Black Desert Isn’t All Combat – You Can Also Tame Horses

By Eugene . May 14, 2014 . 4:32pm


Korean MMO Black Desert has been making the rounds with its stupendous beauty and amazingly complex and deep side systems. One of those gets shown off today in horse-taming.



You might have got a glimpse of it in this earlier video (See the 0.55 mark), but the above gives us more information on how you’ll be getting your own steeds. Not only will you have to lasso the bucking horse in a minigame, walking your way slowly to the panicky beast, you’ll need to also successfully placate it after.


You can craft items that will help increase the chance of successfully taming one, including feeding your hooked mare foodstuffs and what the storekeeper swears are sugar cubes. You can do this when you hit level 20 in the game. Obviously, mounted steeds give you bonuses to movement speeds and will zip you along faster.


Once they’re yours, you can also equip them with several items including saddles, shoes and suchlike, if the previous video’s suggestion is right.


Black Desert is slated for a PC release in Korea and Europe.

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  • Kaitou21

    This game looks so awesome, the horse taming system looks so well made along with the other side systems to keep you occupied.

    I really hope black desert doesn’t let you down with generic side quests and the like, although I hope the grinding won’t be a hassle, and I really hope pearl abyss finds an North American publisher at this years E3.

  • Shippoyasha

    If the game turns out as half as good as the trailers and beta makes it look, it better be localized ASAP. Blade and Soul continues to be an agonizing wait for me and I pretty much gave up hope at this point.

    While people talk about the stunning visuals for this game a lot, I really like how the user interface, the map system, the home making and crafting sounds.

    Also, the horse taming kind of seems like it took inspiration from Red Dead Redemption. In fact, it seems they took a lot of cues from that game. Which is great, because I still haven’t seen a more compelling interaction with wild life as that game yet.

  • konsama

    Man this game sounds and looks so good, i really must stay away from it. I’m barely recovering from my shut-in lifestyle to fall into it again >_<

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    I have to wonder what kind of PC you’ll need to run this smoothly. I think even my GTX 770 will die trying to run it.

    • As long as you have a good processor to match that card, then you should be fine. Lol

      • Kari

        I think in 3-4 years I’ll need to update my 7970 cause a lot high end games are Recommending the HD7000 series.

    • Enju

      Looking at the recommended system requirements, the game surprisingly doesn’t seem to need that high end of a card. :o

  • I am going to spend so much time playing this when it comes out. Daum is already looking for a Western publisher so we should hear some kind of news soon. Hopefully as early as E3 =^_^=

  • AndyLC

    I am shocked that the horse riding animation didn’t have more bouncing

  • AokiShizuku

    > Black Desert is slated for a PC release in Korea and Europe.

    Wait what? I know the developers are working on an English client but they’ve yet to find a publisher. I don’t recall it being announced for Europe.

    EDIT: Oops my bad. Didn’t do my research. Never mind!

  • Kari

    Too bad the games doesnt have TressFX

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Whoah whoah whoah there, I think you mean African American Desert, pal.

    • God

      These damn mods and their racism…

      • Skeptika Crediblus


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