Twin Souls Hopes To Channel Tenchu’s Stealth

By Eugene . July 3, 2014 . 11:03am


Barcelona-based developer Lince Works have a stealth game in the making called Twin Souls. The Kickstarter game, which hopes to harken back to “real” stealth titles such as Tenchu, sets players as a ninja called Aragami, returned from the dead. In this world, the elements themselves have been harnessed and studied, and Aragami will utilize the powers of shadow.



Players have to keep to the shadows, and have access to powers including the ability to teleport between visible shadows. No shadows up a building? You can create a patch to help get you there. The goal is to break the various prison seals around another lonely ghost whose soul is now twined with yours.


The devs dismiss recent stealth games such as Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid and Thief, saying that Twin Souls will try to capture the real essence of a stealth game where you’re “outmatched, outnumbered and alone.”


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The free-form levels allows Aragami to move about, though he’ll have to remain quiet. There is also supposed to be no regenerating health or fancy swordplay available. If he’s caught out, a quick death is likely. Foes themselves will light torches, fire incendiary arrows, and even imbue their own armor with light to detect the ninja shadow.


You can choose to sneak up and assassinate foes, or finish a level without even killing a single person.



Most interestingly, Twin Shadows will be headed to consoles if it’s funded. Since the game uses Unity, the indie team has decided it will also bring the title to Xbox One, Wii U and PlayStation 4. This is not a part of stretch goals but as part of it getting funded.


With about two weeks to go and a long way from being funded, Twin Souls could use some help. You can help back it over on Kickstarter here.

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  • freestylinyoshi

    Uh…where’s the Tenchu?

    • Keyboardcrash

      Needs more Tenchu. Great game

  • Tsuibana

    While the game looks like fun, the developers seem too full of themselves dismissing games like Metal Gear Solid and Thief saying they’re not true stealth games.

    • British_Otaku

      Yeah, it seems like an odd move given that those games do stack odds against you in many ways, reward you for experimenting with non lethal ways even without being detected once and they don’t give you the ability to teleport out of problems…

      Yes, at the risk of seeming ignorant, I don’t think that a game which gives you superpowers like Dishonoured did or this seems to be doing can’t be considered much of a stealth game. >_>

      No idea why Assassin’s Creed was mentioned with how the focus has gone all over the place and how rigid the first game was, but fine.

      • MaidKillua

        Dishonoured was great and certainly much harder to remain stealthy than a bunch of the games everyone’s defending here. I don’t see how having those powers really discredits it as a stealth game if it’s still challenging and based around, y’know, stealth. Which Dishonoured was. Don’t get me wrong I agree that the devs are picking out some games they shouldn’t (though assassins creed really isn’t much of a stealth game), but yeah, I don’t see why you were trying to throw Dishonoured under the bus

        • British_Otaku

          I admit that I may come across as ignorant as I haven’t played Dishonoured to know the specifics, but having a considerable amount of action options including the abillity to teleport (which means assuming that AI guards can’t teleport or chase adequately makes you too effective)which this game happens to share a parallel made me bring it down as well. :P

          I don’t mean that they can’t be stealth games as much as this game wearing that title while dismissing games which either lead the genre or started it (though they are focused on games which have more action elements) was silly.

          I’ll help Dishonoured from under the bus and play it someday and probably enjoy it, though I do hear that the game feels more rewarding when you take a more action playthrough…

          • MaidKillua

            I tried playing it quite actiony and got completely screwed every single time. The combat is about as difficult as it should be to act as a deterrent from actually using it. Also the teleport is VERY short range and usually just for climbing since it goes further than you can jump. Plus using it while a guard is looking still gets you spotted since you don’t warp, it’s more like a linear jump. It sounds like it would ruin things on paper, admittedly, but it’s pretty well implemented. Also anyone who says playing it in a more action oriented style is more rewarding was either lying or wrong. The ending you get actually gets gradually worse depending on how often you’re detected and how many people you kill

          • British_Otaku

            The sources that my memory is based are Zero Punctuation’s take of the game:


            Yahtzee’s ZP usually has a lot of humour and even ignores the game in the title completely in some episodes (though he has a lot of good insight in the written Extra Punctuation).

            So most of my opinion on the game comes from Campster’s review of the game:


            I was going to mention the ability to manipulate time as well as a mark against it being a stealth game, but I couldn’t remember that for certain. These two takes imply that action is practical and exciting, even if it does have a method to punish the player for whatever it considers to be violent or bad choices.

          • MaidKillua

            The actual face to face combat is hard and completely skewed against you. I don’t think I ever succeeded at using it and i’m not bad at games by any stretch. In all honesty I would never listen to reviewers opinions anyway, only ever use reviews to look for the objective facts and details about a game. The time thing I believe was just a short freeze, mostly for stuff like picking bullets out of the air if you’re being shot. I personally never used it. Most of the powers are intended to be additional tools for stealthing anyway, not combat. Using them intelligently becomes necessary because there are a LOT of enemies in almost every area in this game. It’s not just occasional guards here and there. Plus a lot of them have guns and there are those big things on mechanical legs that wreck you

    • They say those are great games. Where are they dismissing them? Read again (the campaign, not the siliconera article which totally misplaced that info).

    • CozyAndWarm

      I would agree that MGS and (at least, the newest) Thief don’t exactly have the best actual stealth mechanics. I haven’t played Tenchu though so I don’t know how that compares.

  • TheSoullesOne

    So a ”real” stealth game allows you to stand in plain sight of the guy with the excuse ”your hidden in the shadows” a ”’real” stealth gives you the ability to teleport around the area and not have to manuver carefully from enemies all that often……”REAL” riiiiiight don’t get me wrong looks cool but seriously? They are joking right?

    • British_Otaku

      Exactly what I was thinking. I think there is some appeal in all of the games he mentioned (even Assassin’s Creed >_>).

      Metal Gear Solid offers you firearms and increasing amount of tools in future games, but rewards players who kill no one, alert no one and even putting no one to sleep with the iconic tranq gun which can even be put to use on bosses.

      Thief brought huge environments and a focus on sound (over radars or third person cameras) to navigate the environments, with the player having terrible combat skills in comparison to the enemies.

      Assassin’s Creed umm, it brought parkour and time traveling genetics…

      To be honest, I’ve barely played the games but I’m still aware of what they have brought to the genre and how this seems to be following some footsteps whether they think highly of them or not…

      • TheSoullesOne

        THANK YOU you understand me completely I mean out of all of them MGS seems the most stealth oriented to me at least because yes you can hide in the shadows but you are still visible to the enemy hell they keep adding more and more to the games stealth making it much better in how you execute it to achieve the goal

      • In no way do they undermine MGS. It’s one of the inspirations.

        • British_Otaku

          Very true, but their Kickstarter and Siliconera’s take implies that they see the most recent ones as distancing themselves notably from being stealth games and their project is a more proper one which has led to people to focus on what those recent games get right and what this appears to be getting wrong.

    • The robe lights shows the player where the character is located. If it was ‘realistic’ it would be pitch black. It’s the same as Splinter Cell green lights. It’s a game, you should let some things slip by.

      Teleport adds mobility (Dishonored?) and doesn’t need to ‘break’ stealth.

      • TheSoullesOne

        Trust me I understand that from the many stealth games I’ve played/seen but the fact is they are dismissing those other game as to being stealth but the fact is that the games they mentioned don’t use something like teleportation the closest being Thief with the running through shadows thing but even then he isn’t teleporting this game however is running on the theme of being a “Real” stealth I can forgive the standing in the shadows thing since of course he IS a ninja but I can’t consider it being much of a stealth when you can literally just teleport away or behind enemies but we could argue with the fact he is a ninja but then again if he can teleport I’m pretty sure he should have some skill with the blade but whatever the game still looks cool also sorry if you had to read this all I don’t know how to shut up so have a nice day

  • stealth….lol lets have him teleport so he can stealth.

  • freestylinyoshi

    I want Tenchu

    • Learii

      so am I =(

  • Kornelious

    Looks pretty smooth…….BUT I WILL WAIT…..until I know more before I start judging. B)

  • 60hz

    decent production levels but the key to these games are the level designs (layout & enemy placement not the art – tho art is important)… and this vid had no level design … jury is out!

  • Splashatack69

    whoa…whoa…whoa…. how dare you call assassins creed a stealth game… (im sot serious. but its not really a stealth game to be honest)

  • Armageddon


  • I played the demo for this and was pretty impressed

  • chroma816

    Looks great. I’d totally support it.

  • Ric Vazquez


  • Andrew Boyce

    If it was a real stealth game, it would slap your hands away from the keypad the moment you killed someone saying “WHATDAFUQMAN”

  • Beau Provenzano

    Hi, this is a petition for a new release of a new Tenchu game for the ps4.Please support this petition if you want a new Tenchu Game! and share to everyone you know! yes

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