God Eater 2’s Online Multiplayer Mode Set For Late May

By Sato . May 5, 2014 . 2:12am


Back in December, Bandai Namco announced that they were working on an patch that will bring an online multiplayer mode through a major update. Their recent blog post updates us with the latest on the patch.


In regard to the 1.40 patch, Bandai Namco spent time during their Golden Week holidays to work on network adjustments and debugging, and make mention of working zealously to make it possible to have the update go live sometime in the second half of May.


They apologize for not being able to give a more accurate release date for the patch, and the reason for that is because there’s always the possibility of having more troubles when it comes to networking and debugging.


Bandai Namco will announce the official release date of the patch once they’re in the final stages of its work, and the news will be posted on their blog. They also note that the upcoming two weeks will be the last hurdle in development that they must overcome, so they expect to be pretty busy during this time.


God Eater 2 originally came out on November 14 for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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  • Really wish Bandai Namco would release this in the west already. It’s been too long now and I miss playing God Eater since I’ve finished Burst.

  • MaximDualBlade

    Localization confirmed! Not really XD
    I just see it more likely with the online patch. I hope if it is actually localized, that it can be played cross-region.

  • Furu Chi

    For effins sake! Localize it already!! D:

    • bananaking123

      is it not localised yet?

      • Furu Chi

        Sadly no :((

      • Anesia Hunter

        nope. all we’ve heard while waiting is mass crickets.

    • Sacchan

      wait for the burst update

      • MXC

        Thank you somebody who gets it! Im waiting for the burst localization that is sure to come, albeit painfully.

    • dboyz

      I’ve lost hope for its localization long before =/

      • Folk Hellfang

        Online play is very important here in The West, I’m hoping that Bamco was just waiting for the online functionality to be finalized before they localized it.

    • They’re smarter – MUCH smarter – to wait for online to get implemented before even thinking/talking about a localization.

      Here’s hoping for – like others have said – a God Eater 2 Burst edition. One that hopefully comes out on some consoles too – one look at the online multiplayer in Ragnarok Odyssey ACE confirms that (no sh–) there are WAY more players using Dual Shocks than Vitas.

      I know Vita fans are rabid supporters of their device, but if these games are seriously ever gonna reach players outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, they gotta have online and they gotta be on more platforms than just the handhelds…

  • safeto20scroll

    Its at this point I’d expect a Burst update to be announced, guess not this time. I’m actually quite surprised the game didn’t ship with online multiplayer

    • 永次

      People in Japan don’t play online a lot. Better Ad-Hoc or single player.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        except PSO2

    • J_Joestar

      Higher density of handheld gamers in Japan means it isn’t a requirement there compared to in the west.
      Like how Monster Hunter 3U on the 3DS was fine as it is in Japan but they had to make a port that could go online before considering a western release.

  • Rose Spinoza

    Oh. Huh. Thought it already had online-mutliplayer. Well, whatever, grats to them!

    ……..please bring it to us now Bamco :D .

    • Ryujin

      That’s a lovely avatar you’ve got there. :P The GE girls are all so charming~

      (Even “Miss Friendly Fire”, Kanon.)

      • Christopher Pierce

        Kanon…….the memories of getting shot in the back

        • Rose Spinoza

          “Didn’t I tell you to stay out of my line of fire!??”
          Kanon. So helpful. but so hurtful. XD . (darn you split- personalities!)
          *ahem* Anyways, yeah, I too loved all the “B-team” members in God Eater Burst. They all had so much personality! Both in AND out of battle.

        • Arcana Drill

          Oh the memories…. ohhhhh the memories XD
          Kanon shot me at every minute, but i still had her in my main team……

        • Christopher Nunes

          Funny… whenever Kanon was in my partner she never really shot me in the back most of the time. Only a few times, like 3 – 5 times. Everything else in most missions with her, nope. I guess I’m just good at dodging her “friendly fire” but not so much on Aragami.

          Battles took so long because I played keep away. Then again I never used the Bullet Edit not once and I heard it would’ve helped out.

  • RawrWata

    This is my theory as to why they may not be choosing to localize the game yet.

    I think they might have a Burst edition of the game in the works or in it’s planning stages and plan to localize that version like they did with the GE1’s Burst edition.

    I’m probably wrong but one can dream.

    This is probably one of those moments where we’re gonna have to scream at Bamco.

    • MXC

      People have finally listened to what I’ve been saying since the beginning.

    • decus

      No, don’t scream at bamco and, yes, you’re right. Localizing a game that’s still being constantly updated in the original country is a financial and communication pain and not at all recommended, especially when it comes to things like european releases and bamco published that itself for burst.

      Essentially, it makes no sense. Whether it’s GE2 Burst or just waiting for most all the updates to hit (bamco will obviously know when this is), we’ll get the game. That’s not really in doubt at this point in the same way MH4 was never in doubt–it just also makes no sense to announce it early, from a sales perspective.

      • darke

        Yeah, between the developers that need to help with rebuilding/testing the translation being busy with the updates and DLC; and the absolute insanity of trying to keep code bases and translations in sync (since they don’t tend to build with i18n in mine, it’s usually an add-on hack…), it’s a bad idea all around.

  • kaotron

    I’d usually never buy a console for a single game but if GE2 ever got local I’m pretty sure I’d run out and get buy a vita now. Well, at least freedom wars is coming…

    • darke

      Well there’s still Soul Sacrifice and Toukiden (and Ragnarok Oddsey Ace if it’s countered as a hunter game), even if you think they’re not as good as the others they’re probably worth a purchase on sale if you’re into the genre.

  • WolfDuo

    I’d love this game to come here. Or even better jus make a game for ps3 and xbox… *sigh* a boy can dream.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Being a game from Japan a future title on the PS3/PS4 isn’t far fetched, however a 360 version is almost guaranteed to never happen because of how poorly MS does in Japan.

    • darke

      I imagine with appropriate funding from MS they could be enticed to make a XB1 port, but MS has a history of not supporting it’s older consoles and it doesn’t look like they’re really changing much in that respect with the 360 so far.

  • Kornelious

    DAMN IT! Every title I see for God Eater 2 now looks like a localization announcement……but it’s not :(

  • ZEROthefirst

    Assuming the rest of the story is actually finished through patches I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a localization announcement for this from Bamco or D3 soon after the online patch is released. I don’t think they’ll do a Burst addition just because of the way the developers made it sound when they said they would keep the game going with monthly updates (obviously nothing recently because of the online patch). Never know though, so here’s to hoping that it just gets the rest of the story patched in and more updates for missions and such so it gets localized sooner.

    Until then I’m content to continue playing the Japanese Vita version.

    • Land of Green Pasture

      the story… is actually updated through the patch?

  • TheExile285

    There’s supposed to be some type of survival mode added with this update as well.

  • Kaien

    MH4U will be released in USA/EU 1,5 years after the first japanese release.

    GE2 was released in November and now is getting online multiplayer. I’m confident I’ll have my GE2/GE2Burst next year.

    • Caleb Overlander

      I’d really like this to be true, but I’m thinking of just buying a copy of the JPN version on Ebay and using a guid to tell whats going on and how to know what each thing says

      • ZEROthefirst

        If you’re referring to a guide for GE2 there are no good guides that are going to explain how to do things for you. The best you will find is a Japanese wiki that at best tells you how to find some things from the fields and aragamis. Story, skills and other important things won’t be explained to you and you’ll just have to guess around it.

  • Lemski07

    IMPORTED IT… but never really touched it. :D the cover is silky smooth!

  • new_tradition

    I really hope the patch works. I dunno what PSP games had online multiplayer, but the games I had didn’t have them, and it would’ve been nice to play with other people :(

    In regards to localization, I rather wait for a Burst version instead of getting a vanilla version prematurely. Japan didn’t get a Burst version of the game until roughly a year after the vanilla version came out. Overseas fans got the game about half a year after the Burst version. There’s no guarantee of course, but I’m willing to wait until a similar amount of time has passed for localization news before getting antsy.

  • transferstudentx

    who needs god eater 2 when freedom wars is on the way ?

    • ZEROthefirst

      Freedom Wars’ gameplay honestly looks fairly lackluster. Not to mention being a game from DIMPs who ha quite a few terrible games under their belt doesn’t help any.

      • planetofthemage

        We need all the MH clones we can get, man. Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, God Eater, Toukiden, even Ragnarok Odyssey (to some extent.)

        I want more of these games.

      • MXC

        You do realize the people who worked on God Eater are the same right?

    • TheExile285

      As awesome as Freedom Wars looks, I doubt I’m going to enjoy it as much as I do GE2. There’s a level a refinement and speed that I just don’t expect FW to have compared to GE2.

      That being said, I expect Freedom Wars to be a great game and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s just not going to be a GE2 substitute but it will probably be a good game on its own.

    • But we can have both!

  • PreyMantis

    Hey, BN, hey, y-you know what would be g-great? L-localizing this game.

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