Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Brings The Akatsuki Back

By Spencer . April 7, 2014 . 1:45am

The Akatsuki take center stage in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Nina Storm Revolution’s story. CyberConnect2’s game has a new story line that shows the group’s past and includes new character designs created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution has over 100 playable characters including the Akatsuki and brand new for the series Mecha Naruto. Shisui Uchiha is playable for the first time too and the game will also shine some light on his past.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is slated for release this fall on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

  • Suriel Cruz

    I can’t wait for this game. The new anime footage animation is superb, the duo-ultimate jutsus are amazing, the graphics are awesome(I wish more fighting games get this kind of treatment) and Shizui looks like a fun awesome character to play with. Hopefully in the next(If there’s going to be one) trailer they show a little bit more of the main scenario and some of the boss battles, tho with what they have shown, I’m sold.

    • Bobby Jennings


      I also don’t think boss battles would be in. They would’ve been shown by now.

  • Syn

    Damnit……sigh, well, guess I will have to get this one as well…Stupid awesome trailer…….Atleast the partner justus look awesome, probably the only thing am looking forward too.

    • Kroz

      Cyberconnect2 can make some damn good trailers…I’m probably gonna skip this one but their trailers always make me reconsider.

      • Syn

        That they do, sad how the human condition can be fooled so easily (._.)

  • Am I the only one who’s half-half on this game? The anime itself is already providing more than enough fillers as it is. And if I didn’t enjoy the games so much, I’d probably give this one a miss.

    • Hexodious

      Background stories fillers? Seems legit.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Fanservice Flashback for characters who are already dead, buried on the ground, and who went to good side after losing his mask of badassness… seems legit

    Also, is that Dying Namek on 3:16 ?

  • are there really gonna be over 100 characters? while i know this will include multiple versions of the same character, thats a pretty hefty number.

    • Syn

      Thats a number we should be well past at this point(PS3/360) seeing as Tenkaichi 3 on the PS2 had 160(with the multi character thingy as well), with massive stages and hundreds of attacks and whatnot…Hope we dont go back to 18 or 20 with the next gen version of a Naruto game.

    • OhMyClarence

      They said 3 had 80 characters. So far we know of the 5 Edo Kages, Shisui Uchiha, and Mecha Naruto. That brings us to 87. Assuming Sage Kabuto is in as well that brings us to 88. That only leaves room for 12 more characters.

      Knowing this company and their habits we can be sure that some of those 12 are going to be multiple versions of the same character. I’m assuming both Naruto and Sasuke will get new versions of their character, so that only really leaves us with 10 spots.

      I’m assuming we will probably get Obito unmasked and maybe the Lightning Bros. A really nice bonus would be if we get the Swordsman too.

      Of course there could be more room if they removed the children versions of many of the characters that were included in 3 for some very strange reason, but were not at all connected to the story at the time.

  • SerendipityX

    Finally! It took them a looong time to do the team jutsu thing, what were they waiting for anyway? lol

    • greeeed

      for naruto + sasuke team jutsu (black flame rasengun)

    • Kamakuma

      Funny thing is they HAD team ultimates back in Ultimate ninja 3 and 5 possibly 4 as well… Why they completely forgot about them is beyond me. v..v

      • Syn

        ikr, ps2 era has all the cool stuff(running on walls, team jutsu’s, multiple jutsu’s, jutsu clashes, jutsu cancelling and more), yet the gen ahead of it had soooooo much less.smh

  • Those combo attacks!


    Didn’t really care for the last UNS game but this one is looking great. I definitely want to have some light shed on Orochimaru’s time with Akatsuki.

    Now if only the anime were animated like this…..

  • Logan Wayman

    Best. Game. Promo. Ever.

  • Slickyslacker

    It’s been a few years since I last played a Naruto game (I got Ultimate Ninja 4, and had tons of fun with it), much less kept up with Naruto at all.

    …I actually had a lot of the games at one time, but after selling them back, I’ve only the 4 NA-released Ultimate Ninja titles left today. It was kind of my first, major animu and I was seriously into it for a while.

    (…Okay, I was completely obsessed with Naruto for a few years.)

    As odd as this might sound: whenever this releases, I’ll be keen on picking it up.

  • ifidontwhowill

    Might have to give this a pass, theres so many different forms of characters in the manga right now and if they don’t include them I might as well just wait for 4 to come out. Maybe i’ll pick it up if it comes to steam for a cheap price.

    • William Johnstone

      they follow the anime not the manga that’s why they are doing the generation thing again…it’s also to show us their new ideas and see which ones we like and which ones we don’t

  • William Johnstone

    this is just like generation…it’s a filler because they can’t finish the story so they are giving us backround stories and are showing us ideas they have for when the anime is far ahead enough and they can make naruto ultimate ninja storm 4

  • subsamuel01

    Generations was my favorite out all of the Storm games. I loved the in game cut scenes and the original stories. This is a definite buy for me.

  • Kotori Itsuka

    Am I the only one who wants cc2 to fix the lip sync?. It has been bad since storm 1. We’re in 2014, there is now way that cc2 can’t fix this problem in this modern day. The lip sync is seriously annoying me cuz it’s so bad. And I’m talking about the original voices and the english voices. At least improve the japanese voices.

    EDIT: the japanese voices are not perfectly synced in any of my storm games. I’m serious

    • Soul

      I found that weird. It’s understandable if the lip sync is off with the english voices but not with the japanese voices

      • Kotori Itsuka

        It’s off with the japanese voices in my storm games. I’m serious

        • Soul

          Ah no, I meant that I found it weird that it was off with the japanese voices as well. Normally you would only expect that from the english voices.

          • Kotori Itsuka

            oh, my bad.

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