On Creating Art For Final Fantasy X And Final Fantasy Type-0

By Spencer . April 30, 2014 . 3:30am


Yusuke Naora has worked on many key Final Fantasy titles including Final Fantasy X and more recently Final Fantasy Type-0. Siliconera asked the art director what the difference was when creating art for a game like Final Fantasy X and the Japan-only PSP game.


"The game’s concept for Final Fantasy X was ‘journey.’ Attractive scenery and settings were made to fit the world," Naora answered. "Temples and seaside towns were the most inspirational [from my trip to Bali]. This is reflected strongly in Besaid Village. More than the locations in the game, the clothes on the characters and how they offer flowers were from what I saw in Bali."




While Final Fantasy X was Tidus’ story, Final Fantasy Type-0’s theme is war and has a cast of fourteen different characters. How did Naora approach this project?


"For Type-0, during the initial stage of development we came up with the history and overview for the story. From, there we planned how each character came about and events happened," replied Naora.


In addition to the Final Fantasy series, Naora created characters for Chaos Rings, Square Enix’s mobile RPG series developed by Media.Vision, and spearheaded Code Age Commanders, a mixed media series that started as a PlayStation 2 game.

  • Detrimont

    wish the article was a bit longer, but it was interesting nonetheless

  • Kornelious

    It’s kinda funny, This game reminds me so much of Sen No Kiseki, and yet they both share the same problem of being localized……I didn’t realize That the whole “School full of trained to fight teenagers” was a such an unliked trope in the West. LOL XD

    • no you’re being dumb and not realising that Sen no Kiseki can’t be released until the prior games are localised. Unless you do not want to understand a lot of obscurity of the game that is.

    • Hexodious

      Unliked? Than you’re the first one to tell me this.

      • Kornelious

        Im just kdding, i actually LOVE story’s like that, it’s just that they seem to be in short demand here (If that’s the right phrase for “Not many of”)

  • Arz

    Please stop teasing me about Type-0, it’s too much.

    • GH56734

      There are fan-translations for this sort of things.
      No worries about that one, I guess?

    • Firekitty

      Cheer up, I hear the fan translation is set to release this summer-ish?

  • Göran Isacson

    This article reads a bit weird. It’s like he gave a pretty informative response to the formative influences of FFX’s art design, and then we get to Type 0 and it’s just “yeah we sat down and started planning the history and characters…………………….. *awkward silence intensifies*”

  • new_tradition

    He did the Chaos Ring character designs?! =D

    Those are really good IMO. I love how he made them so varied. You got characters who look like they came from different ethnicities, and even the variances between male and female characters were a pleasant surprise.

  • Senka

    I always feel like there’s supposed to be more to these interviews, and I want to read more. Did he really sit down to talk for just a couple minutes?

    And yeah, to echo another comment, the Type-0 response is a lot of nothing even for a Japanese answer.

    I’m not angry, and I enjoyed this, but… it’s a little confusing.

  • Bunzi

    Was this guy in charge of character design, art design in general, or both? I thought Nomura designed the characters X.

    • saxophone15

      Yusuke Naora was the art director for FFX and Type-0 (I’m guessing he was in charge of the overall art style). Tetsuya Nomura did the character designs for both FFX and Type-0.

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