Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z’s Goku Figurine, Up Close And Personal

By Ishaan . December 20, 2013 . 9:00am

Namco Bandai Games Europe have shared a new trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, showing off the game’s limited Goku Box edition, which comes with a Goku figure, an artbook and more. Watch it below.



Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will be available on January 28th in North America and January 24th in Europe. The limited edition will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Europe (although, the game is on Vita as well), and will include:


Day 1 DLC Bonus (Goku in Naruto Uzumaki Sage Mode)

Art-Book with 60 pages of content from the devteam

Goku figurine (25 cm)

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  • Smooosher than ever

    Dat glowing hair made me lol.

  • ssj3gokou24

    why improve the gameplay and lag when you’ve got this nice toy to look at?

  • Lloyd Christmas

    Played the demo and walked away a little disappointed. =/

    • Masa

      same, was hoping for an awesome DBZ game.
      Wish another company would pick this game up.

      • O god no i hope another company dont pick this game up. The might turn it into a Naruto clone.

        • Kaihedgie

          You make it sound like a bad thing

          • Byron Kerrison II

            If it ends up like the Storm series, I personally would believe that to be a bad thing

          • I 2nd that @byronkerrisonii:disqus . The Storm series are 1 button games. Plus look at what CC2 did to the .//hack series with that ps3 game it was ok but it could have been so much better.

          • Spider-Man

            You know this game only has one combo for attacks right?

          • Byron Kerrison II

            Regardless of which game you’re referring to, neither of them have “one combo”. At most they have about 6 ( 3 ground/aerial ) and that’s just their natural combos.

            That SHOULD be the reason they have support characters, to create mix-ups, extended combos, and more play-styles/options.

            Instead they’re mostly their to unleash an endless barrage of clusterf**k jutsus that cause you to substitute or block ( and therefore breaking said block ).

            Some, hopefully not most, people would disagree with me, but if you can’t pick someone like Tobi and have even the slightest chance to beat Madara with two supports with short cooldowns, this game ends up broken.

            I also dislike the community too. Load of hypocrites and a host of 12 year old angst.

          • Byron Kerrison II

            If you’re talking about .hack//Versus, I understand what you mean. But if I had a choice between that and another Storm game, three guesses which one wins. But I have a bias for .dothack over Naruto. Plus, I heard that the Storm series’ engine is based off the Avatar Battle System in G.U. so I kind of had a vague expectation for the first and sub-sequential games.

            I love when companies try new things with manga, IPs, etc. Like turning it to a RPG, Fighting Game, or Strategy, especially when they put time and effort into making it.

            On topic, multiplayer-wise, this series went downhill post-Storm 2.

    • megaten666

      There is no offline versus mode. That alone easily can be a dealbreaker considering this game is a fighting game and not some RPG.

  • TheGameTagerZ

    CC2 needs to pick up DBZ but they refuse to lol.

    But apparently it is one of their most requested series they’ve gotten.

  • Ramen_Ronin

    Wait, so Europe is not only getting a S.E. on PS3/360, but a boxed retail copy on PS Vita?!? Namco Bandai America you so disappoint me.

    • Just Tim

      NBGA has everything in place, yet they still implement it wrong.

      It’s pretty obvious that Dragon Ball AND Naruto have been bringing in moolah for the company.

  • I played the demo and it was better the that last one 1 i call DBZ:ulit cutseens. Plus It has a new feel to it the team fighting is faster pace then 1 on 1 fights. But 1 thing did not change …… GOKU IS STILL OP!!!

  • Abysswalker90

    “Up close and personal”

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