You Could Choose A Samurai Or Become One In Samurai Warriors 4

By Spencer . January 10, 2014 . 4:30pm

Samurai Warriors 4 has back stories for characters to see, but instead of seeing Yukimura Sanada’s story you can play through your own. Samurai Warriors 4 has a create a samurai mode where you can make your own warrior by choosing your character’s gender, facial features, hair style, weapon, and armor.


swss-07 swss-08


After your warrior is made you can select characters on the map to trigger events or missions.




Player created characters can still utilize the on the fly character switching system where you can switch between two warriors on the battlefield.


swss-09 swss-10


During conversations your answers effect how other warlords view your character. If you really want to play Samurai Warriors 4 as an icon from Japanese history how about shamisen rocker Motochika Chosokabe or newcomer Koshosho.




Motochika Chosokabe

swss-04 swss-05



swss-01 swss-02 swss-03

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  • Kevin Delphi

    Didn’t the first samurai warriors game have something like this too?

    • Aunna Terrell

      From what I remember, Samurai Warriors 1 & 3 had a character creation mode available in the initial game. I forgot about 2, since I didn’t really play that one as much, lol. (Mostly because Ranmaru didn’t have a story… He was just a character for Free Mode or second player.) In 1, you created a basic samurai who had to undergo a trial to see if you can work for a certain warlord or not. I think they took out character creation in the initial game for 2 and gave us that Monopoly-like mini game instead. While 3 just had a simple create a samurai/ninja character and use them in battle. Nothing else. No real interaction with the story or whatnot.

      But the one in 4 is somewhat utilizing some of the features from Samurai Warriors Chronicles (3DS). In Chronicles, they had the whole controlling two characters on the field, as well as the made up character interacting with the various historical figures (the one you used in battle) after the stage. Depending on the responses, you can gain or lose favor with the other character. For instance, I know Hojo Ujiyasu doesn’t like it when you suck up to him.

  • Anna Scruton

    I want this game. No, I need this game.

  • ndjn3979

    Interesting concept.

  • KnifeAndFork

    I didn’t know Japan had advanced salon perm hair styling techniques back then that make even Nikki Manaj And Lady Gaga jealous….

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Shikoku is sure full of artist

  • MrJechgo

    *sees Koshosho*
    I’m so sorry, but … WHAT THE HELL?!? O_o
    They’re going disco or something?

    • Ixbran

      Historically she was Motochika’s concubine/wife/lover or something. so ya, his love interest ladies and gents!

      • MrJechgo

        I’m complaining about the look, not the person.

  • makubexnas

    i don’t know why but koshosho remind me of lotta hart.

    • Roll Caskett


  • Warboss Aohd


    i’m in just localize this bad boy (English dub needed)

    • Christopher Nunes

      I think they mention considering localizing Samurai Warriors 4 in the West.

      So here’s to hoping.

  • Aw~ Koshosho’s so fab, I love her design. YES, even the hair! It’s unique, very unique. DW, SW, and WO ladies combined, she differs from all the other ones. Can’t be a bad thing once the series will have 150+ characters after all~

  • Altin

    (You choose to be a Samurai)
    “I never asked for this.”

  • serpentear

    The caw’s kinda meh….hopefully they’ll fix it in sw4 empire maybe make it like dw7e caw (or even better)

    • DanielGearSolid

      Wait… How can you tell it’s meh?

      • serpentear

        Compared to dw7e which provided plenty customization almost like wkc? Yeah…
        “Samurai Warriors 4 has a create a samurai mode where you can make your own warrior by choosing your character’s gender, facial features, hair style, weapon, and armor.”

        I just made an assumption that you can only select some faces like sw3. Sw caw were bad unlike dw (though I like the color pallet idea) thats why HOPEFULLY they’ll fix it.

        • To be honest, even if the one from DW7 Empires was the best one -yet-, it’s far from having lots of choices. With the PS4, they can do more, so we’ll see for the next future DW/SW games I guess. But yeah, CAW from SW3 were terrible, so hopefully this one will be at least similar to the one from DW7 Empires.

        • DanielGearSolid

          I think you should hold off on calling it meh without seeing for yourself its full range of customization

  • Weird Al Yankovic

    Koshosho’s like a character from Sengoku Basara. Luckily this isn’t a Capcom game so no one’s gonna be left out as an NPC only to be sold in the expansion later.

    • Nop. Like SW1/2/3, there’ll be at least 2 new NPCs with a unique design and a generic weapon that will become playable in the Xtreme Legends expansion with a new, unique weapon. That’s the trend of the SW series. Still, that’s much less NPCs than the SB series, yeah. (That’s one of the things I literally HATE in SB, so much NPCs, ew).

  • i dont like koshosho’s look
    this sounds like chronicles im pretty excited for this entry

  • Fox

    So… what? Are they ditching Character Mode/Empire Mode and only doing a CAW Campaign like Samurai Warriors 3D? It’s really hard to tell from the “article,” as the writing here is mostly incoherent.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    They are gonna ravage that army and still have time to get dawn and boogie! XD Hoping for the localization as well.

  • Mitsukiix

    pre order confirmed… SW3Z customize was a downer but this seems promising.

  • leingod

    CAW was awesome on DW Next, so I can’t wait to play this on the Vita :D

    Koshosho… not sure if like. Like someone said, looks like a Sengoku Basara character, maybe a little too wild in her design.

    • That was clearly the point though. She’s meant to be a crazy-type character and not meant to be taken seriously at all. It’s fresh, because usually we’ve hot chicks with long hair, badass warriors with short hair, or lolis/young girls. Design-wise, she at least looks a lot more unique than the other new female Hayakawa, as this one looks pretty basic~

      They were creative with Koshosho. (It’s funny, but even her name sounds like it goes well with her design, haha). Not to mention that she’s a pretty neat contrast to Motochika.

      • leingod

        Guess that’s OK for the sake of variety.

      • Blerg

        I’m okay with the look, for the sake of variety, but as long as they don’t pull a Sima Yi+Chunhua… I did NOT like that
        Sima Yi: Um well, you know…. you see… um … cuz yeah
        Chunhua:Mai Lawrd, Sit up straight, Speak clearly, make strategies, blah blah blah…
        Me:Dafuq is this this?
        Now this isn’t to say I hated Chunhua, not at all, I strongly disliked her and Yi’s interactions

        • She’s not Motochika’s lover/concubine/whatever in this game based on her bio. She’s basically a seductress that charms every men she encounters for her own benefits. She’s going to have some sort of relationship with Motochika, that’s for sure, but I can already tell by her character that it’s not going to be something lovey-dovey or a relationship similar to Sima Yi and Zhang Chunhua from DW.

          • Blerg

            That’s cool, as long as Motochika’s talk of waves and such isn’t ebbed… …. …

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          Funny, I never thought she took at all from Sima Yi, other than her being the nagging wife…

          • Blerg

            2 Scenes in particular stood to me Sima Yi’s withdrawal from public and the end of Zhong Hui’s Rebellion… it was almost like his verbal flubbing existed just for her to step in and/or nag

  • Anesia Hunter

    So, what are the chances of this being localized and not just for PS3?

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