Lost Dimension’s Neat Strategic Battle Features Explained

By Sato . June 13, 2014 . 3:21am


We recently got a look at Lost Dimension’s Valkyrira Chronicles-like (or Sakura Wars, as some of you have mentioned) battle system. While the previous video showed more action, FuRyu’s latest one shares more details behind the actions.


The first part shows us some of the movement and a basic attack. This is followed by the “Assist” feature that automatically occurs when an ally is nearby when you attack. Positioning is also a factor in the assisted attacks.


The “Gift” option is basically the character’s psychic abilities. Each character has their own unique Gift abilities. By acquiring “Gift Exp” in battle, new abilities can be awakened.


The “Refer” feature allows you to select one character to give their turn to another party member. The video demonstrates George using the Refer to pass his turn to Touya, but he gets his turn back from a different party member who also used his Refer action.


Using the Refer could be a great way to continuously have your strongest party member keep attacking in combat. This would also be a nice strategy to keep in mind for characters with other advantages or buffs, as well.


Then there’s the “Berserk” feature that activates when a character’s SAN (MP used for “Gifts”) runs out. When a character goes Berserk mode, they temporarily get a big boost in attack, but will attack all enemies and allies alike.


In the video, they show Himeno Akatsuki put her extra beefed-up combustive ability to use and takes out an enemy in one hit… but she also blows up a couple of her teammates, as well.


Lost Dimension is slated for release on August 7, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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  • Syde Tokai

    Game looks interesting. Always did like the valkyria Series. can’t wait to play

  • British_Otaku

    This is the first I’ve seen of the game (and I must say I’m pleased to know that both the 3DS (Forbidden Magna) and PS3Vita are getting VC-esque* games), but this looks sort of weak.

    I’m making a call based on a 1:31 video, but repetitive voice clips, the relatively plain presentation + feedback and lack of enemy activity when it is your turn seem very strange as most characters wield long range weapons as I understand, no one is shooting back or in cover.

    I’ve watched the other 4 minute video, it seems it does have more than this combat going (That animated hair, voting on a traitor) but it still seems a little weak…

    • AkuLord3

      Well to be fair, its not a VC game which you need to get so you shouldn’t expect the combat to be the same just cuz its similar in some sense. I do agree with you that there should be some enemy counters (they are showing the early level stuff so maybe tough enemy types will do such things *Shrugs*).
      4 min video showed that it will be mostly if not all dub when could be random with battle voice clips, minute video is hard to judge on that.

      • British_Otaku

        It definitely isn’t a VC game, yeah and I know I shouldn’t project super high expectations onto a new IP just because I’m starved for F-Zero and VC and they happened to have one article or blog suggest that they are vaguely similar.

        The asterisk* now in the comment is added to make it clear that I know this isn’t a VC game, but that I liked that it was somewhat similar. I don’t know why I wrote it initially as if I thought it was a disappointing VC4 or something.

        Still it does look a little shallow, reminding me of the little I’ve played of One Piece Romance Dawn which was acceptable (though an awful game for other reasons) on the basis of not aiming to have any form of shooting mechanics or be a strategy game where you conquer larger environments like this game in any real sense.

        I’ll definitely give the demo a spin if they release one and perhaps give it a go localised or not.

  • Wrathful

    I think the game is not even in Japan, they still have time to do quality control. The fact that this game does not rely on cheap gimmicks or pandering is godsend for me. Waiting in anticipation that this game performs well in the west enough and the critics aren’t too harsh.

  • DyLaN


    For those who have been waiting for a preview of the fripSide song, here you go.

  • Jadfish

    This is my jam! Damn i had heard very little about this game, but seeing the gameplay mechanics is making me fall for it!

  • ninjabart122

    I’ll never get over with missing at point blank range at these kind of games…

  • God

    Berserk seems like a good last ditch move, i wonder if there will be a way to make it usable as part of a strategy…

  • MillerKun

    It’s looking good so far while I never played a VC game (even though I own the first one) I played enough Fire Emblem to enjoy turn-base combat to enjoy the features the game offers.The Gift & Refer will be my most used tactics besides Berserk.

  • neogeno

    Same issue as Mind=0 IMO. Its got some good things but it just needs more time in the oven.

  • awat

    Reminds me abit of Valkyria Chronicles

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