The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening’s Story Is About A Young Man Becoming God

By Sato . March 26, 2014 . 5:31pm

Nippon Ichi Software recently revealed their upcoming game The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening, which will revolve around the tough choices you’ll be making as you advance through the game. We now have more details behind the story that will lead you into making different decisions.


Here’s an overview of the game’s story:


Several years after the revolution from a certain young man’s fate… a powerful demon known as Satanadia has fallen; however, the absolute superiority of the demons continued to dominate, as angels and demons continued to shed blood across the war-plagued lands of the realms.


In the midst of the heated war, there was one area in the heavenly realm, where guerrilla tactics have been used as an effort to keep themselves from falling. This is where they’ve continued God’s research on the ultimate anti-demon weapon, the Fate Awakening Crystal, that could change mankind into gods themselves. Meanwhile, the people waited impatiently in the human realm.


The protagonist is on his way back home from school, when he is suddenly attacked by an ensemble that fell from the sky. He dies shortly after his heart is pierced.


However, after being saved by a mysterious girl, he finds himself somewhere he’s never seen before… as he awakens in the heavenly realm. After having the Fate Awakening Crystal transplanted within him, it has been decided that he will be taking part in the war between angels and demons.



From force and suffering, comes the “ultimate choice,” which at times results in the unexpected killing of others, involution, and other irrational consequences… but in order to defeat the enemy, the protagonist will have to choose between the death of two beloved women. He can only save one of them… which path will he ultimately choose?


NIS describe protagonist Shin Kamikaze as gentle and passive, and he’s not that great when it comes to any kind of relationships. He doesn’t have parents, and was teased about it when he was little. Due to past events, Shin has always believed that “mankind live by using others,” so he has a tough time trusting other people.


After being killed by a demon on his way back home from school, he wakes up as God. This will lead to a great change in his fate.


The “ultimate choice” system will be a big part of The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening. After the protagonist wakes up as God, he will face “ultimate choices” throughout the story. This system revolves around the “divergence of fate” where the fate of certain characters and the story will change according to your choices.


You’ll be required to pick one choice, but there won’t be any correct answers, and you’ll often have to pick from unreasonable choices. Not only will the ultimate choice change the story, but it will also reflect on the protagonist’s growth. The choices you make will determine what kind of person he’ll become as the game goes on.


The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening will be released on July 24, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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  • Freud_Hater

    Hey, that’s kind of a cool concept. Hope it gets localized :O

    • DyLaN

      Its an NIS game that isn’t a VN or card game RPG so I say the chances are high.

      • passthegrenadeplease

        One of the reasons why I adore NIS: their localizations for niche games knows no bounds!

        • DyLaN

          Except VNs and card games RPG. The Z/X game and SRD will never leave Japan ;_;

  • revenent hell

    Im kind of interested in this…. Now I wonder if I should go buy The Guided Fate of Paradox

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      My exact thoughts. I think The Guided Fate of Paradox will be my summer rpg.

      • revenent hell

        Yeah me to. Its funny I had no interest in that game but this one I’m more than a little interested in… I like the Red Head :D

    • DesmaX

      It’s a pretty fun game, but it has way to many cutscenes for a story that isn’t all that great (But it isn’t worthless)

      • revenent hell

        Is the gameplay good though?
        I like this “type” of game but the story didn’t catch me to be honest. But as long as the battles are done well I think I might be able to look over poor story if everything else is fun

        • DesmaX

          Sure, it’s lots of fun. I have more than 100 hours in it.

          But it’s not a conventional type of game (It plays like Azure Dreams, or FF: Chocobo Dungeon), and it can be pretty hard sometimes

        • Mr_SP

          That depends on you. If you don’t like roguelikes, don’t get it. There’s no real complexity to the battle system. Character upgrades, sure, but the battles themselves are purely about stats and killing as many enemies as possible. There’s less tactics involved than the Disgaea series.

    • Ladius

      It’s a really good experimental roguelike that improves upon the mechanics introduced in ZHP, making it both more approachable and a bit more complicated (especially given the numerous customization options) than traditional roguelikes like the Shiren series.

      I really loved the narrative, too: the game has a unique atmosphere that mixes a pretty serious otherwordly conflict with lots of interesting twists with a bit of comedy that parodizes anime tropes and sub-plots linked to the prayers you have to see through in each chapters that have an allegorical, onirical quality to them.

      It also has a fantastic soundtrack by Yousei Teikoku that really helps the game’s atmosphere, and it quickly became one of my favorite NIS games both from a gameplay and narrative standpoint.

  • Loli Summoner

    Hmmm this one seems like it will be better than the first one.
    I like when games gives you options to decide you or others fate AKA dragon’s age.

  • MrTyrant

    Yeah I like it. The main character not so much but the idea of giving you choices with narrative consecuenses keep me interesed and if said choices involves two girls with probably different ideals, its better for me.

  • Kornelious

    Huh, it’s certainly a much more mature approach than the first game. I never finished the first one though, I should get on that cuz this will most likely be localized :)

  • DesmaX

    Everything seems to be improved over the first, even the story.

    Oh well, hopefully I can platinum the first one before Nisa announces the localization

    • burnfist23

      I’ll have to wait until the game is released for me to judge the story, but so far, it looks we’ll be mainly focusing on Shin, Jupiel, and Arle, so that’s good. One of GFP’s problems was that it had a fairly big main cast and with the exception of Renya, Liliel, and Kuroiel, none of the characters were either properly fleshed out (Rakiel, Galtion, and Neliel) or just weren’t good characters (Cheriel and Lanael).

      • DesmaX

        Yeah, that’s one of my main problems with it.

        Chapter 8 was pretty painful for me, because it was trying to flesh out the characters, but I just coudn’t care

        • Mr_SP

          It’s not even the heroes that was the issue. As things went on, I realized that I didn’t care about defeating Satanael. I’d never seen him do anything, and he didn’t have any sort of particular mean streak. All his “evil” and “needs to die” was told, but never really seen or detailed. His subordinates are just as bad. I have no real reason to fight them, and what’s worse, is that they get along better and have better respect for each other than the Angels!

          And don’t get me started on the final chapter. The power-up had no effect on gameplay, and Leliel’s species change made no sense at all.

          • Ladius

            I don’t really think that’s an issue, considering the evil versus good theme was revealed to be just a backdrop for a racial struggle among otherwordly beings, and the game made the subversion of the ethical implications of the traditional angel vs demon war pretty clear.

            The whole point of Satanael and his lackeys was to provide an antagonistic force that was supposed to be vile but gradually was shown just as an unstoppable force of nature born out of a Creator’s mistaken experiments. The fact that the demons were more honorable than some of the angels was part of the subversion mentioned above, and if I remember correctly that point was mentioned in the dialogues.

          • Mr_SP

            The fact that it’s, as far as the common angel and demon are concerned, a religious and racial conflict with no basis in reality only underlines the need for a legitimate reason for a final battle. Otherwise, the player is separated from the actions of their character, as neither is truly motivated.

            By the end, Renya is merely interested in going home, but we see only faint threads of what home is like for him. We see only two characters from his home, and one of them is merely a background character, so it isn’t that easy to get a good idea of what home is like for him. On top of that, in the final stages of the game, his connection to his sister is pushed aside for the connection to Leliel, so does he *really* want to go home? The game didn’t do much to sell me on the romance, so I find myself rather unable to follow his thought processes.

            That neither Satanael nor Renya are motivated to fight means that defeating him isn’t a triumphant moment. It’s just something you have to do to finish the game/go home/kill some time. And that’s not a satisfying ending.

            You could call it a sad tale of a God with no agency or real power, but that’s not what I signed up for. That’s why I liked the early chapters much better – I could sympathize with Cinderella, and Renya sympathized with her, and that let me get interested with the act of helping her.

          • burnfist23

            I honestly understood Renya’s motivation for going home. Even though we never fully see what his home life is, it is far more relaxing than his time spent in Celestia not to mention that Renya was always a more down-to-earth kinda guy. Add to the fact that only two people (plus some of the servants) really care about him in Celestia, it’s hard to not to understand his motivation for wanting to go home, especially after Chapter 6.

          • Mr_SP

            *Understanding it* is easy. *Visualising it* is hard. We don’t have enough of an insight into to identify the parts that he enjoys about home, just the things he doesn’t like about Celestia. We see him at the shopping mall, we see him at school… Are these the things he’s trying to go back to? There’s his sister, but he allows himself to forget about her, in favor of someone he’s known about for weeks, at most. If none of those things are irreplaceable to him, what’s his goal?

            That is, he says he wants to go home, but the last chapter implies that it’s secondary to staying with Liliel. And at that point, I didn’t think he’d be getting anything back.

      • Mr_SP

        Lanael wasn’t too bad. She did have a point what with how they were treating God. It’s just that they didn’t do anything else with them. Cheriel was the bad one – I have absolutely no idea why she became an Angel. They had an idea, and proceeded to do literally nothing with her.

        • burnfist23

          I really didn’t like that she suffered no consequences for betraying everyone. Sure, she was still betting on Renya at the end, but not a single person complained about her actions. Plus, I really hated her personality and the whole middle name thing was not funny at all (as annoying as Cheriel’s constant sex jokes were, at least I remember laughing at maybe one or two). Yeah, she did have a point about God, but I was never really sold on her like almost all the other angels. The only time I actually felt anything for her the scene were Cheriel talked to her about the meaning of being an angel or demon (also one of the few moments I liked Cheriel). Otherwise, I was waiting for Renya to punch her.

  • God

    Hope besides the basic Heaven and Hell endings and their variations, there is a relativist ending or a neutral ending…

    • Ladius

      If you play the first game, you will see its setting has a lot of twists to the usual conflict between angelic and demonic forces. I expect this to be true for this sequel, too, especially considering the sacrifice theme going on with the heroines.

      • God

        What i meant is that i hope there is an ending where the MC becomes a relativist and gets an ending according to that, on that game there were only two relativist characters, The Creator, and Satanael, all of the other character are self-righteous to a degree. Oh, and it WAS the tipical conflict between angels and demons, however, the biggest diference ware the truths that The Creator told us… and that the final boss’s point of view of things.

  • DesmaX

    Oh, yeah, and a more recent news shows Shin is his God Mode, where he can choose between 2 forms:

    The Angelic one allows for a powerful attack, and buff on ATK; and the Devil one allows him to shoot a beam of energy, and drain HP from enemies.

    • burnfist23

      Shin’s demon form kinda reminds me of Satanael’s true form. Maybe there will be an ending where Shin becomes something like Satanael, a really powerful being that feels completely empty inside.

    • Roberto

      these armors reminds me Saint seiya

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      ~In the Announcer Voice~
      Soul~ Sacrifice~

      • Earthjolly

        Lmao, same thought

    • Namuro

      Holy Smoke! These designs are awesome! When it comes to Angelic and Demonic forms, though, I tend to prefer the Demonic side, but I’m really drawn to the Angelic side in this one.

    • Yan Zhao

      Dat Saint Seiya vibe.

  • Ksatmata

    Light is winning in the website

  • Wow, the story sounds great. I haven’t played the first one so I think I’ll pick it up sometime, but I really want to play this one if it gets localized.

  • harmonyworld

    Ughh why is it always a guy who gets to become a god, never a girl *sobs into the universe*

    • Cheesy04

      read Narutaru hehe

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    I still can’t wait to play the first

  • I still need to pick up the origonal

  • Ladius

    I’m really happy this series has a chance to continue despite the first game’s weak sales, TGFP was one of the best games I played in 2013 and ended up being of my favorite NIS games alongside Soul Nomad, ZHP and Disgaea 1-4. I really look forward to this new episode, hopefully the gameplay mechanics will stay true to the series’ experimental nature.

  • Alexander Aubert

    now i need to play the first one

  • To think that these designs are all still from the character designer for the Haruhi Suzumiya series. I’m positively awed by her work, and these designs are probably going to be some of my favourites that she’s done. Cannot wait to see more of the characters.

    As to the plot: well that has me intrigued. I’m very interested to see how this one will play out (still need to pick up Guided Fate Paradox, but that’s beside the point). I like the protagonist’s design and personality and think he’ll be fun to get inside the head of.

  • Morningstar

    So they are taking the Non-Linear route again, huh?

  • Scourge626

    Sooo Infamous style choice system?

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