There’s A Special 2D Edition Of The Marvel Vs. Capcom Art Book For Sale

By Eugene . January 1, 2014 . 10:00am


Fans of Marvel vs. Capcom might already have Udon’s previous Marvel vs Capcom: Official Complete Works art book in hardcover. That said, if you’re a collector, you might also want to check out the soft cover version being published soon.


The first press run of this version will have a special “Sprite” dustjacket that features new art from UDON co-founder and artist Arnold Tsang. That art being 2D, old-style sprite-based versions of the 3D characters introduced in Marvel vs Capcom 3.


This is an official tie-up between Udon and Capcom and apparently features all the characters that have ever graced a Marvel vs Capcom game now in sprite form. As a bonus, if you order the book from the UDON online store, you’ll also get their NUDO pin-up book for free. That apparently adds up to $80 worth of product for just $44.99.


You can order the special sprite edition of the book here. If you just want the dust jacket, and are willing to wait a few months, it’ll go on sale in April 2014.


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  • WolfDuo

    I love to play a 2D version. Don’t know why, but still have a weakness for 2d fighting games.

  • DanteMasamune

    Well considering Marvel/Disney and their licensing and copyright policies it could a possibility they’ll want to have UDON/Capcom pay extra to publish this artbook due to having have any or certain owned/trademarked Marvel characters.

    Well I could be wrong/kidding and Marvel/Disney aren’t that big of dicks.

  • Godmars

    Just makes me wonder what if they had gone with 2D all along. If they’ll ever return to the style.

    • 하세요

      In this era, it’s simply a step backwards for their franchise. Sure there are a good chunk that prefer the old stuff, but SFIV and MvC3 are both far more popular than the previous installments. They have no reason go back as it won’t improve already great sales.

      • MVC3 Isn’t really popular at all, not to mention it had low sales too. So your take on how MVC3 is more popular than MVC2 you’re dead wrong because it ain’t and never will be more popular than MVC2. Just ask all of the pro players in the community/ As far as SF4 goes, the series was already dying, people stopped playing the game and or were planning on quitting until Capcom announced Ultra SF4 so SF4 wasn’t more popular than ST or TS. However, vanilla SF4 was a hit because it was new back then.

        • 하세요

          More popular overall? Maybe not, but all the pros have moved onto MvC3. Those are where the sales come from, free advertisement to an extent. SSFIV is still the most popular fighting game around the world.

          It’s looks bad going from 2.5D back to sprites just to appeal to nostalgia glasses wearers.

          • Theres a reason they moved onto MVC3 and that’s because of the easy money they can earn because the game is too easy to play. Pros even said it themselves that if they had to choose, they would always pick MVC2 over MVC3, hell even MVC1 too. But it ain’t up to them, it’s up to the TO’s so that’s why they play it. So it isn’t really a popular game at all, especially since everyone hates it and only play it for the money nothing more. Also, SSF4 isn’t the most popular fighting game around the world at all, once again, people just play it because theres no other Capcom fighters around and TO’s wants to “Fit in” with the new generations so they decided to keep it around. People are already either quitting the game or moving onwards until Ultra comes out. Sako, and several other japanese players even said it themselves that they would rather play ST and CVS2 over SF4 because the game is slow and not damage rewarding enough so I wouldn’t say those 2 games that you’ve mention are popular at all. And it wouldn’t even be bad for them to go back to 2d because nearly everyone i’ve spoken to has even said it themselves that they prefer 2d over 2d.5 any day because it’s more better to look at and it would actually be more fluid as well.

          • J_Joestar

            I think it is more an issue of game design/balance/mechanics rather than simply being a 2D sprite vs. 3D model design issue when it comes to preferences of some of the older fighters vs the newer ones.

            Remember the trailer for the new GG, Models done well enough can match the fluidity of sprites, it is all up to the skills of the developers.

          • Yeah cause those models actually look like their original counterparts just straight out in higher definition.

        • Kaihedgie

          That’s not what he meant

          What he meant was that making the game sprite-based wouldn’t increase its quality or popularity.

          • It would increase it’s popularity because everyone loves the fluid animations and how it’s sprite based instead of 3d .People even hated the fact that MVC3 was 3d on a 2d platform and even gutted SF4 for being 2d.5 which lost the majority of it’s original fanbase too. So yeah, if it were 2d sprites it would definitely help out sales and increase it’s overall popularity. Just look at all the people who makes sprite based on MVC3 and SF4, those are some of the people who didn’t like the transition to 3d/2d.5 cause they felt it wasn’t fitting for those games at all since all of them in the series were 2d instead of 3d. But as always, Capcom doesn’t even wanna do it anymore because they’re too lazy now and prefer to go the easy way and make 3d models because it’s easier to work with and could finish much more faster that way instead of going the route of drawing every frame of animations.

          • Kaihedgie

            Not everyone, exactly. It comes down to preference, which in the end, isn’t universal. You’re really talking about your own preference That’s pretty naive to think that graphics alone will have sales fly off the shelves.

            People didn’t like SFIV at first because it reminded them of the EX series, which wasn’t well-received. However, when it was released, it single-handedly revitalized the fighting game genre when everyone else couldn’t. King of Fighters stuck to using sprites for a very long time and it did nothing for the genre. Guilty Gear also stuck to using sprites and yet again, it did not reach the popularity of any one Street Fighter game. Hell, a lot of people didn’t even like Street Fighter III despite all the artwork. No, their complaints were levied at the gameplay engine and the removal of several iconic characters in favor of an almost entirely new cast. Neither MUGEN, Melty Blood or any other obscure Japanese fighting game did anything to get everyone to start playing fighting games again the way Street Fighter IV did.

            2D sprites and 3D models have their own pros and cons. 3D models have the added benefit of being able to include alternate forms whether it’s a super form or a whole new look altogether. For this very reason, this is exactly why you don’t see Ragna’s arm transformed into a shadowy claw whenever he enters Blood Kain. You’d also never be able to pull off either Vergil or Dante’s Devil Trigger either. For those, you’d have to create an entirely new spritesheet from scratch. Sure, it’d be a neat touch, but it’s far too time consuming and costly when there’s a budget and deadline to consider. Just look how long it’s taking for Lab Zero to make just ONE character alone. It gets pretty embarrassing that whenever they present a WIP during gameplay, all you usually see are lineart and sketches.

            If you want sprites, fine. But in this day and age where a lot of sprite-based fighters almost look the exact same, you’d best have a distinctive aesthetic/artstyle to go with it, prime example being Skullgirls’ cartoonish noir art.

          • First and foremost, these aren’t MY preference. These are preference from TONS of people i’ve known over the years who left the community because they didn’t like these fighting games being 3d and how all of them are either tone down or too slow. 2nd did I ever said anything about graphics selling a game? NO, I didn’t. I said that OVERALL 2d is better and would bring back the fan base it previously had, and everyone LOVED Third Strike so I don’t even know where you’re coming from, the only reason they stopped playing it was because TO’s switch gears and decided to go onwards to the newer generations instead of sticking with the games that idolize fighting games in general. They loved the graphics, the music, sprites, the artwork and the gameplay. The only thing they didn’t like was the fact that Chun-Li was overall better than nearly half the cast and could practically beat everyone in that game including Yun, Urien, Ken, Akuma and all of the mainstay tournament characters. That was one of the only thing they mostly disliked about the game. As far as balance goes that was another problem but 3rd Strike basically was THE game along with CVS2 and MVC2 that kept the fighting game genre going for a long time. As far as KOF goes, what happened to 3d? Oh right, it got gutted which is why they went back to using HD 2d sprites instead of going to the format of using normal SD 2d Sprites that’s the difference there and also not going the Maximum Impact/Samurai Showdown Sen route because of that, and what happened? It brought back nearly ALL of the players that it lost from going that route and the game is appreciated very well among others and everyone still plays the game EVERYWHERE and supported it thoroughly now that it has an fluid netcode which is why they made KOF steam edition in the first place. And once again you’re judging 2d sprites based on how long it takes to create ONE character since you’re bringing up Lab Zero WHO’S an indie company that has little to no resources to work with, and had lots of problems dealing with legal troubles and other stupid stuff that takes away all of the money they’ve left/the resources IE MONEY to pay the people to draw each frame of animation. So compare them to Capcom,Arcsys,Atlus,and several others who has the money and resources to get the job done rather quickly. So I never did said 2d would sell games ALONE. I said that bringing back 2d sprites for Capcom fighters would help out because the majority of it’s original fanbase got lost because of the transition to 3d. So yeah, 2d Sprites for Capcom fighters equal bringing back and ISN’T downgrading or going backwards at all. The only reason Capcom doesn’t go back to it’s 2d routes and get their fanbase back is because they want the easy way out by using 3d models instead of drawing every frame of animation for each character one by one and the fact that they know it cause more money to make HD 2d sprites than to use 3d models.As far as SF4 goes and comparing that to those fighters that you’ve mention that are still popular around the world IE Japan in which that’s where fighting games comes from that’s another story as in YES SF4 DID bring back oldschool players and newcomers at first but not now, you know why it did? Because every oldschool fighting game pro players been waiting for a new Street Fighter because of Ps3/Xbox 360 and thought that they would NEVER EVER see a new fighting game from Capcom that is either Street Fighter or MVC/CVS. So that’s why it was popular back then, compare that to now, sure you still got lots of new players coming in but the oldschool players who basically supported Capcom and Street Fighter for over 2 decades is either quitting the game or just moving onwards to focusing on other fighters because they felt that the game was slow, boring and too drawn out with lots of footsies and stuff instead of what the majority of people who said that the game isn’t fun enough unlike CVS2, ST and 3rd Strike which rewards you with whatever you do, example Sako and several others have said this too. Forgot to add, which is why SF4 is getting ANOTHER iteration because the overall popularity it had back in Vanilla is dying out now in it’s current form of AE 2012 and Capcom wanted to keep oldschool players around with it instead of moving onwards to other fighters in Killer Instinct and several others by` making Ultra SF4.

          • Kaihedgie

            How many, exactly? As opposed to the public in general who cares far more about gameplay and who’s in it?

            People only like Third Strike now because of that EVO moment. It’s the bandwagoning trope in effect. Parrying was originally frowned upon until that very moment.

            ” I said that bringing back 2d sprites for Capcom fighters would help out
            because the majority of it’s original fanbase got lost because of the
            transition to 3d”

            No it wouldn’t. Or did you forget about Street Fighter IV bringing back that majority despite the shift to 3D graphics? And as I’ve said before, they also care for who is in it and what the gameplay is like. Capcom even went and hired UDON to remake Street Fighter II and it still didn’t sell well so your argument about 2D sprites making an actual difference is pretty silly.

            “So that’s why it was popular back then, compare that to now, sure you
            still got lots of new players coming in but the oldschool players who
            basically supported Capcom and Street Fighter for over 2 decades is
            either quitting the game or just moving onwards to focusing on other
            fighters because they felt that the game was slow, boring and too drawn
            out with lots of footsies and stuff instead of what the majority of
            people who said that the game isn’t fun enough unlike CVS2, ST and 3rd
            Strike which rewards you with whatever you do, example Sako and several
            others have said this too.”

            That’s funny considering SFIV is now in its fourth iteration and people are coming back not only for the additional characters but the gameplay changes and additions as well. Also funny how despite SFIV being “slow, boring and drawn out”, it still has the highest attendance record out of every other game that has been featured at EVO for the past several years since the first version came out.

            Don’t kid yourself thinking your argument was about anything other than 2D sprites making a difference because they really don’t. At all. MVC3 didn’t sell as well as it could because certain characters weren’t in there, not because it was in 3D. All of the complaints were about “no Mega Man, no Venom, no Gambit, etc.” repeated ad nauseum.

          • Again, the only reason it’s in it’s 4th iteration which is already DYING OUT is because players kept wanting to quit the game and Capcom didn’t want them too so Capcom kept making more iterations because of that. Funny how you bring up HD Remix, you know why that game fell off? Because it wasn’t SF2 and that it was far from an great game like ST was. That’s THE main reason pro players quit that game. The oldschool players who left loved the new graphics and were excited when they first heard about the game and how the graphics looked. So initially they jumped in on it because of the reimagine HD sprites of the game they hold dearly to their hearts. So once again read my above statement and go and ask the pro players too. They would tell you the exact same thing, Because did I say anything about graphics alone selling a game? NO. I said bringing back 2d Sprites for “NEW” I mean NEW Capcom fighters would bring back players. and HD Remix wasn’t new because initially people thought they were going to get ST with newly drawn beautiful looking sprites and make STHDRemix MUCH MORE better than ST but no, they didn’t, they completely screwed up the entire game completely which lead a distaste to players in general who loved ST. And Remix didn’t do that because of the gameplay and how it wasn’t ST and how they completely changed the entire game of ST and turned it into dust. So read all of the above again before you say something like that to me. Example AE2012 dying out already, another reason why Capcom is making Ultra. Compare that to 3rd Strike, MVC2, CVS2 and ST which didn’t even need updates every single year just to stay alive and get players to come and watch the show. Like I said before, actually understand what I wrote instead of bringing up SF4 when it first form and AE when it was popular compare that to now and listen to every pro japanese player there is, Sako, Daigo, BAS and several others. Hell even the american pro players too. Bottomline is just listen to the oldschool players thoughts, opinions about the game in general. They would tell you THE exact same thing I just wrote.

          • Kaihedgie

            Yes. wanting to quit by asking for more. When people wanting more out of SFIV, we got Super Street Fighter IV which not only saw the return of many fan favorites, but even two brand new characters one of whom quickly became a fan favorite. Then Capcom decided to bring all that good stuff back to the arcades with Arcade Edition and added four additional characters: three classic ones and a new what-if form for Akuma. Everyone ate it up. This version even received a significant free update for a major rebalancing

            And now here we are with Ultra Street Fighter IV in 2014. The changes being implemented in this game are all now being decided the fans themselves. If people wanted to leave Street Fighter, it’d be dead by now, but here we are, nearly a decade later and the game’s still going strong in only its third update. That is way more than anyone can say about any game that’s sprite-based. People like Street Fighter IV because it’s entertaining and fun. No one gives a hoot if it’s 2D sprites or 3D models. Stopped caring about that a VERY long time ago. Heck, these updates are actually cheaper and yet bring more content than what Ark Systems has done with Guilty Gear and Blazblue around this same time with their updates.

        • d3v

          Yet Marvel 3 is still the number 1 tournament game in the US.

          • Yes number 1 cause of the easy money. And how easy it is just to get into the game and start ditching out 100% combos with one to 2 meter and or just doing the classic Morrigan fireball gameplan all day to the point of endless chip damage till you find a work around just to get close to Morrigan to either grab her into another full 100% combo or just patiently running about till you find a way just to get through it. The game is “Good” But the only reason it’s the number 1 fighting game in the US as of right now is cause of the easy money. Cause players can easily get into the game with no problems. Another reason it get’s the occasional “Pop” is because of a player ditching out stylish combos, doing something big with lesser known tournament viable characters or whenever someone make an comeback off of 1 character without the use of an X-Factor lvl 3 of course. Other than that, the game wouldn’t even be the number 1 tournament fighting game in the us at all if it wasn’t for any of those credentials.

      • konsama

        I have to disagree heavily, using 2D sprites is far from being old or step backwards or having nostalgia glasses, you can see the use of HD 2D sprites on BB games or the last KoF games, while retaining the same looks and looking far more polished than their old 2D sprites (compared to old KoF and GG).

        SF4 and MvsC3 popularity isn’t from their 3D models, and if any, MvsC3 was a game based more on nostalgia than the actual value it offered (Avengers advertising on marvel’s part >_>) considering the demographic it was aimed at was the original MvsC players from the 90’s/early2k).

        To each his own, but again, it’s FAR from a step backwards or counter productive take by keeping or using 2D sprites.

        • Yeah I agree with everything you’ve said right there. 2D Sprites isn’t old and it isn’t going backwards at all. In fact, going back to 2d for Capcom fighters would be an excellent decision because the overall fanbase would be returning and newer fans from this generation might actually appreciate the work that goes into making an 2d sprite that are much more beautiful to look at, watch and get to play with too. Especially since those players from the 90’s/2K loved that about the Capcom games and really was one of the reasons they even decided to play fighting games in the first play and took it seriously, me being one of them. Especially since those are the one’s Capcom really was aiming for as far as sales and popularity goes.

          • konsama

            I can’t say i want them to return to 2D sprites on everything. i enjoy as much playing 3D fighters as i do with 2D ones, so im not pro or con on any of both styles, each has it’s gimmicks and his cool stuff. And if the game is done well it doesn’t matter which kind of graphics it goes.

            I was mostly replying to Haseyo for his total anti 2D sprites stance, when in truth it has no more downside or upside than using 3D models in a fighter.

        • Kaihedgie

          King of Fighters didn’t sell because of its sprites. In fact, it didn’t even sell well to begin with.

        • d3v

          In the current development environment, 3D is just more cost effective. Heck, ArcSys is already moving towards 3D with it’s marquee franchise (Guilty Gear) and even SNK is hiring folks for a future game rendered in 3D.

          • konsama

            I know that, and i agree to a point, my reply was mostly aimed at pointing out that 2D sprites have no downside when compared to 3D ones, just because everything moves forward to 3D models doesn’t mean 2D art is gone or obsolete, IMO if it was managed better, it would be as good as 3D models.

            You can also see that as how 8-bit games aren’t dead despite the graphical power of current and next gen consoles. Being 2D sprites doesn’t equal limitation, or i could make an example with terraria, with looking like a castlevania from NES/SNES and yet having more animations, actions (mostly referring at how the monster sprites go boom and that kind of detail) and movement smoothness and detail while still retaining an old look. Who says 2D sprites can’t match that ever.

          • d3v

            How is “less cost effective” not a downside?

          • Astrotrain

            ASW is developing GGXrd with 3D graphics, but that doesn’t mean (or they didn’t say) they are going to give up 2D graphics.

          • Exactly. It’s just to see what they can do with 3d graphics and how far they really could take it on next gen and Ps3. Because mostly everyone doubts companies when they transition to 3d and I’m sure ArcSys are trying to say we can do 3d better than anyone while making the feel and look just like the original 2d sprites.

          • Godmars

            That’s kind of the problem. Publishers pretty much mandated 3D graphics as a cost-saving measure not knowing or caring what would be lost. With the PS3, 360 and HD graphics in general sprite base graphics because cost prohibitive.

            And yet its seeing a revival of sort with PCs and indies, where most argue creativity in the industry went as well.

  • Suzaku

    You can see all the individual sprites here, incidentally:

  • XiaomuArisu

    Now i want a 2D MvsC

    • MVC3 2D

      Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: 2nd Dimension

    • katamari damacy

      I wish they had MvC3 look exactly like MvC2 HD remix. I can understand how having the 3D engine makes animation so much easier but it really lost all charm the 2D sprites had.

      • XiaomuArisu

        the 2D sprites still look nice~

  • Besides Vergil, I think I’ve seen the new characters’ sprites before.

  • megaten666

    Oh, Capcom. Sometimes I wonder what have you become :/

    • Godmars

      A middleware software games publisher which thinks its AAA.

      Think about it.

  • Luffink

    I wanted to buy it… but fuck them, the shipping rates to Europe is another 40$

  • GuyAlpha

    Some guy on Deviant Art did the 2D MvC3 sprites a while ago. Guess, I’m not missing anything since I’ve already saw them, but they still look cool.

  • Servant BerserCAR

    There is something special with traditional 2D animation. Something that 3D animation doesn’t have.

    • Indeed. I think they are more pleasing visually— Much more colorful, detailed and those fluid smooth animation could be a feast to the eyes, giving the hand drawn 2D sprites an extraordinary touch. Perhaps even a value of nostalgia of the 2D fighting era.

  • That MODOK sprite was I think utilized in a MUGEN creation of him.

  • Thomaz Barros

    Ah of course, it can’t be MVC if the sprites aren’t so different in quality that makes you think how the game was released after all
    Dat morrigan sprite

  • Thomaz Barros

    MVC3 models look absolutely fine.
    If anything its better than any spritework in MVC2.

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