Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Screenshots Recap The Events Of Kingdom Hearts II

By Sato . June 20, 2014 . 4:40am


While we didn’t really get to see a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at this year’s E3, the latest one for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix showed us a little tease for the game. Meanwhile, 4Gamer shows us the latest screenshots for the game, covering the events of Kingdom Hearts II.


001 002

Kairi and Roxas.

003 004


047 046

Sora and friends.


005 006

007 008

Organization XIII.

Next, here’s a look at some of Sora’s Drive Forms:


Valor Form.


Limit Form.


Wisdom Form.


Anti Form.


Master Form.


Final Form.

Next is a look at some of the mini-games and adventures from the various worlds in Kingdom Hearts II:

016 017

018 019

021 020

022 023

024 025

026 027

028 029

030 031


049 033

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix also features the secret boss fight against the Lingering Will, that was in the Japan-exclusive Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.


036 035

038 037

040 039

042 041

043 044

Upon completing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix in the HD Remix, the game will also unlock a custom theme for your PlayStation 3.


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix will be released in North America on December 2nd and in Europe on December 5th for PlayStation 3. You can also read our recent hands-on for the game here.

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  • Musashi234

    I’m just more excited that I’ll finally be able to battle rest of the Organization with the KHII Battle system…..wasn’t that fun in Re:CoM

    • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

      Trust me its fun, difficult but so fun

    • Anime10121

      You’re gonna be cursing Larxene and Lexaeus out nonstop, and you’ll love every second of it :P (well at least the data versions)

  • harmonyworld

    So hype to play KH2 again
    my cd is broke :(
    also it’ll be new for me since it’s final mix!

  • Zack

    So many screenshots… I’m so excited for this! Thank you, Square, for bringing this to the west!

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    how the hell is master form playable in 1000 heartless battle!?

    • Tu’Ron Wolf Jamison

      I said the exact same thing…

      But in my head is was more of a ‘YOU CAN DO THAT!?’ moment.

    • KingNigma

      Playtest probably.

    • Steven Higgins

      For testing. It probably on’t be that way in the final product.

    • Benjamin Tyler

      Couldn’t you replay the battle in Final Mix?

  • Prinnydoom

    Only thing I am not looking forward to in this………….Atlantica -__-

    • Same, only it’s with Pride Lands. I enjoyed Atlantica as a break from the fighting.

  • 2 KH HD Remixes to look back and recollect on everything that had happened, as all of it were according to the insidious, master planning and scheming of he who wishes to acquire the complete X-Blade and witness what lies beyond the Keyblade War even at the cost of plunging all of existence into the Darkness.

    2 KH HD Remixes to retell the tale of a young Keyblade Wielder and his friends, before a new tale would be told; The destined struggle between 7 Lights and 13 Darkness, the final chapter of the Xehanort Saga– Where everything comes to a full circle… And conclusion.

  • Jeremy Noble

    20 playthroughs…. Im gonna die if they dont stack difficulty trophies. Ventus Critical mods was hair raising.

  • EtroAnime

    Honestly, how are these games? I tried the first Kingdom Hearts game for the first time in back in 2004 and couldn’t get into it. It was fun but I stopped at the Nightmare Before Christmas themed area because that movie always creeped me out. :(

    • neocatzon

      So you stopped only because of that stage or there’s more?

      • EtroAnime

        Well that and I had borrowed it from a classmate at the time and had just discovered Xenosaga ep. 1. Maybe I will give it another try again this summer if I get through my backlog, still have to finish FF X HD and Tales of Xilia.

    • Anesia Hunter

      despite all of the disney stuff the series actually has a good storyline.

    • Kenzor

      10 years ahead, I think you can handle Nightmare before Christmas now.

  • TheManWithPants

    It’s still weird to me how they’re bringing KH3 to XB1, yet the HD Collections remain PS3 exclusive. If someone were to buy KH3 on XB1, and has little to no knowledge of the storyline, chances are, they’d be very confused over what’s going on. They might as well release the HD Collections on 360 too.

    Would be even better if they brought the KH series to PC (The HD collections and 3, I mean), as well. Imagine all the amazing mods the community can do with those games…

    • Zack

      Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, Re:CoM and BBS were all games released on Sony consoles. Microsoft does not own licenses regarding this franchise. This is also the reason why 358/2 days and Re:Coded did not receive HD remakes, but merely HD cutscenes., seeing as those games were released on the Nintendo DS. Unless Sony talks to Nintendo and SE, we won’t see a DDD remake on Sony consoles either.

      • TheManWithPants

        Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

      • Steven Higgins

        Actually, the real reason Days didn’t get a remake was because of time constraint and for Re:coded they wanted the formats of the two collections to match. The reason that we won’t see these on XB is because Sony cut a deal with Square for them to be exclusive.

  • DawnWolf

    …Anyone else think that picture of Stitch and Sora looks… um….

    • AuraGuyChris

      Don’t worry. It’s legal in alien societies.

      • Nanaki

        Stitch and Sora? What about Simba and Sora??

        • Warboss Aohd

          All Simba knows is ball and good………

  • Kornelious

    Oh, Limit Form…..THE TIME HAS COME AT LAST! =D

  • golden izanagi

    ah I am really looking forward to kingdom hearts 2.5 remix but what I am not looking forward to though is playing through the beginning of the game. Which is the “summer vacation of roxas” I know there is a reason to it but it’s so boring, like the first time playing this and having to put posters everywhere I was like “really at this point in the first game I fought a giant being of darkness and my world was consumed then fought squall, here I am doing odd jobs around a town.”

    • RichyGaming

      Thats because you’re living Roxas’s life. The life he enjoys, before he gets a reality check and disappears. Then they switch characters.

    • Shady Shariest

      The intro is one of the best in gaming ever for me… Wellp. To each their own. (Who cares about story these days, anyways…)

      • Ali

        Sorry, that prize goes to Suikoden V. It had a 6 hour Introduction to introduce the family and its setting before heinously breaking them apart and turning everything upside down….damn what a good game.

        • Shady Shariest

          “For me”

          I have never even heard of Suikoiden =W=
          So the prize of having the best intro i have ever played stays with KH2, sadly.

      • golden izanagi

        I am not saying that it was bad or anything its just not a of the part of the game I enjoy playing through, the thing is I liked how it was a way to get introduced to the control scheme, I liked how it introduced us to the nobodies, and I liked its very sad conclusion in which roxas realizes what he is and has to go back to being a part of sora. its just I think the first one had the better intro such as setting up your character in this really kick ass dream sequence in this mysterious place with that kickass theme playing in the background.

        • Shady Shariest

          But… If this intro didn’t exist… Would we know who ROXAS is? Considering he has a role and relevance in the story, leaving him to a smaller role would definitely hurt.

          • golden izanagi

            then couldn’t this have been done in a way that just didn’t feel boring like think about it in the first game you have a dream in which has us fight a giant, the second game has us rodeo riding a trash bag given life which was also took place in a dream, and on roxas not much is in truth known about him until we find out about how nobodies are made or at least sora doesn’t know about him until mickey tells him that the nobodies referred to him roxas because he was sora’s nobody created when he became a heartless.

          • Shady Shariest

            What is actually wrong with the intro? You preferred the first one for the action, but this game services those who would like to have an actual story in a prologue/tutorial.

            You had your fill in the first game, why say one of the greatest intros is bad just because it wasn’t as action packed as the first one?

            There are people who like this intro for being different, for its story. So had i played the first game, i could say that it is extremely inferior and generic compared to this one.

            But since assumptions and personal preferences don’t quite cut it when artistic vision is in question…

    • Agreed.
      The first time it’s fun, afterwards I wish I could skip it.

  • Learii

    I don’t like those min-games

    • neocatzon

      Atlantica Sora Jp voice.. now in glorious HD.

      • Warboss Aohd

        Never Again………never again.

  • goa ahsd

    im a monkey man with a cat tail o yea baby

  • Ryo

    I’m really excited for this. I never got to actually play Birth By Sleep cause I never had a Vita and I’m glad to finally be able to play the Japan-exclusive stuff that KH2 ended up with.

  • The peak of the series right here folks, all on one disc… Not gonna lie tho, those extra few seconds at the last trailer showing some kinda ‘convo’ for KH3 got my hype train all worked up again, but JUST for that game only…

    I for one would like to finally see a definitive conclusion to this “Xehanort Saga” since the story can’t find it’s way out of the maze it’s created and it just feels like they throw in plot twist after plot twist just for the sake of doing so without any rhyme or reason. It just feels like the series has overstayed it’s welcome with a few unnecessary side-games and I’d rather not have any more KH games after 3 myself or actually, the only exception to that would be “no more &^%$#’n Sora closes” for the love of god…

  • Ric Vazquez

    Hypetrain coming through! Get onboard while you still can cause once it takes off it ain’t stopping XD

  • RIkuoTanaka

    Fix Atlantica please…..

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