Mortal Kombat X’s Story Placement “Hard To Explain” Says Ed Boon

By Ishaan . June 4, 2014 . 11:00am

Since the reveal of Mortal Kombat X earlier in the week, Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon has been tweeting about the game. Boon says that the game will be shown at E3, adding that gameplay for the title will be shown off at the event.


When asked if Mortal Kombat X will continue from the last Mortal Kombat game’s story or whether it will be a new, original story, Boon replied, “Sort of BOTH.. hard 2 explain.”


In reply to another user, Boon confirmed that some of Mortal Kombat X’s story details will be shared at E3. He added, “I think you will like the premise for MKX!”


Finally, Boon also confirmed that new fighters for the game will be shown off at E3, including two of his new favourites.


Mortal Kombat X is in development for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It will be released in 2015.

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  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I imagine this will be it’s own thing because let’s face it, Mortal Kombat’s more about fanservice anyway.

    • KingGunblader

      I don’t know man, I’ve never been a fan but I had tons of fun with MK9, even though most of the fanservice-y stuff went right over my head.

      I’m really excited for this. Can’t wait to see gameplay.

  • Sinful

    So it’s like a re-imagining of MK4.. I like the sound of it.

    I hope Reiko is playable in this game.

    • Holy shit, I didn’t even think of that. MK4 is easily my favourite, so yeah, I would love to see them do another take on that story.

      • Sinful

        Same here! I’m waiting to see how future installments will be. What new characters we’ll see, villains becoming good guys, and good guys becoming bad guys.

        I thank MK9 for completely altering the timeline and bring in new opportunities~

        • ER_Mac3

          Yes, exactly. I hope this time MK breaks this MK1~MK3 point, and gets to something new. I’d really like to see Tanya and Reiko though, a dark Ashrah too… At E3 we’ll probably understand better the direction of the story! (at least I hope so… lol)

        • MK4 just did so much right. The side-stepping without going full-3D was perfect. It added just enough of the Z-axis to make the game feel fresh.

          Side-stepping fireballs, running at your opponent and comboing the crap out of them always felt great, no matter how many times you did it.

          But even aside from that, they threw so many curveballs at you in 4. I remember Reiko’s ending just blew me away the first time I saw it.

  • CptPokerface

    I heard that Boon had the intention of bringing in an entirely new roster, save for Scorpion and Sub Zero. Could it be that this is his intention now? Many of the cast were dead at the end of MK9 so it would make sense to bring in some fresh blood to the series.

    • Johnny, Raiden and Sonya were alive as I recall. I wouldn’t mind having them back. I mean, Johnny already died once before, and he brings some much-needed levity to MK, so I’d rather they keep him around.

      • CptPokerface

        Yeah they always brought in a more “human” element to Mortal Kombat, to round out a roster of cyborgs, zombies, monsters, and clones. Raiden is a god and very central to the story so I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see him back.

        I’d be worried if Ed Boon wasn’t on board with this, but he knows just what characters need to really be a part of Mortal Kombat, so I’m confident it won’t end up like it did for all those years when they just added characters to take up space.

        • ER_Mac3

          Sadly, that was true. Even though they worked a little on the background of those, it wasn’t enough, and I personally like just a few. Out of these, Ashrah must be the most surprising. I do have faith though that Ed Boon will make the right decisions for this game. And even bringing new characters? That’s gonna be epic!

          • CptPokerface

            Yeah I mean..I took it upon myself to look up the characters they just threw into mortal kombat over the years and was shocked at how random and uninspired many seemed to be.

          • ER_Mac3

            After MK4 the franchise took a strange route. Even though my favorite game in the franchise is MKD (at least until now), I recognize some characters were awfully designed. Hotaru, Dairou and Darrius for example, left nothing interesting for the plot as a big picture, and barely moved Orderrealm out of the place it was… Hope to see the realms better represented in the future, and if some of these characters return, I’m sure they’ll have a LOT of work to create appeal to them LOL

          • CptPokerface

            It’s funny because Hotaru was one of the few of the new people alongside Kenshi that i liked. Bo Rai Cho is just probably the worst of the designs , and his move list sucks too.

          • Ronldbx6

            Bo Rai Cho’s puke puddle moves that made opponents slip. I remember those days.

          • CptPokerface

            Ugh I couldn’t stand him. He should have been in a cartoon or something instead of MK. And he’s the first guy you learn from in Deceptions story mode..

          • ER_Mac3

            And still Bo’Rai Cho may also be one of the character that will return in the future D: I’d say the most probable returns (not counting Kenshi since he’s already there), are Li Mei, Frost and him, looking at the opinions in general. Still I hope that Ashrah makes it back, she has an interesting scenario to develop, and making a good use of her, she could have a future in the franchise. Kan’t wait anymore for E3 xD

    • Yan Zhao

      That would be an extremely stupid and bad idea, as Soul Calibur V demonstrated.

      • CptPokerface

        Games like SCV and Third Strike are exactly why I’m a bit worried about that kind of intention. People really don’t like it when they’re favorites are killed and gone for good, and many people could see it as a slap in the face to reboot Mortal Kombat so well, bring everyone back just to kill em’ all again.

        I feel that with SCV five though, it was a combination of many things. The new characters had virtually no kind of development whatsoever and no real explanation was given as to why so many staple characters didn’t return. Fan favorites( Talim, Seong- Mina, Zasalamel, etc) were missing and no one who played V knows who any of the newcomers are or what they’re even doing.

      • Guest

        Demonstrated to whom? I really liked SCV and its flaws have little to do with the cast. Can you also say that Mark of the Wolves sucked when compared to previous Fatal Fury entries because the cast is completely revised in it? “Oh, but Taki and Sophitia and Talim aren’t in – forget those who did return, the entire game now sucks because those 3 aren’t in!” is a translation of the typical fan bullshit about SCV. I mean, seriously? Please, the game has another 30 characters to choose from. It is the natural evolution of a fighting game to bring in new faces and scrap some old ones; I seriously can’t understand what some of you think. It’s not that hard to let go of a game character. You want to play with an old character? Go the play the game s/he is in, it’s that easy.

        I have full trust in Ed Boon myself, he knows MK stuff. I’m sure MKX will be a delightful game, whatever he decides to do with it and characters he decide to put in it.

        • Yan Zhao

          Yeah, SCV’s tournament life was totally marvelous. And its not like the casual players even bother due to lack of content and lack of returning characters or anything, nah cant be it..

          Stay in denial, Mr. “Guest”

  • Quan Chi

    Whelp, means they screwed up the story AGAIN. Why else would Subzero be in human form right now when Noob Saibot died in MK9 and good SubZero got turned into a robot…

    • leingod

      … and he died in robot form again :P

      Who knows? maybe the “robotification” is reversable… or maybe Sub isn’t in the story itself and it’s just playable in other modes.

    • CptPokerface

      Well why don’t you give them their souls back then, Quan Chi? Ya bastard.

      • Quan Chi

        If the bodies are in a dead state for them to become dead, how could their soul even return to the body? They messed up on this too with johnny in the old MK. But magically when liu kang got returned, he was a full fledged zombie. They don’t know what they’re doing man lol.

        • CptPokerface

          Wasn’t being serious, just so you know, lol. Mortal Kombats story has always been pretty silly even at it’s best. Either he’s really keeping most of then dead and replacing them, bringing them back through some inexplicable means, or is finding some kind of balance between those two options.

          Game just came out so I’m sure more details will come to light. I’m personally wanting to see game play more than worry about story details.

          • Quan Chi

            Oh, I thought you were saying that the next story has the potential of raiden bargaining with the souls with Quan Chi.
            Highly likely that it’s gonna be about that too which is why I pointed out that it happened before but didn’t make sense how.

            As for the gameplay, MK5-9 plays almost the exact same except 9 gives you more time window opportunities and specials can cancel normals but is still stiff. If they haven’t changed that much throughout all those mks, I highly doubt it’s going to be anything to be amazed about. But I’m hoping too that I’m wrong.

          • CptPokerface

            Maybe it’s just me but MK9 didn’t really feel all that stiff to me. At first for sure, but I certainly got used to it quicker than I did say..Injustice. Injustice is good but I really just had to take more time getting used to the cancel windows and such.

            It’s still early to tell, so all we can do is wait. They already mentioned new game modes, character variations and a new engine, so the possibility is definitely there for it to go above even MK9

          • Quan Chi

            Having to memorize certain button combinations is what is meant by stiff. If you don’t press the combo a certain way, the combo ends. In mk 5-7, if you messed up a press by more than a millisecond, your combo was ended. And when you put your inputs in, the character won’t stop attacking until like 3 seconds later. In Tekken, DoA, SF, SC, etc. Anything almost goes with anything and if it didn’t, you could hit confirm with lights. It’s still hard to do all that stuff in Mk9 unless you sat there and studied everything. Special moves aren’t even easy to remember like the other fighting games. In mk9, it feels like you are taking a test rather than having fun to play a game.

          • CptPokerface

            You know I always hear this about Mortal Kombat and Injustice and no one could ever explain what the hell people mean by “stiff”. NOW I get it, and I can actually agree to extent. They’re games you regularly have to play until it becomes muscle memory, which is harder to do than in the case of Street Fighter, KOF, etc.

  • SerChief

    O yea I’m totally in this for the story………..jk. I only care about the hot action. Hot. Scorpion. Action.

    • Internet is Crash

      so hot like it’s Hellfire

  • Shippoyasha

    Sounds like we will be jumping through time and dimensions again. I just hope they don’t do the whole origins thing again. About time we see Shinnok and Quan Chi.

    • leingod

      Quan Chi really needs his classic MK4 costume. He looked way too much like Kratos on the last game. Specially put against Kratos :P

  • leingod

    Personally, I care about the story. I love it that characters have background… something to make you care for them. Besides the ass-kicking.

  • Yan Zhao

    I just hope they actually make the female characters look like women and not men with boobs.

  • wowoduend

    Isn’t Blazblue’s story also hard to explain?

  • Ryumoau

    i loved the story mode used in the last Mortal Kombat reboot game. It was epic and set the standard for how all single player modes in fighting games should be handled.

  • Octavio Valdez

    After watching The Raid 2, i wouldn´t mind a new character who used Pencak Silat

  • aizen310

    This whole story stuff sounds bad already.
    Just spill the beans if it is a continuation or not :/
    I think some is caution advised.

  • Göran Isacson

    Most speculation I read before this announcement was that since MK9 was all about redoing the storyline from 1-3, the whole Shao Khan invading Earthrealm stuff, this would be the next six games in the order: The whole Deadly Alliance thing with Quan Shi, Shinnok and then Onaga rising up as THE big bad boss of the game.

    Now though? Guess we shouldn’t read in too much from MK9’s story. Things might just go even further off the rails…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    they killed everyone off in 9…..

  • Benjamin Tyler


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