More Details About Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s Returning Characters

By Sato . November 13, 2013 . 5:35pm

Many characters from the Final Fantasy XIII series will be coming back in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (with the NORA being an exception). One of the more surprising returns we’ll be seeing is that of Cid Raines, whose return in this game might baffle you if you’ve played Final Fantasy XIII.


This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares a glimpse of the general, along with a tidbit of information on what he’ll be up to in the third installment of the series.


In the magazine report, Cid is quoted as saying: “It’s not god. What’s moving me is the countless thoughts of the dead. I am the representative of the dead.”


The above image also shows him saying “You should know very well whose soul you must find,” which we can assume he’s saying to none other than Lightning.


If you’d like to refresh your memories on Cid and other events, you can check out our earlier post that summarizes Final Fantasy XIII.



Additionally, this week’s Jump magazine shows us a look at Serah in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, who’s shown saying, “I’ll discard the faulty memories, and once again go back to living the good days with my sister, in the new world.”


While details on how Cid and Serah will be returning are scarce, it appears as though they will be appearing in some form of spiritual essence.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out next week in Japan, and February 2014 in the west, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Arcana Wiz

    Sooo this prety much confirms that Serah will be saved… but i wonder what are these faulty memories… MAYBE we will fight serah!?

    PS: And now i want to see people complain about spoilers….

    • Herok♞

      Well I see the alternate ending route being taken, with some having her live and others having her be gone forever

      • OathkeeperSoraXIII

        They confirmed back at E3, maybe before that there would only be one ending.

    • Lynx

      I really hope this game has multiple endings.

      This game has so much potential for amazing and unlikely conflict it isn’t even funny because of the events of XIII-2 and the summary for this game.

      • Hinataharem

        You have the same feelings I do.

    • Hinataharem

      Ah! No! Spoilers! Why?! D:

    • eilegz

      isnt lumina looks like serah in the first place


      Inb4 Lumina is Serah dark persona

      • gulabjamal

        Lmao I love how you said this

  • Ferchenko

    As long as Fang comes back, I’ll be playing this. I love Fang

    • Detrimont

      she is back, that was confirmed ages ago

    • Arcana Wiz

      Fang is confirmed to be back together with some others old characters…..

  • revenent hell

    Out of all the characters I disliked in the games I actually liked Cid quite a lot. I’m quite pleased they inserted him in this one.

  • Devinja

    Its crazy how far and dark everyones live got after the optimistic ending XIII had.

  • new_tradition

    Cid’s circumstance reminds me a bit of FFX.

    Serah’s presence surprises me. I thought for sure she’d just be referred to in dialog like Lightning more or less was in FFXIII-2. I expected a most likely reunion scene akin to FFXIII, but that was it…

    • echokanon

      If that is the case I will start to think there is still a XIII-4

      • Raquen

        Please no.

  • NightzeroAX

    Bring back the Super Pope. At least as a superboss.

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      Fal’Cie don’t have souls so when they die they don’t go to the realm of the dead/The unseen world. Which means Barthandelus ceases to exist anymore.

      • Godmars

        Wouldn’t have know that from the multiple times you literally beat him to death – he kept coming back!

      • echokanon

        given that there is many paradoxes that can be involved in the story, I wouldn’t be surprised if that the logic will not be applied

        • OathkeeperSoraXIII

          True, however none of the paradoxes affected Cocoon’s fall. Which was caused through Orphan’s death and Barthandelus died when he merged with Orphan. If there was a paradox that had Cocoon stay afloat then I’d be more inclined to believe he’d return.

          • echokanon

            But they can just simply add a timeline which it did happened. For example a timeline which Barthandelus/Orphan’s defeat didn’t happpen certain reason happen.

          • OathkeeperSoraXIII

            The likeliness of it happening is very slim. Orphan and Barth are the reason for Cocoon’s fall. If we add a timeline where they don’t die that messes everything up that’s already been established.

          • echokanon

            Well, one way or another xiii-2 already messes up many things when Lightning got dragged into the paradoxes

  • Loli Summoner

    Idk why but I want serah to stay dead :T not because I don’t like her,I just rather her stay dead.

  • kamikki

    I knew Cid would return. hah

  • Chido55

    From what he said, I guess he is dead for good, but the chaos on LR had opened a ‘door’ for him to come back and assist(?) Lightning.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Square Enix…how about surprising the peopleXD

    • Nice Boat Quatro

      Maybe they are really doing a Metal Gear Solid 2 scenario and most of this information is fake. Most of these characters are actually dead and exist in Light’s head who hasn’t fully recovered from her 500 year old nap. Okay, I really exaggerated.

  • Daniel blue

    The events regarding Cid in Final Fantasy XIII epitomized everything that was wrong with that game’s narrative.

    Such a wasted character.

  • TheExile285

    Cid? YES!!!!

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    just don’t bring back “Yaag Rosch”. Ugh that guy pissed me off for the longest time, and fighting him in that fighter plane irritated me to No end.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Has anyone figured it out that while Lightning was in Valhalla she said she could “See Everything” and by everything that would mean she could see the Spirit World from Tales of Xillia. So that means Lightning has seen “Lord Maxwell” in some way or Another.

    Being able to see everything means you can see an “Unlimited” number of universes. That’d mean she can see even the Namco Tales Characters from their Universe. This is a theory but that means Lightning knows about Milla Maxwell.

    • Prinnydoom

      Are you….really saying these things? I mean really?

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