Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Will Have New Scenes For Re:coded

By Spencer . December 24, 2013 . 12:55pm

Similar to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded will be turned into an HD movie for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. Famitsu magazine says there will be additional events in the cinematic story scenes. Creator Tetsuya Nomura says they are also recording new voice acting for Re:coded and finished Wonderland, Alice’s world, last week.


Nomura hinted that a new scenario added for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix is a battle scene. There will also be a scene that ties Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and Kingdom Hearts 3D together.


Just like Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix will have Japanese voice acting for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix.

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  • Hopefully that means they’ll make Re:Coded’s story less stupid.
    Love the gameplay but the story was a huge excuse plot except until near the end. A bad excuse plot with unnecessary amount of confusing things (I think I lost it when they said the journal had a consciousness and you had to “debug” it to clear the physical written entries that got removed. What.)

  • AkiraScare

    KH II.5!!!!

  • Rafael Fijos

    Maybe we will have Dream Drop Distance on PS3 too! *0*

  • AuraGuyChris

    Well, Re:Coded isn’t that heavy on the story side and can be taken as a REAL spin-off that has nearly no meaning to the overall story.

    The whole thing was just for Mickey to remember three people he COMPLETELY didn’t bring up to the others till now.

    • DCBlackbird

      The thing is back when it was released as coded it was a major reveal without the context of birth by sleep and days

    • While tackling Maleficent who is rather unfamiliar with computers and takes a rather petty sense of triumph in temporarily destroying Data Sora’s Keyblade later on.

    • Samsara09

      We are all underestimating maleficent.In this game,Coded,she began to plan something…and this time,she is apparently working independently from Xehanort…in other words,she could be danger.

  • Herok♞

    I hope they throw in battles of some kind if the plot needs it, it felt silly in the Days movie for it to completely gloss over the final battle against Xion.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Le gasp, you spoiler! Alas, who else will I eat ice cream with? :V

      Axel’s ice cream melts too quickly, if you know what I mean -_-

      • Herok♞

        Well of course his ice cream melts fast. but how is it a spoiler its old new at this point the spoiler is that his real name is… and he …

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          Woah, that’s stuff I don’t even know :(
          Are you telling me Axel is actually a girl? Man, Square-Enix nowadays :D

          • Herok♞

            Well you were close but not exactly right

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Huh… well I’ll find out once I play BBS and DDD (or should I just call it 3D?).
            I never got to play re:coded. I’d still want to even if I watched this first. Seems fun.

          • Rishtopher

            Re:Coded is actually a really fun game. The story literally doesn’t matter except for the last scene of the game/secret ending. If you play KH3D, it renders playing Re:Coded pointless (for story purposes).

            So if you want to play it, don’t expect it to add anything to the story lol. BbS is essential though, play that if you can. Plus it’s fun!

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            It surely did look fun. Even with the platforming or minigames. However I’ve been kind of a miser lately, I don’t feel like paying $20 for it right now D:

            The battle menu looked similar to BbS. I assume it plays similar?

          • Rishtopher

            lol, understandable. There’s so many games coming up that I’m pretty much waiting for bargain prices to nab them all.

            Yeah, it plays pretty similarly to BbS, which is why I liked it so much lol.

          • Herok♞

            I still have my copy of Re:coded sealed.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            I too, have games sealed. Well, at least you supported it at launch.

          • Herok♞

            Still have no need to play it since it is unneeded and i bought it on sale not launch

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Oh, well then… :P

      • Nice Boat Quatro

        Oh I get it! …Wait, I don’t get it.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          He’s pretty hot… amirite?

      • xAtKx

        le sigh

  • Kornelious

    ooooh, Fight scene, I likey :)

  • Göran Isacson

    I take it battle scene here means that there will just be a cutscene depicting a battle that the original passed up, not an actual playable battle?

    Also I wonder what the scene in Re:coded will be and what it will have to do with 3D. Maybe actually show them travel to Yen Sids tower?

  • Hinataharem

    Maybe they will actually show the fight between Ven and Lea

  • Anthony Birken

    Beautiful as always

  • Nitraion

    Aqua in HD resolution and big screen!!!
    nuff said

    • mike dickson

      only real men khow that

  • rurin

    Totally looking forward to Birth by Sleep in HD!!

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