Borderlands 2 Free On PlayStation Plus Starting Tomorrow

By Ishaan . December 9, 2013 . 1:59pm

Borderlands 2 will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America starting tomorrow, Sony have announced via the PlayStation Blog.


Other games that will be free on PS Plus this month include GRID 2, Dyad, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (on Vita) and Urban Trial Freestyle (on Vita as well).

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  • AkiraScare

    Good thing i got 2 Psn card on amazon for $30 each (^_^)

    • Kaitsu

      But the games are free….you won’t be using them. lol

      • Tatsuya1221

        If he doesn’t have PS+ he will, or if he wants the dlc XD.

      • AkiraScare

        lol i actually ment to say 2 ps+ cards (^_^) you know that n and + are so close its easy to mess up :P

  • urbanscholar

    I just got this in the mail from the cyber Monday deals lol

  • mojack411

    Is this a franchise where I should start with the first or could I just jump into this second game without missing too much?

    • MrTyrant

      I ask the same.

    • HououinKyouma

      I think it’s better to start with the first one. Story is related, but I would say to start with the first even if it wasn’t.

    • Varnes

      Well characters in the first one do appear but the story is that relevant, you could easily jump into Borderlands 2 without playing the first you just won’t know the characters too well

    • SolRevr

      Borderlands 2 feels like one of those sequels that makes the original game outdated and unnecessary going forward. Kind of like Torchlight 2 does for Torchlight imo. Gameplay is king in the Borderlands series and I think the sequel refines it from the original enough that I’d never suggest anyone bother with the original at this point. Unless you really have a ton of time on your hands and get the Borderlands GOTY edition for $5 in a sale. Your time is your own business, but I’d suggest playing Borderlands 2 for free and then moving onto something else you fancy.

      • SolRevr

        The story in Borderlands matters about as much as the average MMO storyline. Depending on what that means to you personally, you might care about it or not. The story in 2 seems more engaging to me, but even still, you are basically playing through an MMO quest structure in an FPS. It’s fun as hell, but that’s what it is.

        I think the sequel really does a good job of varying up the environments better from the start of the game.

    • sharpshot909

      Story-wise, you won’t be missing anything.

    • Tatsuya1221

      You’ll miss a couple of callbacks which you can easily look up on a wiki and the 4 player characters are important npc’s in 2, but for the most part the game does rather well explaining what you need to know about how everything got the way it is in 2, honestly i’d say 1 isn’t worth it in comparison but that’s just me.

      I started with 2 and i’ll say right out, that 1 is not needed to play or enjoy 2.

  • The Watcher

    Borderlands 1 had no story, but the original characters from 1 play into the story of borderlands 2. With that said, you can pick up and play 2 out the box.

    • Tatsuya1221

      This is exactly what i did, i think there are at most 4 things you’d need to look up to get the reference that 2 doesn’t tell you at some point in the game, and all of them are easter eggs more than need to know facts.

  • Richard N

    So I played this via Gamefly for like a week straight and I found it incredibly boring. I’m sad I missed what everyone was raving about, or maybe I just had really high expectations coming this late into it.

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    when do EU account get borderland 2 free

  • it’s still not available :(

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