Translator Alexander O. Smith Joins Unsung Story Development Team

By Ishaan . March 4, 2014 . 4:10pm

Despite the game not reaching its original stretch goals, PlayDek have managed to negotiate with well-known translators Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reeder to work on Unsung Story, the publisher has announced.


O. Smith is known for his work with Square Enix, particularly his work on a number of Yasumi Matsuno’s games, including Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII. O. Smith also translated Crimson Shroud, which Matsuno developed for the Nintendo 3DS in collaboration with Level 5.


Meanwhile, Reeder has worked with Square Enix as well, and was also involved with localizing a number of Matsuno titles, including Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions and Crimson Shroud.

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  • SoundMatch

    I remember someone saying on an article (or whether it was on the article itself), but did they announce that it will be made whether it was funded or not? (Or up to a certain point?)

    • SMT

      The mobile version would have been made even if the kickstarter had failed to reach its goal. The funding was mainly for a PC version, with the stated reasoning that being developed on the PC as well would also help make the game itself better, due to the development process and etc.

      • SoundMatch


  • Zer0faith

    Great translators those two, but this is a bit late since that news was announced the 27th.

  • Shiki

    Sorry guys, but let me speak how I feel about this game.

    I really wish this game was NOT funded. Game development involving key designers shouldn’t excite people as much as it does. After all, even great game companies have had humble beginnings.

    Bottom line. This game is developed by Playdek, who is familiar with mobile games. Honestly, I don’t think they can make this game correctly. Now, we don’t know if that will be the case or not, but contributors are taking a gamble that I don’t think makes any sense. Yasumi Matsuno will make another game with another company in due time, why rush and put this title in the hands on people who can potentially ruin it? Plus, the other designers Matsuno usually works with isn’t even involved — it’s not like he made the game by himself.

    I would have rather waited for him to work on a new game project with a major company backing it (maybe Square again) than to give it up to a Kickstarter project where he isn’t even the director.

    • Ash_Riot

      Matsuno has stated he is working on “multiple projects”. So don’t worry too much about it. That’s why he isn’t being hands on with this game as he normally is.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I’m not sure that I understand the logic here. Playdek hasn’t made this style of game before, but they have made good mobile games. So we have zero points of evidence that they can’t make a quality tactics game, and we do have evidence that they can make quality video games.

      And if we’re really worried about them struggling with the transition into making a tactics game (and again, there’s no reason to doubt them more than any other developer) then those worries can be assuaged by the fact that the game is being made in collaboration with a famous tactics game designer.

      1. This is not the only game Mr. Matsuno is working on, it’s not like this is happening instead of whatever else may be in development.

      2. Good tactics games can come from western developers, and always have. Games like Xcom or Battles of Prince of Persia are just as good as Fire Emblem and Disgaea.

      3. Mobile games are just games. A good mobile game developer is a good game developer. Playdek is a good game developer.

      It sounds like you’re less concerned with whether this will be a good game than you are with whether it will be stylistically in alignment with the specific tactics games Mr. Matsuno is most famous for. Have an open mind! As a fan of tactics games, I am always game for a new rule set or twist on familiar mechanics.

      • Guest

        I understand all of your points. But all I said was that the uncertainty of a crowd funded game isn’t really worth it. If Playdek did the collaboration using money that they have, I’m fine with that.

        I’m pointing out the unnecessary use of Kickstarter to get people to contribute to a project that might not even want. Especially since a lot of people who backed it are expecting a particular kind of game. Like I said, the mere chance of it ending up “bad” for backers is unnecessary risk.

        $600,000 is an amount they can invest themselves.

    • Kaetsu

      Matsuno should have stayed with Level-5. Imagine if he got to work on the next Dragon Quest or Dark Cloud.

      • Yause

        It’s his life. Working on Dragon Quest or Dark Cloud may be the last thing he wants to do.

    • mikanko

      The people at Playdek were friends with Matsuno and this game was being made regardless of funding. The funding was just to give it a better budget and let them expand the game to being playable to PC and maybe other platforms down the line.

      Game might wind up being meh, but with the triple team of Matsuno/Yoshida/Sakimoto doing the story, art and music, it seems pretty negative to assume it will be.

      Head dude at Playdek’s favorite video game of all time is Vagrant Story, so having a complete lack of faith in what might come about seems pretty premature.

      • blastleaf

        couldn’t agree more. i for one am rather optimistic about the outcome of this project.

    • TheRealMalek

      I will just react on one thing :

      “Game development involving key designers shouldn’t excite people as much as it does.”

      I think this is where you are wrong imho. Most big companies put those designer on irreleval / development hell to get rid of them because they want to take too much risk for not enough benefit.

      And you easily see how some games completely lose their souls when the key people aren’t there anymore.

      Yes we should take those games with a grain of salt and see the team that is behind (for mighty n°5 seeing that inti creates was behind was a key element to know that the game will be good)

    • BlackC#Bro

      So you want him to not make a game with a company that only makes “phone” games so he can work with SQUARE ENIX? Are you joking? He would be on a phone game only this one would be designed to rip you off.

  • D. Collins

    Keep thinking its Cecil.

  • Valkyrie Profile is what came to mind from the article picture.

  • This is a pedantic nitpick, but referring to Alexander O. Smith as “O. Smith” instead of “Smith” is pretty awkward and I think not correct copy for journalistic writing or anything else.

  • Alexander Smith is one of the industry folks I wish to someday stand on relatively even ground with! He’s got such an awesome way with words.

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