This Week In Sales: Ouch, Soul Sacrifice Delta

By Ishaan . March 12, 2014 . 9:01am

Period: The week of March 3rd – March 9th (2014)

Top-seller: Soul Sacrifice Delta – 48,786

Nintendo 3DS sales: 10,876 | Total sales: 9,413,587

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 24,192 | Total sales: 5,801,427

PlayStation Vita sales: 31,325 | Total sales: 2,549,199

Vita TV sales: 1,962 | 97,354

Wii U sales: 7,773 | Total sales: 1,659,072

PlayStation 4 sales: 35,294 | 410,133

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Last week, Sony released Soul Sacrifice Delta in Japan. The game, which is a follow-up to the original Soul Sacrifice with a large amount of new content, sold 48,786 copies in its first week.


That isn’t a very high figure, and is about half of what of the original Soul Sacrifice sold at launch. Soul Sacrifice sold 92,396 copies in its first week back in 2013.


Of all the games within the hunting-action genre popularized by Monster Hunter, Soul Sacrifice is already at the lower end of the scale in terms of sales. Both God Eater as well as Tecmo Koei’s Toukiden seem to hold more appeal, and Soul Sacrifice Delta’s sales are lower still.


Whether or not the series will see significant growth in the future is hard to predict, but for now, it’s a good thing that Sony Computer Entertainment have Freedom Wars in development for the PlayStation Vita. Hunting-action games appear to be among the few titles capable of giving the Vita significant boosts in sales, and Freedom Wars already looks more appealing to the Japanese market on account of its visual style alone.


The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Soul Sacrifice Delta 48,786 New PSV Marvelous AQL
06. 02. Yo-kai Watch 36,018 532,472 3DS Level 5
05. 03. Dragon Quest Monsters 2 31,157 718,865 3DS Square Enix
01. 04. Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land 29,514 160,296 3DS Marvelous AQL
New 05. Ar noSurge 27,037 New PS3 Gust
03. 06. Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear 22,210 80,538 3DS Nintendo
04. 07. Yakuza Restoration 19,808 212,113 PS3 Sega
02. 08. Knack 17,272 393,348 PS4 Sony
10. 09. Kirby Triple Deluxe 14,108 489,610 3DS Nintendo
14. 10. Pokémon X and Y 10,708 3,984,832 3DS Pokémon Co.
12. 11. Puzzle & Dragons Z 10,508 1,399,320 3DS Gung Ho
13. 12. Battlefield 4 9,830 47,746 PS4 Electronic Arts
08. 13. Yakuza Restoration 9,265 114,271 PS4 Sega
21. 14. Grand Theft Auto V 7,312 728,899 PS3 Take 2
17. 15. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 7,181 67,284 WiiU Nintendo
09. 16. Deception IV: Blood Ties 6,101 25,422 PSV Tecmo Koei
23. 17. Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost 5,882 333,928 PS3 Namco Bandai
07. 18. Deception IV: Blood Ties 5,874 29,127 PS3 Tecmo Koei
16. 19. Kuroko’s Basketball: Miraculous Victory 5,752 61,811 3DS Namco Bandai
19. 20. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition 5,327 25,851 PS4 Square Enix


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media Create and

  • CozyAndWarm

    Tons of marketing has worked for selling the PS4 in the rest of the world, but it looks like it’ll need more than that in Japan. Man, it’s really sad how far consoles in general have fallen over there. :(

    • malek86

      In the rest of the world the marketing worked because people know that there will be games. If they didn’t, even that much marketing wouldn’t have worked. That’s what is happening in Japan. Most of the good stuff is coming to portables, not the PS4. Even in the future, the PS4 will only be getting certain games, compared to the west, where PS4 and X1 will get pretty much everything.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      To be fair, PS4 doesn’t have much in the way of enticing games for the Japanese. They probably just aren’t the type to by a console on a combination of hype and faith

    • MaximDualBlade

      Seeing it actually has no games that to my criteria make japanese people go nuts, I’m surprised it’s top seller over there

  • Guest

    3DS software is doing great, Youkai Watch being the prime example :D
    Hardware-wise everything is performing awfully…

    • Namuro

      Yeah, there havn’t been any major games coming out for the 3DS lately, so the hardware is doing only so-so. But it’s not doing BAD, either!

  • JustThisOne

    What? Noooo! I feel like SS is a franchise that really deserves more attention. It’s probably because people are occupied with all the other hunting sort of games now, though. Maybe it’ll have more lasting power, given SS’s record of releasing tons of extra content.

  • DesmaX

    Oh wow, Ar nosurge flopped.

    But, for some reason, I’m not surprised

    • JustThisOne

      Makes me a bit sad though. It was still an interesting concept, though!

      • SerendipityX

        The battle system in particular looked amazing.

        • DesmaX

          Too bad enemies still take forever to beat if you don’t use Song Magic

    • chibidw

      Tecmo Koei has been looking for excuses to drop Gust’s Vita futures in the west. Low sales in Japan are really bad – it basically means that there’s no chance that TK is going to bother risking a localization of this game.

  • Balalaika

    Soul Sacrifice Delta is Like Monster Hunter G series, Sure there is new content but that could have been made as DLC instead.

    • RoboAddy

      It’s obviously running on an overhauled engine and has a lot of changes to core mechanics.

      • Balalaika

        Although its obvious it didn’t help in sales which is the only thing that matters to the shareholders and people who funded this game.

  • CQ

    The sell-through rate for SSD was actually decent at 60-80%. Guess they weren’t expecting big numbers for it in the first place.

    The 3DS hardware sales are slipping though which is a bit worrisome. Although it makes sense considering how well it has been selling in the past, pretty much everyone that wanted a 3DS already owns one by now…

    • neocatzon

      Where do you find these sell-through data? I’m interested, not only for SSD but also for games in general.

      • CQ

        You may find them on Famitsu’s website, this link takes you right to the weekly charts The sell-through rate is represented by the cuplike figure which contains up to 5 bars. SSD has 2 bars remaining meaning there’s between 20-40% left in retailer’s inventories of the total shipments.

        I’m not familiar with Siliconera’s posting etiquette but if links aren’t allowed a mod should remove it.

        • We don’t like to mix Famitsu data with Media Create data. That never leads to anything good.

          • CQ

            Yeah I get that but Famitsu’s sell-through rate should be a reliable proxy for the actual sell-through rate. Just wanted to point out that the game didn’t bomb as hard as the sub-50k sales figure would suggest. Perhaps they were anticipating high digital sales or just low sales in general.

          • Oh, that’s perfectly reasonable. I don’t doubt they were expecting low sales. There was very little anticipation for SSD. The problem is, these sales are low, period.

            To provide an example, God Eater Burst’s first-week sales were very close to those of God Eater’s. Likewise, Monster Hunter’s “G” version sales have been consistently high.

            In the case of SSD, these aren’t good figures from a raw numbers perspective. The franchise isn’t seeing growth at the moment.

        • neocatzon

          Thank you. I’m surprised they differ quite much from Media Create report. Also, while googling I found a thread group in Neogaf compiling reports from both companies.

  • TheExile285

    So I take it we are just going to ignore Ar no Surge so everyone can bash SSD. Smh

    • Well, okay – I’ll give it up for Gust. They certainly deserve success!

      Though I know I’d be more excited about it if we heard anything about a western release. Youtube keeps recommending links to this game, and so I keep listening to the wonderful soundtrack – it’s such a tease and it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY! :P

    • Duo Maxwell

      I’m more worry about the state of Ar Nosurge more than SSD, honestly. I could very well affect our chance to get the localization.

    • Chido55

      Well, the title is OUCH SSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I really wanted to play to Ar no Surge too :/

  • RoboAddy

    Why does this article have such a biased title?
    SSD was the top seller, regardless of selling less than SS.

    • JustThisOne

      Haha, actually, I didn’t really notice the rest of the numbers until you mentioned. Bad week for everyone, I guess.

      • ishyg

        A good week for PS4, I reckon?

    • Kaien

      Rank means nothing. Over 50% decrease is a failure for that kind of game in Japan.

      • chibidw

        This is why it probably should have been released as a DLC expansion rather than getting greedy and trying to sell it as a full priced game. Soul Sacrifice doesn’t have the franchise strength to be able to pull off Capcom’s bollocks.

        • almostautumn

          Can’t blame them. Ragnarok Oddysey had ACE; Valhalla Knights 3 got a Gold edition; and I’ll be sincerely shocked if God Eater 2 doesn’t get a similar treatment down the road.
          I don’t like the trend either, and I know that I haven’t put any money into these retail-price DLCs, but its apparently a strategy that works. Maybe this 50k is exactly what was desired from Delta.

          • Hey now; lets be fair, the “ACE” update to Ragnarok Odyssey was also an (welcome) excuse to get that game onto PS3 as well as the Vita. On the console, it’s the ONLY release there.

            I know we’re talking about Vita here, but still, Game-Arts/Gung-ho/XSeed(?) all deserve some credit for doing SOMETHING more with the “retail expansion” formula, no?

        • MaximDualBlade

          This is way more than a simple DLC

        • They do have an upgrade program via PSN, so that isn’t something you can accuse them of. The problem is, at retail, it’s reaching out to relatively few people.

          • ishyg

            Are the sales out of the upgrade program counted in the sales figures above?

          • Nope. Digital sales are never counted, but we know for a fact that they also tend to be negligible in the large scheme of things, since Japan is primarily retail territory.

      • outlawauron

        This is moronic. It’s the original game with some additional content. I don’t think 50k is a great number, but for it to be the title of the news article is hilarious.

        Not to mention this ignores the upgrade program for SS->SSD users and the fact it’s free on PS+.

        • You’re missing the point entirely. The point is that this franchise isn’t growing significantly. From God Eater to God Eater Burst, sales were not only high but also extremely consistent.

          Soul Sacrifice is already on the low end of the hunting games scale, and it’s done very little for hardware sales, too, across both games. Both God Eater and Toukiden have had a more beneficial effect on Vita sales than SS has.

          • outlawauron

            I understand the point. You want clicks and news headlines like that will generate more interest. I’m not quite sure why you’re comparing the sales of God Eater to Soul Sacrifice as one has far more appeal than the other.

            For hardware sales, the Vita is up this week nearly 10k, which is attributed to SSD and the new mega pack. In a week where the Vita is neck and neck with the 3DS, you’re grasping at straws to paint it negatively.

          • In a week where the Vita is neck and neck with the 3DS, you’re grasping at straws to paint it negatively.

            Nobody said anything about the Vita. I don’t know where you’re drawing that conclusion from.

          • outlawauron

            You said it’s done very little for hardware sales, when it had a very nice boost and is neck and neck with the 3DS. You’re the one who brought hardware into the conversation, not me.

          • Yes, this particular game hasn’t done as much for Vita hardware sales as compared to other titles like P4G, Toukiden and God Eater. That is a fact. The numbers are there for you to look at.

            That isn’t painting the Vita negatively, it’s painting the game negatively. You’re letting your love for the Vita blind your ability to read and comprehend.

            This is why I don’t care to partake in discussions with the more rabid fanbase. You live in your own little world where you analyze and overanalyze every tiny comment made about the platforms you love, and ultimately reach the wrong conclusions.

          • outlawauron

            The disagreement is that I think 10k is a nice boost where you think it isn’t. You compare it to other boosts from other games, where it isn’t entirely relevant. But sure, use more fallacies to disparage me without actually debating anything.

          • What you think doesn’t matter. Hard numbers are all that matters in sales discussions. A week-long boost in sales is meaningless. Most notable games provide a temporary boost.

            What matters is the effects of the game on the platform in the long-term. Soul Sacrifice is a game in the same genre as the other games I pointed to, and it was presumably designed with a similar purpose in mind–to be a beneficial franchise for the Vita in the long term, which isn’t the case at the moment.

            Look around you. Nearly everyone but you appears to be aware of this fact. If you aren’t able to grasp such a simple fact because you’re so clouded by your personal tastes, you aren’t cut out for discussing sales and I suggest you refrain from posting any further in the sales column.

            And might I add that the first volley of accusations came from you, with your snide comment about wanting clicks. If you don’t want people to throw your arguments back at you, then learn to make better arguments backed up by facts that you can prove, instead of resorting to pointless accusations.

          • outlawauron

            The Vita will never at any point have software substantial enough to boost the platform long-term. For whatever reason, you seem to think this game has wide appeal and was meant to replace Monster Hunter (which I think is strange and laughable). I don’t think so because I realize that just because a game has similarities to big IPs, that doesn’t mean it’s directly competing with them. I don’t know what you were expecting out of the game, because it performed far better than I ever expected it to in Japan.

            You seem to be taking this quite personally. I love sales and been avidly watching Famitsu charts for 11 years. The only reason for my wanting clicks comment was because I thought it was joke due to it sounding like a flamebait forum post, not the title of a news article. I’ll refrain from commenting on your articles again if they pertain to sales, because you don’t like people to disagree.

          • Yes, I’m certain Sony’s giant hunting games marketing campaign–which was headlined by Soul Sacrifice for several months–was a mere coincidence. They didn’t expect decent sales out of the franchise at all. Nope.

          • xavier axol

            ishaan, I wanna give you an input to your article as a fellow reader. if you don’t want people to be coming off as defensive then be as clear to your article as possible when been negative. for example: you forgot that soul sacrifice was release around the vita price cut and it was bundle as well as heavily advertise, those could also become a factor in the sales of ss.

            it’s also hard to compare soul sacrifice to god eater, being that god eater stared on the psp which had a large install base compared to soul sacrifice. people are more aware of god eater because of the name brand, the same thing applies to monster hunter.

          • And did Toukiden start on the PSP, too? Nope, it started on both platforms and the Vita version outsold the PSP version by a large margin. Quit making excuses.

            And if a game has to be released around a price cut and bundled with the console in order to sell well every time… well, then there’s something wrong with the game in question.

          • xavier axol

            I’m not justifying or making excuses, I’m stating that those could be a factor in the sales of the game whether you want to leave that out of your article I’m ok with that. I actually was expecting somewhere around fifty thousand in sales, because of the type of game soul sacrifice is and you can’t expect every game to sell gangbusters otherwise you wouldn’t see soul sacrifice, ico, heavy rain, or other games that have such crazy concepts.

          • Soul Sacrifice is a hunting game designed specifically to serve as a substitute to Monster Hunter, with certain mechanics playing out differently. There is no “crazy concept” here. The only difference is that Soul Sacrifice is ill-suited to the Japanese market, which is the fault of the developer and the publisher. That said, it isn’t exactly selling gangbusters in the west either, so it doesn’t seem to be appealing to very many people at all.

          • xavier axol

            there’re very few games that have the “save” or “sacrifice” in the game system that affect the plot (to some extent ) and the powers you get. the art seems far from your typical Japanese game. and while it’s in the same genre as monster hunter, just like you said it’s mechanics play out differently. by that I call it “crazy concept”, I not sure if how they put such a game that plays very Japanese and yet it’s art and story appears very western. the developers aren’t at fault, the game was meant to be the way it is.

            at least for me, i see this game been profitable enough to continue and become a franchise. “substitute” sure, but i don’t think it was meant for the monster hunter crow. those people are on the 3ds,

        • Lucky Dan

          Blame it on Inafune for the confusion, he didn’t even state the game was true sequel or not, he said the game was just an updated version of the previous game. He didn’t clarify it had a new story that continued the series (The trailer done that), he didn’t clarify that the factions are permanent, he didn’t clarify anything on Soul Sacrifice Delta except he said “it isn’t a sequel” which gives an assumption of half the game was given to us before.

          When your promoting your game and your the lead produce you got to be clear on these things, you don’t go in the restaurant with a Head Chef who doesn’t know what the fuck he puts in his food.

          So people aren’t gonna pay full price game which is just an assumed graphical update, like Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.

    • CozyAndWarm

      It’s less about the rank and more about the sales number. Rank doesn’t dictate the profits the publisher makes, sales numbers do.

  • Kaien

    SS needs an actually rewarding loot mechanic and a more physical/animations based combat system to appeal monster hunting gamers.

    • RoboAddy

      How is fusing offerings not rewarding?

      • Atwa

        I personally didn’t find farming and fusing spells fun at all. Compared to how rewarding it feels crafting a new weapon in Monster Hunter the difference is just immense.

        • Namuro

          Took the words right out of my mouth…

      • Kaien

        To melt them is rewarding, but the “luck loot” system is not. Gain seals in not funny at all.

        • KuroNathan

          More rewarding loot? What? I like the loot system in SS cause if you do well on a fight you’re guaranteed at least one of every offering which is a good thing.

          They probably need to rework the scoring system though to make a high score harder and also include + and ++ souls in the score drop system as well. Up the score difficulty and include soul drops and it’d be perfect.

      • mike dickson

        Kaien is right dude the rewarding is very lacking not to mention the Ai’s are garbage in SS

    • Johzho

      Yeah, the attacks were too flashy and had too much animation frames. Also your moves were limited so that wasn’t very good.

      There needs to be distinctive weapon types like MH otherwise its just confusing.

    • MaximDualBlade

      SS must never be like MH. I like the fact that it’s so different. And all the spells can be used in differents ways.

    • randominternetperson

      SS can NEVER appeal to the mass due to the nature of the game. The graphic style is way too dark and I felt that the game was perfectly fine as a single player campaign due to the AI controlled npcs you can recruit. Missions are also much shorter in general.

  • Zer0faith

    I’m just going to take a wild guess here and say that it’s probably because there are just too many games available to choose from and the fairly recent PS4 launch over there must have taken a big chunk out of some potential buyer’s budget. An then there’s the fact that this is more of a 1.5 rather than a new title like Toukiden, and GE 2 both of which people could still be playing and satisfied with.
    Bad timing I suppose.

  • mynameisdats

    Ss still top seller. Bad week for everyone. Vita’s in the 30ks so thats good news.

  • Chim_era

    I didn’t really like SS. In fact there wasn’t a lot liked about it.
    The graphics where blurry, the story Whut? and the battle system not so engaging.

    Although I have the say these kind of games normally aren’t my kind of genre. Monster Hunter was pretty boring to me too, just Toukiden: age of demons I really liked.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      The story was actually deep and probably the best amongst a genre that usually either lacks story or has story as a bad excuse for hunting monsters~.

  • Red Veron


  • subsamuel01

    They should have named it Soul Sacrifice 2 instead. I think the game might sell better outside Japan.

  • otakumike

    I always felt that Soul Sacrifice was aimed more towards the west than Japan. I base this opinion entirely on nothing though.

    One thing i’ve noticed is that everything in general has taken a downturn in Japan, save for the tried and true franchises. They just…don’t seem to be buying video games as much as before.

    • MaximDualBlade

      they seems to concentrate to much on “kawaii ecchi/plotservice” culture, and this game is neither one of those.
      This might also relate in the fact that men and women are not getting too well over there and thus they let their wildest dreams come true in the form on this sub-culture

      In-before someone says “but Maxim everybody likes boobs, even boobs themselves :P”, it’s true but seeing that they cannot get real boobs, they rely on digital satisfaction, so this market has grown more and more and more than before(because it has always existed, but nowadays it’s almost the norm…)

  • artemisthemp

    Now I just want a Western release date for Soul Sacrifice Delta

  • SetzerGabbiani

    SS looks too “western”, that’s probably why it isn’t doing as well as they hoped. In fact, it’s probably the main reason; I’d like to see some survey data regarding this.

    • neocatzon

      Instead western I would say gory dark. This may not an appeal to some people.

  • chibiwall

    “Ouch”? You don’t really know how sales work in japan… But I haven’t read the same for braverly for the sequel

    • Bravely Default: For the Sequel is not a first-party funded, heavily advertised franchise that was expected to significantly contribute to Nintendo 3DS sales in the long term. The two games are nothing alike.

      • chibiwall

        SS1 is a game with ~200k of shipment. If you followed preorder you could well know that it was doing something like 30/40k. In this expansion there weren’t high expectations, and sorry but BD is a good comparison, but it’s not the only and we can talk about VK3Goldo if you want…
        But more important it’s that we aren’t considering at all that the first game was hyped because it should be the first great substitute to MH, but in the end they are really different.

        • I think it’s well past time to drop the “they’re really different” pretense with all of these hunting games now. Mechanics-wise, they might be different, but they’re clearly targeted at the same audience.

          Even the developers of these games have no problem admitting that they’re trying to follow in the footsteps of Monster Hunter, so I don’t see why fans have such a problem accepting it.

          I mean, Inafune and the producer of Toukiden have both specifically named MH as an inspiration.

          • MaximDualBlade

            They “might be different”? They are really different. The term clone is pejorative, and it was constantly used on this site, if I remember correctly.

            Also I obviously like the game, and when I continuously read comments that read “It’s the same fucking game man, it plays the same” I have to politely disagree because if Toukiden is a reference to what MH plays like and I have played both Toukiden and SS, I still cannot see/feel/hear that “exact same gameplay” I hear so much.

          • The term clone is pejorative, and it was constantly used on this site, if I remember correctly.

            Now you’re just flat out lying. We’ve never referred to these games as clones. At least have some decency. I don’t mind people saying they think I’m biased, but when you begin lying about things that we’ve said or haven’t said, it annoys me greatly.

            You did it above, too, and another reader just corrected you. Have some shame, would you?

          • MaximDualBlade

            I guess I don’t recall remember correctly, I’m sorry, but you cannot deny that this series(its just 2 games, and I suppose it can be called a series now) has never been giving a positive view by you on the site.

            If I could see your face and hear your voice, I would have some shame, but I have just the decency to apologize

          • I’m sorry, but you cannot deny that this series(its just 2 games, and I suppose it can be called a series now) has never been giving a positive view by you on the site.

            As far as sales go, no, it hasn’t. I don’t think there’s much to be impressed with in terms of how it’s selling. This isn’t a question of quality or taste, it’s solely a discussion of sales.

      • MaximDualBlade

        He does have a point. Delta was not hyped as a system seller. The original was. And For the Sequel didn’t get such a direct title. It sold extremely similar numbers if I recall correctly.

        • Delta specifically, yes. But Soul Sacrifice as a franchise is a big deal, and these are incredibly low numbers for what is considered a significant first-party effort. The franchise isn’t growing.

          As for Bravely Default, another reason one can’t compare the two is that they’re completely different genres. Bravely Default is a strictly single-player RPG, whereas we’ve seen time and again that multiplayer hunting games have a clear edge over other kinds of games in Japan.

          I’m getting really tired of people trying to justify all sorts of ridiculous theories when the things they like don’t sell well. The numbers and facts are right there, guys. If you’ve been following this sales column for the last four or so years (which is how long we’ve been writing it), you know the trends.

          • MaximDualBlade

            Ohh I see the numbers, I’m not telling they’re wrong. I just don’t agree with the title, it’s too direct. You don’t put “Ouch, WiiU” right?. Actually that’s what bothered me. Of course, new day, new interests, so it doesn’t matter anymore XD

          • Arcana Drill


            This Week In Sales: Ouch, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

            He did it on a wii u article, isnt something so new, dont know why people are flipping over.

          • MaximDualBlade

            Oh yea I know, but I’m not interested in that game. I don’t attack systems I dislike, but I will defend a game I consider worthy(aka games I like)
            You didn’t see me in that post posting hate comments on Donkey Kong right like a lot of users here right? or games I don’t like for that matter XD

          • Arcana Drill

            i replied to the part that you said that he didnt do, “ouch wii u”
            and funny enough he already did it.

    • ronin4life

      For the sequel had a Download upgrade option for owners of the base game.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        And so does SS to SSD~.

  • Yan Zhao

    Im more surprised at Ar No Surge’s low numbers. Hope those low numbers wont hinder localization chances.

  • Herok♞

    My only question is did they stop bundling Knack with the PS4 the sales for that dropped quite a bit. Also it does make me a little happy that at least for Japan hype alone isn’t enough to sell systems.

  • eilegz

    the problem its that it felt too much like MH and less fun, but it was still better than MH the history at least

    • MaximDualBlade

      XD come on man, it’s obvious you never played the game. Too much like MH XD?

    • Syn

      lol. yo, this is probably the furthest hunting game from MH if we are to compare, they are simply worlds apart in terms of well..everything(sadly even sales), but as for those sales, dont know what the heck is going on in Japan.

      • eilegz

        in what aspect? the character move bad, gets tire, weapons broke, hit detection issues… and ranged weapon its not good neither

    • What game were you playing?

  • Göran Isacson

    Ouch indeed. And not just for Soul Sacrifice Delta, Ar No Surge seems to be selling pretty darn low numbers, Deception IV has dropped something fierce and so has Knack… and even poor Donkey Kong Country, though at least the drop there isn’t very drastic. Meanwhile Yo-Kai Watch just keeps on trucking along….

    Kinda cool that Sony seems to be beating Nintendo in hardware sales for the Vita, and that Vita sales went up from last week. Wonder if it’s special software that’s raised the sales?

    • NeptuniasBeard

      If you are talking Vita to 3DS, the latter still sold more (if you combine the models). That said, 30k is nothing to scoff at. Glad to see Vita’s getting its moment.

  • psycho_bandaid

    You know, I don’t really like going through sales data (I’d rather focus on the games) so I typically avoid these posts, but this generation it seems like all hardware besides the 3DS is selling really poorly in Japan. Is the market just not healthy anymore?

    I don’t really know too much about it, but I see the 3DS with ~16 million units sold, and the next nearest system (the Vita) has only sold about 2.5 million. The PS4 is already slowing way down, The WiiU has been selling less than 10k a week for a while now, and I can’t imagine the XBONE fairing too well either.

    Does anyone else think that this is a sign of an unhealthy market, or am I just nuts?

    • ishyg

      Nope, just demographics. You know how Japan is heavy with the mobile thingy.

    • It’s not necessarily the fault of the platforms, but also software developers. In general, Japanese publishers aren’t making very many of these huge “event” games that reach out to lots and lots of people. Aside from Square, Capcom,Level 5, Atlus and Namco, most other publishers have found their own little niche and chosen to focus on it.

      Even with the publishers listed above, there are factors to take into consideration, which affect hardware and software sales. In the case of Square, their “event” games take too long to be released. In the case of Capcom, the only games they make that sell a great deal in Japan are Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, and those mainline titles come out every 4 years.

      In the case of Level 5, they’ve had a few ups and downs. Girls RPG bombed, Little Battlers never really took off in the first place, Layton and Inazuma are both on downward trends. It wasn’t until Fantasy Life and Yo-kai Watch that we saw them successfully debut new franchises that went on to sell well.

      In the case of Atlus, again, Persona is really their only “huge” seller. Shin Megami Tensei literally came back from the dead, and none of their other games enjoy as much recognition as Persona does. Finally, Namco are laser-focused on the anime market, and that market is only so large. Beyond a point, you won’t sell hardware using anime games.

      So that leaves publishers like Imageepoch, Compile Heart, NIS, Gust, Alchemist, Marvelous and a few others operating in the console space, and they’ve all found their own separate little niches. Their games help fill the occasional gap, but they don’t really move hardware normally. Add the fact that so many development teams at all the publishers we just talked about are focusing on mobile now, and it’s not hard to see why Japan is in the state it is.

      • Very well said!

        This is a complex issue to talk about; it’s a lot of things in the culture and the industry there, from what I can tell. But the first point – that they’re just not pumping out “event” games much anymore – is excellent and deserves some more talking about.

        I remember reading a ‘longread’ on Kotaku a looong time ago about that culture of “finding a niche and sticking with it” in Japan. And ever since reading that, it’s depressed me. You can see this attitude all over Japanese gaming.

        There is a very noticeable resistance from many developers/publishers to learn new tech and push their designs into more ambitious territory. If you’re familiar with game engines, it’s plain to see that a title like Tales of Xillia – despite larger areas, higher res textures and higher poly models – is built like a PS2 game. I played Sleeping Dogs before playing Xillia, and seeing how far behind the crowd tech alone was in Xillia compared to United Front’s game was depressing (the pop-ins, the fading, the low number of models, the static nature of the people… barely moving).

        There is a broad attitude of, “This is how we made awesome PS2-era games; this is how we’re going to keep making games until we die. Now, I’m going to return my bubble and ignore what else is going on” that has hurt that market overall for quite a few years. The best example of this is seeing how badly Nintendo is adapting to making games for their HD console now – a platform that is already at least 8 years too late. Or look at the PS4 launch lineup in Japan; it was like 95% western games that don’t appeal to non-brodudes anywhere (but especially Japan), and then some very modest productions like… a Hostess Club thing and Mahjong, I think?

        Tons of Japanese developers just ran to the consoles like the PSP & 3DS like a safety blanket, since they were similar in power to the PS2. And they’re pumping out games for them, like they would, for the PS2. Along the way, they forgot, for the most part, how to make exciting fresh stuff that would re-energize the market. And, like any market (western devs included), they’re really good at instead copying the “Big Dog” currently (Monster Hunter) and saturating that market. All of this equals stagnation and a shrinking market.

        I believe this is what Keiji Inafune has been getting at about Japan for a few years now.

        I’ll link it here: You should read all of it – it’s a fascinating read, though the part specifically about finding your niche until your company dies is under the “THE COPYCATS, THE UP-GIVERS” part near the middle. It may make you frustrated by the Japanese gaming industry once you start seeing these patterns for yourself..

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Let’s not forget that the first SS came out with a new PSV model along with a price cut and a lot of other factors. It’s a low number but at the same time, software wise, everything was low this week~.

  • Uvers

    I never liked soul sacrifice gameplay wise or visual style wise it always seemed to me to be a game created to appeal to a western gamers sense of aesthetics and as a fan of anime style games It just didn’t appeal to me, must be the same reason its not so appealing in japan in comparison to god eater or toukiden both which I greatly enjoyed

  • Earthjolly

    Shame Soul Sacrifice is a thousand times better than Toukiden but the japanese just want the closest clone to the original as possible

    • neocatzon

      Thousand times better is a matter of taste. But, I don’t remember SS sold better than Toukiden in states, so it’s not limited to Japan.
      But, I still blame mobile game industry.

  • DanielGearSolid

    I just hope freedom wars doesn’t suffer the same fate

    • Freedom Wars looks like a far more focused product, so I doubt that will be the case.

  • notentirelythere

    Oh geez, that’s awful… and, if anything, it seemed like Delta added droves more apparently differing content than other hunter-game expansions.
    Like, why wouldn’t it sell even more? Would the time of year or PS4 adoption be a big factor? This seems like such a major dip.
    (partial disbelief ‘cuz I was especially waiting for an expansion to drink the SS Kool-Aid… I know that’s an awful practice, but I can only put down for so many games. Is that not an attitude people’d have as much in Japan?)

    • I said this a really long time ago and people threw the usual accusations of madness and bias at me—I don’t think Soul Sacrifice ever held as much appeal as other hunting games do, because of its darker, more grimy visual style.

      Early promotional images had a lot of unpleasant stuff in them. Eyeballs being gouged out, spines covered in blood. That isn’t really the kind of thing your average joe on the street reacts well to. It’s hard to sell a game that’s as grotesque as the promo art for Soul Sacrifice was.

      I think the development team did figure at some point that they needed to tone it down a little, because the promo art for Delta is much more fantasy-like. It sill has that Soul Sacrifice dark fantasy vibe to it, but they’ve gotten rid of some of the more grotesque imagery, which I think is a good idea.

      The problem—and I think this applies specifically to Delta—is that by now, people don’t necessarily need Soul Sacrifice any more. If you own a Vita and you want your hunting fix, there are games with larger audiences and better word of mouth, such as God Eater 2 and Toukiden. Sony are also pushing Freedom Wars aggressively.

      There’s a lot more choice now for hunting games on Vita, so people don’t have to make do with SS. People have pointed out in the comments below that the original Soul Sacrifice was released after a Vita price cut had taken place, and that the game was released as part of multiple bundles as well, which is what caused it to reach 100k in opening week.

      The issue is, if you’re a hunting game and that’s what it takes for you to sell 100,000 copies at launch, you’re doing something wrong. We’ve seen time and again that hunting games have an edge over other genres in Japan. For what it was, Soul Sacrifice should have sold better.

      This is just an assumption on my part, but I now feel as though Sony may not ever have been as invested in Soul Sacrifice in the first place. We recently learnt that Freedom Wars has been in development for three years now, and that game looks like it’s in a better position to succeed than SS is. Maybe Soul Sacrifice was simply meant to be the “spark”. The first of many in their hunting games marketing campaign.

      • notentirelythere

        Thanks for the detailed reply!

  • Chido55

    This is totally the end of the world. You guys should totally commit Sudoku now.

    In the meantime, I’ll wait for the localization of Soul Sacrifice Delta.

  • subsamuel01

    Wow, Donkey Kong has yet to even pass the 100k mark. Pretty sad, loving the game so far.

  • Takui Nanao

    i heard this rumor about ssd coming out for US in april is that real or what?

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