Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Has A Neat Built-In Board Game

By Sato . February 4, 2014 . 3:06am


Toybox, which is home to the co-creator of Deadly Premonition, and Arc System Works are working on an upcoming dark visual novel RPG hybrid called Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters. While the game’s story is a bit on the eerie side, it also features an interesting board game for players to enjoy when they’re taking a break from the ghost hunting.


Similar to the actual game, the board game called Hypernatural is a ghost hunting game that apparently takes place in America. It’s actually played by the employees of the Evening Spatium Company whenever they have free time.


You can access the game through the game’s menu screen, where you’ll also get to play alongside other characters of the crew, who seem to have some sort of competitive side, as they’ll be showing a different side to them once they start to play.


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Hypernatural is played with four players, where one of them has the role of the ghost on an 8×8 grid map. Players take turns to move and attack.


Only the ghost player knows the location of the ghost, and the other players are the hunters who must find them through the use of hints and available information.


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Players will have cards that indicate costs for movement, attack, and effects that will be coming in handy to find the ghost. The maps have different terrains which will affect things like movement costs and more. The game ends when the hunters or ghost are defeated.


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Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is slated for release on April 10, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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  • equalequation

    Correction : if you’re talking about 魔都紅色幽撃隊, it’s not a visual novel, it’s an RPG. It just looks like a visual novel when it’s in conversation/adventure mode. It even got a nomination for Best Upcoming RPG award from Gamespark at TGS!

    You’d think the article would get this correct, when the previous article on this site about the EXACT SAME GAME called it a dungeon crawler.

    • By this point, errors like this are SOP for this website.

    • revenent hell

      Reading the past articles they seem pretty concise in saying the game is an RPG with “visual novel” and “battle parts” involved with its episodes..
      In what was viewable under the Twilight Ghost Hunters tag .
      Don’t get me wrong I can be pretty hard on the articles as far as the “writers” go for siliconera, but a game can really be a meld of a few different types and they seem to express this game is a mix of a few of them in all five articles..
      I also didn’t read one of the five that appears where they said this game was exclusively one “type” over another

      • equalequation

        This article pretty much said it’s purely a visual novel. It says ‘they’re making a dark visual novel’. Not ‘an RPG with visual novel parts and battle parts’. A visual novel, per se. This isn’t being consistent, it’s a real and honest mistake. This is a pretty big grammatical distinction to make.

        And a game with elements from another genre =/= hybrid genre, you know.

        I mean, if you look at the convo scenes in Ar Tornelico, it looks awefully like a visual novel, and it plays mostly the same as far as that part is concerned. But you wouldn’t say that ‘Gust is making a fantasy visual novel game called Ar Tornelico’, would you?

        • revenent hell

          Can you give me the link to this article please?
          Like I said I read all the five articles under the games name tag and nothing solely called it anything over another and I would prefer to read it myself than just taking someone’s word for it….. Since people can be wrong about certain facts and such.

          And if there are articles not under the same tag they really should be…..

          • equalequation

            I’m talking about the article we’re reading.

            This. Very. Article.

            First paragraph. And also the blurb for this article on the front page. I’d quote, but it wouldn’t let me copy & paste. Sure, it has a boardgame minigame, but that doesn’t change the fact that they said ‘[company] is making a visual novel’. It is an RPG, mainly. RPG with an adventure part. This is a FACTUAL STATEMENT.

          • revenent hell

            Ah. I selectively ignored that in all honesty. This is by far not the first or most likely last article about the game so with reading the others and knowing a bit about the game, I didn’t think much of the “miss type”

            The game does have VN aspects …… Calling it one or the other is not a big deal for me since the game is a mash up of a few different types and the people playing it/reporting on it may consider it one thing over the other just because to them its the stronger aspect.

            When it comes to these types of articles even if the game is a certain type or could fall under certain categories it doesn’t really make the person “wrong” in calling it a “dark VN” though since those aspects are apparently there and in high enough quantities.

            But it would probably be better for him to change it in to saying ” A dark visual novel-esq or “type of” game”. Just incase a new person came in to read about the game saying a “dark VN” would give the impression it *is* a VN period and in other articles it is pretty well stated its an RPG/VN/ Battle segmented type of game.

            Personally though even if a game could be technically “this” or “that” as long as it does have a bulk of VN type stuff for at least 50% of the game overall I would view it to be VN more than anything else myself……

          • equalequation

            It does make them wrong. At least call it a VN/RPG hybrid, please. You would not call Skyrim an action game just because it has action elements in ample supply, at best you would call it an Action RPG. You do not remove one half of the game just because it’s got another half.

            And yeah, they should change it. If someone new to the site happens to see this for the first time and they’re the sort to be interested in RPGs but not interested in VNs (because amount of text/lack of gameplay/otaku connotations or whatever), it does make a difference as to if it would stay on their radar or not, or whether they’d be interested in reading another article about the game and realizing what it really is.

            If they know what it is but not interested, well, their prerogative. But they’d have to know what it is, though.

            The story parts are all told in VN style, although to be frank, that’s also how a significant chunk of RPGs have been done since the PS2 days. Though I suppose they’re not localized so people won’t know them. It saves modeling costs and there’s no need for extra assets for locations, what can I say.

    • Sato

      “it’s not a visual novel, it’s an RPG.” by that comment, wouldn’t you be contradicting yourself with the Skyrim example? :P

      The game is heavier on the VN side of things, and Japanese websites call it a visual novel *with* RPG elements. Anyways, thanks for pointing it out! I’ll add the specifics :)

      • equalequation

        I was trying to compromise, but oh well. :P

  • Hadn’t heard of this game, but now that I’ve read through all the articles here on it and watched the videos…
    Please please please let this be localized… I love it when games meld different genres together like this to create something unique. The art style also looks great, and I really need more visual novel-esque games in English. Also, I love ghosts!
    Come on, Vita English release. Somebody make this happen…

  • Göran Isacson

    … ha ha oh my god so not only is it a cool idea for a VN/RPG/whatever else it fancies to be, but it also has a Supernatural parody game? Oh man. That is the kind of hilarity I can get behind. I can just imagine the cards the ghosts can play against the hunters: “Love Interest: You curse the main character with a love interest that becomes their sole emotional reason to hang on in a cold cruel world, and can then whenever it suits you kill her and remove her from play. The hunter will be unable to move the turn you remove Love Interest from play”.

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