Ultra Street Fighter IV Balance Changes For Sakura, Adon, Gen, Dee Jay, Hona And El Fuerte

By Ishaan . May 22, 2014 . 4:30pm

Six more videos for Ultra Street Fighter IV go over balance changes made to Sakura, Adon, Gen, Dee Jay, E. Honda and El Fuerte in the game.








Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in June and for PC in August.

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  • So excited for this update, haven’t been this interested in SF4 since it first came out! I think I wanna try Honda again, although no more dumb EX headbutts is quite a blow.

    Also just to point out, it looks like Honda’s name got nerfed in the headline.

  • MSJ

    saw those Sakura nerfs coming, doesn’t mean I have to like em though. nerfing her air tatsu seemed like kind of a random thing to nerf imo.

    am not too surprised though with jumping hp and ex tatsu (-2 pls). really liking far hp being special cancellable now esp. with her uppercut hitbox getting extended forward so no more unpunishable headbutt bs from honda. really good for poking besides her crouching mk into whatever and for those whiff punishes against things like crouching mk. also liking her far standing mp hitbox getting extended, hoping her 3f fierce was left alone though.

    from what i could tell her jumping hp still seems pretty good just not as amazing as before.

    while she was nowhere near top ten in the game I’m glad the nerfs aren’t total bs. still gonna be maining her in this version.

    tl;dr: Sakura got nerfed but is still playable, just not as braindead easy as before.

    • Go2hell66

      Really hate the jumping fierce nerf. I knew it was coming but i hate it…

      • MSJ

        she’s still far from unplayable imo but yeah, that shit was OD. you would need a really good anti-air to beat it clean. guess capcom thought it was too good of a jumping attack.

  • Go2hell66

    Great of course the character i just picked up gets nerfed…

  • Ukato

    Gen wouldnt have been nerfed so much if Xian didnt win Evo with him last year.
    Now Im eager to see how my main Ibuki is handled, but I bet she got nerfed, too

  • Jadfish

    I’m excited to hear about Guile, Vega(Claw) and Yun. Been playing Yun a lot recently, but as I have been learning footsies I have grown to appreciate Vega a lot more than back in vanilla days where I first learned to play fighting games

    • Jadfish

      I hear they nerfed Yun, which isn’t a huge surprise since I hear he’s top/near top-tier.

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