See The Breathtaking World Of Black Desert In… 11 Minutes

By Eugene . April 22, 2014 . 2:02pm


Korean MMO Black Desert’s world gets a fly-through as developers Pearl Abyss show off their latest trailer during its closed beta period. The fly-through shows a huge living world, sped up to be done in about 11 minutes. It’s easy to see how much longer this would take to traverse within the game itself and the differences in areas as the camera pans by are clear yet beautiful.



The flyby shows pathways, towns, mines, castles and lots of pristine nature—All ripe for the picking. Non-player characters can also be seen going about their business in towns, manning watchtowers, mining ore and more.



Part of the fly-by’s reason is to let you see just how much land is available for the taking, as guilds with castles nearby seem able to somewhat influence these AI-controlled towns from an earlier video. It’s interesting to see how graphics are being handled, with some obvious draw-distance popping of more detailed items as the camera flies by.


If their player-versus-player battles and castle sieges end up as large as the devs hope, this could be one way they’ll  reduce the inevitable lag monster.


Black Desert will be available on PC.

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  • Ruins72

    Geez, so I think it’s safe to assume some sort of blazing fast mounts? Hopefully combat ready?

  • It looks really beautiful. The only thing I can say is that while I still am looking forward to playing it, please don’t take as long as Blade & Soul to get localized.

  • TheBlackRabbit

    RIP MY HD7770

  • PreyMantis

    It’s so bland. There’s nothing that really stand out and makes you awe in sheer creativity of a development studio. If you’re going to make a fantasy game, at least be creative on making the world look like a different world from our world back in the 1800s. What I like about Xenoblade is that it’s so different from a typical RPG world due to the amount of creative places that makes the game world and just screams exploration. This game, it doesn’t show that.

    • Dystopiq

      It’s medieval style. All of medieval times was bland. Xenoblade and BD have 2 completely different worlds. How are you even going to compare them? Sometimes I think you people complain for the sake of complaining.

      • PreyMantis

        Which I stand corrected– it has a bland world for a fantasy game. I don’t know about you, but I would rather explore an exotic world very different to our own because, to me, a world like that makes exploration that much more fun.

        • Dystopiq

          Seems like you may have some pretty high expectations. Exactly what did you want to explore geography wise?

    • Thatguy

      How can you compare Xenoblade and Black Desert Online? Just… how? And why?
      Also, i can’t call game bland, with that bloody character creator and cow milking. Just can’t.

      • PreyMantis

        All I’m saying is that BD has a lack of creativity in terms of the game world. It has no location that makes you want to explore what you haven’t already seen in other RPGs and the real world. Would you rather explore a very exotic forest with various exotic never-before-seen vegetations in varying sizes and shapes or just a regular forest?

        PS. As for character creation and cow milking, I guess most generic farm simulators on iOS, Android, etc. market aren’t bland since they have those, according to you.

        • Thatguy

          various exotic never-before-seen vegetations in varying sizes and shapes or just a regular forest?

          I would explore both. Well, it’s more about *what in that forest* not *what is that forest*. I explored both Morrowind and Skyrim, if that matters. And both didn’t dissapointed me.

          PS. As for character creation and cow milking, I guess most generic farm
          simulators on iOS, Android, etc. market aren’t bland since they have
          those, according to you.

          P.S. well, if generic farm simulators can give me that character creation, big world and action gameplay, i would give it a try. Can you recommend something like that?

          • PreyMantis

            If you were to pick only one forest, which one would you choose?

          • Thatguy

            Why would i pick only one forest?

            Isn’t it killing point of exploration?

            But if i ever need to chose – i would throw a coin. Because BOTH tempting me. And it would save me a lot of time deciding, what path take

          • PreyMantis

            I figured you’d say that. I know that you can’t pick the exotic forest because it makes your argument invalid. Thus, you toss up the “both” option to try to keep your side of the argument because for some reason you just can’t “lose” even though there is nothing to lose here. Stop denying it, you would rather explore the exotic forest. I mean, what can you explore on a generic forest that you haven’t see before? Acceptance is the road to enlightenment and progress; denial is the road to ignorance and failure.

          • Thatguy

            Well, that escalated…
            It isn’t even dialog anymore, it’s just…

            Can you wrap my words more? I am curious about what can you do with them

            . I would explore anything i want, be it a exotic forest, generic forest, desert, island full of gigantic mushrooms, mountain with turtles etc.

            What can i explore on generic forest, that i haven’t see before? What is that type of question? It’s like all forest are identical – with same caves, UFO, bandits, goblins, houses, zombies, giant rabbits etc. It’s up to DEVELOPERS what i can explore in generic forest. And in exotic forest if that matter.

            And i realised, that i am talking to a troll. You got me.

          • PreyMantis

            Heh… Expected that one, and wasn’t expecting less since you can’t even answer a simple question of ‘A or B.’

          • Wiccan1109

            I enjoy futuristic and modern day themes in games but if i had to pick, I’d say what we see in this vid is my favorite environment.

            I prefer natural land and forest. I hate exotic stuff, I often find it tacky, harsh and over done. Every minute of that video had me desperate to explore, as i find natural forests, skies, mountains, rivers and waterfalls to be an absolute delight to experience. I find it highly immersive and it really brings out the atmosphere of populating enemies and npcs. Just because its been done in skyrim before or because similar locations exist on our planet, doesn’t make it any less phenomenal to me. Different for the sake of being different isn’t always such a great thing. Music and lighting, sounds and concepts are capable of great beauty in games. For me, beauty isnt invalid because ive seen it before, true beauty is pretty timeless.

            Not arguing with you or anything, tastes are different for everyone, but just so you know, there are people who prefer this. =O

    • Hector Velar

      take into consideration the world was shown unpopulated. take skyrim if you take away all the monsters players and interactive elements what do you get? this are the plus and what you failed to see: stones looked very sharp, i did not see any that looked like one another, most MMOs they copy and paste many objects like trees and stones. i was looking really hard at this video for repeated enviroment items and buildings and found none and that is amasing. Second, are you aware people in this game can build their own houses however they want, how long has WoW been out and they still not have player housing and being able to build it however you like… never going to happen. Take newer games like Tera and ESO same issue as WoW ni housing. So let that marinate in your brain for a bit then tell me how this is so bland.

  • Hector Velar

    awesome character creation check, awesome combat fluidity and mechanics check, awrsome enviroments check. the only thing that im holding my breath on are quests/story line and balanced classes. Tera had all but quests/story, i got so bored of the grinding crappy quest and no storyline that no matter how good the graphics, how balanced the game was and how pretty the characters are i just had to stop playing. Im enjoying alot ESO even thou it is buggy as heck, graphics are mediocre at best compared to nowdays MMOs but their quest are diverse, fun and rich story that keeps me playing. Im hoping that Black Desert puts as much focus on quests and story as much as they did on graphics and also that they make it pay subscription rather than free2play pay2win no customer service crap.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    my new pc is ready to run this game. But i fear that it have the same fate as BNS that is taking too long to be localized.
    I still need more info on the story of Black Desert. this pretty looking graphics are worthless if ending up beign another Tera.

    off topic:
    Icarus Online with the taming and aerial battle seems promising too

  • MrRobbyM

    Impressive even if too forest heavy. The first half was sort of bland but the second half is better

  • Macros

    Well, to be honest for a landscape show off it does look quite bland and generic. Cities look less generic, some look somewhat late/post-medieval (?) but all those forests and plains… . It could use more of some desert areas like that on screenshot and also some wintry landscapes. I also wouldn’t mind some tropical beachy areas and tundra. I get that more fantasy mushroom/spider net forests, volcanic grounds and canyons are out of equation but it could use at least one more type of landscape, all that forest bring back the AC3 forest area never ending nightmare back. I get it that the vastness of lands here is the selling point and it’s done quite well, but imo just one more landscape type would really help it.

  • Kai2591

    In this game I’m gonna be a hermit, build my exotic house somewhere isolated, say on top of a lonely hill or some hidden area maybe beside a nice small lake, and live the rest of my virtual life in seclusion….lol. Well, except when I have to do quests and all that. Otherwise I return home :)

  • rpgmaniac

    It seems there is a misunderstanding about the housing system on BD, there is no option to build your own house anywhere u want just to “rent” a house in the various towns & then customize the interior in any way u want, but out of towns u can only set up a tent not build a “permanent” house the devs from Pearl Abyss said in an interview they don’t want to leave players to build their own houses because they will ruin the beauty of the world, so have in mind before u get overly excited about a feature it doesn’t exist make a better research next time :P depend on how large is a town there will be available a specific number of houses for rent in various sizes ofc the bigger the house the more u must pay.

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