Ciel NoSurge’s Jill And Sahri Will Be Joining Ion And Cas In Ar NoSurge

By Sato . November 12, 2013 . 3:45am


We recently got a look at Ion and Cas from Ciel NoSurge, who’ll be joining the crew of Gust’s upcoming game, Ar NoSurge. This week’s issue of Dengeki magazine mentions new features, and also reveals that Jill and Sahri from Ciel NoSurge will also be in the game.


Dengeki didn’t reveal too much on what role Sahri and Jill will be taking in Ar NoSurge, or whether they’ll be playable; however, they also report that there will be a new character by the name of Plim.


Ar NoSurge introduces a “Purification” system, where the protagonist and heroine can enter a hot spring-like area to install crystals in their bodies to power up. These crystals can be installed into the character’s head, arms, legs, chest and stomach.


In case you’re wondering—yes, there will also be some exclusively skimpy outfits the characters will wear in the hot springs. It also appears that the Talk Matter conversation system from Ar tonelico will be in Ar NoSurge, as leveling it up will result in more in-depth conversations between the characters during the Purification scenes.


Ar NoSurge is slated for release on January 30, 2014, for PlayStation 3.


[Note: The above image is from Ciel NoSurge, with Sahri on the far left and Jill next to her.]

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  • Dark Zerato

    More girls. Thumb up.

  • Anon-non

    The hot springs system really brings back memories of Ar Tonelico 2. From this to the battle system, I believe they’re doing a retcon (gameplay-wise) of Ar Tonelico 3. There was nothing I liked about AT3. Nothiiiiiiiiing!

    • gangrelion

      This system is actually a hardcore fusion of the sexy systems found in the two first ar tonelicos. There was a “insert the crystal” mini-game/system in Ar tonelico 1 as well, and it was very awkward! Ciel Nosurge was pretty innocent until now, but I think they will be back to their old “Hentai” ways for this new release.

      • Anon-non

        The series was always sexual and full of innuendo, but at least the first two had more subtlety than 3’s jiggle-physics (and his large drill? C’mon!).

        • Kai2591

          Haha yeah…but I like that they never went overboard with the sexual stuff :)

    • ShadowDivz

      I liked it…. Then again it was the only AT game i played.

      • Anon-non

        1 was OK, but 2’s hybrid action/turn-based battle system is genius. It should have won awards!

        • Kai2591


  • Fierce bitches! <3

  • gangrelion

    Jill? But isn’t she Neriko right now? The story isn’t over yet, but I am pretty sure that her body is taken over by the end of Ciel Nosurge.
    A little Trivia: Nero – the white haired loli, who is one of the main villains from Ciel Nosurge – is based on a early design for Ion. You can even find the cover for the game with Nero instead of Ion with a quick google search.

    • Aurgh. So much spoiler!!

      I need to get back in the game and finish up to chapter 8. I mean, I was guessing Jill==Neriko but I’m only on Chapter 6 right now. I’m really curious if they’re going to finish Ciel up before Ar comes out.

      • gangrelion

        Don’t worry, I don’t like to give spoliers. I finished up to chapter 8 and nothing of that nature happened with Jill…yet! But I am still pretty confident about Ney changing bodies with her later!

  • MrTyrant

    Who is the brown girl? those need more love.

    • The brown lady is Jill.

      • aquagon

        Actually, the proper romanization for her name is Zir. Her full name is Zirillium, according to the Genometric Concert booklets.
        And as an aside, “Sahri’s” name is actually written as Sarly, which can be seen right during the boot-up of the 7D communicator in Ar Nosurge’s opening video.

        • gangrelion

          But again ,the romanizations for those games are so confusing! For a long time everyone thought the first one was Ciel NO Surge, like a japanese name, being the Surge of Ciel, but then someone noticed that the romanization made by Gust has it like Nosurge. However, it seems that the new RPG has this “fixed” cuz everyone keeps calling it Ar No Surge. I wonder how NISA would translate those titles…

          • aquagon

            And anyway, the title for the first one translates literally to “Girl of the World”. According to Tsuchiya, the “No” is still used as in Japanese, but “Ciel” and “Surge” are both in-game words that translate to “World” and “Girl”, respectively. It also must be noted that “Ciel” is the name of that world, while ours’ is called “Earthes” by them.

          • gangrelion

            Did they mentioned Earth existence during the events of Ciel Nosurge? Or was Tsuchiya who said this just as a trivia?

          • aquagon

            As far as I remember, they do. Otherwise, it would make no sense for them to have a term to refer specifically to our world in their common language and in their languages used for casting Song Magic.

  • Jesse

    “yes, there will also be some exclusively skimpy outfits the characters will wear in the hot springs”

    The Ar Tonelico influence is strong in this one. XD

  • Alexander Aubert

    i’m wanting this game more and more

  • fyi1191

    A BIG THUMBS UP for this “Purification” system!

  • Anime10121


    Localization GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kai2591

      Localization GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JeremyTMH

    Plim isnt new… i think, isnt he one of the trio of kids with Cass and Delta?

    Its nice to see the trio together again and delta all grown up with Cass still crushing hard for him. >.>

    • gangrelion

      Isn’t this character named Plam? By the japanese standard pronunciation I think they would say Plim as “puraimu”, while Delta’s friend is “pura-mu”. Anyway, there are too many factor that could change his romaji name, so you could be right, They just need to bring him back by the end of Ciel Nosurge, and by seeing how crazy the plot for that game has become, this would not be so difficult.

      • aquagon

        Although that’s impossible: Plum got killed right at the start of the game when part of the anti-wave shell fell on his house. Plus, if they went to the point of repeating what they did at the end of Chapter 8 just to save him, it would pretty much undo everything that happened in all chapters we’ve seen so far.

        • JeremyTMH

          Confirmed recently different character. Its a girl. >.>

  • Loli Summoner

    Where them sexy boys at?

  • ShadowDivz

    In case you’re wondering—yes, there will also be some exclusively skimpy outfits the characters will wear in the hot springs.

    I-I wasn’t thinking that all!
    ……Really? You sure?

  • Kai2591

    Aww yeahhh!
    The return of the hot spring system from Ar Tonelico 2! AND the return of them power-up crystals! By inserting them too, no less :)
    I hope they don’t hurt this time around though…for the heroines’ sake (Though if they follow ArT 2’s logic, the hot-spring method of inserting crystals should be painless, if I’m remembering that correctly)

    Also, the return of the Talk Matter conversation system! oh yes! so many features of Ar Tonelico that I love are returning!

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