• nororu

    this game could be better on a handle, am i wrong?

    • DesmaX

      The first one was a test of patience, so I’d rather play it on a console.

      Also, it would be hard to do the Suspend Save trick on a Handheld

      • http://burnpsy.wordpress.com/ burnpsy

        Err… TGFP is basically ZHP 2, and ZHP was a PSP game anyway.

      • Arrngrim

        A test of patience indeed, losing your gear if dying…little too much. It made me try to “overpower” even more, which is pretty impossible in the game….just…yeah…no…

  • Kelohmello

    Is there a form that brings back 2D sprites?

  • NicheGamer

    Seems like a good way give your boosted mode a little more variety. God Mode was pretty boring in the first game as all it gave you was invulnerability and a room clearing skill.

    • God

      Don’t forget the huge boost on stats.

  • God

    Seems interesting, though i don’t really like long range magic, so if i have to choose i guess i’ll use the angel mode more often, that sword looks badass.

  • KiTA

    So I’m confused – is this an expansion to the previous game, or a sequel? It wasn’t released THAT long ago, was it?

    • http://amc9988.deviantart.com/ amc99

      why would u be confused? the characters and the sprites are all different from the previous game, so it is obviously a sequel

  • revenent hell

    Im more of a “hack and slash” person so the “holy” side would probably be a better play style for me though I wont go that rout….. I like the demonic looking one better and I is fickle.

  • Kornelious

    Angel Mode for me. I more of the “Slice first, figure out how to get out of the reprocutions that came with that attack” kind of guy X)

  • http://s1.zetaboards.com/Espada_of_Alexandria/index/ konpon568

    Needs to be on the Vita.

  • LastFootnote

    So…this is a serious question, not a veiled criticism:

    Does this game have any characters other than these three?

    • Mr_SP

      None that they’ve announced.

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