Grand Theft Auto V Coming To PC, PlayStation 4 And Xbox One [Update]

By Ishaan . June 9, 2014 . 7:43pm


Update: Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, a new trailer for the title confirms. (Thanks, Joystiq)


Original story: Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PlayStation 4, Sony announced at their E3 press conference this evening.


The game will be released this Fall. Players will be able to transfer their online progress from both Xbox 360 and PS3 to the PS4.

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  • Pepe da farmer

    Eh, I’m OK with this

  • idrawrobots

    At least Rockstar made sure to let everyone know this was coming to this Generation of systems.

  • eincvajdraj

    PC gamers gonna be mad salty, no love for them.

    • Balalaika

      A new trailer was released by rockstar saying that it would come out for the Xbox 720 and PC later this fall.

      • eincvajdraj

        oh snap!

        • Balalaika

          Indeed, I have a PS4 but I’m leaning more into the PC version and hope new textures and mods are made for it like in GTA 4.

          • darke

            Considering I didn’t bother with GTA5 since it looked significantly worse then GTA4 with fan patches, I think the PC is the only place to grab this.

  • Spider-Man

    Nice, never got to play GTAV since my PS3 died.

  • I own the PS3 version digitally I wonder if they will let us have it the PS4 version at a discount. Also with this presentation it has definitely made me get a PS4 I mean I was going to get one eventually but this sealed the deal for me.

    • No bro they won’t lol

      • Well now that I know there is a PC version coming I’ll get that instead.

  • $51888021

    Well that’s certainly nice. Would be cool to see some general performance upgrades using the superior tech, like cars not disappearing whenever I turn my back on them in a strange position.

  • Tatsuya1221

    If you believe the rockstar website video about GTA5, it’s coming to the xb1 and pc as well:

  • Kornelious

    I knew i shouldn’t have bought the PS3 version…but of course i never trust my gut :P
    Though the online progress transfers over, I wonder if the story will as well….Either way I’m gonna have to double-dip XD

  • YES!!! THIS is what I wanted! I was just thinking the other day that maybe Rockstar hadn’t announced the PC version yet so they could announce the next gen versions along with it. And look at what happened. xD

  • John Hayabusa

    *GTAV coming to PC*

    I never feel so alive! Thank you so much, Rockstar!

    • Pepe da farmer

      Dem mods for this game are gonna be awesome c:

  • Now the question will be…


    C’mon doods… you know you want it. You know that deep down inside the very depths of your soul, the very hollow holes of your body.,.. you want SAN ANDREAS. You want San Fierro and Las Venturas to become part of GTA V’s map. Heheheheheheheheheh >:-D PC modding for GTA V… it just got started,.

  • Slickyslacker

    Aww yeah. Finally, I can easily get this game.

    I hope the PC version will actually run well, and not just be a poor port like the Souls games.

    How good are the PC versions of other GTA games?

    • monkey king

      Souls games poor ports? You haven’t played dark souls 2 have you? It runs perfect on even the shittiest hardware.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      The PC ports of the GTA III trilogy were quite decent. Not perfect (they still used the console method of having to go to a safehouse in order to save), but they ran and played well for the most part.

      GTA IV, unfortunately, was a terrible port at launch. Horrible optimisation (the game chugged even on the best PCs available at the time), poor interface and a needless piece of software attached to the game. To Rockstar’s credit, they did actually work on fixing the game and turned it into a decent version, but it took many months to achieve that.

      While I’m happy GTA V will be getting a PC release, it remains to be seen just how good of a job they’ll do porting the game.

      • Slickyslacker

        Hmm. I’m glad to hear that Rockstar at least made an effort to correct their mistake, unlike some other hasty Steam porters. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and Jade Empire come to mind.

        I just want to be able to play the game, that shouldn’t be too much to ask. Especially on the platform with the greatest hardware capabilities.

  • monkey king

    I love how every outlet reporting this as “announced for ps4” only to update the story later with the other platforms.
    It’s as if nobody bothered to actually watch the actual announcement…when all platforms were actually announced…

    • Invisbin

      Well maybe they all had a reason. You realize they have to quickly post article after article, update upon update?

      • monkey king

        So that’s an excuse for shoddy journalism now? The platforms were announced even before they showed the trailer. Also thanks for saying articles, articles aren’t liveblogs or twitterposts; leave the “quick updates” to those.

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