurate thing to say. Breasts don’t just move one way, every woman is different and different factors come into play, such as size, elasticity, clothing, etc. I’ve watched gravure videos where women (usually larger breasted but some of average size too) wearing flimsy bikinis can’t seem to do anything without their breasts wobbling or jiggling. Allow me to celebrate this truth with a little bit of Rachel Williams :3

            Some people don’t like it when artists make their
            characters have impossible hairstyles (Dragon Ball Z, Yu-gi-oh). Some people don’t like it when characters have muscles upon muscles. Some
            people don’t like it when artists make all their male characters look like girls or their female characters look 10 years younger than they really are. Some people don’t like the artist creating a world where
            noses are non-existant, so they stay away from works like that… and some people can’t seem to allow their minds to accept large breasts or jiggling, so they stay away from that. I just wish people wouldn’t make something they can’t get themselves to like seem like it’s always something inherently wrong…

            If they suddenly gave Lightning noticeably crazy jiggle physics, would I accept that if I were a fan of the series? No, I wouldn’t, but it would be because it’d be like suddenly giving all the characters bigger eyes or removing their noses but not changing anything else in the style aesthetically. It would screw with the established style of the series. Then, here you could argue “but what about the Zelda series?”, well that’s a completely different situation where each game isn’t connected like FFXIII’s is, and when they change Link’s look then they also change the entire artstyle of the game over all. Now, if FFXVI were to have crazy jiggle from the get-go, I personally wouldn’t mind, but I assume that most FF fans aren’t into that kind of style at all… lol.

          • ShadowDivz

            I was kidding. notice the xD at the end?
            Jesus, you people take boobs seriously.


          • Arrei

            Buddy, boobs are ALWAYS serious.

          • ShadowDivz

            Agreed. Im at fault.
            I have dishonered the title of pervert…

      • Spicydicey

        I detest how interviews with Japanese developers never seem to get any real answers from tough questions like this.

        As for the main issue, boob jiggle is already enough of a joke, but increasing her bust size? Keep it classy, Square Enix.

        • yeah, even here, Reggie from Nintendo and folks like that are pretty careful and evasive, but not to this extent. It’s like if someone asks me if I want a glass of orange juice and I start talking about the different ways to cook a potato.

          It isn’t even so much that I mind boob jiggle. I’d like a realistic boob jiggle, I think, and when they don’t move at all, it’s a bit strange. But 99% of what we see in games is just flopping around like slow-motion waterballoons, which is even more obnoxious than having none at all.

          Of course, increasing her bust size was only to make her look better in a more varied selection of outfits. Right. If that really is the answer, that’s almost worse than “gamers tend to like bigger boobs.)

          Oh well. If they get the gameplay right, I will forget all about boobs and gratuity.

          • Spicydicey

            Couldn’t have put it better myself!

    • Jahred Down

      I just glanced at your comment, but I saw it as ” I’d like boob jiggle physics more if….y’know……Let them squeeze the last few drops from this”

      I had to double take xD

    • ShadowDivz

      Screw real boobs!(in both sense of the word)
      This is fiction pal! Reality has no place here.

      You want real boobs jiggle? Go to a gym.
      Hell, im amazed we’re even using gravity in games. xD

    • Nana

      Well, it’s working to attract the desperate fanboys, so I guess they’re fine. Some fanboys just will pay out of their nose to see some jiggle, pathetic, but what can you do.

    • LightningFarron19

      THe slight boob jiggling thing isn’t something that just popped up in Final Fantasy, or have people forgotten Tifa and Lulu.

      The only real problem is that it doesn’t really fit her character.

      • Did Tifa’s? Which game? Certainly not FFVII? If so, I totally missed it. Don’t really remember Lulu’s jiggling, but that definitely sounds plausible.

        • LightningFarron19

          You did. There were several pre rendered cutscenes.

          Especially at the end when the ship was rocking as the meteor hit Midgar.

        • Chido55

          She was jigglin for sure in Dissidia Duodecim, lulz

          • I missed all of this!

          • Okay, I youtubed it. I wish they’d make them jiggle realistically if they’re going to do it.

  • Pawkette

    Does it bother anyone else that they’re basically making “She was dressed in revealing clothing, so she was asking for it” The Game? Jesus, how is this even happening?

    • Landale

      Given the usual application of that phrase I’ve just got to ask; What is wrong with you? Are you seriously comparing fanservice to rape?

      • Pawkette

        I’m suggesting that the concept of people treating you a certain way depending on how you’re dressed is pretty terrible. Especially to base a gameplay mechanic on.

        • Landale

          You did a horrible job of suggesting it, your wording sends a completely different message.
          And the concept of people acting a certain way either because of how they, or people they’re interacting with, are dressed isn’t really all that terrible or offensive. It’s such a basic point of human interaction that even I grasp that one, and I’m pretty clueless when it comes to that sort of thing.

        • EinMugenTenshin

          I think you worded yourself a little bad, but I can sympathize with the message, if the message is that people should be able to wear what they want without being discriminated against (still unsure if this is what you meant?).

          • Pawkette

            Yes, you’ve got it! Sorry about the way things have been worded. All about the perspective from which we approach things.

          • Landale

            “Fanservice = Descrimination = Rape. Any being justified is attempting to justify all.” This is your train of logic? Seriously? There is a massive fucking world of difference between what is going on in your head and reality.

          • EinMugenTenshin

            You slippery slope it here I believe.

            She simply worded herself badly.

          • Landale

            I’m not the one who made the rape comparisons. I’m trying to wrap my head around how someone could make that comparison.

          • EinMugenTenshin

            She never said anything about rape. This is basically the arch typical debate about… look, let us make it short with an example. In the immigration papers you have to tell certain groups that “Women who wears revealing clothing is not a sign of immoral behavior”. Some people in certain cultures actually believe that revealing clothing justifies discriminating actions against them. Be it harassment, sexual discrimination, refusal of employment and so on. It is simply a statement that demotes a culture where that is ok.

          • Landale

            “She was dressed in revealing clothing, so she was asking for it” No, she didn’t use the word rape. She just used a pretty common shitty justification people try to use for it.

          • Symbol de Au

            Apparently thinking of someone differently because they dressed differently is a horrible thing to do. I suppose I should never look at someone dressed in big floppy shoes and a big red nose as a clown, I should never think of someone dressed in a police uniform as a police officer, and I should never think of someone dressed in all black with a spikey robe as the villain of the cartoon I’m watching. Those examples somehow missed the mark? Considering this is a fictional character she was referring to and thinking of her differently based on how she dressed is a crime I think my third example was pretty spot on.

          • EinMugenTenshin

            I believe the point is that you should treat both the clown and policeman with respect regardless.

          • Symbol de Au

            “the concept of people treating you a certain way depending on how you’re dressed is pretty terrible.”

            I don’t believe that quote comes very close to expressing that point.

          • EinMugenTenshin

            We’ve been through this, she simply worded herself poorly. She said so when I asked her further up, and it was understood what she actually meant to say and asked for confirmation which she gave.

          • Symbol de Au

            Alright so this is her message, (albiet in your words): “people should be able to wear what they want without being discriminated against”. Fair enough, but I don’t agree with it. I know horrible me promoting discrimination, but if someone is wearing a shirt with a big **** you scrawled across it, and 12 piercings forgive me for wanting to avoid them, and If a girl walks by me in a six-inch skirt forgive me for thinking they get around. I don’t care if it’s “discrimination”.

          • Landale

            Even cutting her terrible choice of words out, which she curiously claims to be both inappropriate and appropriate, and putting in the more sane interpretation, there’s still a major disconnect.
            Where does fanservice become discrimination? And if it does become discrimination, is it a positive or negative one?

        • Symbol de Au

          If people are pushing for a world where everyone is treated the same regardless of how they dress they are naïve. That’s all there is to it. I’m also not sure that would be a good thing. People should not get raped based on how they dress but that doesn’t mean people need to condone the way they dressed.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Where are we getting this from. This is Style Savvy or folks being able to enjoy a bloody video game the way they choose to. Please take the hyper reactions to everything elsewhere.

      • Pawkette

        It wasn’t meant to be a hyper reaction, but instead an analogy to other situations in which the attire of someone is used as means to justify their treatment. It was out of taste, I admit, but aptly expresses the point I intended to make. Which is that this is probably not the greatest game mechanic given how obviously it reinforces a negative behavior, and belief.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          If you tie dressing digital girls in cute costumes to real world crimes you must accept not everyone will see things the same way. This is putting your Phantasy Star character in a Rappy suit or dressing your Imagine: Fashion Designer doll in some gothic lolita outfit. It’s meant to give folks an attachment and reason to play — and that is a very good thing.

          • Pawkette

            I can understand that people will feel differently about the subject. I don’t have to believe their opinion is correct, or even valid. Especially since it’s been well proven that games do not operate in a vacuum.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I appreciate the posts and the concerns that you are bringing up. Welcome but do recognize our community thinks more than we rile to hate. Thanks for the participation.

          • Pawkette

            Most certainly don’t hate, I’ll probably be playing along with everyone else. I think it’s possible to be critical of subject matter while still enjoying it.

      • I bet if this wasn’t an FF game, people wouldn’t complain.

    • ShadowDivz

      Hey everybody, check it out! You’ll never believe this!

      We have a girl on the internet complaining about a video game character’s clothing! EVERYBODY STOP WHAT YOUR DOING! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING AND IT IS DEFINITELY A FIRST!


      • Arizato

        Are you seriously getting worked up that a girl is having an opinion? Are you living in the 1800s?

        • Landale

          I think it’s less “getting worked up that a girl is having an opinion” and more mocking the sheer insanity of how they chose to present it; Comparing fanservice to rape, only claiming it’s about discrimination after someone else says maybe that’s what they’re on about, while saying that opinions dissenting hers are invalid as far as she’s concerned.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Maybe, but that’s not what the response to the response you’re responding to is talking about.

            Shadow is pretty much getting worked up about a girl saying something about a female characters outfit, no doubt in reference to how much this issue has exploded recently. He’s not talking about the actual content of her post and if it’s wrong.

          • Landale

            I can see the relation between Shadow’s post and the person he put it in response to. Dramatic attention whoring with no intent to actually discuss in response to dramatic attention whoring with no intent to actually discuss. The only difference being one has both an indication and history to indicate a lack of seriousness in the action, the other not so much.

          • Arizato

            I was not trying to debate wether Shadow or Pawkette was right. But rather how Shadow first says that “woman want to feel sexy” and then later responding to a girl basically pointing and saying: “A GIRL CRITICIZING VIDEOGAMES? BLASPHEMY!”

        • ShadowDivz

          No i was referring to how… ugh, nevermind.

    • Pekola

      How can you even remotely compare a dress-up/class mechanic in a game to sexual assault?

      Honestly. I can understand finding the whole thing problematic but let’s not exaggerate.

  • Dark Zerato

    Inb4, people will spend hours to dress and undress her.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      To be as fabulous as i can be i would waste any amount of time

      • ShadowDivz

        *nods in agreeement

  • NightzeroAX

    To play as vanilla Lightning or Valkyrie Lightning on the first playthrough. Hmmm..

  • Yvonne Tsang

    Omg, I finally get to play in her FF13-2 outfit!!

  • EinMugenTenshin

    Look at her face then look at her costume and posing. It is almost like they just put the head in at the end. -_-

    • fairysun

      Bad photoshop from Square

    • Spicydicey

      Say what you want about FF13’s Lightning, but she would never have worn something as stupid as that. Bad show, SE.

  • Suriel Cruz

    *reads title* Thank God not only me, thinks it is silly.

  • Jordan Coleman

    So on the field can we just have her wear her original outfit and then in battle obviously switch to the outfit that has the abilities needed. Ok thats cool, hopefully that one doesn’t have the really uneeded and disgusting boob jiggle. Why they felt the need to sex up Lightning I have no idea.

    Well I have one and it just makes me think less of SE.

  • Guest


  • Loli Summoner

    Why do people make such a big deal when it comes to video game girls having big breast or juggly breast….not a big deal really its a videogame.I find it funny when its in something like a “movie” or a “anime” its np but if in a video game, god forbid lol.Society is stupid sometimes.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Yeah people really shouldn’t complain about the images that aspects of society cast apon genders and races. And yeah people just don’t complain about it. No one’s ever complained about women magazines like Cosmo and the image they put in young girls minds. No one’s ever complained about rap videos. Yeah no one has problems in movies too, no one ever comments when a young starlet who is a role model has a nude scene. I guess the whole ratings thing for movies is just there for the hell of it.

      Comics also have no problems, that whole “women in refrigerator’s” is about something else.

      Anime forums never have debates about fanserivce anime. Everyone likes that new wresting girl anime, no one’s cried foul about it.

      It’s really just video games that get this flack and it’s not a problem anywhere else either. Man and it’s not even a big deal. I mean why should it be? Who cares about promoting other examples of people in my boy’s club medium. Thats stupid.

      • Loli Summoner

        Umm Ok then…self righteous much?

        • Jordan Coleman

          Not at all. I’m just not ignorant to what goes on around me. To be self-righteous I’d have to have an actual stake and opinion on many of the things I listed and I don’t.

          I’m sorry, what you said was very stupid. You basically said “why is this a big issue, oh hehehe it’s not”.

          You don’t have to agree or even care, but it’s pretty dumb not to understand why people take issue with gender roles and representations in games and in things in general.

          You also said a very stupid thing in that “video games only catch this flack” which is incredibly insane. I mean really you’ve never seen any anime related discussion on how women are treated? Really? Comic books?

          I mean to say this doesn’t come up in movies is pretty asinine. This issue and all things related to it have existed forever. To basically laugh it off as something that’s not a problem and to laughably say it only attacks (my) video games is kind of bad.

          If that makes me self-righteous then fine, but no it’s called just knowing what people are talking about.

          • Loli Summoner

            I’m not even going to argue with you, because no matter what I say your not going to agree and no matter what you say I’m not going to agree.We are just gonna have to agree to disagree.I don’t think its a big freaking deal, you do,lets just leave it at that.I will admit,I a was one sided on the rating on movies and anime but I still think its not as heavily judged as video games are but anyways again,we have to agree to disagree.

          • Jordan Coleman

            There’s nothing to argue. I’m not even trying to convince you of anything. I don’t care if you agree or not, there’s nothing to agree upon here. I even said you don’t have to care. Can you read?

            You basically said “only video games have this issue and nothing else”.

            Which is silly.

          • Loli Summoner

            A cookie for you for not writing me 5 paragraphs.

          • Seriously people it’s okay to argue about a topic but please don’t resort to insults.

          • Loli Summoner


          • :)

          • Jordan Coleman

            A d-bag who understand things at least. I would’nt have it any other way.

            I just wanted to clarify I wasn’t trying to make you agree with anything. There was no argument. That is all.

            I can read. I saw that you relented, but I’m not trying to make you care about any issue, hence I’m not sure why you called me self-righteous.

            Of course it seems big in games, because it’s a hot topic issue as games go through growing pains.

            I just simply found it really silly to say that it’s just games that get this flack. Do they get it worse? I’m not sure. Maybe because games are still growing up they do.

            But this comes up a lot in comic books. Maybe not anime because well Japan(FF is from Japan, but it’s a more worldwide product for sure). Movies. No they still do, but maybe movies are better in this regard. Hell music gets it a big deal, look at Miley.

          • FlyingPony

            Miley is borderline insane, so lets not choose her as ‘look at her’ subject. How about Britney Spears? How about Madonna? How about Megan Fox? Gaga to an extend?

            Few people complain, and unlike video games, where its constantly bombarded by criticism, when the attire is basically the same, the only difference is one real and one is not.

            The games is the one and only medium that get this flack in ridiculous amount that it isn’t funny anymore.

            Erotic novel – free pass. Sexy adds- free pass. Beauty pageant – free pass. Twilight bed scene – free pass. Mr and Ms Smith sex scene – again, free pass.

            Lightning sorceress pose – burn it with fire.

            About the anime part – some complain, and that is because there will always bunch of people that complain – you can’t satisfy everyone. In most case, the ecchi part sit just fine with everyone.

            At least Miley is backed by her fans, and games, yeah, keep getting kicked like a little puppy.

          • Jordan Coleman

            This is all wrong.

            Madonna always has revived criticism. Go back and look at when she released Sex and several of her music videos. And pretty much every other of the artist you listed has come under fire at some point. You are lying.

            Pretty much every live performance with super revealing clothing after any music award show gets talked about and criticized. To say this doesn’t happen means you are either lying or blind. Yep, no one ever criticized Lady Gaga’s performance or that Madonna and Brittney Kiss. NO ONE.

            You must not visit any anime website like Anime News Network, because if you did you wouldn’t be able to lie right now and say most people are fine with ecchi stuff and it never gets attention from western anime fans. Because to say it doesn’t is wrong.

            Sexy adds catch fire all the time. Nobody cares about erotic novels. Twilight has always got attention and criticism because how Bella is presented and it was talked about if parents should let their kids see the last two because of the sex.

            Games are not the only thing that gets criticized at all. To say they are really makes you seem stupid quite honestly. Movies went through this just as well and still do. To say otherwise is wrong. Comic books are never without talk of how they present female characters and hell you couldnt even come up with a lie to defend that so you just ignored it.

            It only looks and seems that way now because it’s a hot topic in games now, which only makes sense. Games are big and continue to get bigger with more and more different types of people playing.

            And then there are people like you who seem to put up this persecution complex. No, no one is kicking the little puppy video games. Thats such a lame analogy, because games aren’t some puppy. People are merely talking about how games treat one gender over the other. Why is that such a terrible thing?

          • FlyingPony

            She did get criticize, but did she come out as a crazy lady that only can look sexy? Nope, and she still regarded as top, popular singer that some even praise her for her great figure and such.. she even won Grammy for crying out loud.

            Madonna kissing Britney- different topic, because a lesbianism is not a main stream item at that point.

            Criticism is always and always be there, you cannot satisfy everybody.

            The point is, unlike other media, which rarely criticize, I see video games CONSTANTLY bombarded for criticism. And interestingly, the Lightning pose is nothing compared to Miley naked swing on a ball, and yet there are people defending it.

          • Jordan Coleman

            So because the criticism does’t lead to some negative effects it’s not there?


            You act like this criticism of XIII-3 will lead to anything, Pretty much all of us will buy this game and enjoy it.

            And all this criticism of games will lead to is some developers trying to make their games better.

            It already has. You’ve head developers like Naughty Dog making better female characters. You even had Dice and Infinity Ward making actual female characters have some actual role in their games.

            So whats the problem? Fanservice isn’t going away. Maybe some people want it to(i sure don’t), but it will still be there.

            Do you think maybe you see video game criticism more because well…………………………your more into video games?

            Because I’m into comic books and these same debates are just as prevalent. It’s not at all unique to games.

          • FlyingPony

            Let me put it in simple word. I do not have problem with real, believable woman character, nor I have problem with fan service type service.

            I also think a goofy outfit that add nothing to the character to be permitted, because if I want a real sense of seriousness, I can use the official outfit and when I am going to play the game for the 100th time, I opted to the more funny/cliche/weird kind of dress so it will freshen up my experience.

            I prefer comics and anime over games by the way, and I do see some criticism over the duo, but not as pressuring and 10 slap on the face rate of video games.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I don’t have any problem with fanservice or having serious characters.

            What I have a problem with is them taking a serious character(that I liked because she was serious) and sexing her up for no other reason but to sell sexy costumes. Costumes are one thing and they can be silly. Those RE5 costumes are silly, but I don’t put any stock in RE characters anyway.

            But they didn’t stop at funny costumes they decided to up her boobs and add giggle and then make some of the costumes increase her giggle. All that really is for is playing up her sex appeal which they didn’t really do before. Yes, I think thats tacky and lame.

          • FlyingPony

            You can think the giggling boobs as the additional to the goofy, optional sorceress outfit. Just an expansion, no big deal.

            The giggling boobs + sorceress pose/outfit is just much as unnecessary as Chris Redfield sailor outfit, and yet people have no problem as the silly features do not damaging Chris serious personality. It actually can damage Chris reputation if we goes by your logic, that Sailor outfit looks very silly on a BSAA agent, but apparently, it didn’t do any damage. At all, Chris still taken seriously as ever.

            If they want a serious Chris, they can equip the SWAT outfit.Just like if they want a serious Lightning, put her official outfit and the 8 hours experience, will goes on as in serious tone.

            If you are bored, here some sorceress outfit to lighten the mood.

            That is why the optional part is appreciated very much.

          • Jordan Coleman

            The giggling boobs aren’t optional.

            You can’t play the whole game in one outfit. You have to change outfits for other stats and abilities.

          • FlyingPony

            I doubt that is the truth, and there are plenty games out there that I can play using one type class and play until the end. With the same stats and abilities.

            Even it is true, I see no problem because it probably a quick switch (like for one quick scene), so its not a big deal. Cloud Strife wear a girl outfit to get into some mansion once, and nobody angry about it.. Dragon Dogma require the arisen to wear a girly, pink dress to explore female thief territory, and nobody say anything because it just a brief moment.

            So, no big issue.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Well if you’ve played any FFXIII game you wouldn’t since the battle system is built on switching classes to defeat monsters. Thats basically what it’s all about. You can’t do anything by making everyone a commando in a XIII game. So have you actually played a XIII game? Now I kind of doubt you have.

            And wow those examples. It’s like you don’t understand context.

          • FlyingPony

            Erotic novel nobody cares? Such bad argument. It still there, isn’t it? Why nobody complain about it, then.

          • Jordan Coleman

            That was more of a joke, but please ingore all the other parts where you are wrong.

            Yes video games only get this

            Not like people have ever written essays and books about what all types of medium do to gender images.

            I mean jesus people, this is like 1st year psych or sociology. These things are prevalent in everything. You’re really going to sit here and tell me it’s just video games.

            ok buddy.

          • FlyingPony

            Well, there are people that write essay or books rebuttal that claim, isn’t it?

            Games is game, whatever happen in game, stay in games. People do know how to differentiate between reality and fantasy, and if games do influence people that much, it must mean that games also influence violent to real people…

            Which is not, there are many studies done and funded by government (which by the way, filled with many people that want violent video games to get banned, maybe just the same view as you looking at games gender)

            Know the result? Nope, no relationship whatsoever, and so not, games will never influence people like you guys claim.Violent in games, stay in games and gender crap whatever thingies, also stay in games.

            ps. Do you ever heard the term 2D and 3D woman? Its a term that used by gamer and anime watcher, to differentiate girls in reality and girls on our earth. It say so much about my claim, game do not influence people viewing in gender in real world, 2D girl may viewed differently but the 3D, real people will still be treated the way they used too.

          • Jordan Coleman

            No one ever claimed video games were influencing anything. Everything you said has nothing to do with anything.

            The issue with female characters in games has less to do with influencing anyone and more to do how with how female characters are depicted and used.

          • FlyingPony

            You are the one claiming video games influence on how people viewing gender. Do you amnesia or something?

          • Jordan Coleman

            No I never said that. Quote me where I did.

  • Ban The Jackass

    I guess they want to cater to the fans’ fantasies. Or maybe along the line, “We’ll just give them the freedom to do whatever they want. To hell with Lightning’s serious personality, we need sales and monies.”

  • ShadowDivz

    I love all the people who are saying “we shouldn’t judge people by their clothes” then assume lightning is whoring herself out because of what she’s wearing.

    Hehe, double standards.

    People lightning is a girl, and girls do like to feel sexy every now and then. Hell we all like to feel sexy now and then(i know i do), what’s wrong with that?

    Sheesh, it’s like the definition of “obligation” and “option” got blurred.

    • Jordan Coleman

      What you’re saying doesn’t even make any sense. Lightining’s character would’nt wear half the stuff she does in the game and regardless it’s not like it’s going to even be dealt with in the game. No where is Light going to say “man I just feel like wearing pink skirt so I can look cute”. The costumes are probably irrelevant to the actual story which is the problem. Here’s tough talking, somewhat cold, goddess girl in short skirts for you’re fapping pleasure. Even her thigh ridden XIII-2 outfit makes more sense.

      It is optional. Oh I’m so happy Square decided to sell out a strong point of this series and sex up their character for whatever reason. I’m so happy they decided to sell outfits so you can increase her boob giggle. It’s ok because it’s optional.

      Except how is that a good excuse? This is not at all for the sake of the character. They won’t dwell on her sexuality in-story. It won’t deal with how Light sees herself and it shouldn’t. It’s just a cheap money grab and checkpoint to appease whatever audience likes it. FF is a product sure, it needs to make money. It would be stupid to hate on them for that, but Christ past FF games didn’t sink this low, even XIII. They’ve always had really pretty and attractive characters, but they never needed “here’s outfits that make the females boob jiggles and you can see her panties” to sell the characters are make them likable. They had more respect and tried to craft likable female characters.

      Lightning Returns will probably be a good game, but this is pretty tacky. I don’t care if it’s an option. It shouldn’t be in there at all.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        You do know that your the only one who’s perceiving the game that way because of your own bias and morals? You say that because they add option clothing that doesn’t do anything to her actual character nor the story, hell she’s not even being shamed for it in game that the game is trash, the developers just wanted to sex her up for no reason. Yeah because if they really only wanted a sex symbol they’d spend lots of money to make a game that wasn’t a porno.
        You are the one treating this game as crash grab, you are the one who’s lowering her character.
        So when you learn to separate your frail opinions from actual facts i think you’ll have something there.

        • Jordan Coleman

          Like how this post doesn’t get deleted.

          The one with “it’s not a porno, so it’s not anything” which doesn’t make since because you don’t have to be a porno to play up sex appeal.

          And the great “well duh” of “you’re just looking at things through you’re own eyes”. No shit.

          Frail opinions vs opinions that make no sense indeed.

          • FlyingPony

            The one that doesn’t make any sense at all is you, and it is not that common for a game to have some ridiculous outfit/armor/weapon.

          • Jordan Coleman

            No, I make sense. I’m not the one saying “only video games get treated like this” like you are. Such nonsense.

          • FlyingPony

            Nope. You are, and yes, only game get these treatment.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            You don’t but anything with sex appeal is seen as the equivalent to a porno

          • Jordan Coleman

            No, no it is’nt.

            Transformer movies have sex appeal. No one sees those as pronos.

            Many mass market things have sex appeal. No one sees them as pronos.

            That doesn’t make any sense.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            -sigh- i said the equivalent the reactions towards sex appeal can be the same as the reactions towards a porno.

      • Pekola

        The clothing aspect is meta alright, but I don’t see why it’s such a big deal when the game has over 80 outfit variations and a big portion of them don’t have excess skin showing.

        And the boob part was mentioned by answering a question. They’re not going around mentioning how much her breasts bounce up and down.

        Square Enix has used exposed skin in the past and they’ve also used dress-up mechanics.

        • X14

          I don’t see how it’s different to X-2, apart from the fact that X-2 locked costumes to roles, and covered it in the story as something like “Now that Yuna isn’t forced to be a summoner she can let loose and be liberated” which could be seen as alarming in itself in a way, what with the low-cut top and short shorts. Or even XIII-2, with Serah and Noel having their own costumes too, one of which was a Bikini, if I remember correctly.

          I’m just happy these costumes aren’t all DLC, other gaming companies would probably do that, and what’s even greater is seemingly the color can be freely customized, which is a great plus, since most of the palette swaps end up clashing horribly in other places.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I didn’t like X-2 either and felt Rikku’s humping the floor was stupid.

            But here’s a big difference.

            X-2 has a radically different tone then X. It’s tropical fun, why not have some cheesecake.

            XIII-3. yeah that seems kind of dark and serious. Haven’t they said so themselves?

          • X14

            But there is still Yusnaan, which is the self proclaimed “City of pleasure” which Lightning is set to infiltrate.
            Overall, it does seem kind of stupid to have a wide array of costumes, yes.
            But I’ll at least be cautiously aware and wait until the game comes out and play through it before I throw my cards on the table and judge something as something.

        • Jordan Coleman

          It’s not going to ruin the game or anything. Like said, it will be fine. I’m still going to buy it and probably won’t care that much in the end.

          Still seems tacky.

      • Paradox me

        Why should Lightning’s attire suddenly require justification in the game’s story/lore? We’re talking about a series rife with costume designs ranging from practical to downright nonsensical, abstract world building and game mechanics that couldn’t possibly be further removed from the narrative, so on and so forth.

        Have any of the games ever touched on why these characters wear half of the outfits that they do, in the situations they’re in? How about the presence of interchangeable ‘jobs?’ For everything that they attempt to explain in-game, just as much slips through the cracks.

        The that the individual costumes and their stylings probably won’t be explained in the game’s narrative is irrelevant—you simply don’t like some of the costumes and feel that they’re a poor fit for the character, and in some cases I’d agree.

        However, considering it’s sole purpose is to facilitate gameplay and has no real effect on the character beyond our own interpretations, I’ll simply avoid costumes that I don’t like and enjoy the game.

        • Jordan Coleman

          Yes. The costumes are irreverent to the game. Hence Shadow’s “maybe she wears them because she wants to be sexy” makes no sense. They have no story relevance and the game will ignore them probably. Which is why that excuse made no sense to me in the first place.

          Square is just sexing them up for sex appeal and to sell you things at the expense of the character’s image. An image they made. I think that sucks.

          • FlyingPony

            And that is why its optional… If you like the original outfit that much, download some hack and delete the sorceress outfit from your game file, then go back to your basement.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I live in an upstairs room in a house that I own thank you very much. The people who sound like basement dwellers are people like you who are oh so afraid of any one making comments on your precious fanservice.

            Its like you can’t read. I already said it was optional and how that doesn’t change anything.

            But apparently its so optional that you are recomedning I hack a game? Wait what? You don’t see how stupid that sounds?

            It’s so optional that you may have to ignore the best stats and also hack you’re game.

            Yep that sounds valid.

            By the way, her original costume is in the game. So you don’t have to hack the game to avoid “optional” content

          • FlyingPony

            What I am saying is you sound you really hate that sorceress costume, and if you hate it THAT MUCH, you should delete it from your file and leave people that want to use it, to use it.

          • Jordan Coleman

            No I dislike that Square decided to do this to the character in the first place.

            But I guess I should hack the game because it’s just an option.

          • FlyingPony

            Why? The are people enjoying the costume, especially for the Japanese people and western anime viewer, which very fond to goofy outfit.

            Dude, if you decide to hate the developer for making the games more enjoyable for everyone, literally everyone except you, because — some enjoy fanservice, some enjoy serious character and both will get the cookies, and you and you alone are bitter over a costume that you can choose not to wear..

          • Jordan Coleman

            Oh please don’t lump all anime viewers into one group. I like anime and I don’t watch ecchi crap.

            The game would have just been enjoyable without boob giggle or sexy costumes. You want to tell me it wouldn’t?

            And again, you keep saying you can just use the default costume. Yet this is a game where you have to change costumes and I doubt you can turn boob giggle off. If you don’t want fanservice you can’t ignore it.

          • Slayven19

            While I could do without the boob giggle the costumes are the selling point of the game. After the disappointment that was XIII and XIII-2 the costumes are the only thing that makes me want to play with lighting again. I honestly just don’t get the boob jiggle though and it seems like it makes no sense to be there.

          • FlyingPony

            I like anime, and I watch that ecchi cra.. no, cookies. Cookies and milk from heaven. Ohh.. that taste good…

            The game is enjoyable without the boobs and sexy costume, but to some people, the additional costume add the enjoyable moment of the game. I am very picky in choosing games, and when I finally attached to one, I play it many times like crazy.

            I also change my gender if possible, always changing my outfit, my class in the next replay, so the new outfit definitely helps me.

            Use the default costume, as costume is purely cosmetic if we goes by FF13-2 rule. Its not a game that require specific outfit for specific skills.

            Plus, there are over 80 outfit to choose from, surely you are not stuck with the giggling boobies outfit if armor skill is your goal..

          • Jordan Coleman

            Costumes aren’t purely cosmetic. You don’t even seem to understand how this game works.

          • FlyingPony


            doesn’t make any sense, but the weapon is there.. Why? Because.. its fun and funny looking, so it made into the game. Outfit and weapon do not have to be making any sense in a game.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Again? I said they were irreverent to the actual game.

            Sahdow was trying to pass of the costumes as having actual relevance to the character.

            “she’s wearing them to make herself look cute”.

            The point in the reply is no she isn’t. They have nothing to do with the character or story. They don’t make sense and will not. I never said that was the problem.

          • FlyingPony

            It was irrelevant, because it was an Easter egg. A bonus. Something that you use when you are bored or goofy mode. Like this kind of stuff never occur before..

            It also serve a purpose to add the replaybility value.

            Let me say this — just because a thing do not serve a real purpose in game, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there. Ever heard collecting item in games? Some goofy item (like that farting horse).. you don’t really need it to complete the game but it is still there.

      • This is a pretty outrageous claim…

        • Jordan Coleman

          What is? You kind of need to actually say something.

          • Never mind— I’ve read the rest of your comments, and I know that if I explain, it’ll just lead to endless bickering. I’ll just say I strongly disagree with your views, and leave it at that.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I.E You don’t actually have anything

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I think we are done here. You have been asked to stop the rudeness and continue with it. Banned.

          • No. I just choose not to say anything. Believe it or don’t, I’m done here.

      • FlyingPony

        Bullshit. Its an optional costume, what is your problem man. Apparently you do not understand the difference between optional and ‘you must put Lightning on this costume or Ill blow your head off’.

        Your explanation do not making any sense, and since Lightning do can put her original serious outfit, people that want a serious Lightning, can have it and people that have play the whole game and want to replay in slight cosmetic change, also can do it. No problem at all, except the problem that you make it in yer own head.

        It should be there, and you do not have any right to tell others how to make or play their games. Heck, SE even give you option to play your own style, but apparently you still not satisfied..

        Stop being ridiculous.

        • Jordan Coleman

          Its like you just chose not to understand.

          I already said it was optional, yet you don’t seem to understand at all what I’m saying here.

          The fact that they wanted to do it anyway is bad. Her character was not about this. Square didn’t feel the need to play up her sex appeal for anything. The image outside of the game’s story or whatever was that Lightning is some cold tough girl. Ok thats cool. They didn’t need any boob giggle for her in the previous games, they didn’t feel the need to present her like that.

          Now they do. It’s optional, but yet why even have it in the first place? Why did they feel the need to make her boobs giggle? Why do they feel the need to purpsoley design costumes that yes are optional for you to buy or get that make her boobs bounce more?

          It’s optional sure, but the concept of it being there stinks in the first place.

          How is saying “durr it’s optional” an actual defense here when I’m saying the fact that its even in the game sucks. I don’t care that it’s optional.

          Why should it be there? You say that without any backing.

          Of course it’s a problem in my own head. Again do people not understand that problems usually stem from someone views things? Yes it is a problem to me, so stop saying “it’s only a problem to me” because that argument makes no sense what so ever.

          It is problem because I don’t think at all they should have shat upon the character like this. You don’t think its a problem though and thats fine.

          And I like how the solution is to just ignore these things and play in another costume which is funny because remember it’s optional.

          It’s so optional that you have to handicap yourself as you kind of have to use other costumes to play the game. So much for being optional.

          • FlyingPony

            So you have this magical power to analyse SE staffs brain with your magical power.. make sense, dude.

            You are the one that do not understand. The point of why the cloth is there. The main reason its there is simply for the goofy moment when player is bored after replaying the games many times, and to add a new refreshing feeling on the second round.

            I know I said it many times, but that is what really happening.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Make sense? You need to make sense.

            You really can’t see the train of thought in-

            “we added boob giggle and these dlc costumes you buy will have increased boob giggle”.

            I mean really, you can’t see what that is about?

            Are they there for what you said for goofy skin change during replays? Yes. But you’d have to be delusional to think they aren’t there because sex sales and Square knows plenty of people will buy them because they want to see Light be more sexy and so lets encourage this thinking by making sure on some of these outfits her boobs giggle even more.

            It’s really that simple and I don’t like the Square thought they should lessen their restraint and give into that. And they did, having sexy poses, boob giggle, increased boob giggle. It’s all there to sell tna. You can’t just ignore that that is also at play. Are some going to buy and use costumes for what you say? Sure, but don’t act like what I’m saying doesn’t happen. Because if I was wrong they would have had no reason to use the giggle the way they do and increase her boobs.

            If its not to use some of that sex to sell stuff what is it for then?

            You say the main point and and why its there is just to have goofy skins for more replayability. Sure, then why does Square talk about how her giggle increases with DLC costumes. Why do they only talk about her boobs and sex appeal basically.

            Why was that addedd? And if you say because of technology getting better, then well why wasn’t this in previous games? Surly they could have made her boobs giggle in XIII of they wanted to.

            Here is a better question? Is it only Lightning’s boobs that giggle and nobody else?

          • FlyingPony

            I see you have problem with sex themed game. I disagree with that, because the general conscious is sex theme is allowed in modern era, in all kind of media, and generally, like I said before, selling using sex is not a problem. Sure, the Twilight girl get criticize, but how many people find it rather normal.

            A couple comment I read from IMDB “We’re the Millers” – where Jennifer Aniston play a stripper in movie

            “…Jennifer Aniston as a sexy stripper with mother instincts. Loved the stripper scenes with Jennifer who looks as hot as ever.”

            “Jennifer Aniston seems to be keeping herself fit..”

            “..Jennifer Aniston gives a great performance, but casting her as a stripper is a bit unconvincing, but anyway let’s face it, she’s hot!”

            Generally positive comment, face it, buddy, people nowadays do not find selling sex as offensive.

            Its the minority complaining due to different believe, so I see no issue with SE using sex to sell.Or more accurately to dress Lightning in different outfit for replaybility value, and to create a different tone of the game.

            Keep in mind it won’t damage Lighning reputation, like I say before, in the game its understood who Lightning really was, and an outfit wont change that.

            “Why do they only talk about her boobs and sex appeal basically.”

            Because the replaybility part do not need explanation, SE do not have to go out all the way to give an explanation, I think everyone (beside you) understand the goofy outfit purpose.

            Why won’t it made in previous game — its because previous game have its own spooky item, and this game have its own. Its not wise to use same kind of joke material, twice.

            Well, as the joke is on Lightning and her alone, the giggling breast probably is only for her.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Now you’re just making assumptions.

            Again if you’ve read any post you’d see I have no problem with sex. I play Dead or Alive, bought and enjoyed the gigglo missions in Killer is Dead, and in general enjoy porn like anyone else.

            And you even now you don’t really understand the debate. I don’t find using sex to sell things offensive. Though using imdb comments as a measure of what normal people do thing is pretty ludicrous and say I won’t make any unprovable statements like you are trying in regards whats the minority and whats not.

            What I find offensive if is taking something that didn’t need sex to sell and now using it for no other reason but to get a few more dollars out of people. Because that’s what is going on here.

            “SE do not have to go out all the way to give an explanation, I think everyone (beside you) understand the goofy outfit purpose.”

            And yet you are the only one here who has brought this up as being goofy. Everyone else, including Square basically has only talked about how this is cool in a fanservice kind of way.

            You are the one who dosen’t understand the intent, not me.

            And no what you’re saying is not an actual reason for why it wasn’t in previous games. It wasn’t in previous games because Square wasn’t trying to cash in on her sex appeal. They didn’t even go this far with Sarah with what her main outfit being a bikini. Thats being goofy. Making a bikini that increases her boob giggle where other outfits don’t do anything. Thats cashing in on sex appeal and thats what they are doing now.

    • Arizato

      “People lightning is a girl, and girls do like to feel sexy every now and then.”

      That’s generalization if I ever saw it, and a sexist view at that. If you really think that every girl wants to go around looking sexy for everyone else you are really mistaken and should spend more time around real girls.

      Thing is that some clothes effect your stats in this game, so most choices are rather “obligations” than “options”.

      • DragKudo

        “People lightning is a girl, and girls do like to feel sexy every now and then. HELL WE ALL LIKE TO FEEL SEXY NOW AND THEN”

        I think he watched one of Erin Fitzgerald’s conversations where she says girls like to feel sexy for themselves, also he said nothing about girls looking sexy for everyone else.

        Every girl I’ve met has wanted to look sexy in their own way. Not trying to start an argument.

        • ShadowDivz

          Thank you. This guy gets it.

          I didn’t say they’re doing it to impress everyone with eyeballs. Hell, sometimes my mom dresses up for no reason…much to my dismay. >_>

      • ShadowDivz

        I didn’t say they look sexy for everyone else. It’s more of a “me” thing. Like a photoshoot or a mirror or a bag chips. Something you do for yourself just cause. And it’s not limited to strictly women, men want to look sexy too.
        Most importantly it was a joke. I guess, i should have worded it better.

        …Anyway, i just don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like ALL the costumes are super sexy. Hell, you could probably just use one costume for the whole game and clear it.

  • Robert Hendrie

    Cat girl from the start of the game if possible

  • Alexander Aubert

    FF XIII clothes is the best clothes for lightning so far i see…..

  • new_tradition

    I always assumed the increased bust was a more technical thing. Lightning’s model has a bigger bust, not so much the character, you know?

    (what’s her new pose, anyways?)

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Everyone keeps saying they look like DDs but They look barely bigger then a C.

  • Pekola

    Jeebus, the comments certainly flared up.

    For better or for worse, boobs are always a point of controversy. We should all just try and get along.

    Fun factoid: Lightning dons this ‘silly’ pose when she’s pretending to be relaxed/smug to knock down a group of PSICOM soldiers.

    • Solution to this controversy? Girls must have NO boobs at all.

      • Landale

        And now you’re a lolicon and should burn forever. There is no winning. Boobs or no boobs, you are a horrible person. And nothing can save you if for some reason there are no girls.
        Edit: This is sarcasm based on the insanity people get over any, if any, and all level of boob present in games.

        • Holy shit please tell me you’re not serious.

          • Landale

            It’s sarcasm, but how people seem to respond.

          • Pretty much.

          • Landale

            Just once I wish I could see someone have a melt down over that logical failing in those sorts of people. Came close once, but that whole discussion chain got deleted.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          I know what the solution is just don’t make characters all just put gender neutral text on the screen and let everyone pretend.

  • AFatHouseCat

    Hey even Cloud got to feel pretty in that purple dress for a night, you know… when he infiltrated a brothel in the red light district to rescue his polygonally gifted party member who was kidnapped by an oversexed Don trying to force her to “be his bride”.

    But nah, ya’ll are right, you can see Lightning’s armpits in that outfit, her ARM.PITS. They have really pushed the envelope too far this time.

    • X14

      I have to wonder sometimes, that if a FFVII remake was done, would that scene be cut due to controversy.

      Otherwise things could get pretty ugly.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Because of it being crossdressing?

        • new_tradition

          And the hilarious censorship. I dare SE to voice a line like “You out of your *&$^$# mind?!” xD
          Oh, and I think there was a optional off-screen implied gang bang on Cloud buy those muscle men or something. Plus you could peek in on some other people at Honey Bee Inn through the keyhole I think..?

          Hell, the whole Wall Market/Honey Bee Inn segment would have to get censored, removed, or changed completely to get a T rating again, otherwise I think a FFVII remake would probably be edging towards an M rating, lol.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Honestly i figured that was just for show, to show how mature the characters without going full turkey with it.
            What what? You can peak in on them ?Is that only if you don’t fail at making cloud the one to go into the head guy i guess? Cause i goofed without a walkthrough and it ended up being tifa to go in there and cloud was barely pretty/

      • AFatHouseCat

        And talk about boob jiggle physics, Tifa would be maxing out the PS3 on every cut scene.

  • Unlimax

    Oh Look , The same exact thing they did with Aya Brea ~
    Poor Aya brea look what Square Enix have done to you ಥДಥ

    • LightningFarron19

      Wait, I thought Aya was like that in The 3rd Birthday due to it NOT being Aya Brea and EVE possessing Aya’s body?

      • Chiupon

        a lot of people didn’t even play the game to the end, lol

        this is one of those arguments that’s a clear indicator of “i know nothing i just want to complain”

      • holy shit really? -_-

  • TheDarkEmpress

    How you can ruin an awesome character like this is beyond me. Good job, Square.

    • Jordan Coleman

      It’s optional so it’s alright. Though it’s not optional that they thought they could do it anyway.

      • ShadowDivz

        Jesus christ, let it go.

        Did the word “optional” touch a nerve that deep?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Let’s not continue to whip banned horses please. We know things have not always been the best with shit posters lately. We are refocusing our gazes upon those who need it. Thanks for being here ShadowDivz.

          • ShadowDivz

            Sorry, i didn’t know he was banned.

            I just finished cycling the lower comments.

  • DragKudo

    I remember when people hated Lightning. Can’t wait for this game i’m gonna spend so much time on the customization. I wonder if the Timer will still be active.

    • ShadowDivz

      True. They’re probably the same peoplen angry about the customization thing. Not because they like her, but because of the “principal”.

  • potatoes

    “Why did Square Enix feel the need to do this since other Final Fantasy games steered clear of this kind of stuff?”

    So are we just going to ignore Tifa and Lulu?

    • ShadowDivz

      Yes. Apparently we are.

  • Chido55

    But that is the player’s choice,” Kitase continued.

    Sum it all.
    Why do we have to react strongly on optional stuffs?
    If you asked me, I’ll pick the costumes that will give her some awesome battling combos and making Army of One glorious as eff.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Next outfit

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    Out of all the trailers I’ve seen I still can’t spot any jiggle physics. I’m guessing it’s pretty subtle.

  • personablaze

    While I do not mind the costumes and such..That pic makes it look like Her head was pasted on some other body lol.

  • Slayven19

    Whatever I’m getting tired of them making boobs physics in general because even though I like cheesecake a lot I never cared for anything to bounce. Whatever I just want the game to come faster, that way I can put all this to rest.

  • So I might as well get this for 360 as I got it for the first two… that or just wait for a bundle of the trilogy? Taking out my 360 is too much work. :/

  • Luis Ibal

    DRAMA ahead

  • hawk222

    …Will there be a Mascot outfit?

  • Samsara09

    Well,there are clothes for all tastes.You yourself can choose how to customize her.If you hate some of them,don’t use them,simple as that.Use the clothes she had on the first two games instead.

  • revenent hell

    It must be just me but I think they might have also slimmed her down some more as well from the previous games ….Then again I always thought they made her body a little to thin and anorexic looking to begin with but now when viewed in her different costumes its kind of really apparent to me how much “smaller” she appears

  • Vash bane

    interesting light already has a sexy and now this? lol

    btw any one else hear lighting saying “well not bad huh?) lol

  • After reading some of the comments, I have something to reveal to you all, and when you find out what it is, you may fall out of your chair.

    Lightning doesn’t exist. She’s a video game character. If you love her or hate her, if you hate the fact that their playing dress up with her or making her too sexualized, none of that matters. Lightning doesn’t care. She’s a fictional woman thought up by some Japanese men. No amount of your love or hatred for her or what they’re doing with her is going to do anything except cause you unnecessary stress.

    Maybe you don’t agree with some of their costume choices, but does that really matter? This isn’t the first game ever that gives users a choice as to what costume to put their character in, and obviously some of them aren’t going to be to everyone’s tastes. I don’t like the sexy costumes myself, so I’m just not going to use them. It won’t wreck the game if I don’t use them; I have plenty of options to choose from. I doubt Square Enix is doing it to blatantly ruin the game. Yes, Japanese game designers can be perverted (Western ones can be too, to be fair), but sex appeal has always existed in these games, even if it doesn’t fit the character. Tifa’s breasts take up a sizable (pun not intended) portion of her body and she runs a bar, but it’s not like she tries to jump on men throughout the game.

    And that’s the thing. People want Final Fantasy to become more open. They want choices. That’s fair, but when a game gives you choices, don’t complain just because a couple of those choices don’t seem right for the character or because you don’t like them. Their point in doing this is so you can play as Lightning whichever way you want to instead of her being defined to a set role this time. You don’t have to like or agree with all of their decisions, but don’t act like Lightning is somehow ruined just because of a few costumes or poses.

    And as for saying that Lightning wouldn’t wear some of this stuff because it isn’t part of her character, you’d be surprised at how untrue that can be sometimes with the people we meet in our lives. Maybe Lightning doesn’t “seem” like the kind of woman who would want to dress a certain way, but we don’t actually know every little thing about her either. I could see her as a kind of person who might want to dress a little silly or sexy once in a while.

    But above all, it’s just a video game and all of these options are there just for fun rather than to define Lightning as a person. Let go of the rage for a minute and enjoy yourself. You’ll have more fun that way.

    • DragKudo
    • Hound

      I have something to reveal to you. Square Enix isn’t a person, it’s a publisher and developer of entertainment. If someone that enjoys the entertainment they provide and disagrees with certain aspects that its developers deemed “entertaining,” they have a right to voice their opinions.

      Whether or not they listen to comments on their products is dependent on sales and wide-spread acclaim or disinterest. If many of the costume choices don’t appeal to many gamers, the company is likely to not bother with stretching resources in that direction due to a lukewarm reaction. If the reaction is positive or garners better sales, this will effect future titles.

      • We aren’t talking about many of the costume choices. We’re talking about a select few. Apparently there are 80+ costumes in this game, yet the only ones that get any negative attention are sexier ones. I never said people weren’t allowed to criticize, but to quit taking everything as a personal attack.

  • artemisthemp

    Well Lightning need a place to store her magical Power’s :P

  • Blob

    Glad to see I can use the original outfit, that one’s still my favourite from all i’ve seen

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