Romeo & Juliet With Vampires Game Gets PSP Sequel

By Spencer . January 7, 2014 . 1:13am

image Last year Siliconera pointed out Romeo vs. Juliet, an otome game that reimagines Shakespeare’s story that makes Juliet a vampire hunter and Romeo a vampire king.


Quinrose is making a sequel titled Romeo & Juliet which continues the story. An uneasy truce in Verona was formed after the first game between the vampires and humans. The protagonist is happy that Verona changed, but not everyone in Verona feels the same way. Another crisis in Verona is brewing, but whose hand will you take in Romeo & Juliet?


Romeo & Juliet is slated for release on March 27 for PSP.

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  • I only finished Romeo’s route on the original game. Not the best otome game that I played, but the characters had their charm. Juliet was also a strong heroine (as expected from Quinrose) and didn’t annoy me for the most part. There were five endings in Romeo’s route with one that closely follows that of the play.

    My biggest gripe was that the prologue was long and kind of boring and Romeo’s route, while it had its moment, dragged on too much. I heard Japanese gamers who finished all the routes praise Mercutio, Paris and Lawrence’s routes. My decision whether to get the sequel or not will depend on whether I like the other routes better.

  • “an otome game that reimagines Shakespeare’s story that makes Juliet a vampire hunter and Romeo a vampire king”

    “Staked through the heart! And you’re to blame. You give love. A BAD NAME.” – Romeo, just before he turned to ash

    • Shady Shariest

      It is impressive that Romeo managed to stake Julie, she does have the mooooo-uuuUUUuuu-ves like Jagger.

  • malek86

    So, the original game was a reimagining of an old story, while this sequel is a direct follow up and presumably a story penned from scratch.

    I’m getting Disney direct-to-video vibes.

  • John Diamond

    but romeo and juliet isn’t even a proper love story… its more satire

    • Ereek

      True, but sometimes these things don’t really come across well to non-native speakers who don’t have a lot of experience with English literature. Most likely the developers aren’t familiar with (and don’t care, since they’re writing their own story) the connotations of the original piece.

      And hey, nothing wrong with a bit of playing around with alternate histories and literature. Japan’s being “butchering” Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass for years now.

    • I feel as though the games are part parody of the story anyway. Afterall, they’re not playing it very straight the way most media does (Western media included).

      • John Diamond

        oh, i’m just saying. If i were doing a game based on a book, i’d research the book. I haven’t played the game, so perhaps you’re right.

        Either way looking at films like gnomio and juliet you begin to realise how little people read the books. but whatevers

        • I can’t say whether or not they did their research, but otome at least seem to have a good understanding of the source material they’re using, but buck the trends of bothering to follow it.

          I guess an example is. . . two anime this season. Nobunaga the fool just rips a bunch of historical figures and seems to have only the very base understanding of who more than half of them are and abuses their character. Nobunagun takes some fair understanding and applies it to a cool usage; lots of media are like the former, but most otome games tend to be the latter. They may do their research and kind of show it, but they’re more about playing with it than playing it straight.

  • Firekitty

    Okay, now I want a Yaoi version of Hamlet…maybe with a werewolf theme, I dunno.

  • Yeah~! That’s cool. ♥

  • Warboss Aohd

    So they combined Twilight and Romeo and Juliet?

    ……..Game designers, real talk, go look at Hellsing, Legacy of Kain, Vampire The Masquerade, hell even Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy for inspiration on Vampires.

  • Aristides

    I wish someone would pick both these games up for western release, I can’t imagine the license being terribly expensive lol

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