5pb’s Next Major Sci-fi Adventure Is Chaos;Child

By Eugene . November 25, 2013 . 2:59pm

Talk about scant details! Developer 5pb (or Mages) have teased that they will be releasing in 2014 the next game in their sci-fi visual novel series, titled Chaos;Child. The game picks up six years after Chaos;Head Noah with the reconstruction of Shibuya ongoing. Things… well, when have things ever gone to plan in a video game anyway?



5pb gave away a mysterious “Wrestler Seal” sticker (above) at their announcement, which is in some way connected to the game. The hint regarding these seals is, “This has been seen around Tokyo…” You can also watch a teaser trailer for the game below. (Thanks, Anime News Network)


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  • Detrimont

    Robotics;Notes anime adaption was announced quite close to the VN announcement, so i wonder how long it’ll take for this to get an adaption

    • DyLaN

      Considering the animated sequence (OP animation?) in the sneak PV, it probably in the works ady. R;N had an animated OP and then there an anime.

  • OtoriGolden

    Maybe this will motivate me to get the other endings in the first VN.

  • Aoshi00

    Is it for ps360? Hope its not a sequel on mobile.. Still haven’t finished the chaos head game yet… I loved steins;gate and robotics;notes wasn’t as good.. They continue to use the same art design too which I didn’t like too much.. Those murder scenes still give me the creeps, “sono me, dare no me” :)

    • Kurizu208

      I actually quite enjoyed the Robotics;Notes VN

      • Aoshi00

        I played R;N before I watched the anime.. I do like the story and chars, but overall it was way too slow, and pales in comparison to Steins;Gate which I couldn’t stop playing.. but R;N took me months and I finished before the anime aired.. I didn’t like the game’s boring and repetitive soundtrack either.. the anime had a much better soundtrack.. I guess many were just looking for more after Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate, and was disappointing as a third entry of the science adventure series. Also I didn’t like the gameplay at all, the splitting in the middle.. the different chapters were part of the storyline, not really different endings. The ending was anti-climatic.. The twitter-like Twipo system was actually a pain and not fun compared to texting in S;G. It threw out way too many mysteries and shocks and they were explored at all.And I was hoping the 4th one would be better, not a sequel of the first game.

    • DyLaN

      Uh…. All the main ; title have different character designer and they are either on PC or PS360. iOS ports usually come later.

      EDIT: And you do realise iOS is one of the perfect medium for VN ports right? (If its localize)

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah.. I know huke did the art for Steins;Gate (Sakai Kyuta did the anime’s) and another artist did R;N, I have all the artbooks.. I meant this sequel has art that appears to be done by the same artist of Chaos;Head, unless I’m wrong. as mentioned by the person below, it’s the same artist? It’s definitely different than Dunamis 15/Disorder 6.. which are still on my backlog :(

        I know portable is good for VN, but I still prefer to play any games including VN on the big screen since it’s easier on the eyes.. and I just can’t stand any and every Jpn game being on mobile anymore lol.. that’s why I bought all VNs on the 360… I wouldn’t mind if they’re on XB1 later :)

        Also if it’s on iOS, then iPad is region locked.. I have an iPad and an android phone, I just want to play games on consoles instead of on phones. so yeah, I was expecting a 4th science adventure game that has a diff story and different art, not a sequel w/ the same art, and don’t care about mobile games.. the 2 S;G spinoffs were so-so as well, even though I loved both the game and anime.. they have milked S;N long enough.. and now it’s C;H’s turn…

        • DyLaN

          Well, I prefer reading things when/wherever I want but each of us have their preferences. And yeah, region lock unless localize. Its a miracle key translated the Planetarium VN on the iOS. (Prefer LB!/Rewrite though)

          Japanese have their preferences and mobile devices like 3DS/iOS is cheaper to develop too.

          You do realize this game have different plot/character just set in the same setting as C;H? Actually you can say tht all the ; games share the same setting/world.

          • Aoshi00

            yeah, but I play my 3DS and Vita on the couch anyway, never bring outside or have the time to play outside, so I prefer bigger screen and clearer music.. I imported Liberation Maiden for PS3 too. I know, but I would rather they work on something new instead of using the same setting plus same char design, I guess I was tired of them milking S;G in every possible way. I’m also sick of hearing everything from Jpn being on mobile these days.

            I actually like Hanada Jukki :) R;N actually benefited a lot from the anime adaptation.. the game was like 5 times slower, just cramped w/ lots of mundane details and too many conspiracies and mysteries that ultimately went nowhere.. I think the game didn’t work because it was intended as an anime at the very beginning instead of making a fun and intriguing game. w/ a boring soundtrack, it was just a chore to play.. compared to S;N which I wouldn’t stop.. 5pb/mages should concentrate on making a good VN first and not think about an anime adaptation until later.

        • ShadowBaby

          I am on the same boat with you man, hope this turn out better than RB ,i think it will be fine if they stick to the dark and realistic path of CH and SG(and they really should if they have learned their lesson from the attempt of :”broden the audiences” and forget the fans).Wait,does that mean we can expect a trip back to akihabara some time in the future as well?I think my life has just had meaning again!

          • Lynx


            You mean Robotics;Notes/R;N, right?
            It wasn’t bad at all. A little slow, yes, but wasn’t bad at all, unless you’re grading it just based on the anime and actual plot. It was more character driven then the plot driven/ mystery of CH and SG.

            Also; Science ADV has never been realistic. Tackled real issues, yes, but the stories have never been realistic. Especially C;H and S;G.

          • Aoshi00

            I actually much prefer the R;N anime, if you think the anime was slow, the game was like 5 times slower, the anime had better music and faster pacing by breezing through or omitting the unnecessary things (which went nowhere in the game). Twipo was a pain to check since there was no notification until the patch. I thought S;G was rather grounded in reality, at least as much about time traveling could, that people can’t time travel physically, but only in the form of data. R;N was quite flawed because they concentrate on making an anime simultaneously..

  • Ladius

    I hope Chaos;Child gets a PC port sometimes in the future, there are a lot of 5pb visual novels that will never have a fantranslation because they’re console exclusives (Robotics;Notes, Dunamis15, Disorder6 and so on), and if nothing changes there’s almost no chance someone will pick them up for an official localization.

    • Shippoyasha

      The number of VN styled games on the 3DS and Vita becoming more numerous may help. Especially with the Vita, more devs seem ready to want to release localizations than ever before. I’m hoping that Chaos;Child and Steins;Gate and the like can get localized Vita versions if that train doesn’t derail. They can always push for digital releases if they feel physical release would be too costly, like with Corpse Party releases so far.

  • DyLaN

    Who is doing the character design this time, Jap readers? The art looks similar to the Dunamis 15/Disorder 6 one.

    And I hope Juuki Hanada is not in the anime staff (if one is in the works). There a reason why ppl call him “Hanada the Psycho”. S;G anime end up quite OK despite the cuts but tht not the case for R;N… (Acc to VN readers)

  • Grammar;Syntax

  • Notquitesure?

    Re:build of Chaos Head 5.55: You (know) it will be better than CH
    Sorry…, looks good, was the chaos head VN much good, cause the anime was fairly jumbly.

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