Drakengard 3 Collector’s Edition Announced For North America

By Ishaan . February 5, 2014 . 6:15am

Drakengard 3 will get a collector’s edition in North America, Square Enix have announced. Additionally, the game will also have a variety of pre-order bonuses. This part is a little confusing, so let’s go over how it works.


Pre-order bonuses are divided into three tiers, depending on how soon you pre-order the game. Here are the three tiers:


  • Tier One: players who place their pre-order from today through March 3rd will receive a special Japanese voiceover DLC and automatically unlock the two yet-to-be-announced bonuses


  • Tier Two: from March 4th to April 8th, pre-ordering the game will unlock the two remaining unannounced bonuses


  • Tier Three: from April 9th until launch, players will receive the final unannounced locked bonus only.


Those are pre-order bonuses. The actual collector’s edition of the game (pictured at the top of this post) will contain all the pre-order bonuses as well as a a few other items, including:


  • The Complete Novella
  • Official Soundtrack CD Sampler
  • Prequel Stage DLC – Play as Zero’s sister, One, in this additional level
  • Caim Costume DLC – Protagonist of the original Drakengard (Once equipped, stamina consumption decreases by half when using a skill)
  • Giant Baby Hat DLC – For your in-game dragon companion
  • Drakengard 3 Collectible Poster


The collector’s edition will be limited to 5,000 copies and will cost $79.99. It’s available exclusively via the Square Enix Online Store. Meanwhile, the regular edition will cost $49.99. Drakengard 3 will be available in North America on May 20th. Europe will get the game on May 21st as a digital-only title.

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  • Brion Valkerion

    Saw this and started smiling immediately…

    Knew that square enix store was in there somewhere though… I knew they would rain on my parade…

    I want it… but that online store is sooooooo garbage!

    Edit: $14 for the cheapest shipping, better start using those $3 flat rate boxes at the post office Square, gaddam!

  • Anesia Hunter

    i only have one question… is there dual audio?

    • DivinePhoenix69

      I believe Dual audio was confirmed as DLC for the US release only.

    • So you know if you want to buy it or not? Go read the article.

    • Yggdr5

      As it seems as limited pre-order bonus only. I honestly don’t know what to say

      • AlphaSixNine

        Not really…

  • Cool, but I prefer the European digital only version… (trollface)

  • Guest

    Yesss! I preordered it already that means I get dual audio, but now I kinda want that collectors edition :/

  • Luis Camargo

    I want this CE so bad, but using SE Store is the real problem…

  • Varnes

    $80? not sure if that’s much of a bargain for all that, ill pass SE and get the regular edition

  • Ugh… could’t they have released it later? I don’t have much money right now due to all the games coming out this months :C Oh well, would have loved to get the CE but since it’s SE website only I don’t think I wouldn’t have got it even if I had the money.

  • Brandonmkii

    Welp, cancelling my regular edition pre-order.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I must have this. I was waiting for this… now what Soundtrack to get so I’m over $100…

  • Nitraion

    I assume all DLC will added on PSN store later right? Right???
    PO specific thing like this always problem to me D:

    • Aunna Terrell

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it. Sakura Minamida (Senior Product Manager at Square Enix) answered a similar question on the Playstation Blog. “The 3 pre-orders bonuses are only available with the pre-order of the Collector’s Edition and the Packaged Standard Edition.” “The 3 items Pre-Order Bonus Items are also a Square Enix Store Exclusive.”

      Edit: Oh, here’s some hope…? “Apologies – I mean no longer available as a FREE Pre-Order. Currently there has no set date on when it will be available for sale.”

      • Nitraion

        Figured as much those DLC is too delicious for SE too pass only to be special PO , profit+++ no brainer i say…
        Lol well i see trailer not bad US voice as always SE standard, to me Jap VA just sake of variety… but i like mikhail US voice more they make it more boyish which make me relived because jap one is to loli to me XD

  • Heropon

    So the Regular edition isn’t SE store exclusvie ??

    • César H. Sandoval

      It still is.

    • Aunna Terrell

      Physical copies of both the regular edition and collector’s edition are ONLY exclusive to the SE store.

  • SirRichard

    Their US store won’t ship to Europe, will it?

    EDIT: No, no it won’t. Now I’m properly mad about that digital-only release, seeing as the DLC and the like seem to be for this special edition only so far. And that the regular edition is locked off to their store as well, that’s just ridiculous, Square.

  • Randgriz

    Im sorry, i hate to whine but this is really shocking and disappointing.

    I honestly dont mind having D3 digital in EU but it seems as though we got totally shafted on all the DLC too?

    So all EU gets is a non-physical vanilla copy of the game. While the guys across the pond get the full works. How can i be happy with that?

    Congratulations to NA for getting this lovely collecters edition, if you grab one itll definitly be a rare find. At least some people on this earth will have the full experience.

    • GodLikesSnacks

      I am so angry right now that I could kill somebody while crying like a baby.

      • Randgriz

        Yes, it is frustrating – Im going to write to SE EU and find out if the DLC will be avaliable at least.. I dont want to get angry because of nothing.

        • GodLikesSnacks

          Yes but still: NO physical copy and NO CE?
          I must save some money and then buy it from ebay for $250! T-T

      • Cazar

        Based on the awful user reviews the game has gotten in Japan I don’t know if I’d be that upset.

        • GodLikesSnacks

          I really think that I will like this game based on what I already saw from its gameplay and story cutscenes. Especially that one of my absolute favourite seiyu is voicing one of the bosses.<3

          I don't care about others opinions because often I liked games wich people rated poorly and often I hated games wich people overrated.

          • AshCrimsonIIDX

            I imported Drakengard 3 and it is actually a very good game. The cutscenes were totally unexpected and it actually made me want to keep playing and see more of the story. I’m not going to spoil anything for you guys, but you’ll seriously be laughing out loud at a few scenes.

            The gameplay has its annoying moments, but it feels fluid compared to the older games(Which took me by surprise). The only thing I REALLY HATE about the game is its loading times. Even though I have a digital copy it still is very long.

            TLDR- Very sorry for the long comment! It’s a very fun game to me. I really like it but it has those “ugh” moments.

    • Albel

      I for one am neither importing nor buying day-one now. No way in hell am I gonna endorse this kind of bs treatment xD
      Besides, it’s drakengard we’re talking about. Giving it a month or two until half price ;)

      • Randgriz

        I havent been this butt-hurt since persona 4: arena.


          Index/AtlusJP asked for it after what they did…

    • Cephrien

      Im surprised youre even getting the game.

      Only a day after we do too

    • Loli Summoner

      Well,you guys got naruto storm 3 collector’s edition and all we got was a goku outfit…which EU also got…..

    • artemisthemp

      I agree with you.

      I have to get a friend to buy it for me and ship it to me.

    • KyoyaHibari



      Woe is Europe. (But really, c’est la vie. North America and Europe get jibbed one over the other left and right, it’s unfortunate of course, but it happens all the time.)

      • brostar

        You still actually got a physical edition of the game.

        • Ash_Riot

          And didn’t miss out on a boat load of DLC.

    • D H

      I consider it revenge for Way of the Samurai 4, Agarest PS3, Arcana Heart 3, Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2, Saint Seiya; Brave Soldiers, Saint Seiya: Battle Sanctuary, Tales of Eternia PSP, Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force 3, Ys Strategy and probably several others I’ve missed or not cared about.

      I mean, it sucks all the way around, to be sure, but at least for once I’m on the right side of the ocean and don’t have to import a game that is in my language just to have a physical copy.

      • brostar

        Oh boohoo you missed out on a selection of games. Europe has been screwed constantly over decades of gaming. Yes North america misses out a few times but you guys benefit way more than we ever do so don’t complain.

        • MSJ

          please just stfu, so much butthurt, just import it you fucking idiot.

    • Marc Chowdhury
  • Arizato

    So, anyone in the US wanting to help out someone in EU getting their hands on this edition?

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      want the Japanese voiceover DLC?

      • Arizato

        Naah, I am in it for the whole Collector’s Edition package. I love NieR to death and I really want this on my shelf.

    • Crazy_O

      Well the only way I would get it is for the VO DLC too, but I’m not going to support such a practice.

      I’m fine with a paid DLC – but a DLC that is only avaible for people who preorder on a shop that only ships to NA. Limited to 5000 copies. Dafuq? Through how many corners do I have to go for a simple DLC?

      • AlphaSixNine

        I actually asked about Japanese VO over at the Sony blog and they said the Japanese VO will be available as DLC on PSN just not free anymore. There’s no date though for when it will come out.

        • Randgriz

          Did they actually say that or was is a vague response?

          • AlphaSixNine

            I clarified it twice. See the screenshot I atached

          • Ash_Riot

            Looks incredibly vague to me.

          • AlphaSixNine

            Oh? How so? Thought it was quite clearclear with the answer that it will be available just no date yet.

  • Freud_Hater

    Those sly, sly bastards… JUST TAKE MY MONEY!!

  • Revorse

    Oh man. I need to get a job.

  • Zeonsilt

    /sigh. I can already imagine prices on Limited Edition on ebay.(and regular’s one too).Oh well,if it will be that,i’l just pick up EU(digital) version on 50% discount in (distant) future.

    • GodLikesSnacks

      I’d say the limited edition will be $200+shipping on the fucking ebay.

  • So many gaaames! Ugh My heart loves it but my wallet is screaming at me. I will not listen to you wallet and will be pre-ordering the CE edition ( ._.)

  • OMG and a poster that I’ve been searching online for

  • gRiMmYdArK13


  • Jeffers

    Why have developers started cordoning off Japanese voiceovers as a pre-order bonus? This happened with Soul Sacrifice too. It seems that developers have noticed the presence of dual audio is a topic of contention for gamers, but rather than endeavouring to include the feature as part of the final product, they’d rather hold it to ransom. It’s all the more baffling when a game includes an English dub. So they will pay to record an entirely new dub as a part of the package, but simply including the original dub is a luxury now?

    I understand that there are sometimes a few issues that complicate matters, like the rights to use VAs recordings outside of Japan, and it isn’t a simple case of slapping a few audio files in the game. But I refuse to believe that recording a new dub is less costly than licensing the original. Furthermore, if a game is intended for international release at some point, surely this is something that should be worked out before you start recording.

    It just seems a little greedy to restrict content to early pre-orders that most would hope to receive as part of the full package.

    • TheCynicalReaper

      It’s not developers but publishers, and not all publishers but just Square Enix/Sony

      • Jeffers

        That may be the case, but regardless of who actually makes the decision, the fact of the matter is that content is being excluded from the final game in the name of pre-order DLC.

        It would be nice if publishers tried to reward pre-orders with actual additions rather than simply ripping content out of the game and repackaging it. It’s not a case of “pre-order to receive more” but “pre-order to actually receive the full game”.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          Actually I suspect it’s cheaper to do so then to put it all on disc

        • Aoshi00

          yeah, but at least they’re making the effort to actually include dual audio for LR and now Drakengard 3, which is a first for an FF ever; I’ve always had to import a Jpn copy in addition to getting a US copy. FFX HD is not getting a dual audio treatment, and LR is getting a dual audio patch for free (which gets diff. lip sync too). I know the DLC is to entice people to pre-order by paying full price. But if it’s any consolation, the DLC is also sold on PSN or XBL later at a reasonable price, Soul Sacrifice for $1.99 and LR free.. I assume it would be on the cheap side for Drakengard 3 too.. If it’s not sold separately later on, then that’s a different story since some would miss out on it.

  • Hinataharem

    $80?? But I want the bonus story…


  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    $80 worth it

  • Randgriz

    This is definitly a situation where the “fans” turn to “pawns/consumers” status. Arms are being twisted every-which way in this scenario.

  • Herok♞

    I want the prequel stage dlc but not enough for $30 more on a game I am unsure of standard edition for me

  • gRiMmYdArK13

    I’m from Australia but can I buy this from the North American website? Would they be able to send it to Australia?

    • Heropon

      Unfortunately , only shipping in US .The only way to get physical copy is Ebay

      • gRiMmYdArK13

        Thank you for replying. Do you think Ebay would have the collectors edition?

        • CQ

          Yes, order your copy for five hundred and ninety-nine us dollars now!

        • Randgriz

          Yeah but expect inflated prices ala Xenoblade.

        • Lyralei

          You’re looking at $250+ for CE, and probably about $90 for normal at the moment in AUD. EBgames has a pre-order available for it, and I’m pestering the staff about it until more information is available. So far, if it does come, it’s definitely physical as EBgames Aus doesn’t sell digital code copies.
          Play-Asia is taking orders, if that’s helpful. Not for the CE yet. I’m probably going to order from there at this rate.


    Tier Four: Poorfag who won’t get anything of the above and will get standard edition.
    in this case it is me

    • neocatzon

      Tier Five: Poorfag who waits and random people buying things when the game finally get a discount or price drop.


        this one might take a while to drop the price since the physical version is SE Store only (or never see a price drop it’s SE we’re talking here)

        • neocatzon

          SE and their pricing.. Tier 5 must have a patience of saints.

  • Crazy_O

    Unbelievable – You want to give them money, but they try their best to kill your interest as soon as possible.

    Checking out until the VO DLC will be avaible through regular means. Until than I’m out of the D3 threads.

    • Randgriz

      You know the JP VO will still have the same english subtitles, so besides the performances i dont see the major appeal. (Personal thoughts on this)

      • Crazy_O

        Zero is voiced by Maaya Uchida – The voice of Rikka from Chuunibyou. Yes, it’s as important as the gameplay for me. I understand that it may not be that important to you though.

        • Randgriz

          Fuck it, i want all they have to offer but its all tied up in business arm-twisting

        • XiaomuArisu

          XD HOLY SHIT!!!! That explains the eye

    • AlphaSixNine

      It will be available as DLC, I asked in the Sony blog about this but it won’t be free anymore. But personally, I’m willing to pay for a Japanese VO. Like you, it enhances the experience for me. :3

      • Crazy_O

        Tank god – all my upvotes :)

      • Randgriz

        Thanks for that, im guessing they wait until all of the collectors edition are sold out before they start putting the DLC on the store.. if thats the case then i might have to buy Drakengard 3 US digital.

        Unless they region lock the digital game or something..

  • Neophoton

    I’ve already the limited edition from the JP release, so I’ll be fine with just a retail copy.


    I’m glad that I imported the Japanese version so the NA one is just for speed run purpose

  • HellMuT

    What happens when you already pre-ordered it? Do I have to cancel it and pre-order it again to receive the bonuses?

    • HellMuT

      >If you pre-order before March 4th, 2014, you’ll secure three bonus items with your order:

      Never mind. Found it on the store.

      • Are we upgraded to the Collectors Edition though?

  • r0gamer940

    well I an a bitch, I pre-ordered the CE already

  • Alex Sargeant

    Oh damn! If the digital EU version doesn’t include the Japanese VO as a bonus that is an incredibly easy decision.

    £30 is the price to beat. UK PSN.

    • Randgriz

      Expect an extra £9.99 to your price and i think thats what SE will want.

    • Nope, considering it’s Square Enix we’re talking about, the price is either going to be £39.99 or £44.99.

  • katzedan

    Hope they put this dual audio option for download after the release… I want this game, but I have a lot of other games that I want before this one.
    So it’ll be really sad if I couldn’t hear the voice of many VAs I love just because I missed the pre-order :(

  • Japanese voiceovers are now DLC? I have lost even more respect for this company. Is negative respect a thing?

    • TheCynicalReaper

      Yeah, and it’s called “hate”

    • AlphaSixNine

      Better than not getting it at all imo. But yeah… would have been nice if it was included all together already. :3

    • Rob Hestar

      Most ppl prefer dubs except for some.People should be happy. Most jrpgs don’t even come out over here as they really don’t sell well..So just pre order the game & get the japan voices for FREE

      • I’m not so sure. RPG demand has increased over the years. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I learned D3 was getting localized. Not to mention, I wasn’t planning on getting it anyways. Reading about the DLC though just made that fact even more solid.

        • Rob Hestar

          True,they’re starting to come back somewhat but they don’t sell like FPS’ unfortunately..like,I tink ni no kuni sold 1.3 or 1.5 million only and that’s a DAMN shame :(

    • Freud_Hater

      Of course it is. It’s called hate.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    “Giant Baby Hat”
    Uh… Giant Baby? As in the WATCHERS? As in the main Otherworldly enemy “gods” that devour everything? As in the whole point of the FIRST GAME?

    It’s like seeing a Collector’s Edition for Batman and the DLC being named: “Killer Clown Outfit”

    There’s just a blatant ignorance there that makes me worried….but I pre-ordered the CE anyway

    • m3g8r1

      Actually the watchers have a role in the game. The watchers in Drakengard 1 are a joke compared to the ones in 3.

  • Masa

    wow, talk about screwing over Europe.
    Not buying any version.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Are those pre-order tiers limited to the collectors edition? If not, how would Square know if I say, pre-ordered from Gamestop today?

    • At the moment Drakengard 3 is strictly exclusive to Square-Enix’s store.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Even the regular edition? That kinda… sucks :(

        Thanks for the speedy reply

        • I think it’s pretty stupid as well, but sadly yes. And you’re very welcome =)

          • NeptuniasBeard

            I will probably still do it, but I’m moving to I don’t know where and I I don’t know when. Does the SE store allow you to modify the shipping address?

          • That I’m not sure of but you can let your local post office know, and get a change of address form. Should also do the same for UPS too.

          • lurkingsalt

            I would NOT order from the SE store if you will be making any change to your order Address or Payment for example. Digital River the company handling the fulfillment of the orders it is the worst company. Hard or impossible to contact their “support” to get things changed. And they most likely will ship your item out late so don’t expect to get the game the week of release. Avoid a headache and order once you know your new address.

            I’m going to bite the bullet and order my copy as I prefer physical if possible. I’m already setting my expectations as low as they can for the eventual fail from Digital River. Good luck.

  • Wondering about the people who already pre-ordered as well. Looks like Square screwed them over too. Pre-ordering this, but looks like I’m out $50 lol. Thanks Square -_-

    Also it really is messed up how they are giving you things depending on when you pre-order. I hope most of the things are just codes so people can get them other ways after the game is released.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Given how badly Digital River screwed up the last CE they handled… nope.

    • Skeptika Crediblus

      Share the story?

      • Audie Bakerson

        Ni no Kuni Wizard Edition.

  • Tenshigami

    Anyone else having trouble preordering the CE? As soon as my order should be complete it just takes me back to my shopping cart with the order still in it and no confirmation email.

    I’m wondering if I’d still have problems if I didn’t pay with paypal but I’m already deathly afraid both attempts I made both went through and I’ll end up paying for two or more when I only want one.

    I know digital river is horrible but ffs the website should at least work.

    • Pheria

      I had some trouble exactly like what you’re describing when I placed a pre-order some time back for the standard edition.

      Don’t click the “check out with PayPal” button. Instead, go through normal check out and at some point in this process you can specify that you’d like to use PayPal.

      Give that a try.

      • Pyrotek85

        This, had the same issue with an order last time. Don’t hit paypal initially. I really wish they’d get a better system in there.

      • Tenshigami

        Oh my dear God that was a mess, but thank you because it (eventually) worked. I was forced to make a new SE account (after it bitched about me not filling out various fields individually) and then when it finally went through it somehow charged my paypal without having to enter it (probably because I did that earlier.)

        I suppose if wind up with multiple charges later I can just dispute it through paypal though, because DR and their no refund policy sure aren’t going to help.

    • VenerableSage

      The SE store is crap*. I went like a week before getting a confirmation e-mail when I ordered something back like a week before Christmas.

      *And by this, I mean the entire interface is absolutely dated and in serious need of being revamped.

  • Is Kanda

    The NA Collector Edition is like “Made in China” version of the Japan Collector Edition. Its downgraded… missing a few items, the box art looks cheap compared to the Japanese or Chinese ver…

    And i’ve been wondering ever since the 1st title, why did they ever change that name Drag On Dragoon to Drakengard… Drag on Dragoon sounds way cooler!

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Japanese voice DLC? So they ARE dubbing it? Sweet! *crosses fingers for Laura Bailey as Zero or at least as one of the sisters*

    • NeptuniasBeard

      Never mind, it’s Tara Platt… still pretty awesome

    • Kaetsu

      I would love to see Laura as one of the sisters. Tara Platt is Zero, Yuri Lowenthal is either Cent or Dito but I’m pretty sure he’s Cent and Decad sounded like either Patrick Seitz or Travis Willingham. That’s all I could gather from the English trailer.

  • Pheria

    I wonder if the NA cover art is included with the collector’s edition as well?

    I prefer the NA one this time, but want the collector’s edition.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    3rd game from Square Enix with Dual Audio. Japanese Voices for FFXV and KH3 confirmed.

  • Bur

    And ordered.

  • ryne11

    Gonna swallow my anger and “treat” myself to a game

  • Freud_Hater

    I struggled for the last two hours with Squeenix’s weird-as-hell online store to buy this. But once it was done, it felt SO. GOOD *______*

    Edit: I do feel pretty bad for our European friends who got so royally screwed… S-Sorry, you guys :/

    • Carlos Daniel Flores Loreto

      Goddamn, this SO much.
      I already knew my way on the store due to preordering FFX/X2 and XIII Coll. Editions, but their HELP / Support section is so frustrating and useless. Their pages in general are a big clusterfuck mess.

  • Aoshi00

    This is a very good deal! I imported the 10th Anniv Jpn CE mainly for the novella and 8-bit soundtrack (there’s artbook too, and the scripts for DoD 1 & 2 which I’m not really sure what’s the use lol).. and the US ver is only $30 more, and the Jpn ver only had 1 single Kaine DLC costume and not even the extra chapter. The Ep Zero prequel novella for FF13 didn’t even get translated into Eng officially. May is very fast compared to Dec..

    I just started the game and beat Five.. it’s a good game but rough around the edges, slightly long loading time too (and a big mandatory HDD install).. I felt Neir had better framerates and graphics. would be nice if they patch these things btwn now and then.. I would have to play the game and read the novella simultaneously, don’t want to get spoiled. But I wish these short stories w/ important character background were incorporated into the game itself like Nier or Lost Odyssey.. instead of in a separate book, at least it’s translated and available to the US at a reasonable price (compared to the ridiculously expensive Jpn 10th anniv ver).. and too bad for Europe it’s again S-E store exclusive, just like LR and FFX HD :(.. I would double dip on this though, damn you S-E, you’ve bled me dry this year! C-E on 3 games (Jpn & US ver too)

    K, just ordered w/ Last Remnant OST to round up to $100 and need to cancel the vanilla pre-order lol.. the S-E store site is sooo hard to use, every time I need to reset my S-E password for some reason..

  • Konnoke

    Just preordered mine :)

  • JPAR

    Crap, I pre-ordered the US version’s regular edition (the only edition on Square Enix’s site at the time) over a month ago. Paid with Paypal. I wonder if there’s any way to upgrade to the collector’s edition, or somehow get a refund and re-order the collector’s edition without some huge hassle w/ Paypal and/or Squeenix. :/

  • Tooru

    I preordered the regular edition back when it first was announced. I assume I still qualify for the preorder bonuses?

  • James Williams

    Ah cool at least i can impo-“Square enix online store only” Such a shame i’ll have to pass over it being shafted in the uk.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I hate digital, but I buy them when there isn’t any other version. US gets a pretty cool deal but why not at least a physical copy for Europe? Kinda feel like we were thrown a pretty chewed bone… I’m kinda pissed. :(

  • Rob Hestar

    Hey,Atleast u ppl in EU got bravely default 2 months ahead of us :/.It is BS you’re getting shafted on this though.Also, square,10.00 for shipping?? come on man!.

  • Alexandra Cordes


  • powerlessbump

    I’m happy about this, but upset that I’ve had this D3 preordered since last year. SE store is run by Digital River, so I can’t imagine the headache I’m going to go through trying to get only a CE.

    Oh and timed preorder bonuses? SE please, this game is aimed to such a niche market why are you screwing over fans?

  • chroma816

    This is one game with which I’d love to have had an artbook released. The character designs are great.

    Not sure if the special edition is worth it without it, but maybe I’ll get it.

    That said, there are way too many good games coming in such a quick succession this year. My wallet can’t take it.

  • Bobby Jennings

    I’m sorry for you guys in EU :(

    But you can use Paypal on the main site, so maybe you can still get it shipped to you?

  • Junko Enoshima

    Cue the unexpected rhythm game-like final boss!

  • Lazulis

    Aw, EU gets to miss out on all this nice stuff. I’ll be getting Tier 1 for dat novella. My wallet will suffer, and then my emotions will suffer. No regrets.

    So, is there anyone who is going to be a proxy for the EU fans who got shafted?

  • Junko Enoshima

    Reviews for this game mention bad gameplay and framerate, and the story seems a bit lackluster. I’d still pick this up if I had a PS3, though, because the CE looks cool… :P

    • AkuLord3

      Eh, if you played Nier, you know how Gameplay will be but with dragon jet combat and yeah framerate issues are there (not sure if there was a patch that fixed that) but i think the story is pretty good/interesting (not too much to spoiler myself but yeah).

      • m3g8r1

        Fear not, at times I had to pause since the WTF moments were strong. I ending fanboying for a few minutes before going back to it.

    • Chiupon

      the story is fantastic they’re w r o n g o

  • Kaetsu

    That’s one damn sexy LE/CE.

  • Jaeger Knighty

    Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.

    Me, being in EU.

  • Chances of the collector’s edition still being available by the end of March?

    • m3g8r1

      Well I was keeping tabs on the CE of the japanese version, and it lasted a few months. However I had not idea how many copies they had available. Im guessing that we won’t buy as much copies of the game, it should sell at a slower pace. However I might give it mid march tops.

  • Slayven19

    I think I may just go for the pre-order bonuses, I’m to strapped for cash at the moment.

  • Lissomia

    Pre-ordered, man oh man I am now officially Square Enix’s bitch. (… Can I say that on here?)
    I have to say I totally burst out laughing when I saw the words “Giant Baby Hat”, oh, the Drakengard flashbacks, here they come… omg

    • AkuLord3

      And get ready for more from what i heard about one ending’s final boss…HOHOHO

      • m3g8r1

        It’s worse than the one in the first game. It took nearly FOURTY tries to get it down.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Yup. lol

  • revenent hell

    I had the regular game pre ordered but cancelled it because I didn’t want to wait for Lightning Returns…… So glad now, I literally read this and pre ordered the LE and will apparently get all of the downloadable goodies to……Whatever they happen to be.
    Im kind of strapped for cash as some are as well but I figure most stuff I need can be covered on Friday so alls good.

  • Scipio

    How do I cancel my pre-order basic copy from the Square Enix store? I got the Collector’s Edition as soon as it was announced and now I want to cancel my previous order.

  • Crevox

    Can’t go wrong with the giant baby hat

  • Cerzel

    So America gets this beauty, and Europe gets digital only. And since you can only order it from Squeenix’s store, I can’t even import it.
    Fuck you, Square-Enix. Fuck you.

  • Kornelious

    I will admit that even though they are overpriced, Square always goes all out with their collectors editions.

    As soon as I figure out how the pre-authorization charges work this will be pre-ordered :)

    • m3g8r1

      I ordered it yesterday, what the pre-authorization means is that it’ll appear as a pending transaction in your bank account, until a few hours then it’ll go into a normal transaction

      • Kornelious

        So….Will I get the money back after the transaction dissapears?

        • m3g8r1

          Sorry for the late reply, but yeah after a day the DRI square notification in your account will disappear, but you can still track your order via the square enix website, so your pre-order is already ordered.

  • Chiupon


    that pretty much means that the other sisters are playable.


    • Freud_Hater

      …Well I’m excited to play as One too, but how does the fact that we can play as her in a DLC-ish prologue chapter mean that we can play as all the other Intoners? XD

      • Chiupon

        It means they’ve utilized mechanics that make characters other than Zero playable. Four is the most popular character, so it’s only logical for them in terms of financial gain to utilize existing resources (like the ones used to play as One) to create chapters and whatnot for the other sisters; they started with One, who’s fanbase is pretty meager, so i’m assuming in order to get max profits they’d make a level with Four, too — or atleast some kind of DLC Palette swap since the mechanics are present.

        • Freud_Hater

          Funny you should say that since One is my favourite of the Utautai/Intorners so far XD Partly because she’s dubbed by Michelle Ruff, my favourite voice actress, but mostly because I have a thing for petite, physically frail strong-minded, serious girls 8D

          But I get what you mean and it makes sense… I’m just not sure that Square Enix is smart enough to do something that makes sense, as the history of the last few years has proved otherwise… But I hope you’re right ^_^

        • Freud_Hater
  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Just try to order it, though. Their online store doesn’t work.

  • Dagobert

    I pre-ordered two of them. I kind of want to pre-order another one so I can sell two and keep one, that way it’ll pay off the first one and I make a little profit. Not sure if I should do it or not, wondering if the re-sell value of it will even go up.

    • GodLikesSnacks

      Yes sure, just not be so greedy like some asshole on ebay: selling it for 170 dollars! That asshole!

  • Ash_Riot

    MY FELLOW EUROPEANS/AUSSIES/NEW ZEALANDITES/OTHER DEMOGRAPHICS THAT SQUARE-ENIX HATE: PlayAsia are taking orders for Drakengard 3 and yes, the Collector’s Edition is on there too (they aren’t taking pre-orders for that version just YET). So there ya go, good news.

  • GodLikesSnacks


    • Wappuli

      Not surprised, this happens almost always for these kinds of store-exclusive things.
      But yup, it seriously sucks.

      • GodLikesSnacks

        This is so unfair! If I live in the US then I can order this for $80 plus $10 shipping cost, BUT if I live in EU then I pay for this about 240 dollars? ToT
        My only hope is PlayAsia. Maybe there it will be cheaper if they get some.

        • Wappuli

          I’m sure it will be cheaper if they really get them, but it will still be overpriced. LE’s/CE’s there always are.

  • Shinobikens

    My question is, is all the DLC that comes with the CE going to be on PSN?

  • lisa

    Hey at least this gets offered in europe. We get nothing in australia!! );

  • Marc Chowdhury

    Drakengard 3 Collector’s Edition [PS3] is available now to pre order. I just bought 2 copies. Get it while you still can


  • Marc Chowdhury

    It’s available again at the US store. Here’s the link.


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