Xbox One Ships 5 Million, PlayStation 4 Takes Top Spot In March

By Ishaan . April 17, 2014 . 4:05pm

The Xbox One has shipped—not sold—5 million units to retailers worldwide, Microsoft announced this evening. The system sold 311,000 units in the U.S. during the month of March. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 sold 111,000 units.


Microsoft also provided attach rate figures for the Xbox One, pointing out that the system is seeing an average of 2.9 games sold per console. During the month of March, the Xbox One sold 1.4 million games. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 sold 2.7 million.


Earlier in the week, Sony announced sales figures—as in, sold to consumers—for their PlayStation 4, which they say has moved 7 million units worldwide thus far. Microsoft didn’t address the gap in sales, but it bears mentioning that their box costs $100 more than the PlayStation 4 and has been released in far fewer territories as well.


Earlier in the year, Microsoft announced plans to release the Xbox One in 26 more markets this September.


During the month of March, the PlayStation 4 was the best-selling platform in the U.S. for the third month in a row, owing to the release of Infamous: Second Son. It was the second-best-selling game for the month, with Titanfall—released for PC and Xbox One—taking the top spot. The game is was made available for the Xbox 360 on April 8th.


The top-10 best-sellers in the U.S. during the month of March were as follows:


Rank Title System Publisher
01. Titanfall XBO, PC Electronic Arts
02. Infamous: Second Son PS4 Sony
03. South Park: The Stick Of Truth 360, PS3, PC Ubisoft
04. Call of Duty: Ghosts 360, PS4, PS3, XBO, NWU, PC Activision Blizzard
05. Dark Souls II PS3, 360 Bandai Namco
06. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PS4, XBO, PS3, 360 Konami
07. NBA 2K14 360, PS4, PS3, XBO, PC Take 2
08. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD PS3, PSV Square Enix
09. The LEGO Movie Videogame 360, PS3, 3DS, NWU, XBO, PS4, PSV Warner Bros.
10. Minecraft 360 Microsoft

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    How did Wii U do?

    Xbox one price drop incoming?

    • Satori Satya

      I think the story of the day is that the X1 is failing to even catch up to the Wii U. The PS4 did it quite a while ago.

      • Kaetsu

        I think Microsoft might come last this gen. Even with the Wii U not doing to well, the sales are only to pick up. This year Nintendo is releasing a Mario Kart, Smash Bros and a Zelda game for the more casual fans. For the hardcore fans they have Bayonetta 2 and X. On top of that they’re definitely going to have more games come out this year that we don’t know about. Xbox has nothing coming this whole year. Playstation doesn’t have much but since it’s become the more popular next gen system it’s going to keep selling well.

        • Satori Satya

          Its too early to tell, though.

          I know that Sony fans are presently dancing in the streets and celebrating their latest victory over MS.

          But honestly, lets not forget that just last gen, MS fans were doing the same when everyone was ready to dismiss the PS3. Even Gabe Newell said at the time that the PS3 was a waste of time.

          And yet, by the end of that generation, the PS3 came out on top.

          So lets be careful about celebrating ahead of time. These things take years.

        • malek86

          Nah. At this point, I think the Wii U will end up last. They already tried everything, from sales cuts and bundles and Mario games, but they just can’t increase their sales. The US alone will shoot up the X1 farther up than the Wii U, maybe not in 2014, but in 2015 for sure. Europe will probably be roughly the same. Japan is the only place where the Wii U will win, but its sales there are pretty much irrelevant. So the US alone will make the difference, and the X1 is selling double the Wii U in a bad month, and 4 times as much in a good month.

          People are putting too much faith in Smash and Zelda (which are primarily bought by Nintendo fans) and Kart (which would be aimed at more casual demographics, but those seem to have abandoned consoles). X and Bayonetta are going to be too niche to do real big numbers.

          • darke

            I agree. I didn’t buy a Wii last gen because it seemed to be marketed as a casual games platform, or a Nintendo-nostalga platform.

            I didn’t grow up suckling at Mario’s teat on the NES/SNES/etc, even when I owned multiple DS’s, I never had the urge to buy Mario or Zelda games as they never seemed to appeal to me, and always seemed to be marketed towards those who had played the previous games.

            I think Nintendo’s problem is their main market is “those who play causal” and “those who previously played Nintendo properties that they recycle”. The casuals wandered off to phones and tablets, and the “Nintendo gamers” are dying off because they’re getting less interested in games or are simply getting tired of them.

            I think the ‘next’ generation of console hardware they release will get an increase in users, because all the kids of Nintendo-gamers-as-kids who bought the Wii (plus parents who bought the Wii because it was ‘casual’) will have grown up enough to get their own jobs to pay for their own console hardware. But this generation seems mostly a loss.

    • How did Wii U do?

      Nintendo hasn’t sent out their PR yet, but probably very badly. Their platformer strategy really isn’t working for them.

  • Cazar

    Lol at Call of Duty outselling Dark Souls II.

    • Godmars

      Why? There isn’t, and shouldn’t be, any fanboy rivalry going on between them.

      • Satori Satya

        It could be that fanboys don’t have anything to do with his comment. And more to do with the fact that Ghosts has underperformed.

        And even then, it still came on top of DSII.

      • Cazar

        That’s not where I was going with that. I just find it funny that Ghosts, 5 months later still outsold DS2 during it’s release month despite all of the hype surrounding DS2. It’s kind of sad actually and paints a nasty picture of the US market.

        • Godmars

          What? Just because the same market buys Madden in the millions year after year?

    • idrawrobots

      Call of duty was super cheep all month. but still it’s less LOL and more TnT

  • tubers

    I think MS seems to be doing ok with the sales since X1’s more expensive and in less regions.

    I’m interested on how much the new Halo and Gears would push.

  • WyattEpp

    Consider for a moment: PS4 outsold XBone in March, DESPITE the release of its ace-in-the-hole, big deal game and DESPITE retailer sales and bundles all over the place.

    You have no idea how much I wish we could still post GIFs here.

    PS: And while we’re on the topic, take note that the Titanfall number combines PC and Xbone sales. For a single platform, Second Son probably takes the top.

    • I have to wonder what the reaction within Microsoft is. On the one hand, they’re $100 more expensive and in less regions, but on the other, if this continues for a few more months at a stretch, that gap will start to get larger.

      Once the competition takes the lead, it gets harder to change perception with every passing month. Obviously, XB1 isn’t in any real danger here, but if they do intend to compete in terms of hardware sales, I feel like they really need to do more with Kinect to justify its inclusion within the box.

      • idrawrobots

        More with the Kinect? Like what. I happily own a One, and I use the Kinect to say “Xbox record that.” That is it.

        • Well, that’s kind of the point. The voice command stuff is very cool, but there’s a lot more that they could (and should) do with Kinect in terms of both convenience and creativity.

          I have a friend I chat with on Skype every weekend, and when he gets home from work, he just goes, “Xbox, go to Skype,” and then proceeds to the bathroom to wash up or whatever. When he gets back and turns the TV on, Skype is all loaded up and ready to go.

          Also, Kinect has a really, really sensitive and well-constructed microphone. This same person has chatted with me from his kitchen using Kinect while the Xbox was in an adjacent room.

          So, I do think the convenience is a very big deal, but the price is an inconvenience. Cutting price on the system will definitely help matters in the short-term, but it’s really the long-term strategy they should be concerned about. Again, that means figuring out what more they can do with Kinect.

          • idrawrobots

            Virtual Friend? For people that want someone to talk to, but have no one to talk to.

          • You know, just the other day I was just talking to someone about how they’re eventually going to bring Cortana to XB1! She’s their equivalent of Siri for Windows Phone.

            I do think that would be neat, but again, it depends on what they do with a feature like that. I don’t think “virtual friend” is going to cut it, heh.

            Maybe in Japan.

          • Six

            Xbox One needs Ene.


          • Actually, it kind of would be cool to have an AI “assistant” like that. (I don’t know what anime Ene is from, though.) Someone that learns your behaviour and tastes and mannerisms, and then incorporates them into the system somehow. I don’t know if we’re even at that stage yet, though, in terms of it being a viable option cost-wise for a multimedia box.

          • Godmars

            Sony was talking about something like that. Recommending games, downloading demos and trailers.

            But given this involves monitoring how you use your console…

          • Dude, the other day, I logged into Steam, and received this pop-up asking if I’d like to take a survey. I like Steam and I like Valve, so I thought, “Sure, why not help them out?”

            So I click Yes, and then Steam literally scans my PC and displays a list of every single piece of software I have installed on my computer, saying that it will relay the information to Valve. I closed that window so quickly.

            So yeah… that is obviously the uncomfortable part of all this.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            ……..been in the “gray part” of the internet there, huh? Ishaan? but I know what you mean. That was freaky!

          • Nah, I’m not a fan of pirating games, and coincidentally, even all the software I use for work is mostly freeware. I don’t even own Microsoft Office, haha. I use Google Drive. And I upgraded my version of Photoshop when Adobe were “offering” CS2 for free.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            lol It even picked out on softwere I didnt even remember installing *Sexy beach 3? ahh..where did that come from.

          • rurifan

            From what I read, Cortana will not be presented visually in any way. Only the name is re-used from Halo.

          • azureknight

            I heard they don’t even share the same voice actress. Missed opportunity Microsoft!

          • ishyg

            When I think of “virtual friend” with Japan in context, I can’t get rid of that video I saw where they combine H-games with oculus, novint falcon, and a tenga. Probably not what you’re going for. Sorry.

          • Oh, I’m sure that in time, we’ll get there. Oculus has a lot of potential for a lot of different things.

          • ishyg
          • rurifan

            We are still talking about a game console, right? It’s purpose is to play games?

            If consumers really cared about expensive videochat devices with awesome speakerphones, the market would be flooded with them.

            Kinect is neat, but the fundamental problems of accuracy and response times make it unsuitable for serious gaming. From a gamer perspective, MS is selling a weaker system force bundled with $100+ of junk they don’t want. It must be obvious by now even at tone-deaf MS that this was a huge mistake.

          • The fact of the matter is that in the long term, games aren’t what are going to sell these consoles to the mainstream consumer. The games market alone is not profitable enough for platforms like PS4 and XB1 to sustain themselves on.

            Games are important, yes. Games will sell the system to gamers and will drive word of mouth. But beyond that, to reach out to that broader audience—to entire families—you need more than just games.

          • rurifan

            Sony seems pretty happy to be a game console without worrying about the speakerphone market.

          • That’s the tune they’re singing right now, because they understood—smartly—that early adopters were always going to be enthusiast gamers. In their long-term strategy, multimedia is 100% going to be part of the PS4’s marketing push.

          • Dago

            That doesn´t make sense i can´t watch mp4 or avi files or listen to mp3 files on PS4,so the siytem is not really multimedia.

            Also it doesn´t support DLNA,so yeah ….

          • I would argue that being able to play .MP4 and .AVI files isn’t as important any more. Streaming services are much more convenient to most people.

          • rurifan

            More like, streaming services profit Sony much more than content you already own (or pirated).

          • I’m not talking about Sony specifically, I’m talking about the viewing habits of a large number of consumers in general.

          • rurifan

            I’m pretty sure there’s a few million people with mp3s on their ipod that would disagree.

          • iPods are not immovable boxes hooked up to your TV in the living room. Apples to oranges.

          • rurifan

            ipods are devices you would expect to plug into your PS4 and be able to play the music off of…

          • I’m not sure what you’re implying. No one’s buying these boxes to play music on them. Music is a more personal, often portable experience.

            When these companies talk about multimedia capabilities, they’re obviously referring to things like video-on-demand or streaming sports and the like.

            Music may be a factor, yes, but not nearly as large of one as you’re making it out to be.

          • rurifan

            Sony offers a streaming music service, so obviously they think there is demand for music on PS4. But you say nobody wants to play the music they already own on PS4. Not convincing.

            It’s much easier to explain their feature priorities looking at where the profit is.

          • You’re missing my point. As I said, music is part of the equation, and in Sony’s case, yes, it makes complete sense, because Music Unlimited is already a service they own and run.

            I’m talking about services that are being developed now, specifically to take advantage of these consoles and their presence in the living room. Music Unlimited is part of a profit strategy, not necessarily part of a multimedia strategy pertaining specifically to PS4.

          • ishyg

            Hmm does it work that way? I thought that when syncing with iPods, the data is managed quite differently than with other MP3 players. I don’t think it will work that way. Putting MP3 files on a USB drive though…

          • Dago

            I really don´t think the mainstream is going to buy PS4´s or X1´s for their multimedia needs,as you said here there are other devices,such as the ipod or the new Amazon Fire TV that do the multimedia part and are way cheaper

          • neo_firenze

            Exactly. I think multimedia focus with a console is a fool’s gambit. It’s a baseline feature, but it’s not a strategy that’s going to open up a wider mainstream market for your $400-$500 console.

            EVERYTHING does content streaming these days, for far cheaper than a PS4 or Xbox One. Televisions, DVD players, PCs, cheap streaming boxes (Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, etc.), tablets, cable boxes, phones, toasters… It’s simply not a differentiating factor any more.

            The big consoles and gaming PCs are the ONLY way to play high end games, and that’s always going to be what gets people to pay over 5 times as much as the many sub-$100 WiFi-enabled Blu-ray players with Netflix, Hulu, and the like.

            Sony may be onto something with subscription based gaming with PS Now and the excellent use of PS Plus. But again, that focuses on the system’s core competency of gaming. Not non-gaming applications.

          • malek86

            I wonder if PS+ is really among the reasons for the PS4’s success. It didn’t help the PS3 that much (sales didn’t really grow any even after the service picked up pace) and it certainly isn’t helping the PSV.

            I think the lower price, higher specs, and generally the hype behind the console (probably their best marketing campaign yet) were more of an advantage.

          • neo_firenze

            I definitely think you’re correct that price/specs/hype were the biggest reasons for PS4’s early success. But I wouldn’t ignore PS Plus/PS Now as very strong selling points that will take more of a center stage in the future.

            Plus and its nice “free” game lineup get rave reviews from basically everyone who subscribes, and that hype has only gotten bigger in the last year or so. That kind of customer satisfaction and word of mouth certainly can’t hurt. PS Now is an interesting and UNIQUE selling point, which actually focuses on consoles’ core strength of playing games. That’s a hell of a lot more exciting than being the 5th device in someone’s home that can play Netflix.

            I’m certainly a lot more sold on the potential of Sony’s subscription gaming models than I am on Microsoft driving sales by pushing Kinect and cable TV integration.

          • malek86

            I just have doubts on that. The general opinion on the internet is that PS+ is awesome, but the general opinion of the internet is also that the PSV is awesome. What does the average consumer think? Before the PS4 launch, PS+ subscribers were around 2 millions or so, out of 80 million PS3 owners.

            Xbox Live was successful because it was mandatory for multiplayer, not because it had a bunch of cool features or whatever (we could say that for the Xbox, but not for the 360). I’m sure that PS+ will be successful too now, but that will be because the PS4 is successful and now it’s mandatory for multiplayer.

            If Sony really believed PS+ was going to hold by itself, they wouldn’t have made it required for online play. Maybe their subscription numbers on the PS3 weren’t good enough to keep the free games program sustainable in the long run.

          • neo_firenze

            Guess we’ll see. My opinion is that multiplayer might be the trojan horse that gets more people to try PS Plus, and that once they’re in the system they take notice of the other features (which get more word of mouth). Sony seems like they’re making a strong effort to get people more comfortable with the idea of paying a subscription fee to access lots of content they don’t “own”, and it’s pretty good timing with mainstream acceptance of other media offered in a similar way: video with Netflix and Hulu, music with stuff like Spotify and Rhapsody, the overall popularity of cloud/SaaS offerings… I really think Sony is doing a masterful job here.

            And let’s face it, PS Plus and its Instant Game Collection have no real competing product right now, and PS Now (however they decide to deploy it) looks like it won’t have an equivalent either. Sony has some potentially huge unique selling points here. That’s a lot more compelling than being yet another box in your living room that can stream Netflix.

          • Dago

            That´s part of it being a real multimedia systemPS3 supports those so if people want a multimedia system it makes sense for them to go with PS3 instead because it´s vastly superior multimedia capabilities not to mention it has a way larger games library and it´s cheaper

          • Well, yeah… of course the PS3 has a larger library. Xbox 360 does, too. They’re older systems, so obviously they’re far more developed at this point than both PS4 and XB1. But at some point, people will start migrating to the new consoles, and that’s when this stuff will begin to matter.

          • Dago

            I really don´t think people tat will migrate to a new console will think to themselves: “Which one should i buy PS4 o r X11? i know X1 because it supports DLNA and PS4 does not”

            People that already own a console and are looking to upgrade to a new one care for the games,they are not going to choose a new 400+ console just because of some multimedia capability.

            I repeat,the people that want a multimedia box aren´t gong to look at PS4 or X1 and say: I´ll spend 400+ on it to watch Netflix”

            It just doesn´t make sense when there are cheaper alternatives for that out there.

          • MasterofMidnight

            But, ultimately, it was MS’ business strategy to do just that; sell the Xbox One, not as a games console, but as a multimedia device. The definitive multimedia device. Hence, the shenanigans with the original announcement of the console which resulted in gamers complaining the console wasn’t focusing enough on games.

            MS went back to the drawing board, but seeing as the console was already formerly announced, with the console designed around certain key features i.e. the kinect, they weren’t able to drastically change the design in some ways to make it cater completely to the gaming community.

            There’s no deny that they shot themselves in the foot here, but it remains to be seen if they can find a way of selling the Xbox One to a community that ISN’T just interested in games. The way as originally intended.

            I predict that Microsoft will take a more subtle approach in future. For now, the key selling point is games, hence other features such as the kinect will remain underused, at least for the time being, but I doubt that’s the way they want to see it forever.

            This isn’t the first time a company has royally messed up. It’s interested how people have easily forgotten the PSPGo fiasco, where Sony affectively released a handheld to seeming wipe out the used gaming marketed, by providing a machine that only allows downloads.

            Also, If I’m not mistaken, Sony actually have a patent still which affectively allows them to limit how the used market works (though I forget the details of it). They’re just not using it.

            There was a huge outcry, not just from consumers, but from retail outlets also, and the console died a quick, painful death. Sony’s next move has been to subtle faze out the second hand market with other tactics i.e. Playstation+ and a greater emphasis on downloads. They’re aware they’ll never be able to kill off the 2nd hand market in one fell swoop, but there is no doubt they, along with all the other major corps, are looking to squeeze download gaming further and further into the norm, and eventually killoff the used market.

            So, to draw the attention back to the Xbox One. Their original marketing tactic has failed – but whether people like it or not – the XB1 is here to stay for the best part of 7+ years, and MS has plenty of time to re-strategies to achieve the target audience they want, and selling their product the way they want.

          • MasterofMidnight

            Indeed. Apparently Sony are looking into adding these features in time, but it’s surprising how none of the Sony fans are complaining at how various media apps, which have been the standard for some time now, at no extra cost, and seeming obvious to be added to the device, have been omitted.

          • rurifan

            I’m not sure what you’re implying. Of course they will sell multimedia content. But we’re discussing forced bundled $100+ non-gaming accessories.

          • That’s kind of the point I was making, though. Right now, there isn’t a whole lot of use for Kinect. In the future, though, that has to change, and if Microsoft are smart, it probably will. They’ve been very committed to Kinect, so I’m sure they have further plans for it.

          • Godmars

            Kinect’s “future potential” has been what MS has been pushing since they were calling it Natal.

          • Dago

            I wonder when that future will arive.
            10.15 Years from now?

          • rurifan

            So they force-bundled a $100+ non-gaming device gamers don’t want justified by unknown future uses?

            It’s clearly a hard sell.

          • I’m not sure which part of this you’re unable to understand. Yes, it is a hard sell. Their job is to make it an easier sell. Kinect was developed with long-term plans in mind. Just what those plans are remains to be seen.

            Microsoft isn’t a stupid company. They’ve been working on Kinect for years, and they’ve always been very committed to it. You don’t do that unless you have some sort of roadmap in mind. If there wasn’t one in place, the entire project would have been shut down by now.

          • rurifan

            Well, you can just re-read my original post up top since it seems we’ve come in a complete circle in the discussion.

            Coincidentally, big companies can be very stupid. Just ask those guys who tried to force oppressive DRM on consumers who were screaming in outrage for months before it was officially announced

          • Honestly, mistakes happen. DRM is a topic that every company has had to deal with in some form or another, and each company has reacted to it in their own way. DRM is here to stay, but the severity of it varies from publisher to publisher. (Look at Blizzard with Diablo 3, for example.)

            Microsoft deserved every bit of the feedback they received for DRM, and they’ve obviously learnt from it and moved on. But DRM wasn’t part of their creative vision, it was part of a profit strategy. They’re two different things.

          • rurifan

            They made the right call and reversed course.

            Will they do it again by offering a cheaper Xbox One minus force-bundled Kinect?

          • I don’t think that’s the right call. To sell XB1 without Kinect would be to undermine the entire point of Kinect. I’d be terribly disappointed if they gave up on Kinect like that, because I honestly do think there’s a lot of cool stuff to be done with it. Thankfully, so far they seem committed to it, so we’ll see what happens.

          • rurifan

            Honestly I thought Kinect 1.0 was very interesting and even bought it for a friend with kids. Neat gimmick, but actual gaming is based on accuracy and low latency, something which even Kinect 2.0 is incapable of.

            And there’s already precedent for Microsoft giving up on Kinect 1.0. The lack of support they gave that after selling so many was nothing less than shameful.

          • Guest

            The first problem is that you see this from the perspective of the gaming market as the focus of the whole strategy; but it’s not. Kinect is in their plans to attract a bigger market, let’s call it: the not-gaming one. They have to create that perceived value for the masses, a desire to buy the console even if it costs more than its ‘peers’ because it offers something the competitor do not, how would they achieve that? That’s yet to be seen. Some of their apparent plans leaked some time ago, that could give us some idea:

            The second problem is that you see this at short term: Yes a Kinect-less, cheaper Xbox One SKU will sell better at first; after all that console has garnered a rather interesting line-up, but then what’s left? The console loses part of its identity and enthusiasts consumers probably will end up selecting their consoles based on the raw power offering or general features offering, like multiplatforms, none of those benefit X1.

            If they are so desperate to achieve some quick sales, a price drop would be more smart, though later they will have to recoup cost somehow.

          • malek86

            Plans or not, things don’t always work out. The gamepad for the Wii U has been a problem as well. Sometimes companies need to accept when something just isn’t working out as they expected. Kinect feels a bit like, rather than a long-term vision, they continued on something that was mildly successful last gen, without thinking if it would be a good idea to do so.

            I mean, I’m sure they had a vision and long-term plan for Windows Phone as well. But compare that to Kinect: one ended up giving people a fast and cheap alternative to iOS, and as a result, it’s slowly gaining marketshare. The other ends up making the console more expensive and less fast than the PS4.

            This is probably going to be like the inclusion of Bluray in the PS3, which I felt was mostly unnecessary for actual games. But at least Sony managed to win the format war thanks to that, so it had a purpose. The Kinect is its own thing, so unless it can deliver, a failure would be all of it.

            And let’s face it: what else can they do with Kinect? Lag is too much to make it really good in a game, they already have gestures and voice controls for movies (they do work well, yes, but it’s not a big selling point). They would be more interesting if the X1 were actually a good media center, which is not. Kind of baffling, because if their hope was to make the all-in-one multimedia hub for the living room, it certainly isn’t it right now.

            I don’t think the Kinect will ever really give them any edge. Or at least not until the price point hits the target market for the peripheral (kids, pretty much). I don’t know whose idea was to make a mainstream-aimed console and sell it for $500. That’s literally the dumbest idea ever. The first Kinect was successful because you could pick up the console and perihperal with a bundled game (more often two or three) for 250/300 bucks. Did they forget that?

          • neo_firenze

            “Microsoft isn’t a stupid company.”

            But they ARE a company with a list of other products that that also had some sort of roadmap in mind and got less than stellar results. Looking at you, Zune, Surface, Windows Phone…

            Perhaps they’ll surprise me and really turn Kinect into something exciting, but 3.5 years and two hardware revisions in, I have a really hard time seeing their grand vision (which, if they had one at all, was born out of a massively different MS organization than the one existing today, and may have radical changes in internal support given all the huge shakeups they’ve had in just the past year).

            I do think that if they have any chance of Kinect succeeding, they really HAD to make it a 1:1 pack-in with the system, and not an optional add-on. But now they don’t have an excuse, developers can make stuff with the expectation that everyone can use Kinect. So it’s time to put up or shut up, and show people there’s a real compelling reason for Kinect’s existence.

          • notcarolkaye

            That really is the essence of the situation. I don’t know how anybody convinces themselves that it’s more complicated than that.

          • MasterofMidnight

            No, people don’t just buy consoles to play games anymore, just like how people don’t just buy mobile phones to chat to people. It hasn’t been this way for over a decade.

          • neo_firenze

            People don’t buy consoles just to play games any more, you’re right. But streaming apps are available on EVERYTHING (and there are far cheaper ways to watch Netflix than dropping $500 on a console). It’s not a selling point any more, it’s a baseline expectation.

            People don’t buy a new car *because* they want to listen to music, but most people would find it quite strange if their new 2015 model car didn’t come with a stereo system.

      • PoweredByHentai

        The reaction within Microsoft is likely panic and/or disappointment.

        Considering that Titanfall wasn’t the hardware mover that MS had hoped for, EA essentially perfected the art of screwing everyone out of their cash. The cynic in me believes that Titanfall has been sabotaged permanently from having a sequel.

        • Testsubject909

          Also since Titanfall was also set for PC and for 360. I, for one, didn’t think it was going to move that many Xbox One.

          I’m curious about the sales of Titanfall for 360. Those numbers might actually set a sequel for it.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Titanfall for 360 is currently at #6 on Amazon for the month of April.


            The PS4 is currently at #5 on Amazon for April. The PS4 was at #1 on Amazon throughout March.

          • Testsubject909

            By this list, seems the Titanfall Xbox 1 copies that came along in a bundle by themselves outsold Second Son in April… wait in April. Second Son came out in March.
            Somehow that tells me Second Son isn’t doing too bad this month… Anyways.

            Seems like Titanfall on 360 is possibly bringing up better numbers then.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Larger install base to cater to. That and Bluepoint did a fantastic job with the 360 version such that it kind of shamed Respawn.

          • Testsubject909


            If Titanfall would’ve been an actual Xbox One exclusive, it would’ve possibly moved more units.

            Boy. EA sure kicked themselves in the balls with this one…

            I’m now having flashbacks to an article on a supposed apology from EA with projected lost estimated profit from having Titanfall be multiplatform across Sony consoles as well.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I doubt that EA is “sorry” at all. They took a fledgling high-profile company formed from the carcass of Infinity Ward that was locked in a deathmatch legal struggle against Activision and managed to nerf whatever potential profit/revenue-sharing with them to nothing on top of getting a get-out-of-jail-free card from MS.

            If anything, EA has profited immensely from Titanfall in its current form.

          • Testsubject909


          • malek86

            EA has only themselves to blame though. According to the devs, when money was running out, they were unwilling to give them any more funds to finish the project. MS had to step in to make it possible to even finish the game. If EA had had a little more faith in the team, they could have kept giving them money, and now the game would be on more platforms.

            So we have something similar to the Bayonetta 2 situation. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that game will bomb sales-wise, and it might have more of a chance if it weren’t exclusive, but it’s being backed by Nintendo and therefore now Platinum have to deal with it, like they did for Wonderful 101 (well, that one was too niche to start with, I doubt it would have sold much even on PS3/360).

        • Not sure why you would think Titanfall has been sabotaged. It was the best-selling game for the month and will likely sell even more on 360. I doubt anybody is unhappy with its performance, given it was a brand new I.P.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I think the plan was to have Titanfall release first on Xbox and PC before other platforms. Then the whole exclusivity deal happened. Permanently, too.

            The kicker with that last minute permanent exclusivity announcement? Respawn didn’t know about it until EA and MS announced it.

            Hence, sabotaged.

    • MasterofMidnight

      Consider for a moment: both consoles have great games worth playing. Perhaps you should spend less time thinking about how well games and consoles sell, as an indication of quality, and more time with how fun the games are.

      • WyattEpp

        Setting aside that I don’t really see either platform as having anything resembling a decent library at the moment (let alone “great games worth playing”), you appear to have misconstrued very basic observation on market realities as some sort of…attack? (On what?) I honestly don’t know of any “kind” way to express interest in this situation.

        Think about it like this: Microsoft’s gambit to stop the widening gap — a huge exclusive release from a prominent studio backed by a cross-media advertising push, a public beta, and a whole host of discounts — has observably failed. In their “home turf”. They bet a lot on Titanfall, seeing as they don’t have any other prominent releases on the immediate horizon.

        So yeah, MJpopcorn.gif.

    • malek86

      Woah. I can understand that people are giddy over PS4 winning, but let’s not get delusional now. The retail PC market is absolutely terrible in the USA, everyone who wanted Titanfall on PC will have bought it digital.

      The leaks say that Titanfall more than doubled Infamous, and that almost all of its sales are on X1.

      • WyattEpp

        “Giddy” is overstating things substantially; neither is worth getting yet.

        But more than doubled? If memory serves, that would put it well north of two million. In which case, I’m really surprised the number is combined. Citation?

        • malek86

          Wait, I think you forget that Infamous sold a million worldwide, while this is USA data.

          The leaks say that US sales for Infamous are about 450-500k, with Titanfall above a million.

  • idrawrobots

    I have to believe this difference is because of Japan, maybe Europe too.

  • Six

    I really hope Phil Spencer is able to right this ship before things get any worse. While I don’t think things are NEARLY as bad as some would think (or would like it to be), Microsoft needs to react quickly before this gap widens.

  • Roberto

    Minecraft still sell?

  • Masa

    love how Microsoft always say shipped, not total sold, are they that ashamed? Wusses.

    Look at the Nintendo with the WiiU, the sales are terrible for it but they still come out and say how many it sold.

    • Saying “shipped” rather than sold isn’t an uncommon practice. All publishers do it at one point or another. Nintendo are the exception to the rule, but they’re just about the only ones.

    • Six

      Something something Playstation family.

      • Godmars

        Still, when Sony did it the PS3 was closing its gap with the 360. Right now the one between the XB1 and PS4 is widening.

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

      COD did the same thing when sales were not as high as expected late last year.

    • ishyg

      Hey, Sony used the term too referring to total PS3s shipped before. Don’t single out one.

    • malek86

      What, do you expect companies to just give out negative news to their investors? That’s not how it works.

      When was the last time Sony announced any sales numbers for the PS Vita, shipped or not? I think you’ll find that it has been a very long time indeed.

      You’d think that kind of silence would undermine investors’ faith even more than just telling a bad number, but if the doom surrounding Nintendo is any indication, perhaps MS/Sony have a point in not disclosing actual sales.

  • raitouniverse

    Wow, that’s all? Even with Titanfall? That’s nuts.

  • otakumike

    Since Titanfall failed to give MS any sort of a leg up over Sony, what do they have left? I feel like this gen is Sony’s to take. They won over the Indies, 3rd parties apparently love them, Their internal studios are all hard at work on ps4 projects…I honestly can’t see them losing this lead. Apart from a lackluster reception in Japan -no one buys things over there anymore anyways-I can’t see how they could have handled this any better.

  • icup ✔️

    how come the 360 is not listed under titanfall platforms? is that console obsolete already?

    • It was released on 360 later, so it wasn’t included as part of the March sales.

    • PoweredByHentai

      The 360 version came out in early April. This NPD is for the month of March.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    How many has the wii u sold?

    • Kaetsu

      In total about 6 million. For this month there hasn’t been any sales figures disclosed.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        ..its going to do fine after the grade A titles comes out

        • Kaetsu

          For sure. Just this year Nintendo is releasing Mario Kart, Smash Bros and Hyrule Warriors. That alone is huge.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            and that unknown Nintendo IP in the works

        • Dragon24680

          Depends on what your “doing fine” is. Its going to sell about as much GC sold or less, making it the worst selling (and most loss making) nintendo console ever (barring Virtual Boy of course).
          On the other hand, PS4 is right now the fastest selling console ever, and has already killed wiius lead in mere months, with X1 going to do so in a few months.
          So, no, Wii U wont do fine ever. Its as good as dead sales wise. Just tell me on which platform SSB is releasing first.

          • British_Otaku

            Assuming it makes a profit eventually and stops sucking cash, while not being the best selling Nintendo system around I can’t complain if Smash Bros is good and we get more games here and there… That’s “fine”.

            The Wonderful 101 seems like the sort of game which could occupy me for a generation, having that and Bayonetta 2 is pretty sound.

    • Eder García

      NeoGaf is saying below 100k units this past month

      • Satori Satya

        Creamsugar was on the money!

        • Eder García

          Vita little over 10k? daaaaaayum

          • Satori Satya

            The original Wii is outselling the Vita & PSP combined!

            Wii was not a fad confirmed!

            #WiiBeastMode :p

  • Zer0faith

    Yes! Because these sales numbers will OBVIOUSLY increase my enjoyment of the games!
    Fanboy Logic.

    It’s simple really. Just play, enjoy and relax.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Still don’t want One, but knows many family members who owns One and some owns more then One.One.

    Titanfall and COD are pretty much the Xbone’s system seller, even tho COD is on the other consuls I know alot of people who bought One for COD

  • Kornelious

    Playstation wins once again :D

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Congrats Sony. Even with a Titanfall bundle with a reduced price and an additional price cut, Xbox One could not overtake the PS4. However, hardware sales are up 78% from last year so that is very good news for consoles.

    • ishyg

      Hey! I thought you’re only an IGN guy. Nice seeing you here.

      • Testsubject909

        If someone were to solely be on IGN, I think their sanity would slowly evaporate.

        • ishyg

          That’s why I’m here. I want to kill that Nirvana user that’s all over the place lately. But something something internet so yeah.

          • Testsubject909

            something something cops is what I think you should worry about.

          • ishyg

            Meh, I’m in Japan. Cops here are…fond of gaijins so…

            *goes into hiding*

          • Testsubject909

            Oh hey, were you the one trading on Destiny of Spirits?

          • ishyg

            Oh yeah, that was me!
            I’m out of SRs though. Man, I would’ve benefited if I got your Lady of the Depth, now that the current event involves Dark element spirits.

          • Testsubject909

            Ain’t giving her up.

            Her passive is incredibly useful (though I would’ve had more of an interest in an increased ATK power rather then SPD. I can’t say no to nearly doubling my speed with a full Light team).

            And her active skill is exactly that of the Basilisk but on steroids. 12 seconds of inactivity on the enemy team’s side, their whole team. For the sake cost of energy.

            It’s an incredible boss killing skill that keeps me safe, helps me dish out the damage and by the time the enemy regains the ability to start filing up their active time battle gauge, they’re only about 2 or 3 seconds away from getting paralyzed again.

            AND DEM STATS!

            Oh. But if you’ve got some Rares you’re interested in trading off. I listed quickly the spirits I’ve got up for trade in the Open Threads/Message Board here.

            The link to it should be at the top of the page, right besides “Home”

          • ishyg

            Yeah, that’s why I wanted her better than Gravity Panther. Same reason I’m keeping that Metal UC spirit (forgot the name) until I find something better. Inactivity is probably one of the best active skills.

          • Testsubject909


            Gade has as an active skill a permanent(for the fight) 20% SPD boost skill.

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          It certainly makes you internet battle hardened and tests one patience lol. You just have to flow with it sometimes.

      • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

        lol! I love to come to this site and see the latest in Japanese releases. Also, it is a more stable community. Nice to see you as well :)

        • ishyg

          “more stable” is an understatement lol.

  • Eder García

    good numbers for PS4 considering Titanfall was #1

    • Testsubject909

      Probably combined sales numbers for Xbox One and PC, on Titanfall that is.

      Makes me curious about the number of Xbox One copies sold vs PC copies sold.

      • PoweredByHentai

        Titanfall sales are combined sales across platforms. NPD stopped providing granular data back in 2010, I think.

      • malek86

        Sales in the UK were 94% for X1 and the rest for PC (360 version wasn’t out yet). I expect something similar in the USA. Most people who want Titanfall on PC will have bought it digital.

  • ecoutercavalier

    I wish sales figures translated in to games.

  • Yan Zhao

    Not even Titanfall helped them outsell PS4, heh. Guess the whole Xbox One reveal fiasco really hurt them.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. Good going for MS, I guess. They’re not beating Sony, but it’s still a pretty good showing all things considered. IConsider me surprised, I kind of thought that consoles wouldn’t sell too well considering the economy, but demand obviously still exists!

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