Nobunaga Oda Built His Kingdom With These Men—One Of Them Dead

By Eugene . March 25, 2014 . 5:00pm


Nobunaga Oda. Say that name with me. Is that not a killer name for a man who once ruled Japan? But he couldn’t have done it alone. And one of his closest, and practically fearless, generals by his side was Katsuie Shibata. The grizzled old vet is old enough and wise enough to not have to carry anything flashy into battle—his two axes simply chopping down any foe he comes across almost methodically.


Toshiie Maeda:

The young protégé of Katsuie, he eventually serves under Hideyoshi. While he’s a little on the wild side, he also brings a fistful of hand weapons with him in a varied moveset. He can either fight with his twin polearms, or swing a wickedly jagged sword against foes.



Keiji Maeda:

If there’s one man who exemplifies the legendary exploits of Japan’s Warring period, it might just be him. The nephew of Toshiie, he’s famous for having held off an entire army with… eight horsemen. Beat that. His wild style and looks seem at odds with his uncles more serious attitude, but he’s as fierce a warrior as any.



Yoshimoto Imagawa:

OK, look, I know what you’re thinking. How can this pompous, whiny, pasty-faced piece of blubber even be a daimyo? And what’s with his fighting style?! No, it isn’t Japanese soccer, it’s kemari, an old sport introduced to Japan. And while Imagawa’s main claim to fame is that his army of some 25,000 got their ass kicked by Nobunaga’s 3,000 men, you can totally play Imagawa straight to victory instead, in Samurai Warriors 4.



It’s like having a very slow, but hilariously powerful soccer player on your side as Imagawa kicks, dribbles, and basically follows his little mari ball around to victory. Don’t expect speed to be his best asset however.


Samurai Warriors 4 is available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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  • Learii

    Keiji Maeda was 1 of my fav char in Samurai warriors 1

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    both warriors and basara Keiji are awesome. I always have fun playing as them

  • Ixbran

    You forgot Kojiro’s video … again …

  • Monterossa

    Oda never built any kingdom because Mitsuhide betrayed and killed him then Toyotomi united Japan.

    • Altin

      It is not verified that Mitsuhide killed him – some sources imply that he forced Nobunaga to suicide, some say that he killed him.

      What made Nobunaga partly unique though, was that he had a deep interest in European Culture and Christianity (Hideyoshi was against Christianity all along, whereas Nobunaga did not enforce any boycotts against Churches or their religion whatsoever), even if it was for their advanced technology in weapons like Firearms. He didn’t build one but he still contributed a lot to the general idea of a unified Japan during his period.

      • Ixbran

        It could be said Nobunaga had an interest in Anything outside of Japan. Nobunaga even had an African retainer by the name of Yasuke.

        According to what I’ve read, Nobunaga met this young man when itallian merchants were in one of Japans harbors, I forget which one, to trade goods. when news of a man with “Skin as black as an Ox” reached Nobunaga’s ears, he had the man brought before him. He had him bathed in front of him just to see if his skin was really black, or if it was paint.

        When Nobunaga learned it was his actual skin tone, he had the man enlisted into his army, due to his size and aparent strength. While in Nobunagas forces, Yasuke served as a body guard, or so it is romanticized he was in modern folk lore, and that over time Yasuke was given the title of Samurai.

        In fact it was Yasuke who saved Nobunaga’s son, Nobutada, and helped get him out of Honnoji during Mitsuhide’s attack. I am legit surprised that, after having learned about him, Koei has yet to put him in the game due to how famous he is, and how important he was to Nobunaga’s forces.

        Nobunaga was truly a man ahead of his time, he was open minded, curious, and broke many ancient traditions for the sake of progress and the betterment of the land. Truly his death was one of the worst things that could have happened, because as a result of said death, many of those who came after him attempted to undo everything he had done. I.E. Hideyoshi attacking and killing people who became Christians, and Ieyasu closing off the boarders of japan and refusing to trade with anyone not of japanese origin.

        • J_Joestar

          Darn it Koei, why is this Yasuke not in the games? Sounds awesome.

        • Altin

          The more you know, but yes who knows how history would’ve changed if Nobunaga did not die that early. I’d think that at least the Sakoku (Closing of Japan) would’ve never happened.

          Who knows, maybe TK will add Yasuke in later entries. It would be quite great to see how they design him :D

        • Adam I.

          There are a lot of tales/legends about Yasuke. He may or may not have been Nobunaga’s bodyguard, it’s not actually known aside from him being a servant to some capacity. He wasn’t at Honnoji though, Wikipedia is incorrect about that.

          Not condoning the attacks on christians at all, heck personally I disagree with it on every level as well, but the attitude wasn’t something exclusive to Hideyoshi. Folks were apprehensive about christians settling in the country, fearing that it could be a precursor to some sort of invasion and the like. Also, something to consider is that his general behaviour later on in his life suggests that he perhaps wasn’t entirely stable mentally – give this a read, it’s interesting

          Ieyasu didn’t close off Japanese borders, I don’t understand why so many people keep saying that. His grandson Iemitsu did that, and this happened 20 years after Ieyasu’s death.

          • Ixbran

            Ahh alrighty, but still, Him being in the game series would be awesome. Even if he wasn’t at Honnoji historically, they could easily have him be in the games.

            It would be so cool <3

      • J_Joestar

        Well i’m sure that whether or not Mitsuhide did the deed personally or not, he was still pretty much directly responsible for causing Nobunaga’s death one way or another so saying that he “killed” Nobunaga isn’t that far off of a statement.

  • fairysun

    “Nobunaga Oda. Say that name with me.”

    Nobuna coughcough … Oda ?!

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