Metal Gear Solid V’s Open World Is “Hundreds Of Times” Larger Than Ground Zeroes

By Ishaan . December 31, 2013 . 11:30am

Kojima Productions have said that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is meant to serve as a tutorial of sorts for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While Ground Zeroes will feature an open world just like The Phantom Pain, it’ll be on a smaller scale.


A much smaller scale, actually, says Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima. On Twitter, Kojima recently stated:


GZ is both a prologue to the MGSV story and, at the same time, a tutorial for a new MGS, which transitions to sneaking simulator. With that said, GZ has a relatively small field as compared to the main game (which is hundreds of times larger) without time zones changing in real-time. However, each mission offers different time zones with different playstyles.”


Kojima made the comments a couple of days after providing a brief update on Ground Zeroes, revealing that adjusting the controls for four different consoles everyday for a single game—Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4—was proving to be a challenge.


“Different frame rates change the feel of realism,” Kojima tweeted. “But each Snake on each platform keeps fighting all day long.”

  • boink

    MGSV news? This day turned out better than expected! But how big is Ground Zeros’ map going to be anyway? Only Camp Omega or bigger?

    • Anime10121

      Just camp omega if I’m not mistaken.

  • Noor Mahmoud

    If Ground Zeroes is really just a tutorial, then would it be priced less than $60?

    • Aleister Crowley

      It is 20 or 30, depending on the console and if it’s digital.

      • Arcana Wiz

        the worse is that here it wont be cheap :/

        • Kaitsu

          No, games cost a lot more in Japan than it does here. If by here, you mean NA, that is.

          • Arcana Wiz

            in my case its more or less the same of the japan, but if we take the average salary, its higher.

  • SiliconNooB

    So Ground Zeroes is little more than a tutorial, and is literally 1/100 the size of the full game, and yet it is still set to cost us $30!

    It might be worth holding off on buying this in the hopes that it comes packaged with MGSV…

    • Asura

      A game is serving as a tutorial =/= the game is a tutorial.

    • Ninastars

      The size of the game world doesn’t directly correlate to the length of the game experience. A hundred times bigger game world doesn’t mean hundred times more content overall.

    • Altin

      Be happy, he could have asked for 60 Bucks.

      • SiliconNooB

        I’m not going to “be happy” that Konami only chooses to insert the tip, rather than the full shaft.

    • To my knowledge, it will be included with MGSV. I believe it’s a part of that game and they cut it out and made it its own little standalone product while V continues development. At least, that’s what I understand from all of the interviews and quotes we’ve translated so far.

  • Death Saved

    Kojima Please bring this to PC

  • Brimfyre

    The news of these games is so damn odd and sketchy. There is something he isn’t telling us.

    • Asura

      Uh, yeah, there’s a crapton about the development process he isn’t telling you and you probably don’t want to know 99.999% of it either. That doesn’t make anything sketchy or odd.

      • Brimfyre

        I’m saying there is some big twist between the games and their connection he isn’t telling us. It wasn’t an insult to the game or his royal highness Kojima. Calm down.

        • Asura

          I don’t even plan to buy the game, nor do I have any hype for MGSV. My favorite game related to the series was Rising, and that was only because it had Platinum combat.

          I’m just astounded at the amount of fans who want the game who act like paranoid little 12 year olds.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            You have been using far too many posts lately to insult other posters. Find somewhere else to take the garbage. Warned.

    • gold163

      And what do you suppose that is, that he isn’t telling us? What do you think is sketchy about it? Because I’m not seeing what you’re getting at here.

      There’s so much unsubstantiated FUD surrounding this game coming from the “fans” that I’m starting to believe that people are deliberately trying to spread disinterest in the game for whatever nonsense reason. Mostly I’m assuming that people are still upset that GZ is a “prologue” and the game is being split into two unequal parts for a larger price — but if that’s it, I’m not seeing where the rest of the criticism is coming from.

  • Demeanor

    I wonder how long until devs start going crazy with full-on next gen, without worrying about ps3/xbox360 versions :P tho I admit the ps3 still has a ton of life left to give, I get shivers if I think about 2014… Zestiria, P5, P4A2, BB Chrono, Diva F 2nd, Escha&Logy, majo Metallica, Symphonia remake, DarkS II… omg can’t contain the awesomeness… :D

    • Arcana Wiz

      A sony console receiving great releases in the end life isnt so surprising…. but yes, i cant wait 2014 awesomeness! come at me Jrpgs!

    • almostautumn

      I’m looking forward to it also. I don’t even own a PS4 yet, and won’t until way later down the road (too expensive for me), but I’m still eager to see what dedicated Next-Gen titles can offer.
      KZ Shadowfall is super impressive in my eyes, but shooters are just so familiar that I’m not getting the “scope” of next-gen from it. In particular, I think Lily Bergamo is going to be the first “real deal” next-gen title that cements the hardware difference for me.

      But again: I won’t be there for a long time, and like you I’m very excited for the still-to-come PS3 offerings. Particularly I’m stoked for Yaiba: everything shown from that game absolutely does it for me, and I’m super excited for it.

    • Rick

      Drakengard 3.

      • Demeanor

        Being a… unique jrpg I’m of course interested in it, but I’ve never played the first two games, should I do it? Are they good? Would it be necessary in order to understand 3’s story and lore? Any insight from people who played them would be much appreciated. :)

        • Bur

          Let’s Play the first two games, and actually play Nier. They aren’t NEEDED to enjoy Drakengard 3, but the callouts are better appreciated (or rage-screamed at to glorious effect), and, well, you’ll at least go in a bit seasoned to Yoko Taro’s brand of writing. It’s also a good idea to hunt down Drakengard 3’s novella translations since they provide a hell of a lot of backstory that helps to flesh out all the sisters.

    • Bobby Jennings

      Forgot Xillia 2 in there

      • Demeanor

        Oh, yeah, my bad, fact is I already finished the JP version, so it was not on the radar :P but it sure would be nice to replay it with 100% understanding.

        • Bobby Jennings

          You never finished Symphonia? D:

          But yeah I agree 100%

  • Death Saved

    Is MGS 5 on the last gen consoles? if it is that might really bring down the level of the game.

    • Kaitsu

      PS3/360/PS4/Xbox One.


    inb4 GZ Open World is small as fuck.
    seriously saying that PP open world is “hundreds of times larger” than the one in GZ is useless since we didn’t even know how big GZ is.

    • Mar Mar

      TES Daggerfall had 63,125 square miles of open world.

      I see, it will probably cover the whole earth.

    • Shippoyasha

      I’d be frustrated if the island we saw from GZ so far is all there is. I hope not anyway.

  • easter

    dat devkit doe

  • MaximDualBlade

    I’m still hoping for Kojima to say that all the weird stuff he has been doing is just a joke on his part. Or that when the games are released it makes sense to release Ground Zeroes separated from The Phantom Pain.

    Note that I’m not complaining about last gen/next gen(now it’s this gen), it’s simply that MGS5 is stretching the franchise, it could be on a Commodore 64 as long as the game is good, but the metal gear solid franchise has always been famous for it’s stealth gameplay and really interesting story, but honestly, the franchise got explained well and got closure in MGS4 to end it. Portable Ops and Peace Walker are cool but you can take the story for finished in 4 (or if you want to be super technical you could say that each game ends the story, but 4 really closed it).

    Also the changes in gameplay must be one of those “gotta play it to judge it correctly” because at the moment I’m really not liking it from what the gameplay videos have shown me. Someone may say that I’m blinded by nostalgia but I played all the MGS games 2 years ago (from 1 to peace walker), so at least for me it’s not the case; it just feels awkward with the regenerating health and that shooter vibe it’s giving me. I have read the interviews with the guy and I get what he is trying to do, but it still feels off for me.

    All in all I think it will be a good game and I disagree of separating grond zeroes from the phantom pain and of course that opinion may change in the future.
    Have a good year everyone

  • juicedup

    Paid tutorials are the future.

  • Guest

    I really don’t give a f**k about developers or whoever saying a game is 1 billion times bigger than any other mainly because GAMES ARE GETTING SHORTER, that’s an unfortunate fact, so deal with it.

    • Mr_SP

      Shorter? Am I the only person who remembers Sonic games taking only a few hours to finish? And PS2 platformers like Ratchet and Clank, or Jak and Daxter, or Prince of Persia only taking 10 hours per playthrough at most? Games that aren’t Japanese RPGs have always been somewhat short.

      • shadus

        Longer games aren’t necessarily better. If they get too big They can quickly loss a player interest and never get it back. I would say 8-12 hours length main story for an action game and 40-50 for an RPG is the goldilocks zone. Of course I loved zone of enders 2 and that was like 6 hours to complete.

  • PlatinumMad

    Either MGSV open world will be fuckhuge or GZ open wold will be small corridor.

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