If You Never Picked Up Growlanser: Heritage of War, It’s Coming To PS2 Classics

By Ishaan . February 27, 2014 . 9:00am

Growlanser: Heritage of War is coming to the PlayStation Network as a PS2 Classic. The ESRB recently rated the game for PlayStation 3.


This will mark the first time that Growlanser: Heritage of War will be widely available in North America. Originally, the game was only released as a limited edition by Atlus USA in 2007, with a limited print run.

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  • venomryu

    I saw this game back at my GameStop and I never really knew what it was about is it good does any one knows

    • Jesse

      Yes, it’s good. ^^

    • DividedSeraph

      It’s a real time action RPG with great art. Story isn’t as good as the others, but the game is solid, as are the characters.

  • Jesse

    I’ll need to rebuy this once it’s available. ^^

  • neo_firenze

    Argh, reminding me of another of my many PS2 backlog RPGs that I really want to finish some day. Maybe I’ll make this one next after I get done with Shadow Hearts: From the New World…

  • JoJo_718

    That’s good, but I’m still waiting for Rogue Galaxy and Wild Arms 3/Alter Code F sony!

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Man I played the crap out of Alter Code. I was bitching for few hours how they changed things too much from the original but fell in love regardless. I just adore first WA’s story and it’s characters. Music was Godly!

      • JoJo_718

        IT INDEED WAS!
        I usually skip intros after an initial viewing, but man that whistling, that guitar, they guaranteed I’d never skip it during my walkthrough, also the over world tribute to Morricone’s “Ecstasy of gold”, superb music and Rudy, Cecilia and Jack are some of the most underrated RPG protagonists I’ve ever seen, heck even sony themselves don’t appreciate them enough!

        • Crimson_Cloud

          Same, never skipped the opening, not once, same with Wild Arms 2nd Ignition. Probably one of my top ten best soundtracks ever in a video game. The opening music till you get to the main menu in Alter Code sends shivers every time. Really awesome cast, I loved even the support ones. There should have been anime, but it wouldn’t do it’s justice. ˇˇ

          • JoJo_718

            There was one, called Twilight Venom or something like that, and it didn’t made the series justice.

          • Crimson_Cloud

            Twilight Venom? Nope, never heard of it. ;)

    • Jesse

      Wait, isn’t Wild Arms 2 already on the PSN?

      • JoJo_718

        My mistake, I meant the third one.

        • Jesse

          I’d really like that one on there, too. ^^

  • Zeonsilt

    I got my Growlanser V (Atlus Collector’s Edition,in 2008) and i’m happy.Urushihara’s 100-pages colored artbook /w english text is godlike.

    • pressstart

      I got that too, but I never opened it. I’m not exactly a collector, but it was just a phase I went through where I would pick up collector’s edition for these jrpgs with artbooks, even for games I didn’t care too much for >_<

    • You did better than me. Got only the standard version when it came out at a GS. Which is fine, I’m not collector typically for that stuff…but I do have it, Generations (2+3) and Growlanser IV Over Reloaded.

      Shame we got stiffed on the original for the PSP and that VI has never made it stateside…2 + 3 are certainly worth a look for people that like their RPGs.

      • DividedSeraph

        But there wasn’t a standard? Every version was the LE I thought.

        • Got me. It was the version I picked up. Might’ve been because I was months late and grabbed it for like 20 bucks.

  • rurifan

    This is Growlanser 5. They ruined the battle system by making the main character action/mashing based instead of the usual strategic time/position based like all previous GL. All of the party members behave the proper way, so it really feels stupid.

    Other than that, the polygons look pretty awful. Should’ve stuck to the decent sprite engine they used since PS1.

    If you’re interested in this series, play Growlanser 4 (undub version!) for PSP instead; it’s the best of them. Growlanser 3 (undub!) for PS2 is also good. You want the undubs because the official GL4 english release has all voices removed, and the official GL3 english will make your ears cry. :)

    • I agree with this mostly except I was actually OK with the Working Designs dub for 2 + 3. Didn’t feel at all that bad in that regard.

      Now 4, yea, definitely get the undub. There was far too much that was pulled from the localized version…

    • TiamatNM

      This one actually has a better battle system than the other titles. The only big difference is that you can control the main character in real time and I think that’s fun. If you don’t like it you can still manually give everyone orders on where to move and what to do just like every other game (and for story battles you’ll want to do that anyway). You can even order the main character to move where you want if you don’t want to do it manually. It also has a seamless encounter system that lets you easily ignore non-story battle enemies if you wish.

      Graphics you have a legit complaint cause they are straight up crap looking.

      edit: talking about the US version here. I’m aware the US version has the updated battle system from Growlanser 6

  • Kamakuma

    I was just about to buy Growlanser Generations. Guess I’ll pick this up as well and keep on adding to my backlog because it’s not fun until you can’t see the end in sight right? :3

    • Generations is quite a bit better than V. If you’re going to be getting 2 + 3, have fun with it. It’s worth every bit of your time, if a bit of a brain bender at some points.

  • vincent_vincent

    Just do something about the Original Growlancer will ya, i refuse to touch the series unless i experience the 1st Growlancer.

    • rurifan

      GL2 had a ton of references to GL1; it almost felt like a little bonus side story. But GL3-4 stand alone just fine — go play them you’re missing out. :)

      (GL2 is also the only one that had a boring SRPG style worldmap and no walking around … skipping it is a small loss.)

  • pimpalicious

    Worst Growlanser(from 2-5, never played 1 or 6) but still decent. If Atlus is releasing more classics I’d rather have Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga.

    I wonder if there can be an agreement to get 2 and 3 released.

    • Working Designs is defunct…so who would be talking to Vic Ireland about that one?

      • FlamingFirewire

        Well, Victor Ireland heads up Gaijinworks now and has already released a game on PSP just recently so you could always talk to him about a re-release for those games. There’s something like 2 PSP, 1 PS3, and 2 PSN game releases coming up for his company so who knows?

        • There was a similar ‘needs moderated’ comment on this last night with the same gist…I know he’s heading up Gaijinworks now but I would wonder if that means he still has access to old Working Designs IPs and licenses. If he DOES then yea, I can see that happening, the problem is I don’t know if that’s how licensing works or not through a defunct company.

          • FlamingFirewire

            I don’t think his new company would have access/own the rights to re-release just because of who’s involved, but considering Gaijinworks/Monkeypaw games also re-released all of the Arc the Lad games, Alundra, and Vanguard Bandits, I wouldn’t be surprised if Victor was after re-releasing as many of his old titles as he can get his hands on. Plus I’m pretty sure he would still have some connections in the involved companies, so it probably makes it a little easier to do than someone who had no ties to those licensing/development /publishing companies.

    • rurifan

      GL6 was just like GL5 (terrible).

      Although, the japanese GL6 actually had some battle system improvements over GL5. The western release of GL5 had those changes ported back. (But is still terrible.)

    • Combo

      Whatever happened to that European company that was bringing DDS to PSN? Seems like they’ve disappeared.

  • Liamv2

    I owned this but could never make it past one of the first missions.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Weakest in the series, but still a lot of fun. I didn’t like the revamped battle system but the characters and the story were interesting. I remembered when I started playing I was like ” Where the hell is the main character?” after investing few hours in. XD

    Shame I didn’t go for few other endings, starting from scratch now is such a drag…

  • Kitestwinblades

    I’ve always wanted to play Growlanser. I was pretty close to picking up generations but I got Digital Devil Saga instead. Opportunity strikes!

  • Never gotten this one, the price is easier to bite for a divisive entry.

    I hope they have other classics coming, I don’t think they will bust out the ones they licensed but ones they did in Japan like Kartia and Thousand Arms would be nice.

  • TrevHead

    I’m more familiar with the Langrisser series but the Growlanser WoT is very very good imo, shame Growlancer 1 PSP was never localised.

  • Richard N

    Awww, man where has this series been!? I’m still so sad we never got six, because I actually really dug. Enjoyed the characters and the whacky plot. 3 reigns supreme for me though personally.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Not for mobile, THANK THE LAWD!

  • Combo

    The Playstation Blogcast says it’s coming out this tuesday, so get hype?


  • cissimpact

    I am more interesting in Langrisser 3

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